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  1. Ralis


    Well, sorry to let about everyone that posted on this thread down, but I think graphics DO matter at least a little bit. I stopped playing OoT, because of how crappy the graphics, movement, sound, and setup were. I mean seriously, I just can't enjoy it like that. But I can agree with you on the...
  2. Ralis

    Favorite Genre

    I like high action fantasy, or sci-fi horror.
  3. Ralis

    Worst Movie Sequels

    You guys probably haven't seen or heard of these movies. The Alien series. Alien (the first one) and Aliens (the second) were amazing, but when I watched Alien 3 (obviously the third, unless you are particularly retarted) was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may have been the worst movie...
  4. Ralis

    Rate the Character Above You

    Edward from Twilight -1,00000000000/10 Ralis from TP 1,0000000000000/10
  5. Ralis

    Halo Reach Custom Content

    If you are a halo reach fan, and love how much customization you are allowed on this game, share your favorite custom content. If you have any qeustions, or just want to contact me privately, send me a private message. (Sorry, I'm not going to share my E-mail address)
  6. Ralis

    Halo: Reach

    I love Halo Reach. I know that this website is supposed to be about Zelda, but I don't really play my Wii anymore. I sort of think that Nintendo is crap. I just play Xbox 360. Me and my friend love to forge, and do firefight with custom settings together. He has invented some of the most amazing...
  7. Ralis

    Best Game of the Year

    HALO REACH!!!!!!!!!! Actually, it's not the best game of the year. It's the best game ever.
  8. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

    Really, I think all of the water temples were really hard. Especially the water temple in OoT. But as hard as they all were, I have to say that they are really cool.
  9. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Favorite Cutscene in TP

    I liked the one where ganondorf reared up on his horse and then smashed the fused shadow hat thing that midna wears.
  10. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Why Is Zelda So Serious

    Well, if you hadn't noticed, none of the chosen people with Triforces ever seem to mess around or anything that much. Link only smiles once or twice, Zelda never smiled at all in the whole game, and Ganondorf just laughed in that evil way.
  11. Ralis

    How is Ilia Link's Love?

    In my opinion, he's not. He liked her when he was younger at the beginning of the game, but after that, well things just kind of fell apart. I think Links love is Midna. (To bad for Link, that she left)
  12. Ralis

    General Modern The Document

    Well, you could get punished to do community service, or something like that for raiding the building. And besides, how would you plan to attack that building? Almost every building has video cameras nowadays. Especially since that building is most likely some official Nintendo building, so it...
  13. Ralis

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    Uh, dunno. Maybe Links Awakening XD, or earlier.
  14. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time Why Does Link Defeat Ganondorf when He Knows He'll Put Back the MS Anyway?

    Well, um no offense, but the answer is kind of obvious. He's saving the world. Even if he went back in time, nobody else would. It would seem to him that they would, but truly, they would be living in the modern world, where they would be tortured, and forced to be Ganondorf's slaves, and follow...
  15. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Magic Meter?

    So, I have the Wii version of TP, (and I've beat it twice, but never noticed anything about this) and I looked at the box for it, and noticed that when it shows link fighting the Darknut in the temple of time with a green bar at the top of the screen under your health. Did I miss something? Do...
  16. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Floor 49 in the Cave of Ordeals

    bomb arrow them until their armor is off, then when they're in their second stage, heal yourself to full health, and if you have it, use the great spin attack on them.
  17. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Zelda Vrs. Midna

    No, light arrows are not allowed.
  18. Ralis

    Water Temple: Desperate for Help!!

    That place is just a locked door, that I need a key for. I checked. Unless you're talking about the middle floor. Cuz' at the very top, it's just a locked door.
  19. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Zelda Vrs. Midna

    Let's say they both got really drunk, and started fighting, then. (I know, this thread is really random, I just got bored.)
  20. Ralis

    Water Temple: Desperate for Help!!

    I have the compass AND the map, actually. Just not the longshot.
  21. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Zelda Vrs. Midna

    But she would be in her imp form, not twilight princess form
  22. Ralis

    Water Temple: Desperate for Help!!

    Well, I have the compass, so i've been trying to look for keys. (Not working) If I could find 1 more key, I'll be good. I think. There's only one more locked door in the central room.
  23. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time Something I Noticed--Song of Time

    No, the Song of Time is not in the Serenade of Water! I just checked today!
  24. Ralis

    Water Temple: Desperate for Help!!

    Well, I'm stuck in the stupid water temple, and I am completely clueless on what to do. I don't have the longshot yet, so there are a lot of things I can't do. I got the water to rise to the floor where you enter, but I have looked everywhere on every floor, and have no idea what to do! Please...
  25. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Desert Colossus in TP?

    Well, If you went to the cave of ordeals, it actually says; Gerudo Mesa at the top of the screen. So there could be some connection. But no, the Gerudo Fortress is not in the Gerudo Desert, or arbiters grounds.
  26. Ralis

    Regal Ring

    Well, I don't quite know how to help you. You should try looking at the ZD walkthroughs. And If you still have trouble finding it, just do the prize postcards thing. Just set the DS/DSi date a day ahead, until the regal ring is the prize. Then buy 20 postcards, send them all in, then save, and...
  27. Ralis

    Now or Later

    I guess it doesn't matter, but I can help you with the fire temple, if you want.
  28. Ralis

    Fire Temple

    I think I have to be a kid again. Oh well, no matter. I'll just play the Prelude of Light, and put the Master Sword back. Eh, thanks for telling me where it was, though:zora:
  29. Ralis

    General Classic OH-carina or OK-arina?

    O-KU-REE-NU; Ocarina. That's how it should be pronounced.
  30. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Zelda Vrs. Midna

    If Zelda and Midna had a fight over Link, (no using magic or fused shadows;Midna also isn't allowed to float ) who would win? I would probably say Zelda. (And no, Zelda cant use her sword)
  31. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time Which Sage is Your Favorite?

    Nabooru. She's got that kick-@#$ kind of additude. I would say Ruto, since I like zoras alot, but she just creeps me out!
  32. Ralis

    Links Good with the Ladies

    I'm going to list all of the girls I can think of that like link (In all games); Saria, Zelda, Ruto, Malon, Ilia, Midna, and a few others (lots of others) Yeah, I'd say he's pretty good with the ladies.
  33. Ralis

    Fire Temple

    Well, when you're an adult, everything's frozen, so I can't really do that.
  34. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple in Oot Annoying?

    For sure! My friend has been stuck in there for a long time!
  35. Ralis

    Whats Missing from Majora's Mask? Ocarina of Time?

    Well, In OoT, they could have made each sage do a little more for you than just give you a medallion.
  36. Ralis

    Fire Temple

    Huh? When do you get Farore's Wind? But anyway, It doesn't matter, cuz' I got past that part, and I beat Volgavia. Thanks for all your help guys!:zora:
  37. Ralis

    Any Tips on Catching Rabbits?

    Well, the only tip I can give you, is have your net ready, then when the stop for a second, quickly catch them.:zora:
  38. Ralis

    Spirit Tracks How Do I Grab a Cucco Bird So I Can Fly

    I know what you're talking about. Those aren't Cuccos. They're some other weird bird. You need to have the snake whip to grab them though. Cuccos just look like plain chickens. With cuccos, you do not need any item though.
  39. Ralis

    Twilight Princess Are Bombs Only Collectable in Chests/Barnes' Place?

    You can buy them at the 2nd Malo Mart in castle town. But first you have to donate a whole bunch of money, fix the bridge, and carry spring water. (Or something like that. I haven't played TP for about 2 months, so I don't quite remember.)
  40. Ralis

    Fire Temple

    Uhhhhhh......McBlizzy, that was what I was already using. (Sorry if I forgot to mention that!) But thanks for trying, anyway:zora:
  41. Ralis

    General Modern Loz Series Mistake?

    Wow, this is getting pretty confusing! Alot of people say that LoZ doesn't have a seqeul, and some say AoL is it's sequel.
  42. Ralis

    General Classic Favorite Classic Zelda Enemy

    I like Wallmasters. they were cool looking. But I hated Stalfos. When you had to fight those like 3 or 4 in the Forest Temple, It was just so dang annoying. I hated that place; there's no two ways about it.
  43. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time What is the Hardest Boss in Oot for You?

    Phantom Ganon for sure. His first stage wasn't to hard, but the second one was just so dang annoying! The rest of the boosses were to easy. King D'Dongo was the easiest.
  44. Ralis

    The Best Ocarina Song

    I liked the sound of Saria's Song best, but I liked the use of the Prenude of Light the best. I used it alot to warp back to the Temple of Time so I can turn back into a kid and mess around.
  45. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time My FIRST Three Heart Challange Ever D:

    Well, if it's your first challenge, I would suggest just sticking with the three heart thing. Then, you can move on to harder stuff.
  46. Ralis

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask

    Definitely the Zora Mask. (Which you might have guessed, cuz' of my avatar and name.) It give's me hours of entertainment just making walls of electricity.
  47. Ralis

    Zelda Controls for N64.

    Yeah, I know. It get's annoying. But I still love the game anyway. When the new version comes out, it will be much better.
  48. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time Something I Noticed--Song of Time

    Are you sure? I've played them, and never noticed.
  49. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time Big Scratch at Lake Hylia

    Most likely just to show that destruction and misery have spread through out Hyrule.
  50. Ralis

    Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

    Yeah she got annoying at times. But there were a few times when I would have been stuck without her. Sorta like Midna. And Spirit Zelda. Basicly all of your guides in all of the games.
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