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    What Romance,Comedy Anime Should I Watch?

    Hi. Could you recommend me some Romance,Comedy Anime that i should watch . I'm also not into Fantasy,Magical or stuff like that so please don't include anime like that. and please no hentai :/ I've watched: Toradora Special A Ouran Highschool host club Kimi NI Todoke Kaichou wa Maid...
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    What to Giveaway?

    Hi. I just got partnered and i am thinking to do a giveaway for my subscribers. but my problem is i don't know what to giveaway. Can you suggest something that i can giveaway that does not involve shipping? since it's expensive here in my country when shipping stuff to other countries. I do...
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    Vocaloid Fans?

    I myself is a vocaloid fan!I love Miku! :D
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    What is the Saddest Movie Moment You Can Think Of?

    Definitely TITANIC!! >.<
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    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    Shiny tale sang by a Japanese Band called Mix Speakers inc.
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    If Virtual Were Real What Game Would You Want to Play?

    Definitely Kingdom Hearts, Rune Factory/Harvest Moon, Resident Evil and Phoenix Wright. or even pokemon :D
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    What is Your Favorite Mario Game FOR THE WII

    I have to say Mario Galaxy 2 and New super mario bros. :D
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    What is You Favorite Quote from Any Video Game?

    "Why do you hate the darkness? You accept darkness, yet choose to live in the light. So why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing; we, who were turned away by both light and darkness, never given a choice? What other choice might we have had?"- Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts) The...
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    Which Game Evoked the Most Emotions for You?

    Definitely Kingdom Hearts and Phoenix Wright Series!
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    Favorite Launch Game in Gaming History

    I'd say Kingdom Hearts, Resident evil and Zelda.
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    What is the Last Book You Read

    The last book i read was Blood Relatives.
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    What Would You Do if You Had 24 Hours Left?

    I would spend my time with my Family and Friends. I would also apologize to all the people i've hurt. say i love you. I would feel sad and scared since i won't be able to be and see my family again.
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    Physical Books Versus E-Books

    I prefer physical books than ebooks.
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    How to Gain Money As a Teen?

    Sell some old stuffs or be a youtube partner if you have a youtube account. but it kinda takes time to become a partner.
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    Favorite Candy Bar?

    I love M&Ms, Toblerone, Hershey, Kinder, Ferrero Rocher and Skittles! :D
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    Who is the Greatest Boxer of All Time?

    Muhammad Ali obviously :D
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    Kingdom Hearts Fans?

    I love kingdom hearts too! One of the best games i've played. also one of my favorite games :D
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    Lego Video Games

    My favorite is Lego star wars and Harry Potter :)
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    Which Game Do You Think is Better?

    Zelda Skyward Sword and Final Fantasy VII
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    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    I have one dog named Cookie and one cat named Mickey :))
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    Which Dungeon.net Site Would You Like to See Next?

    I would say Kingdom Hearts and Phoenix Wright :)
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    What is Your Dream.

    To live and work in Japan and To be a part of a famous JROCK Band :)) or Work with Nintendo or Pixar :P
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    What Would You Call Your Child?

    Hm. If it was a boy - Roxas,Tyler,Claus If it was a girl- Raven, Sophia, Tifa, Yuna :p
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    What's the Point of Clothes?

    To cover our body. Mostly the parts that should not be seen :p
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    DC or Marvel?

    I'd go with MARVEL. since most of my favorite superheroes are there. but i also like DC because of batman and superman.
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    Movies Vs Video Games

    I choose video games since i'm more into video games than movies...
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    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    Of course! If i have enough money to buy one.
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    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    I'd say Spamming. Spammers are so damn annoying.
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    Favourite Trainer Battle Theme

    I'd go with Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald! :D
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    Your Favorite Villains of All Time

    Probably Sephiroth from Final Fantasy and The Joker. Both are awesome! :D
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    Longest Gaming Session

    12 hours playing phoenix wright: ace attorney and 6 hours playing modern warfare 3 non stop.
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    Mythical/Extinct Creatures.

    hm. For mythical Creature i'd say a Pegasus, a fairy or a dragon! :D
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    What Super Power Would You Choose?

    The ability to read other's people minds and the ability to change time :) oh. and the ability to control people's minds. *grin*
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    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    Chris Hemsworth :)) ( Thor ) Andrew Garfield ( The Amazing Spiderman ) Logan Lerman ( Percy Jackson ) :D
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    Link or Kirby?

    I'd definitely go with Link :)
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    What Video Game Do You Think Has the Best Soundtrack?

    Legend of Zelda and The World ends with you :)
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    Why Do Shooters Sell So Much?

    Because it's totally addicting. and really fun to play with friends :)
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    Favorite Soup

    Corn Soup :D
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    Video Game Characters That You Want by Your Side During a Zombie Apocalypse.

    Roxas of kingdom hearts, MegaMan, Noctis of Final Fantasy Versus 13, Leon of RE. :))
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    Best DS Games to Pick Up?

    Phoenix Wright (All series) Professor Layton 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors Devil Survivor Apollo Justice The World ends with you
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    What Were the Last Three Games You 100% Completed?

    Phoenix Wright (all) Apollo Justice Harvest Moon grand bazaar
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    Theater or Theatre: How Do You Spell It?

    It depends. But mostly Theatre...
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    If You Could Automatically Learn Eight Languages, What Would They Be and Why?

    1. Japanese- I'm planning to live and work there in the future. and because i love anime and JROCK! So i could also play japanese games :)) 2. Korean - Same as Japanese 3. French - It's a beautiful language 4. Russian - I like the way they speak 5. Arabic - I was born in a arabian country...
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    Do You Like Pants?

    Yup! i do like pants. ( especially skinny jeans :))
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    What is the Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?

    Being chased by zombies and living in a world of pokemon :/
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    I Just Got a Zelda Tattoo

    Awesome. I wanna see it :))
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    Favorite Band?

    Slipknot and Lamb of God :D
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Just awake by a Japanese band called fear and loathing in las vegas.
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    What if You Never Came Across Video Games?

    I would be bored as hell... and i think i would be more focusing to my studies :P
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    Choclate or Vanilla Cake?

    Chocolate all the way ~
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