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    Zelda Art Legend of Zelda Jack O' Lantern

    I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this in, but here are some pictures of a Legend of Zelda Jack O'Lantern that I made. The classic bird and Triforce design. Picture quality may be a bit bad because I took the photos on my cell phone, but let me know what you think. Just click the...
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    Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Potter?! O.o

    Team Potter because Twilight sucks.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 4

    How can you say you liked the third one if you've never even seen all of it? And don't say it's too long because I've got six words for you: Lord of the Rings Extended Editions.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 4

    I wholeheartedly disagree. I think three is way better than two and almost as good, if not better than, the first one. Care to tell me what you didn't like about the third one?
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 4

    Technically it's impossible for this film to be much of a straight adaptation, since they are building on the previous three movies, and they aren't using the books main character. I just hope they use as little of the book as possible, I mean their writers came up with such great original...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 4

    Since apparently no one ever comments on the "movies" sub-forum, I'm making a new version of this thread out here. If this is against the rules, feel free to delete my thread or tell an administrator or whatever. Anyway, what are your thoughts on the upcoming movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On...
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    Most Overrated Person of All Time

    Can someone tell me who this Fred person is? I'm going to need something more specific, like a last name or what he is famous for.
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    Your Favorite Video Game Series

    Your Five Favorite Video Game Series What are, in order, your top five favorite video games series? Mine are: 1. Zelda 2. Metroid 3. Mario 4. Banjo-Kazooie 5. Not really sure- maybe God of War(although I've only played two games) or Donkey Kong.
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    Most Overrated Person of All Time

    Anyway. Most overrated person of all time? Jesus of Nazareth. Think about what he actually did, and what people credit him for in the past, credit him for doing now, and credit him for things "He will undoubtedly accomplish in the future". In my humble opinion, the least important part of...
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    Most Overrated Person of All Time

    Who do you feel is the most overrated human being of all time? I'm going to say William Shakespeare. His work just isn't that good and he certainly isn't the master of literature that everyone thinks he is. In second place is Shigeru Miyamoto......... Just kidding! So who's yours?
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    Worst Name You Can Come Up with

    The Legend of Zelda: Welcome to the Hotel Kakariko Such a lovely place Such a lovely face Plenty of room at the Hotel Kakariko Any time of year You can find it here The Legend of Zelda: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Link
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    Worst Name You Can Come Up with

    You dspise Stargate? Blasphemy! I'm going to have to shoot you with a Zatnikatel for that. Just kidding. And to whoever said A Link to the Past isn't named that because of Link's name, I think you're wrong. It's a double meaning, definitely intentional.
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    Who is Your Favorite Fictional Villain?

    Mine's either Voldemort or Smallville's Lex Luthor.
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    What is Your Favorite Platformer Game?

    Which one is your favorite? Mine is Banjo-Tooie.
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    The Ask a Member a Question Game

    I don't have an accent. You see two doors in front of you. Entering the first door will grant you unlimited wealh. Entering the second door will grant you immortal life. Which door do you enter?
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    How Many Times Have You Beaten N64 Zelda Games on ANY System?

    First of all, this thread should be in World of Zelda, and second of all you say N64 Zelda in the title and then you go on to mention non-64 games. Anyway, I have beaten OOT twice on the Gamecube disc that has Master Quest and once on the Virtual Console. I have beaten MM once on the N64 gold...
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    Favorite WTF? Moment.

    It might've been Sheik=Zelda if that hadn't been spoiled for me before I played the game. Anyway, in WW when Ganondorf said "At last I have found you, Princess Zelda" to Tetra I just sat there with my mouth hanging open for a minute because I did not see that coming. And Darunia's dance is a...
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    What is Your Favorite Shooter Game?

    Which one is your favorite out of the Prime games?
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    What is Your Favorite Shooter Game?

    It must get annoying entering that screenname everytime you log in.
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    Wouldn't It Be Funny...

    I think Nintendo's said that there's a master document somewhere that explains the timeline. And yes, if they explained the timeline in a game it really would have to be the final game. I was reading another Zelda forum in which someone suggested that there could be a library in game that...
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    Pet Peeves

    When people say things like "an historic..." or "an heroic...". It's just not gramatically correct! It's only correct when the h is silent and the word starts in a vowel sound, like in "hour" but not when the word starts with a consonant h sound. Ugh!
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    What is Your Favorite Video on Youtube?

    Has anyone here seen Harry Potter in the Hood? You should look it up right now on Youtube. Its a gangster rap about Harry Potter. Mario Kart love song is also funny.
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    Pet Peeves

    I'm sorry what did you say? I wasn't paying attention. :D
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    Will Wind Waker Link Ever Go Home?

    The Zelda from ST is possibly HoW's descendent, because she is a descendent of Tetra and Tetra may have had kids with HoW. And the Hero of Winds may go to Outset to visit, but I don't think he would ever go back to stay. His life is with Tetra, on the open sea and in New Hyrule.
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    Spoiler How Can TMC Be the Beginning of the Split Timeline?

    The owl at the end of LA said Link showed Courage, Wisdom, and Power, and that game had nothing to do with the Triforce.
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    Placement of Link's Awakening

    Link's Awakening takes place after ALTTP as evidenced by the fact that the final boss turns into two beings that look like Agahnim and Ganon. Its a nightmare creature so it turns into enemies from Link's past.
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    Zelda References in Other Series/Franchises?

    I think you can get a Master Sword item in the original Animal Crossing. And I'm not sure if its an intentional reference, but there is a blue Ocarina item in Harvest Moon 64. Also, I think in Metroid Prime 3 if you trade those friend code achievements or whatever, you can get a Triforce painted...
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    Would You Wait Til' 2012?

    I'm sick of people saying TP was rushed. How can that be so, seing as they delayed it for an entire year?
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    Favorite Video Game Music

    I too like all of the Krazoa music in Starfox Adventures. It adds to the feel of exploring those areas. But my favorite SFA music is still the rock version of Starfox 64's Meteo that plays in SFA's credits. "I am reborn, the mighty Krazoa god! Kneel, all those that stand before me!" Sorry, I...
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    To All Haters

    I think this game has the second best graphics in the series, possibly. I'll have to decide if I like it better than the 64 games. And even though Wind Waker had cartoony graphics, it wasn't more kiddy than any other Zelda. I still wish they would have stuck with Twilight Princess's graphics...
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    Gohdan/Bongo-Bongo Theory

    The design of both of them is possibly based off of Andross from Starfox. Anyway, there are other head and two hands enemies in Zelda. i think there's one in The Miniish Cap.
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    Ocarina of Time What Do I Do if I Can't Remember the Scarecrow's Song?

    You cry yourself to sleep at night, that's what you do. Just kidding.
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    Favorite Character Name

    What is your favorite name for a character from video games? Not your favorite character, but rather your favorite name. Mine is probably Kazooie.
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    Favorite Book Series

    The Shannara series by Terry Brooks. Anyone who likes fantasy novels has got to read these books.
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    Would You Wait Til' 2012?

    I'd wait until 2012 if it was one of the best Zelda's there is. But if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas. Sorry, I couldn't resist that. I've been waiting for an excuse to say that for so long.
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    Twilight Princess Magic Meter?

    I find it odd that the magic armor runs on rupees. It would have run on magic if there was a magic meter.
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    Okay, Story Time on How My Life Relates to Zelda!!!

    I haven't done this, but has anyone used this quote in real life: "These toys are too much for you! I command you to give them to me!" LOL
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    Would You Wait Til' 2012?

    It still wouldn't suck as much as waiting until December 2012 for The Hobbit movie, but I digress...
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    Okay, Story Time on How My Life Relates to Zelda!!!

    "It's over... it's finally over" is a quote I could see myself using in real life.
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    The Zelda ABC's

    F stands for Farore, one of the goddesses.
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    How Excited Are You For SS?

    The people shall one day speak the story of the legendary hero who descended from the heavens, sword held skyward, to cleanse the land and purge it of the darkness that had enveloped it to its very core. And that day will go down in legend. The Legend of Zelda. Anyway, I voted that I'm pretty...
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    Worst Name You Can Come Up with

    Link's name has been mentioned in three titles: Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, and Link's Awakening.
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    Worst Name You Can Come Up with

    It's a poem from Lord of the Rings, but I don't know who said it. My mom made and framed a poster with that poem on it, so I can remember it without looking it up. I just came up with another one. TLOZ: Darunia's Dance Academy. Also, TLOZ: Link, he come to town, come to save the Princess Zelda...
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    Worst Name You Can Come Up with

    Read this Zelda forum at http://www.talkzelda.com/forum/showthread.php?t=420 and then come up with your own ideas. The basic idea is to come up with the worst possible name for a Zelda game. For example: -TLOZ: May the Triforce Be With You -TLOZ: Triforcin' Yourself to Play This Crappy Game...
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    What Happend????

    He still has the Kokiri Sword in MM also. Anyway, the reason he loses his items is the same reason he can carry so many items with him at one time. The reason is that there is no explanation. That's just the way videogames work. Stuff like that isn't supposed to make sense, so you should...
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    Favorite Part of Minish Cap As in Fav Place, Dungeon, Item, Whatever U Wants

    The thing I liked most about this game was the ability to shrink and then objects that are normally small are then huge. I remember there were giant books and candles and stuff. My favorite item is the mole mitts, because its fun to tunnel through dirt with them.
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    Too Many Mario-related Things Popping Up?

    Don't forget the Yoshi doll, the Peach picture from the trading quest, and the Bowser's head statues in the sidescrolling screens. I don't mind the Mario references, but what is a little wierd is that there are telephones in the game. I guess it is possible that the Wind Fish could dream up a...
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    What is Your Favorite Shooter Game?

    Mine is Metroid Prime, with Jet Force Gemini in a close second.
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    Favorite Video Game Music

    In no particular order: Gerudo Valley music from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Lord Woo Fak Fak music from Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong Rap from Donkey Kong 64, SS Anubis music from Jet Force Gemini, and the Meteo music from Starfox 64(I also like the rock version from the credits of Starfox Adventures)...
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    What Was Your Very First Video Game?

    Diddy Kong Racing was the first video game I ever owned. Banjo-Kazooie was the first game I ever bought with my own money and the first game I ever beat. Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie are pretty much the most nostalgic video games for me.
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