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  1. OotLord1003

    OotLord1003's Graphics

    Nor prob nano, I'll get it done as fast as you can say "triforce"!
  2. OotLord1003

    Favorite Zelda Species?

    Sheikah and the Twili...I've ALWAYS loved the sheikah, They are so cool! I mean, who dosen't love cross-dressing ninja's? XD I also really liked the twili; There are is so unique, They seem so interesting. Although...they all look kinda like bowling pin...heads. Yeah, I just like midna.
  3. OotLord1003

    OotLord1003's Graphics

    I AM BACK!!!!! yeah, I will now take graphic requests now. Sorry for the wait...New Sigs coming soon! I'll get you that one LinkTHRUlife!
  4. OotLord1003

    OotLord1003's Graphics

    No prob man! But uh, it may take a little while because my Laptop isn't working at the moment (I'm on my sister's computer). So yeah, please have patience!
  5. OotLord1003

    Graphic Requests

    Like a signature? You have to be a little more specific, what do you mean by old style?
  6. OotLord1003

    How Did Link Get Out Of Termina With Epona?

    well....the same way he gets out of a hole in the game, he stands there and flies to the top. Then...well, he could just call epona and she would re-appear. He probably couldn't go to the top when he was a deku because the he spirit wasen't pure yet. He probably had to be his former self to go...
  7. OotLord1003


    ...Uh...I think one time I was leaving for starbucks, so I grabbed my stuff (Laptop, Ipod, Zelda Manga, ect.)...and I couldn't find my sun glasses. So I was searching the entire house, and just as I was about to leave....it was in my hand with the rest of the stuff I was taking with me...:facepalm:
  8. OotLord1003

    Ikanas Graphics

    good! I like these! Especially the renders. One Thing, I would recommend saving your files as an PNG not JPG, or JPEG. That way the inmage comes out smoother, better quality, and it's not a white box. Keep up the good work ;)
  9. OotLord1003

    Majora's Mask Oath to Order Redone.

    Great job! It sounds VERY pretty! Kepp it up!
  10. OotLord1003

    Zelda Art Voting: GCC Week 11 - Majora's Mask Signatures

    Geez....I could NOT choose between Steve and Kybyrian....hm...I'm going with Kybyrian. I like lighting effects...
  11. OotLord1003

    Zelda Art Epic Paint Pics!

    wow! great job! you think you could try vatti? and/or midna? OOH! maybe skull kid!
  12. OotLord1003

    Zelda Art Wind Waker Abridged!

    sure destiny! That would be great, you too diablo! It would be great to get some older voice actors!
  13. OotLord1003

    Zelda Art The Wanderers - Reworked

    wow....only chapter one and it's quite good! I really like how descriptive it is! Keep it up!
  14. OotLord1003

    Zelda Art Ocarina of Time Parody (PG-13+)

    pleeeeaaaseee make moooorrreeee....please?
  15. OotLord1003

    Zelda Art Silent Hero

    wow! great job! I especially enjoyed the ending!
  16. OotLord1003

    Google Me!

    @ Master..... I am very scared now...
  17. OotLord1003

    Zelda Art Wind Waker Abridged!

    New Episode! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!! To see the Description Click Here
  18. OotLord1003

    Rate the Siggy!

    ugh....ET @metapwn uh....I don't get it....
  19. OotLord1003

    Zelda Art Ocarina of Time Parody (PG-13+)

    MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?
  20. OotLord1003

    Google Me!

  21. OotLord1003

    Rate the Siggy!

    good....thanks for switching the one I made for ya. but It's still good. 6/10.
  22. OotLord1003

    Google Me!

    Ok ghosi....um.... @josie you found my sig....for penguinboy?
  23. OotLord1003

    Rate the Avatar!

    pretty cool! Did you make it? 9/10
  24. OotLord1003

    Rate the Avatar!

    nice! It made me laugh! ha! 9/10!
  25. OotLord1003

    SKYWARD SWORD Signiature Set, Based Off of My Own Desktop Backgrounds

    Those are good! Keep it up! (and hey guess what! 30 characters! whoopie!!)
  26. OotLord1003

    Majora's Mask Super Awesome Things in MM

    Well...there is already a thread for this...but I'll play along. I like to use the glitch where you can transform into FD link, without being in a boss room. Look it up on youtube :D
  27. OotLord1003

    Ootlord's Sig Tutorial's

    Thank you. Yes, it may take awhile to do so, you just need to be careful and go on the lines. TIP: Use a mouse, it's easier then a track pad.
  28. OotLord1003

    Ootlord's Sig Tutorial's

    Ok HoM, I'll try to do that next time! If anyone wants to Request a tutorial, please comment or PM me!
  29. OotLord1003

    Navi the Fairy

    Well...Navi's not Annoying...she's just crazy. "HAY! LINK! TRY TO KEEP MOVING!" But for toon link...nah, he'd probably die of frustration between the KORL and Navi. Just my thoughts.
  30. OotLord1003

    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10, cool design. I don't think I know who that is though....hm, anyways, very good!
  31. OotLord1003

    Ocarina of Time The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, is It Good or Bad? (Subjective Topic)

    :mellow: I have never heard Oot being BAD. Overrated? How? This game was awesome! Although, you should be a bit careful not to start flame wars here. Nintendo put a lot of time and effort to make this amazing game. It's quite popular and (hence my name) It's my favorite game of all time! :dry:so...
  32. OotLord1003

    Ootlord's Sig Tutorial's

    Hey Everyone! I have got some requests on how to make signatures that either pop out, or color in manga (see my sig for details). So here is a quick tutorial on how to do so. STEP 1: BACKGROUND 1. So first, go to new, and make the size 400x130...
  33. OotLord1003

    Ocarina of Time How It Would've Looked with TP Style Textures (graphics)

    yeah, I really like this. The game was already good enough. But I really liked this. Mainly because of detail. (any ways...can anyone get me the download link for this?;) )
  34. OotLord1003

    Zelda And Link

    I wish...But I agree with Aero, Nintendo wouldn't do something like that. It's just not Zelda's style. But they could throw in a couple things like. Link and Midna, also the part with Link and Cremia,or in TP when you go up to a lady in castle town, she says "...wow, my fortune was right! I was...
  35. OotLord1003

    What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

    Well Pandy, I'm a christian as well. But I belive that a male a female chicken were created. Then they both would breed and and have an egg. So yeah....chicken came first....two chicken.
  36. OotLord1003

    Google Me!

    Here you are SW! I'm scared to see mine
  37. OotLord1003

    General Art ZELLY TUTS: Learn How Zeruda Works

    Yeah, I color in manga as well, but doing the extra effects is awesome! Thanks Zeruda!
  38. OotLord1003

    OotLord1003's Graphics

    Here you are Deku. http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab296/OotLord1003/cell-shadeddeku-1.png
  39. OotLord1003

    Zelda Riddles

    The kokiri forest or the hidden village?
  40. OotLord1003

    Have You Ever Been Scared to Defeat Ganon?

    Good Lord, YES! When I first played Oot, I was scared to fight ghoma! But Ganondorf, I was scared of...but I didn't stop playing. I just peed my pants, nearly broke my controller because of my shaking and overly sweaty hands. I died, and then a couple months later; I beat it...Finally. But yes...
  41. OotLord1003

    Graphic Requests

    Here you go AlaskanAce1996! http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab296/OotLord1003/Alaskinace1996sig.jpg
  42. OotLord1003

    Twilight Princess 's Bottles

    Yeah...I kinda need help finding ALL the bottles. I want to do the cave of ordeals with all of them as Blue potions. please help!
  43. OotLord1003

    OotLord1003's Graphics

    Well...I don't know how to make "not" crowded. You want all the Oot bosses? or do you want something like Link and Ganondorf. I can do that, but ALL the bosses are hard to squeeze into a 100x100 picture. Your Avy is done Josie! Sorry I couldn't do the triforce font, the pixles screwed it up, so...
  44. OotLord1003

    Which Dungeon Did You Not Enjoy and Generally Hate?

    Ugh...I hated snowhead....It just drove me crazy.
  45. OotLord1003

    Can Your Mom Talk Zelda?

    My entire family isn't into it. Although my little sister has a big crush on TP link. But my mom, says Leek=Link Zulda=Zelda. And what drives me crazy, The Legends of Zelda. Emphasis on the S in Legends.
  46. OotLord1003

    Ocarina of Time Graphics

    Yeah, It looks pretty great. They look like them from Super Smash bros melee. I'm really happy that their doing this! I wonder what sheik will look like?
  47. OotLord1003

    Ocarina of Time What is the Hardest Boss in Oot for You?

    Yeah, had a bit of trouble with phantom ganon. Mainly (unlike ganondorf) he moved around, so It was hard to hit him. But yeah PG, and the gerudo's fortress.
  48. OotLord1003

    OotLord1003's Graphics

    Okay, I've finished the sig, but I'll get on the avy tomorrow. Here you go! http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab296/OotLord1003/JosieSig.jpg
  49. OotLord1003

    Lets Count to 1000!

    725: I've been watching Axle the beasts sig for like 15 minutes now
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