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  1. Impa

    Favorite Moment in Skyward Sword

    Any scene with Impa in it. She's a bad*ss.
  2. Impa

    Skyward Sword V Skyrim

    Hm. This is a really tough question for me. I love them both so much. Okay, let me put it this way. They are both better than each other in different ways. Skyward Sword is better because of its plot, its mechanics, and in general the Legend of Zelda beats the Elder Scrolls. Skyrim is...
  3. Impa

    Fi in Other Games?

    I see it as potential for Fi to return in another game; then again, she could be referring to herself as the sword rather than as Fi. Meaning, another Link and the Master Sword.
  4. Impa

    Which Link, and Or, Zelda Do You Most Look Like?

    I look like a brunet-ified, rule-63'd* Twilight Princess Link. *Rule 63: For any given male character, there is a female version of that character. **Coincidentally, Link is rule-63'd a LOT.
  5. Impa

    Temple of Time = Arbiter's Grounds...?

    Makes a lot of sense. Perhaps it was the first Temple of Time before SS. But then it got destroyed and the land turned to desert. Then the Gerudo inhabited the desert and rebuilt the temple by the time of OoT. Then by TP it became the Arbiter's Grounds as the Gerudos died off into stalfos.
  6. Impa

    Which Boss Would You Like to Be Friends with and Why?

    Ghirahim. He would be my gay best friend. We would go shopping and get our nails done!
  7. Impa

    Favorite Zelda Puzzle Ever!

    The Isle of Songs in Skyward Sword. Everyone seems to hate it, but I found it enjoyable.
  8. Impa

    Zelda Characters in the Real World

    Impa would be a bad*ss defense attorney. Ghirahim would be the winner of Project Runway.
  9. Impa

    Kids Named After a Zelda Character?

    Hey, Robin Williams did it. Why can't we? Impa's my favorite character(who would have guessed?) but I wouldn't name my daughter that. If I have a boy, and I was feeling sure enough to name him for a Zelda character, I would probably name him Link. It is a legitimate name, and can be alluded to...
  10. Impa

    Zelda's "Super Princess Peach"

    How would you feel if Nintendo released a game in which you play as Zelda? Perhaps not to save Link, but in some creative way, have Zelda as the playable character. Tell me your thoughts.
  11. Impa

    Best SS Bosses

    Koloktos. I absolutely loved this fight. The music was great, and although it was a difficult battle, it was fun. I loved the aspect of using his own weapon against him, too.
  12. Impa

    Between MM and TP

    Hero's Shade There has been a lot of theory about Hero's Shade - the skeleton that teaches you your skills in Twilight Princess. The biggest question is Who or What is He? I've seen a lot of people saying that he is a past Link who died. This has something to it, with his name being...
  13. Impa

    Zelda Refrences

    Indeed. At the beginning of the movie, Young Neil is playing A Link to the Past, and the sound effects from his game are used throughout that scene; including the completed puzzle jingle and the item get jingle. Young Neil even mentions that he plays Zelda. /scottpilgrimnerd
  14. Impa

    Link and Zelda's Relationship

    This is the type of thing that Nintendo is intentionally not touching. Nintendo's leaving Zelink out of their games to leave something to the imagination. If we had a game that included a legitimately directly romantic scene, all would be lost. There'd be no more speculation about it because...
  15. Impa

    What Do You Think About a Zelda Movie

    It's not up to us. There's not enough power in us to get the to make a movie, nor is there enough to stop them from making one. If they do make a movie, whether it's bad or amazing, we're all going to see it.
  16. Impa

    Hardest Boss in Skyward Sword

    I swear, some of these bosses get even harder in Hero Mode. One that was easy in the regular game but hard in Hero Mode was Scervo. He was good at pushing me back in Hero Mode. The Imprisoned goes without speaking. Why is Magmanos considered a boss at all? He(?) was easier than a Lizalfos...
  17. Impa

    Where Would Your Vacation in Hyrule Be?

    On top of Levias. Just chilling. But if it had to be in Hyrule, I'd say Twilight Princess' Lake Hylia. It'd be a relaxing getaway to a beautiful lake, with added excursions such as the Flight-by-Fowl.
  18. Impa

    Easiest Temples (and Bosses) EVER in Zelda Series?!

    This game did have a strange.. rushed feel about it. Almost like when you might have a long week, but the days are short; the game was long, but the dungeons were fast. And the bosses did seem easier to defeat, if you know what to do. When you don't Ghirahim for the first time is just, what? But...
  19. Impa

    The Most Epic Boss Fight in Zelda

    Morpheel in Twilight Princess. Mainly the second round of battle. I loved the heightened epic-ness, how the music would change to a TP-themed fanfare of awesome whenever I latched on to and started stabbing his eye. That alone put that battle above the rest in the "epic" factor.
  20. Impa

    Ocarina Vs Harp

    Neither. The next Link should have a ukulele. The Ukulele of Time. But seriously, I like the harp better as an instrument for Link to have used; however, I dislike the usage of it in Skyward Sword.
  21. Impa

    Something That Bothers Me About Legend of Zelda Games.....

    Agreed. The Legend of Zelda series and the Megaman Battle Network series both have this problem. Especially in MMBN6, because although there are things elsewhere for you to complete, the panic music is always playing in the background.
  22. Impa

    Which Silent Realm is the Hardest?

    Hm. Either Nayru's or Skyloft. More Nayru's, given the awkward map layout. But Skyloft's gave me trouble because I kept tripping up on Waking Water that I hadn't seen.
  23. Impa

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    The hardest level or dungeon. That's a tough one. Honestly, I'm going to go with the Ice Cavern from Ocarina of Time. The Freezards were a pain. I'd wait for his ice breath to stop. But once it did, an Ice Keese would come and freeze me, taking a heart with it. Thinking I had enough time, I'd...
  24. Impa

    My Zelda Timeline Theory.

    Well, thank you for the compliment. I do realize that about Wind Waker, but hey, I don't claim this to be canon in the slightest. And perhaps you're right about Link to the Past. Again, I'm not claiming this to be canon and I realize why this timeline can't be correct. That is what makes it a...
  25. Impa

    Easter Eggs in Skyward Sword

    In Ocarina of Time, that's what the Octorok told you in the Forest Temple. That's the order you had to stun three other Octoroks.
  26. Impa

    Hardest Enemy

    I have to agree with Kare on this one. Technoblins angered me so much. It always seemed he knew where I would strike, and blocked me. I also must include electric chus for the same reason. Oh, and Armos. Please, Goddesses, let Armos not exist.
  27. Impa

    RMTITM - Rate My Team in The Making.

    Heya! So, this is just a little competitive team I've been putting together. Krookodile @ (item) Swagger Foul Play Earthquake Dragon Tail 252 Atk 252 Spd Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet Curse Gyro Ball Leech Seed Explosion 252 Def 120 SpDef 120 HP Chandelure @ Choice Specs...
  28. Impa

    My Zelda Timeline Theory.

    Sorry to be a noob, but I'd like to contribute my own timeline. I've done the research. Although it's not perfect, and no Zelda timeline is, it's valid theory, I think. Alright. So, this theory began itself by centering around the aspect of technology. Interestingly enough, technology in The...
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