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  1. Vincent

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    What I'm really hoping for is an eventual merge between the three timelines, however that may happen, followed by the FUTURE events of the Legend of Zelda universe on that now single timeline.
  2. Vincent

    Nintendo Doing a Contest to Give Away 25 Demos of Skyward Sword+Regular Boxart

    Those damn Germans. Always one-upping me every chance they get. Wait... this is the first time. STILL, THAT DOESN'T CHANGE ANYTHING!
  3. Vincent

    Zelda Art OoT3D: A Wallpaper

    Well alright... While I'm at it, here are two for those of you with stone age resolutions: 1024x768 800x600
  4. Vincent

    Zelda Art OoT3D: A Wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper sized version of the new OoT3D art piece. I'm sharing it with the world. Here you go. Atatchment fail. Click here.
  5. Vincent

    WTF is Wrong with Tingle?

    How dare anyone out there make fun of Tingle after all he has been through! He lost his rupees, he went through a deception. He popped two balloons. His mentor turned out to be a user, a cheater, and now he’s going through a custody battle. All you people care about is….. maps and making fun...
  6. Vincent

    What is the Last Movie You Watched.

    The Last Failbender. It was the second portion of bad-movie night.
  7. Vincent

    Rare Selda's Soundtracks

    A former associate of mine, Alter, had ripped the soundtracks from all of the Tingle games. They were available for download on an old website of mine, Ordon Village. That site is now gone, however... So let it be known that Alter and myself may be the only two people in existance with these tracks.
  8. Vincent

    Majora's Mask Which Dungeon Do You Think Was Harder, the Great Bay Temple or the Water Temple (OOT)

    Oh dear... the Great Bay Temple was more difficult than the Water Temple on a colossal scale. The pipe system was extremely tedious, and dying and having to do it all over again was an absolute nightmare.
  9. Vincent

    Wind Waker Just Turned 8 Years Old. In Other News, Where is My Childhood?

    So basically, you just came here to advertise.
  10. Vincent

    Inuyasha Zelda Reference

    It's called the mitsu-uroko. I've seen it all over the place. The Legend of Zelda was not the first to use it. Djinn beat me to it, but anyway... Question answered, thread closed.
  11. Vincent

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Reaction when You First Entered the Forest Temple?

    At first I was like: and then I was like... AAA! Wolves! and then I was like... Bwaaa! Spydiz! but then I went inside and was like: You asked for reactions.
  12. Vincent

    Is It Worth Buying? People Who Have Experienced It Should Kno

    Mine's paid for in full. I'm planning to go to that gamestop midnight release. I wonder if I can just waltz past the line and go get it, then leave... and walk away with my trollface on.
  13. Vincent

    Spoiler What Happened to the King in OoT?

    When it comes to monarchical rule, 100 years between two major events really isn't that long of a time. With there being no king at the start of the AT, that would mean that Zelda obviously rose to power as Hyrule's queen. I suppose she could have found a mate worthy of royalty, and assuming...
  14. Vincent

    Is It Worth Buying? People Who Have Experienced It Should Kno

    You sir, are extremely misguided. Where have you gotten this information from? Also, what makes Washington any more real than anywhere else? If anything, they're out of their minds for saying those things. Only two remakes have been anounced so far, and don't expect many more. The 3DS is so...
  15. Vincent

    Is It Worth Buying? People Who Have Experienced It Should Kno

    Oh my goodness, are you serious? Yes it's worth buying. I have not bought any of the redesigns of the DS. THOSE, were a waste of time and money. I stuck with the original, and even I'M going for the 3DS.
  16. Vincent

    Should Zelda Have a Book Series? Would You Read It?

    No... I really think there shouldn't be one. As for reading it... only if it is officially licensed by Nintendo, fully agreed upon by Miyamoto as canonical, and produced by people who have written for the games. Otherwise, it's just fanfiction.
  17. Vincent

    Spoiler What Happened to the King in OoT?

    Hmm, I don't remember that quote, him saying that they had to leave the kingdom in the hands of the gods. The opening sequence, sure, but not him. That surely is something to consider though, and I feel wrong for so blatantly stating that Daphnes was OoT's king. All I can really say now, to...
  18. Vincent

    Ocarina of Time Changing the Timeline?

    The information we learn about the development process of the classic in that articile is so... rich. It's a really great read if you're one of the ones mentioned as, and this isn't a direct quote here... "the youth that grew up with it." Knowing the thought process and things such as that, that...
  19. Vincent

    Ocarina of Time Changing the Timeline?

    You really did a good job with that search there... The source of that article is listed at the bottom of it... http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/3ds/how-nintendo-3ds-made/4/0
  20. Vincent

    Ocarina of Time Changing the Timeline?

    Could we get a link to this interview? I'm pretty sure messing with the timeline is not what he meant when he said there would be new things. I'm also pretty sure Eiji Anouma said that there weren't any major changes.
  21. Vincent

    Spoiler What Happened to the King in OoT?

    You sir, are just being ridiculous. The Legend of Zelda is a fictional series based on mystical properties, yes, but the people in the games have lifespans such as we do. No one lives 160 some-odd years. King or not, he was still a man. An average man with the ability to see things for what...
  22. Vincent

    Spoiler What Happened to the King in OoT?

    I'd like to mention a theory of mine that backs up that Ganondorf did indeed kill the king. We are told that The Wind Waker takes place 100 years or so after Ocarina of Time, correct? In The Wind Waker, we are intoduced to a man claiming to be the King of Hyrule. This mysterious man shows up in...
  23. Vincent

    Majora's Mask Gibdo/Redeads...

    I didn't say to talk to her when she was outside. Now you've gone and ruined any possible surprise left in this quest.
  24. Vincent

    Past and Present Video?

    Thank you Meego. Thread closed.
  25. Vincent

    Past and Present Video?

    It's very odd that you'd happen to mention this today, because I just saw it for the first time two days ago. (I don't visit the main ZD site or any others, by the way. I mention this because they've just noticed the video too.) Coincidences aside, it's a fanmade animation, and it's incredible...
  26. Vincent

    Majora's Mask Gibdo/Redeads...

    I forgot to mention... If you already haven't, you have to lift the curse from the area first. Run past the music box house and keep going straight. Eventually you'll see a cave at the far end of the canyon. Go in there and play the Song of Storms.
  27. Vincent

    Majora's Mask Gibdo/Redeads...

    Ok... the first bit, you're being ridiculous. It's just a video game. Gather up your courage, go into the music box house, talk to Pamela (the little girl that is outside occasionally.) She'll have you go into the basement. Here, PREPARE YOURSELF FOR FEAR. A man about to become a complete Gibdo...
  28. Vincent

    ...In My PANTS!

    After fixing insanity76's post for not being... correct, I decided to let this thread stay even though it is pushing the boundaries a bit. Then I felt what happened to be a mouse crawling around... in my pants.
  29. Vincent

    Ocarina of Time What's the Deal With Ganondorf Barfing?

    Since this isn't really a debatable subject, and the question has been answered multiple times now... thread closed to prevent it being answerd, again.
  30. Vincent

    Ocarina of Time What's the Deal With Ganondorf Barfing?

    It's not "barf." He coughed up blood, which is something people tend to do if they have a severe internal injury. Unfortunately, like they did with the blood in Mortal Combat for Super Nintendo, they changed it to green. It was red in earlier versions of the game, however.
  31. Vincent

    Zelda Art Zelda Figurines to Be Sold!

    Leave me a VM as a reminder, because I assure you that I will most definately forget.
  32. Vincent

    Zelda Art The Random Drawing Contest Week 14

    Next time, make a new thread instead of lazily editing the next contest into the older thread. How was I supposed to know to look here when you've been making a thread for each one prior?
  33. Vincent

    Gaming Art

    Sorry for the delay. I've been very busy. I will get them to you, possibly some time tomorrow in the morning. (EST)
  34. Vincent

    Favorite Video Game Cover

    Well shucks, you beat me to it.
  35. Vincent

    Twilight Princess Favorite Cutscene in TP

    Do you even need to ask? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpSad0TMRMM
  36. Vincent

    How Would You Feel If…

    Thread reinstated. You may now resume your funtime merriness, my citizens.
  37. Vincent

    How Would You Feel If…

    Why is this trashed? It's a fun thread.
  38. Vincent

    What Are You Planning On/actually Doing with Your Life?

    Right now I am in the process of taking a stand against my clinical depression, bipolar disorder, ADD, and some mysterious learning disability that no one can figure out. Enough is enough, you know? Stop hindering me, brain, you hear that? I see your challenge and raise you a successful life...
  39. Vincent

    Ocarina of Time Kaepora Gaebora

    I found the fellow to be quite helpful and very generous for helping me out, during my very first playthrough of Ocarina of Time, when I was 8... Now? I want to punch him in his upside-down owl face.
  40. Vincent

    What is the Last Movie You Watched.

    Jeez, I'm not a movie watcher, so this is really hard for me to remember... I think the latest movie I've seen was The Last Failbender, back when it was in theaters... Yeah, as I said, I'm not a movie watcher. Are you kidding me? Me and my dad would watch that like once a week when I was very...
  41. Vincent

    Twilight Princess HELP ME!!! Twilight Princess - Hyrule Field

    Do you remember the time when you went to the Gerudo Desert and Midna stored that giant stone fragment in her hammerspace? Well, if you haven't done so yet, go to Lake Hylia and talk to the clowns. Trust me when I say you can not miss them. Ask them to let you use their cannon. If you can't, I...
  42. Vincent

    Happy Saint Patricks Day!!

    Hmm... I'm 9% Irish, the rest being 85% Italian and 6% German. I don't think this is my day, but good tidings to the rest of you. :yes:
  43. Vincent

    Where Should I Start?

    With the recent mention of games similar to the Legend of Zelda gameplay in the most recent posts, this just came to mind. Give Star Fox Adventures a try. It plays very much like a Zelda game, and has a great story to boot.
  44. Vincent

    3DS Launch Titles: What Are You Getting?

    I won't be getting any 3DS launch titles because I only have enough money for the 3DS itself. At least it does other things, unlike the original DS that is a lifeless monster capable of devouring two cities. Long story short, I need moneys.
  45. Vincent

    Zelda Art Zelda Figurines to Be Sold!

    I apologize ahead of time for saying this. You see, being a well established artist myself, I see many flaws in this octorok. Quite honestly, and I don't mean to hurt your feelings or insult you in any way, but the quality of the work is not all that great. Not to brag here, but I could make a...
  46. Vincent

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Excuse me, but what happens when you post in this thread, and you are not listening to a song? Does that open a paradox? Did I divide by zero?
  47. Vincent

    Why Do People Dislike Phantom Hourglass?

    I do not understand your frustration, good sir. I found Phantom Hourglass to be rather riveting. A tale with a grand story that captivated my very essence in a way such as a fine glass of imported aged wine made from the finest of grapes this world has to offer would. I also quite enjoyed all of...
  48. Vincent


    Same here. So many games sorely lack replayability value. It makes me wonder why the general price is 60 dollars when you're going to get something, play it for 3 days, and then be done with it forever.
  49. Vincent


    I highly suggest picking up The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition, all of the Assassin's Creed titles, along with Fable II and III. ... There are plenty of excellent games to keep you occupied on those systems. You've got halo (ew) gears of war (yuck) Call of Duty (Which I...
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