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  1. RedToonLink

    Kaebora Gaebora in Hiding During the Adult Link Section?

    While your a child in Ocarina of Time,Kaebora Gaebora the owl pops up a lot to tell you hints and secrets.But doesen't appear at all while your an adult,Except for once. So when you leave the Spirit Temple as an Adult for the first time,Sheik jumps down and teaches you the Requiem of...
  2. RedToonLink

    Twilight Princess Did You Notice?

    I have never noticed that.Odd.
  3. RedToonLink

    Intresting Wind Waker Glitch

    I don't rember how I did it,but The sun was rising and no music had started playing yet.So I used the Ballad of Gales and teleported to Windfall Island and no music was playing.So I used the song of passing,and the regular music played during the night!The way I found to fix was to save and quit...
  4. RedToonLink

    NPC's Interpretation of Time Manipulation

    Lol I was just thinking about about that yesterday,I think Link just secretly teleports into the future why everybody else carries on for rest of the day.
  5. RedToonLink

    What is Your Fav Island??

    Windfall Island....I just love the buisness and amount of side quests and secrets you can do there
  6. RedToonLink

    Does Waking the Winds Mess Up Trade?

    Im just going to write this off as Nintendo/Video Game Logic
  7. RedToonLink

    Most Relaxing Place to Be in Wind Waker?

    Most relaxing place...I'd say the Oasis.
  8. RedToonLink

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss and Mini Boss?

    It's probally Stallord,he looks so awesome and the way you fight is pretty epic and challenging
  9. RedToonLink

    Pet Boss

    I would pick Agorok from twilght Princess.Good bye everybody I hate!
  10. RedToonLink

    Spoiler Where Would YOU Live?

    WindFall Island,I just love that place
  11. RedToonLink

    Links Starting Role in Future Zelda Games(Not Skyward Sword)

    As we know,Link starts most Zelda games in a role besides Legendary Hero.For Example,Local Village Boy(Minish Cap,Ocarina Of Time,Wind Waker,),Engineer(Spirit Tracks),and Rancher(Twilight Princess). What if he starts with a more noble role in mind,Like Hylian Knight?I can say we all think that...
  12. RedToonLink

    So THIS is Where Wind Waker Got It's Visual Style!

    I see how you think it's linked to Wind Waker,but I kinda dont think it is
  13. RedToonLink

    Your Opinion on the Kingdom Hearts Series

    i own Re:Chain of Memorires and 358/2 Days.And there actually quit challening.
  14. RedToonLink

    New Stuff for the Next SBB

    i put brock and team rocket because i was running out of pokemon.but daisy might be a clone of peach and issaic has more than enough powers for a moveset B:Psy hand Side moves:Frost Up:Leviate Down:Defsene Up Final Smash:Raganork.
  15. RedToonLink

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    i own a Twilight Princess cap and a nes zelda shirt.
  16. RedToonLink

    Mario Games Have a Timeline?

    he says something during the king boo fight about Lugi. Super Mario Sunshine - Episode 18
  17. RedToonLink

    New Stuff for the Next SBB

    simply a few ideas i personally had.IF its a new rooster,how are all the characters fake?:hmm:
  18. RedToonLink

    New Stuff for the Next SBB

    Charcters: Sora Toon Gannon Toon Zelda/Tetra Little Mac Bowser Jr. Zant Team Rocket Skull Kid Trixie Kong Vatti Deku Link Brock Dasiy Paper Mario Issac Returing: Link Mario Pikachu Kirby Ness Lucuas Pokemon Trainer Fox Falco Toon Link Jigglypuff Captain Falcon Lugi Wario Pit Meta Knight King...
  19. RedToonLink

    If You Could Have Any Character in Brawl Who Would it be?

    toon link,if you couldn't tell by my sig.:)Because his spin is so much better than normal links.
  20. RedToonLink

    Spoiler The Poe Salesman

    when i was 9, i noticed that the guard was talking about gohost and i think i read this on zelda peida.
  21. RedToonLink

    Mario Games Have a Timeline?

    This question bugs me...i was watching ChuggaConrys SMS walkthrought today and he said many peolpe belive that Sunshine is a prequeal to Lugis Mansion.so is there a timeline theroy?
  22. RedToonLink

    Mario and Luigi RPG Series

    i got bowsers inside story.there are definly challenges.
  23. RedToonLink

    Zelda Wii New Items

    no the hookshot still remains.the rope arrows is a item for a place the hookshot can't reach.
  24. RedToonLink

    Hardest Dungeon/temple

    i just got to ikana,so i have to say my least faviorte temple is THE GREAT DEKU TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!just kidding.its the Shadow temple.
  25. RedToonLink

    Zelda Wii New Items

    like launch the rod like they were arrows. oh,i think a rope arrow should be like a hookshot.Like to reach places the hookshot can't
  26. RedToonLink

    Monster Hassle

    the only monster that i hated was the peahats.when your flying with deku leaf,they just annoy you.
  27. RedToonLink

    If You Could Jump Into a Video Game, What Game Would it be?

    kingdom hearts or jet set radio future. probally JSRF,because thta game is so awesome.
  28. RedToonLink

    Mario and Luigi RPG Series

    well, i think its my faviorte mario serires ever.because its funny and has THE BEST rpg boss battles.
  29. RedToonLink

    Favorite Area in Majora's Mask

    Clock town really.but i choose great bay.i just love clock town because of its exploriness.
  30. RedToonLink

    Ocarina of Time Phantom Ganon - 20 Times

    when i was 9,i had my brother beat because i couldn't.ten i couldn't find the goron tunic so i sold it. then i got the collectors edtion and beat him in 1 try.
  31. RedToonLink

    Zelda Wii New Items

    Magic Item: Cane of Somaria makes normal pushable blocks in the fieled.place a block over a gab to create a platform
  32. RedToonLink

    Zelda Wii New Items

    i think there should be a few new items such as this one to replace the ball and chain The Cannon since it features adult link there should be like a mini cannon that barages cannonballs to reach hard to reach rocks
  33. RedToonLink

    Goron Mines Enjoyable?

    i like the gorons mines.but the city in the sky was probally fun.
  34. RedToonLink

    Which Zelda is Darker? Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask?

    uh i was going to say TP,But you guys changned my mind.it is sad how everyones waiting to die.
  35. RedToonLink

    Favorite Video Game Music

    Zelda: The Wind Waker Music - Makar's Prayer the concept of love
  36. RedToonLink

    Zelda RPG.

    just the m and l parts are the teamwork battle moves.
  37. RedToonLink

    Zelda RPG.

    I was looking in a Nitendo Power issue and some guy sent a letter saying something about Link,A Kokri,goron and zora team up. But i have a idea for four swords rpg.It could work like mario and lugi rpg series.
  38. RedToonLink

    Which Zelda Games Have You Played?

    Beaten Wind Waker Minsh Cap Phantom Hourglass Curnnetly Playing: Ocarina of Time(Gannons Tower) Four Swords Adventures(2nd Temple) Twilight Princess (Palace of Twilight) Majoras Mask(Stone Tower) Link to the past(Gannons Tower) Lets Play Wind waker(Dragon Roost Island)
  39. RedToonLink

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    collectors edtion all the way!I love being able to play on there.And i'm almost done with OOT for the first time.I'm on twinrovia
  40. RedToonLink

    What is Your Favourite Place in MM and OoT?

    MM:Clock Town OOT:Kariko Villiage(its so cool to pretend to play around there.)
  41. RedToonLink

    Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

    The guy from the Lakeside Labtory.0_OHe was also in MM.He helped you with the zora eggs.
  42. RedToonLink

    Your Scarecrow Song

    A world without danger.I don't rember how to play it,my bro made it.:(
  43. RedToonLink

    Ocarina of Time Favorite OOT tunic.

    The blue tunic is awesome because Blue is my faviorte color.
  44. RedToonLink

    Your Least Favorite Temple/Dungeon

    that was my least faviorte when i was 9.But i'm 11 and my lest faviorte was gannons tower
  45. RedToonLink

    The Kokiri

    yeah right.but after you beat gannon.is he still dead?so he could be frozen in time and that howling stone up there is actualy a gossip stone maybe.
  46. RedToonLink

    The Kokiri

    wait,does the great deku tree die at the end of oot?it could possvily be him frozen over.
  47. RedToonLink

    Best Music in WW

    Makars Prayer.I love that song,i just wish it was longer.
  48. RedToonLink

    Future weapons!!

    yes and its quite fun.Also about the hovering thing,it was in OOT.
  49. RedToonLink

    Future weapons!!

    The Goron Sheiled It has rocks around it and the face of a Goron in the middle.The face can suck up fire and ice from a statue and apply it somewhere else.
  50. RedToonLink

    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    i died on the first time i fought him,but the second time i owned him!
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