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  1. RobaFett

    Tears of the Kingdom What's the coolest thing you've done in the game?

    It just happened to me the other day, but by far it was catching a Star Fragment in the air while we were both descending to the surface. I had just got done activating the Tower at Thyphlo Ruins and as I was coming down when the meteor flew right past me and I wondered if could catch it. After...
  2. RobaFett

    Tears of the Kingdom Fire Temple

    It being my second temple, it was still pretty easy to cheese. Just climbing up high and using Tulin's power made it very easy to get over and around walls to the point where I barely had to use the mine carts for much of anything. Part of me enjoys having different ways to transverse dungeons...
  3. RobaFett

    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    I'd like to see older enemies return in new iterations like the Lynels and Hinoxs did in the last game. May be have Darknuts/Iron Knuckles, these huge enemies clad head to toe in armor, and Link having to have one-on-one sword battles with them. Could have Dodongos come back as big overworld...
  4. RobaFett

    Breath of the Wild Good ways to get strong armor?

    Some tips: Learn to get really good at initiating flurry rush. This happens when dodging attacks at the last minute. If you need help the shrine on the hill above Kakariko Villiage functions as a tutorial for it. This way you stand a better chance even with low or no armor on. Save crafting...
  5. RobaFett

    Breath of the Wild How do you name your horses?

    I'm pretty unimaginative when it comes to naming the horses, mostly due to the fact that I rarely use them. The last horse I had, outside of Epona or Zelda's horse, was blue, so I just named it Blue.
  6. RobaFett

    Link's Awakening Switch Link's Awakening Remake's artstyle origins?

    The art style during the game play portions remind me a little of 3D Dot Game Heroes.
  7. RobaFett

    Link's Awakening Switch What new content are you expecting in Link's Awakening Remake?

    More side quests, maybe a few new areas of Koholint we've never seen before, and if not an extra post-game dungeon then maybe a Trials DLC a la BotW.
  8. RobaFett

    Link's Awakening Switch Link's Awakening Remake's artstyle origins?

    The art style for the animated cut scene at the beginning looked more like the style they used for the Oracle games to me.
  9. RobaFett

    Link's Awakening Switch Do You Like the New Link's Awakening Art Style?

    From the little we've seen of it, it looks okay to me. Can't really give a definite answer until more game play footage is released.
  10. RobaFett

    Fallout 76

    I was really hoping the rumors of a pubg/fortnite style Fallout game were going to be untrue, but I'll give it a chance. Still was really wanting Bethesda to announce that Obsidian was going to be doing the next Fallout. After the lackluster spectacle that was Fallout 4, we really need a "New...
  11. RobaFett

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Rise of the Tomb Raider because it was $17 bucks on Steam as well as Quake Champions because it was free and will continue to be free after the E3 trial ends if you download it now.
  12. RobaFett

    DOOM Eternal

    Anyone else hyped for this? Definitely the highlight of this year's E3 for me. I can't wait to see the gameplay trailer at Quakecon. Doom (2016) was such as great game, looking forward to see what the next installment has in store. From watching the teaser trailer, looks like a lot of returning...
  13. RobaFett

    Which One of Link's Houses is the Best?

    I've always liked the nice simplicity of Link's house in ALTTP and ALBW. Off by itself, but not too far away from other people (short walk to the village or castle), on a hill so you don't have to worry about flooding, and your own little patch of woods nearby to hunt and gather firewood.
  14. RobaFett

    Robbie is Kass' Mentor

    Just started watching this guy the last few days. He has some good theories, but this one is pretty weak.
  15. RobaFett

    Infinite Timelines?

    There could also be one as a result from the time travel bit in SS.
  16. RobaFett

    Post-Game Content

    Some post-game dungeons would be nice. Also maybe do something like a lot of the Dragon Quest games do where you don't see the true ending until after completing whatever the post game content is.
  17. RobaFett

    TWW - Is Daphnes dead or not?

    Yes, otherwise the the scene before that would lose all it's meaning.
  18. RobaFett

    Who is the real villain in Link's Awakening? Is there even one?

    But what other choice does Link have? If he doesn't wake the Wind Fish, he will never be able to leave. Also hasn't the recent change to the timeline removed the oracle games to after LA and states that that is a different Link? If that's the case then he does have some sense of urgency to get...
  19. RobaFett

    TWW - Is Daphnes dead or not?

    I think he probably is dead and is just a restless spirit. The KORL was always just a boat, the king just happened to possess it for a time. His choosing to stay behind can be seen as his time/role in this world being over and it is time for the new generations (Link and the others) to forge...
  20. RobaFett

    Who is the real villain in Link's Awakening? Is there even one?

    So the other day I was listening to a Zelda lore podcast called The Book of Mudora in which they were discussing certain aspects of LA. In it they brought up a point that I thought was interesting: Are the Nightmares really the villains of the game? All the things they do, they do only to ensure...
  21. RobaFett

    Was Flat An Iron Knuckle?

    Perhaps it could be a reverse Spirit Tracks situation were, unlike Zelda who willing took possession of the armor, Flat may have been forced into the armor by Skull Kid, his brother, or even the Garo.
  22. RobaFett

    Breath of the Wild [Spoilers] Quote during the final fight

    So I beat the game for the first time the other day, but one thing that has been bugging me is a line that Zelda says right before the final fight; "He's [Ganon] given up on reincarnation." What is this suppose to mean? That Ganon/Demise is tired of coming back, so he put forth so much power...
  23. RobaFett

    Could these 3 games be made canon?

    Unless its outright stated like in LA, saying something could be a dream just seems like a lazy cop-out to make something fit even though it doesn't belong. By that logic, even games like Soul Calibur II could be considered canon.
  24. RobaFett

    Breath of the Wild How / When did you kill Calamity Ganon?

    Beat him for the first time last night actually. Wanted to wait until I completed all the shrines and fully upgraded the clothes of the wild, so I could face him proper LOZ style, equipped with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Got all the memories before too in case there was a "true ending"...
  25. RobaFett

    Breath of the Wild Your opinion on BotW's Hyrule Castle

    Really enjoyed it. Plenty of secrets and multiple pathways. Liked the option of having different ways to infiltrate the castle.
  26. RobaFett

    Best Zelda Manga?

    Yeah I lucked out and found vol.3 for like $4 at Half Price Books. I generally buy manga used as most of the stuff I want to read is no longer in print. Would gladly pay for the legendary editions if VIZ hadn't cheaped out and made them paperback.
  27. RobaFett

    Best Zelda Manga?

    My favorite is and will always been the the old A Link to the Past comic that ran in Nintendo Power back in the day. Written by the creator of Cyborg 009, while it loosely follows the events of ALTTP it does deviate some with having original side characters and some locations and events are altered.
  28. RobaFett

    What’s the first Zelda game you’ve played

    Technically it was the original on NES, but I was young and had no idea what I was doing, later I rented A Link to the Past and would just spend hours wandering around Hyrule, so I consider that to be my first true Zelda to play.
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