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    Spirit Tracks Still Playing

    I still pop back onto it often to complete side quests and find bunnies.
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    Sword Beams, Should They Return?

    Pretty much this, could lead to an interesting dungeon.
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    Would You Like it if the Next Zelda Game Takes Place in the Future?

    I wouldn't mind to be honest, as long as it wasnt full on Star Wars with starships, guns and aliens. I think it has potential as a one-off.
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    The Hero of Men

    Link from OoT/MM is the Hero of Time, and the Hero of Winds doesnt feature in Spirit Tracks or Minish Cap. But I get your point, but im pretty sure the Hero of Men your on about didn't have a cap, but SS Link certainly does.
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    Skyword Sword Title Art, Clue?

    There seems to be emphasis on the bird in the logo, so yeah, maybe Link uses a bird to Save Hyrule or something. XD
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    I like Ganondorf, but I dunno how he'd fit into this timeline wise? Malladus was cool, but he turned up between PH/ST didn't he? Mhmm, I wouldn't mind a new villain. A proper jerk please.
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    Sequel or New Timeline Split?

    I think it was intended as a TP sequel, but quite clearly its not anymore. If its the origin of the Master Sword, then is a prequel to OoT?
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    Skyward Sword's Lack of Musical Instrument

    We didn't learn about the Spirit Pipes straight away, so dont jump ship quite yet. Makes no difference to me though, if the odd game is minus an instrument.
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    Graphics of Skyward Sword

    I guess the preview art got everyones hopes up for a TP sequel. To be honest I was disapointed at first too, but now I really do dig these new graphics, they are just stunning.
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    What No One's Talking About (Link Can Jump, Wall Jump, and Sprint)

    Wait. Wall jumping? Did I miss something lol?
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    What Color Will TLOZ Be for Zelda Wii?

    The concept logo was amazing, the current one seems like a Paint job. To be honest, the logo is the only thing I dislike about SS so far. The rest of it seemed pretty amazing.
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    Zelda : Prophet of Light

    Nothing certain though, so Im not going to get all used to this name and it turns out to be The Hero's Grave or something
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    How Many Hours of Gameplay in ST?

    12 hours seems about right. Not too short or long for a game like this.
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    Sand Wand

    I loved it, added a whole new style of puzzle solving to the game. It was really out there lol.
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    Link's Fan Title

    Hero of Spirits? Sounds OK to me to be honest. Never heard of Hero of Twilight before though. :S
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    No Master Sword?

    LOL, its deep down under the sea! characterlimit///
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    2010 or 2011?

    I WANT a 2010 release, it might be likely because they've had a long time on this, but I'd put money on it on being 2011
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    Zelda Wii at GDC in March?

    Ninty keep banging on about E3, so that's the earliest it'll be shown.
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    Favorite Island in PH

    Dee Ess, mainly because it's shaped like a DS. But the Isle of Ruin was fun and interesting.
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    How The Series Adapted With The DS

    I thought the controls were perfect, probably the best adaption of a series to DS ever. The story was interesting, not quite an epic, and maybe the real villian was introduced too late, but it wasn't terrible. The music's OK, but some tracks are repeated to death, and the Temple of the Ocean...
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    Best Music in WW

    The theme tune. Oh my gosh I get right into it every time I hear that thing! de-na-na-do-do-do-dodoo
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    Favorite Boss in PH

    Crayk. I loved the top screen vision approach given to us. The other bosses were pretty fun too, but this one stood out to me.
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    Sword and Shield Accesories for Zelda Wii

    They are AWESOME. 0_0 I want one of those, of course it'd be cool if Nintendo made official ones!
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    How do you play Brawl?

    I use the Wiimote, mainly out of pure laziness, seeing as I have to use it to turn the game on, and I cba to go get the GC. But also, my GC controller has started to die on me. >.<
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    A Scary Thought

    Even when they do retire, I'm sure they'd be consolted on important story/timeline matters. It's something not worth thinking about intill the time comes in honesty.
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    Which Zelda Games Have You Played?

    The Legend of Zelda The Adventure of Link Link's Awakening Ocarina of Time The Wind Waker Twilight Princess Phantom Hourglass I do need to get around to playing them all, but I've never seen FS/FSA/MC in the shops, and I'm currently not planning on getting any Nintendo Points (so no ALTTP/MM)
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    The Real Super Mario Bros. 2

    The Lost Levels (SMB2 Jap) is Mario 2, SMB2 (Doki USA) is actually the third. Because I would consider it an entry to the series, but it came out after TLL, so technically it's 3rd.
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    What Games Are You Playing Through at the Moment?

    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (360): Only on chapter 2, and it's OK, the online is really great though. Halo 3: ODST (360): On my Legendary play through, currently on the 4th mission. :)
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    What's Really Annoying to You?

    Them ugly children at the beginning of TP annoyed the hell out me. It was not just the appearence, but they were so horrible to the other guy (Sorry for forgetting the names, I havn't played TP in a while). :P
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    Your Favorite Drinks

    1. Pepsi 2. Coke 3. Cold water 4. Dr Pepper 5. Apple juice :D
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    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    I like Napoleon Dynamite, but I suppose it's more of a cult film that few people 'get'. One of the worst films I've seen has to be Three. Ugh.
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    Funniest/Favorite Thing to Do in a Video Game

    Blowing up a random car on Crackdown and watching the carnage. >:]
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    Games You Bought Recently

    The last game I bought was Left 4 Dead, and that was with a voucher! I suppose my actual latest game was Golden Axe (1 on XBLA).
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    Your Favorite Video Games

    Brawl, Halo 3 or Pokemon Red. Games I always go back too. I love lots of other games too, but I find it hard to get back into them after a few months of not playing.
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    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    I rarely lose as Luigi, so I suppose he's my best. I do OK as Link too I guess. My worst has to be Sonic, it's not that I'm bad as him, but I lose a lot of games. :P
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    Classic Video Games Reimagined

    I would like to see how the original Zelda would turn out if adapted into 3D, or even Sonic CD.
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    Name for Zelda Wii

    So far I can only come up with; Soul Sword The Broken Bond Sword of the Ancients Master's Ghost
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    Miyamoto on Zelda Wii

    Sheild gameplay? Its just that he likes to mention the swordless Link a lot. :P
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    Links Awakening for the Dsi

    It would be fantastic. The game would be a certain if it ever did happen.
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    Worst Mario Game.

    Main series wise, its either SMB2 or Sunshine, they're great games, but they just don't feel like Mario titles. Otherwise, i'd say that Mario Party 8 was a pretty dire affair.
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    New Zelda Wii Picture Full Quality

    He looks the same as he did in TP, maybe its the height and hair? Still, the game looks fantastic, absolutely stunning infact, and its only been that one bit of artwork.
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    Stealth in the Zelda Series

    I love the stealth elements, seriously, I hope the include a bit more in the next games. PH did OK, but maybe it was a bit overused, and pathetically easy, but it did make up for it at the end when you could finally kill the buggers.
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    Mario & Sonic

    I would rather an RPG starring both of them, or a fighter/platformer. I want an actual story to why they have joined forces. :(
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    Pokemon Generations

    I've never played Generation II, so thats out by default. Gen I is the original, and has an interesting region, fun gyms but a poor selection of legendaries, Gen III improves on most things from GI, but feels like a stepback compared to GII. I'm not too fond of Gen IV, the 3D makes it feel...
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    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    To be honest, I've seen a lot of the stuff written at the top on the Serebii forums in a speculative manor. So yeah, I doubt how valid they actually are.
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    OoT, MM, and WW Remade for Wii?

    Give it another 10 years or so and I think we could justify an OOT/MM remake, but not yet, especially now we have VC.
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    Link's Earrings

    It looks good on the adult versions, I suppose. I would be wierd on the kids though.
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    Your Video Game Wish List

    Let me add Pokemon HeartGold to that list. :P -50K-
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    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    The only generation I never played, it'll b great to finally play G/S. HeartGold is mine on release day. :D While the names are growing on me, I can't help but think that SilverDusk/GoldDawn or GoldSky/SilverSea would of worked better.
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    Your Video Game Wish List

    Spirit Tracks Batman: Arkham Asylum Ghostbusters Modern Warfare 2 Thats all I'm waiting for this year to be honst.
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