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  1. SuperGleeok64

    What Zelda Games Have You Beaten?

    LoZ, SS, MC, ST, PH, TP, OoT, OoA, MM(100%), FS
  2. SuperGleeok64

    Favorite Smash Bros. Game and Character

    Game: The first one (Gotta love Saffron City <3) Character: Link.
  3. SuperGleeok64

    Spoiler Demise

    I found him to be ridiculously easy I took my time (Hit him once, dodge, repeat) for the first form and the second form was pretty much dodging and using Skyward Strikes (Bzaap!)
  4. SuperGleeok64

    The First Zelda Game You Played

    The Legend of Zelda. I played it when I was 4 or 5 (2000\2001) and I still own the NES that my family had back then and Legend of Zelda too. And I never beat it until recently.
  5. SuperGleeok64

    Does Anyone Here Speak More Than One Language?

    I speak English fluently and I am also learning Latin.
  6. SuperGleeok64

    Favourite Novel.

    Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. This book about a young man who was sent into to space to be trained for a war against a seemingly fearsome alien race was what sparked my love of reading and Science-Fiction (I also think Pathfinder by the same author is fantastic.)
  7. SuperGleeok64

    What is Your Favorite Gaming Series Other Than Zelda and Pokemon?

    The Elder Scrolls. Yeah... I haven't played all of them but I have been playing them since Morrowind. Assassin's Creed. Yay Free-running <----That one is my Favorite Prince of Persia. See above Gears of War. Burny, Burny, Cut, Cut Mass Effect. Well not quite sure why I like this one really...
  8. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (I see you guys forgot about the bottle that I placed back in the Statue/Stalfos room. I guess you guys failed your 'See the bottle clearly placed next to the door in plain sight' checks, eh?) I head back to the first light hub after the others.
  9. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (Assuming the door is unlocked) I walk back to the stair room and retrieve the other 2 bottles from the broken chest.
  10. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    I heal Tenner and Evan (I need to pay more attention to this thread x.x)
  11. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (If its not too much trouble could you also include people's max HP?) I fire a couple arrows at the skeleton.
  12. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (Well it was more of a I used the wrong voice in my head for the Ironknuckle/Darknut. Much too deep and and grating.)
  13. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (I just died a little on the inside when I read that thank you JE.)
  14. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    'Hey guys we should head back up now,' I say as I place my empty bottle near the exit to the staircase room (In plain sight >.>) and head to retrieve the other two empty bottles.
  15. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    Seeing that all three of the stones, on the armor, are glowing I try to move the armor.
  16. SuperGleeok64

    The Random Quote Game

    Me? I hide in a dungeon that also happens to be on an island. That requires a raft to get to. 22 words.
  17. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (I'm still in the light hub :P) -derp filler derp-
  18. SuperGleeok64

    Rate the Avatar!

    9/10 -Strokes chin- Interesting. Very interesting ( I was ninja'd xP)
  19. SuperGleeok64

    Rate the Avatar!

    Its Ghirahim! 9.9999/10 (Thats right 4 9's!) [Ghirahim is evil.....Evil =/= 10/10]
  20. SuperGleeok64

    General Classic Iron Knuckles, What Are They?

    You ever seen Full Metal Alchemist? You know Al? I would assume they are something similar to that.
  21. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (Hey JE do the stones give a slight stat boost? 'Cause It seems that way.)
  22. SuperGleeok64

    What Enemy Did You Hate Fighting the Most?

    The Ironknuckle boss from AoL. It wasn't when he was on his horse that was the part I hate. Its when he gets off the horse and becomes my least favorite enemy in the game (As far has I have played it) a Blue Ironknuckle.
  23. SuperGleeok64

    Adventure of Link Zelda II

    I recommend skipping on Kill the bosses until later. Because palaces are a great place to grind & once on put the stone in the statue it automagically levels you up. :P
  24. SuperGleeok64

    Why Do Most Games Begin with Link Waking Up?

    'Cause he is waking up to the biggest adventure of his life. And savin' the world is hard work ya know. Waking up is also is a great starting point. No one wants the game to start in the middle of Link getting his buttkicked by and army of stalchildren (Pshaw like that'd ever happen >.>) right...
  25. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (Warning this is a bump......Warning this a bump)
  26. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    'Maybe the other stones will react to your rings like the red stones did with me and Tenner,' I say as I reenter the light hub. (Also JE like the new ad for this in your siggy xP)
  27. SuperGleeok64

    Who Plays Xbox?

    I do play 360 I don't play much online though 'cause I don't have a good internet connection but I do occasionally go places that I can use the internet. I've recently been playing DW: Gundam. Warhammer 40k Kill Team. and AC: Brotherhood. My Gamertag is AssassinCaboose (My bro's is...
  28. SuperGleeok64

    General Art Artsy Tips and Advice - A Basic Art Tutorial

    I've never been too great at drawing myself..... I've always stuck to doing pixel art and/or stick figures but I'm sure these will help me next time I decide to take an art class. Example of my slightly unoriginal pixel art ( Yay reference pictures from google xP)
  29. SuperGleeok64

    Zelda Riddles

    I should have posted this sooner, but FireVsIce you can have another turn since I've never been too good at coming up with riddles.
  30. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (JE you should go hit Josie so she'll remember she signed up for this maybe >.>) "What just Happened'" I ask as I reach out to touch the stone that is still glowing. (God I hope noone saw that grammar fail)
  31. SuperGleeok64

    Adventure of Link Best Place to Leve Up???

    Stay near towns when your grinding. If you feel like your going to run out of health you can always run back the nearest town. Also when battling Dairas (Namely the red ones) Try to stay away from doors because they can fall off the map through doors and will come back when you come back through...
  32. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (If your ever confused about our names you can always check the main page. Also, this game is a phoenix it rose from it's ashes xP) I hold my ring up to the stones. "I sure hope this works" (Also I have 1 more inventory space right?)
  33. SuperGleeok64

    Zelda Riddles

    I searched '50' on the ZeldaWiki and look at any articles that weren't characters/buildings. And while I was searching through the results I saw 'The Imp statues that give you -50 points in the Shooting Gallery in Oracle of Ages bears some resemblance to a Gargoyle Statue' Listed under Gargoyle...
  34. SuperGleeok64

    Enter the Dungeon

    (Methinks this might be dead, Sorry for your loss Justeazy.)
  35. SuperGleeok64

    Writing Community Competition Week 17

    Normally it only takes me a day of thinking (or less) to think of something write, but this.....this is an outrage! I'm sure I'll have something presentable by the time this due though >.>
  36. SuperGleeok64

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Mostly Flash Games, one of which has a link in my Sig. Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean, Crackdown 2, Trenched, Toy Soldiers, MtG: 2012, Dead Space 2, TP, Dawn of War, Portal 2, Halo: Reach, SSBB, Starwars Battlefront 2, and Halo CE.
  37. SuperGleeok64

    Zelda Riddles

    I believe the answer is 'Gargoyle Statue'.
  38. SuperGleeok64

    Writing Community Competition Week 17

    I guess I'll get to work on my entry for next week. Great entries Axle and Tavoriel.
  39. SuperGleeok64

    General Classic Oracle Games Help

    There is actually a downloadable password generator here on ZD (I've used it. It works.) This is the page from which you can get to the download from
  40. SuperGleeok64

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    Yes it solves this whole problem.
  41. SuperGleeok64

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    I'm gonna go with 8/10 I've seen you around.
  42. SuperGleeok64

    Rate the Siggy!

    10/10 it's a Zora with a lightsaber. I am easily amused.
  43. SuperGleeok64

    Redeads Good or Bad?

    We like Like-Likes like we like Aol, we like it\them not so much. I did like their design in TP... I never want to do that room with all the Chu Chus and ReDead. In OoT; 'What? those were ReDeads? I guess they're ReReDeads now'. In MM; -laughs hysterically- Woulda been funnier if there was a...
  44. SuperGleeok64

    What Are Your Biggest Fail Moments in Video Games?

    Map=Ok. Changing floors=Freeze Well I was playing AoL and made it all the through Death Mountain made it to the hammer and got it. But on the way out I had forgotten one of the Dairas had glitched into the floor and it was back... I'm sure you can figure out what happened there.
  45. SuperGleeok64

    Zelda Art Writing Community Competition Week 16

    I'm working on entry for next week though. Can't wait to see what you think of my writing style n.n
  46. SuperGleeok64

    Zelda Art Writing Community Competition Week 16

    I was thinking of entering......but I didn't understand the topic xP
  47. SuperGleeok64

    Why Do So Many Ppl Think There is a Split Timeline...?

    This thread totally deserves this... Thanks to this thread I finally understand the split timeline. Thanks [Insert people who showed proof of Split Timeline]!
  48. SuperGleeok64

    Ocarina of Time Soldier in the Alley

    Sorry had to do it n.n
  49. SuperGleeok64

    Beginner's Mafia 4: Spirit Tracks

    What was the theme.... 'Zombies' Damn I suck at jokes...
  50. SuperGleeok64

    "^<V" For Liars

    ^ Is totally not telling a lie, neve < Isn't confused V Hates bacons bits so much that they named stress ball after them and then threw it in a wood chipper.
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