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  1. godess reborn

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Well, since there's no question... Where is TheRationalDove's question?
  2. godess reborn

    If You Could Have Any Legend of Zelda Character for a Room Mate Who Would Be and Why?

    I'd want Fi from Skyward Sword. I'd watch her dance for hours and hours, and it might be good to have her around for the occasional reminder. "Room mate, the batteries in the TV remote are nearly depleted." "Room mate, do not open the refrigerator. There is an evil remlit inside." As long as she...
  3. godess reborn

    Modern Zelda Fans' Take on the Old 2D Titles

    I recently bought the first Zelda game, and it is overwhelming me. Up to this point I have only played 3D Zelda titles, where there are at least a few people to give you hints on what to do next. In LoZ, you start off in the overworld and are left there, without any kind of instruction...
  4. godess reborn

    What Are the Fun Little Things You Do When You're Bored?

    When I'm bored, I usually blast high-energy songs out of my speakers, get my adrenaline going, and run around in circles for about twenty minutes, pretending I'm Link fighting a boss or something like that. Then I go and do work that doesn't have to be finished for a month. It helps me get...
  5. godess reborn

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    My favorite is Skyward Sword. It is mind blowing! It is the first Zelda game to use motion controls. I love how Nintendo used this idea in more ways than simply killing enemies. Certain places couldn't be entered without using your sword or another weapon of some kind with creative...
  6. godess reborn

    Was Motion Control Any Good ?

    I thought the motion controls were great. I loved getting to use it to solve puzzles and fight enemies. There was room for improvement, though. Sometimes I would have to re-calibrate the remote several times when I was trying to use long range weapons to aim at faraway objects, which was...
  7. godess reborn

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    Taste the sweetness of 16!
  8. godess reborn

    Skyward Sword: Awesome Game Expect for Over Use of Fi?

    Fi was definetly overused. She pointed out things that you had been told before, like when she asks you if you need to hear about dowsing again. By this point I had gotten the hang of it, and was rather annoyed by her interuption. She gave you constant instructions on things that, even if you...
  9. godess reborn

    Least Favorite Fast Food?

    I despise Long John Silver's. They always fry everything too much. Sometimes I can't even tell if it's a fish fillet in the sandwich or just the breading. That, and they try to avoid taking your coupons. I hand them the coupon, and they deny, deny, deny! They say, "It's not valid in this area."...
  10. godess reborn

    3D Version of the Original Legend of Zelda

    This might work in theory, but if you actually attempted to do it, I'm not sure how it would turn out. One reason is that the 2D and 3D games are very different in how you see the screen. In the original LoZ, you see the game from a bird's eye view, and the screen slides as you move...
  11. godess reborn

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    I'm not in school anymore so I don't have to think about classes for 3 months OH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoever came up with the idea...
  12. godess reborn

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but since you're so popular now all the girls are creeping on you and trying to break into your house. I wish I was inside an anime show so I could eat a rice ball with salmon filling and feel like a boss while eating it.
  13. godess reborn

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for posting a picture of some old guy!
  14. godess reborn

    Spoiler Dungeons, Easy or Hard?

    I think the dungeons weren't as hard as they could have been. The design of the dungeons were relatively basic, almost guiding you through. I felt like they were somewhat hand-holdy. The dungeons were rather linear, and along with Fi's information, you were practically pointed towards the right...
  15. godess reborn

    Ocarina of Time Which Enemy is More Intimidating?

    The Dead Hand. It was so creepy, the way it waddled up to you, then gave you a death stare right before it went in for the kill. The first time I fought one, I went to investigate one of the hands sticking out of the ground, and it grabbed me! Then out popped my worst nightmare, souless eyes...
  16. godess reborn

    What is the Last Book You Read

    The last book I read was Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. I love how the author incorporated strange pictures into the storyline, which adds a very odd charm to it. Some of the photos will haunt me for eternity.
  17. godess reborn

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing Now?

    I'm playing Majora's Mask and the original Legend of Zelda (Is there a map in that game? I have no clue where anything is.).
  18. godess reborn

    Which Order Did You Get the Triforce

    I got them in this order: Power, Courage, Wisdom. I was trying to get courage first, but I found myself in the power place instead. So I went ahead and got that, found out how to get to courage, then got that too. Wisdom was hard to get to, but I stumbled on it eventually.
  19. godess reborn

    How Poignant Should a Zelda Story Be?

    I think that a Zelda game should at least try to fit in the timeline. It doesn't have to be the entire point of the game, just a few things we have seen in previous Zelda installments that show a timeline does exist. It's the experience of playing the game that matters most (not saying that...
  20. godess reborn

    Did You Know...?

    Wow. Those are some very interesting facts! 1. No, I played the 3ds version of OoT. Either they changed it or I never noticed. 2. No, but as TheBlueReptile said, there are some errors in the first LoZ. 3. I've never heard the original music to the Fire Temple, but some people said there was...
  21. godess reborn

    Did You Think Link's Name Was Zelda?

    No, I knew from the start that Zelda was the princess and Link was the hero. I can see how people might think Link's name is Zelda, that being the name of the series and all, but it's mentioned at least once in almost every Zelda game that the princess is named Zelda, and it wouldn't make much...
  22. godess reborn

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    I was playing SSBB and was looking through some trophies I got from playing classic mode. The Zelda ones really caught my eye. They had this certain charm that made me stare at them for hours, memorizing every fact about every character and item in the series. Eventually, I decided it was time I...
  23. godess reborn

    Can You Beat Skyward Sword Without a Shield?

    It's certainly possible, but you would lose a very handy piece of gear. In Skyward Sword, not only can you use it to block attacks, you can also use the shield bash, which is very good to have when in sword fights. It can deflect projectiles fired by enemies, and without the shield they would be...
  24. godess reborn

    Rate the Avatar!

    Aww it's so cuuute. 8/10
  25. godess reborn

    Should Something Drastic Happen in Zelda?

    I don't know if something as drastic as one of the protagonists dying should happen, especially in a franchise like Zelda. It just doesn't seem right. Zelda is a series where if any character dies, it is the antagonist, and they are killed to prevent the deaths of others. But most of the time...
  26. godess reborn

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    When some meat company decides it's worthwhile to make narwhal bacon. What are hot dogs made from?
  27. godess reborn

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    3. *Sigh*, why mandym? Why did you have to post about marshmellows?
  28. godess reborn

    Where Have You Traveled To?

    In the U.S.: Cocoa Beach, Florida, New York, New York, Indianapolis, Indiana, Someplace-I-Don't-Remember-The-Name-Of, Oklahoma, New Orleans, Louissianna, Crystal Mountain, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, Gatlinburg, Tennessee Outside the U.S.: Paris, France, Maidenhead, England, Somewhere in...
  29. godess reborn

    Sheikah Stone: Thankful or Exasperated?

    It was good to have it there. Even the most skilled gamer can get stuck on a puzzle every once in a while, and the Sheikah stone was a good way to stop and find the answer you needed. I had some difficulty, so it was handy to have it there just in case I had tried everything and didn't know what...
  30. godess reborn

    Your First Playthrough of a Zelda Game.

    Yes, I followed a walkthrough step by step. I was playing Twilight Princess and was stuck on the twilight Kakariko part, and I went to ZD's walkthrough. It was such good help that, for the rest of my playthrough, I kept the computer next to me so I could lean over and read it every five seconds...
  31. godess reborn

    Zelda Art I Decided to Make a Talking Navi Shirt. End Result?

    Wow, that looks amazing! The final product turned out great! I want one so bad...:puppy:
  32. godess reborn

    General Classic Ocarina of Time: Which Enemy Did You Want to Strangle? (The Most Annoying Enemy)

    Redeads are the most annoying for me. While inside the well, there are swarms of redeads, and even if you play the Sun's Song, the effect wears off as soon as you attack. What happens if they are close together and you accidentaly hit two or three? It's difficult to focus on one redead when...
  33. godess reborn

    Mythical/Extinct Creatures.

    Zombies. Hands down. I mean, they're walking death! How awesome is that? Alright, maybe not that awesome, but I still think they're pretty cool. As long as it was only one and it didn't go on to devour/infect the world, creating more zombies which would infect more humans, hence starting a...
  34. godess reborn

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Why is it that Ash gets attacked by every adorable pokemon? Is he just attackable or something? Oh, and one more day. I'M ALMOST FREE!!!!!!!!!!
  35. godess reborn

    Spoiler Did You Know who the Imprisoned Was?

    I didn't know about Demise until Zelda told the story about Hylia and Demise's fight. There were some clues scattered throughout the game leading up to that point, but I guess I was too focused on other things. Now that I think about it, though, if you looked closely it was obvious that the...
  36. godess reborn

    What's Your Earliest Memory?

    When I was three I had the chicken pox and wasn't at preschool for a couple of weeks. My mom kept on telling me to sleep a lot, so I did. But one night I woke up around two and couldn't get back to sleep, so I went into my mom's room and woke her up. She took me downstairs and put in a Fantasia...
  37. godess reborn

    One Zelda Game

    Ocarina of Time. It has a good amount of dungeons and fun bosses, not to mention sidequests and trading sequences. The music is absoulutely beautiful, each a catchy tune I find myself humming every now and then. There is even a master quest version for the Gamecube and 3DS, with new puzzles and...
  38. godess reborn

    Twilight Princess "darker Feel" Compared to Majoras Mask

    I think Majora's Mask was a much darker game in terms of the quest and storyline. There is a constant threat looming over you. If you talk to some of the people on different days, they gradually become aware that the moon is getting closer to Clock Town. It made me feel scared and sorry for them...
  39. godess reborn

    Spoiler Was Anyone Else Disappointed With The Demise Battle?

    I wasn't dissapointed with the Demise battle. It was hard to try and get your sword electricuted in the second part because he would come charging at you every time you tried! The first part was simple and I wasn't a huge fan of just slashing when his guard was down, but the second part was...
  40. godess reborn

    What instrument do you play?

    I played the flute in my school's band, which I am no longer in. Occasionaly I mess around with it, seeing how high a note I can make.
  41. godess reborn

    How Many Dungeons Should a Zelda Game Have?

    7-9 sounds like a good number, if the dungeons are decently long. But if they have lots of extra things inside, then there will most likely be less dungeons (like in MM). If the dungeons are really easy and short, there should be 13+, along with more time actually getting across the overworld to...
  42. godess reborn

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  43. godess reborn

    Will You Be Spoiling the Next Zelda Wii U Title for Yourself?

    I try and resist looking at spoilers. The game is more enjoyable for me if I don't know what's coming up next. However, I let myself look at some of the wii motion plus demonstrations for SS, as it only showed the combat and a few bokoblins, but I stay away from any other kinds of spoilers at...
  44. godess reborn

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Well? Come on, say it already!!! What is the velocity of an african swallow?
  45. godess reborn

    Most Intimidating Character in SS?

    Impa really scared me. In the scene after you fight Scaldera, she just whips around and gives you the evil eye. I felt like she thought of Link as nothing more than a simple child, and she didn't seem to believe he could help Zelda. Impa just looked and acted so powerful and all-knowing in that...
  46. godess reborn

    General Classic 1200 Wii Points...which Game?

    I'd suggest getting LoZ and AoL because you get two games. I'm currently playing the original LoZ from the Wiishop and have enjoyed it, though it is a little strange since I've only played the more recent Zelda titles. However, lots of people are very fond of ALttP, and it is an excellent game...
  47. godess reborn

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    That Mudkip's face reminds me of the Happy Mask Salesman. *Gasp* Maybe they're long lost cousins!!!
  48. godess reborn

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but because you don't sleep as often, you look like a zombie and everyone gets scared of you and runs away, leaving you alone forever. I wish for a balloon so I can do a helium voice.
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