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  1. Irishmile

    Breath of the Wild What Are Your Worst Fears of Zelda Wii U?

    I fear it will not push boundaries
  2. Irishmile

    Favourite Fictional/non-fictional Pirate

    Guybrush Threepwood... I'm a huge Monkey Island fan.
  3. Irishmile

    Irishmile's Horrible SIG and AV Eye Bleed Emporium

    aw!... thanks you guys.
  4. Irishmile

    Could They End It?

    They really COULD.. give us the last chronological story as the next game... it wouldnt mean it would have to be the last Zelda game ever made... since the FIRST Zelda game isnt even the first in the timeline... I personally would love to see how it all ends.
  5. Irishmile

    Could They End It?

    Yes they could.. I imagine the last story would involve Link un-shattering the time line and once and for all stopping Gannon and evil "reincarnating" the tool to do so would be the mastersword we already know it has power over time.. But I don't think we have seen its full potential yet. I...
  6. Irishmile

    Irishmile's Horrible SIG and AV Eye Bleed Emporium

    I threw this together for my Facebook cover.. thought maybe some of you would like it too.. perfect for the Halloween season. Download the full sized thing here http://irishmile.deviantart.com/#/d5eb2em what it looks like.
  7. Irishmile

    Twilight Princess Gamecube Version or Wii Version.

    I have played both versions.. I personally like the GC version.. you can really tell that was the system it was made for.. the motion controls were just not as satisfying as they are in SS
  8. Irishmile

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    I think ive put the bug net over every npc's head possible in ss ... an acidental thing i do way too often is try to catch a fairy in a bottle with one already in it wasting it.
  9. Irishmile

    Zelda II Healing Lady

    I have heard this theory plenty of times, its a bit of a leap in logic sex will not heal wounds it is however a good cardiovascular activity.. Jumping to the conclusion that she is a potion lady seems more logical because we have seen that method of healing previously established...
  10. Irishmile

    Why Don't You Think They Put Tingle in Skyward Sword

    I like Tingle too.. just so bizarre...
  11. Irishmile

    Metal Version of Skyward Sword!!!!!!

    I do not see what you're seeing to say the video is not so good... I thought it was cool.. Great job its very cool.
  12. Irishmile

    Favourite Sonic Game

    I've NEVER liked the Sonic games... so I pick Super Smash Bros Brawl :p
  13. Irishmile

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    I picked Ocarina, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword... SS seems like Ocarina and WW mixed into one to me... I love it.
  14. Irishmile

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    I really didn't like those parts at all.
  15. Irishmile

    The First Zelda Game You Played

    Mine was in the 80s.. it was the original LoZ... it was great.. there wasn't anything like it back then...
  16. Irishmile

    Favourite Video Game Ever

    Some of these I will just be listing series. Monkey Island 1-5 Kings Quest 1-7 Mario almost all Zelda all games Sam and Max series Fall out 3 and all after GTA I-IV and spinoffs Arkham 1 and 2 Elderscrolls from Morrowind on Neverwinter Nights LittleBIGplanet 1 and 2 Grim Fandango Full Throttle...
  17. Irishmile

    What's YOUR 2011 Game of the Year?

    Skyward Sword Skyrim Arkham City Ocarina 3D Mario 3D land Mario Kart 7 LittleBigPlanet 2 its was a good year.
  18. Irishmile

    Song That Suits Demon Lord Ghirahim?

    Something Melodramatic... Like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVcfCHmoCvM&feature=related
  19. Irishmile

    The Legend of Zelda The PAPER Legend of Zelda?

    So.. it was pretty much be a Final Fantasy game with "paper" Zelda graphics.. It would be semi-turn based combat? BTW I love the Paper Mario games... you actually get to play a story set within the Mushroom Kingdom.. and get to know some characters and their personality.. something not...
  20. Irishmile

    Ways They Can Add Voice Acting but Not Totally Change the Series

    I welcome voice acting.. having played the games since the first one when it was brand new I am what you could consider an "old school" fan... On of my other favorite franchises didnt have VA when I first started playing.. that was Monkey Island.. then in the 90's they hired an actor (Dominic...
  21. Irishmile

    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    I like Rupin... he cracks me up. I love when you go near his shop he scurries over excitedly and when you walk away he slumps over in defeat. I also like when you visit his house at night his personality is different... literally night and day... Great stuff Nintendo has done with their NPCs.
  22. Irishmile

    How Much Do You Know About Computers?

    Its the boxy one I am not allowed to pour water on right?
  23. Irishmile

    Big City or Small Town?

    I grew up in a little village with only about 750 people... needless to say everyone knew each other.. We had a little Castle on a little hill (mainly used as a make-out point for the local teens).. it was very quaint.. Now I live in a city with about 70,000 people... not really a big city...
  24. Irishmile

    Do You Think Skyward Sword Lived Up to the Hype, the Reviews, and Your Expectations?

    I see the points you are making.. I do not think that SS is perfect.. and I agree with some of your points.. I just feel its a step back towards where Zelda games should be going... I really look forward to what they do with the next Wii U game... as for the Upgrading your gear parts I...
  25. Irishmile

    Do You Think Skyward Sword Lived Up to the Hype, the Reviews, and Your Expectations?

    Yeah sure... I do not think that TP necessarily irked me.. I just feel that SS matches the serious but lightheartedness of earlier games... Colorful like Link to the past and Wind Waker.. but deep like Ocarina and Majora... all while staying true to what started it all LoZ... TP while...
  26. Irishmile

    Do You Think Skyward Sword Lived Up to the Hype, the Reviews, and Your Expectations?

    I actually thought it was a lot better then I was anticipating.. Twilight Princess lowered my expectations if I am honest.. Skyward Sword feels like Nintendo is moving in the right direction again.
  27. Irishmile

    How Often Do You Say "that Reminds Me of Zelda"?

    When I see ornate pottery I do have the nagging urge to smash them to see if anything useful is inside. I was at a Mexican restaurant once and they had this painting of a bunch of Aztec pots.. and I was reminded of Zelda... I thought "I bet that painting would piss Link right the F-off.. he...
  28. Irishmile

    Hylian Shield

    Yeah like mentioned earlier its in the demo... The local Bestbuy here has the demo running in their store..
  29. Irishmile

    General Modern Wii U

    If they want to do a virtual console thing I am all for it.
  30. Irishmile

    Spoiler Hints on Zelda 3DS

    No... actually Mugen is right... the DS games were 3D.. you just mistook it because its a top down view. Minish.. was the last true 2D game with flat 2D sprites....
  31. Irishmile

    What is Your Favorite Thing to Name Link?

    When I was a kid I gave him my own name... But when I got older I started naming him Link and still do...
  32. Irishmile

    OoT-N64 Link Actually Talks.

    Yeah.. that's what I said in my first post kind of... its also probably why we can relate to Link... because we subconsciously project our own voice and emotions as his... its sort of vain if you really think about it too much.
  33. Irishmile

    OoT-N64 Link Actually Talks.

    He has also been known to say "Well Excuse Me Princess" ..... and "Kiss me" (Irishmile will now dodge items thrown at him)
  34. Irishmile

    Why Does SS Have Robots?

    In the real world they found all the ingredients for an ancient battery... why they needed a battery back then is unknown but theorized for use in electroplating. .. but they had it... Its a common mistake to believe just because people lived in ancient times they couldn't have very modern...
  35. Irishmile

    Spoiler Hints on Zelda 3DS

    I really hope Zelda 3DS is a toon Link game...
  36. Irishmile

    The Zelda 25th Anniversary Cd

    It makes me giggle when I put it in my PS3 to listen to it on my surround sound....
  37. Irishmile

    Some Nintendo News

    I hope they rename it too... alot of Non-Gamer friends who heard about Wii U think its a controller they will be able to buy for their Wii... renaming the system may make the distinction a little more clear...
  38. Irishmile

    Spoiler Fi Has Feelings?

    LOL she probably calculated that is what Link needed to hear.... nothing more.
  39. Irishmile

    Skyward Swords Ten Week Sales Total

    Yeah... that isn't too bad at all.
  40. Irishmile

    OoT-N64 Link Actually Talks.

    Yes he talks... there have been many times NPC characters react like he just said something... Nintendo expects us to decide what and how he says things... they leave it up to our imaginations.... Its also why you can change his name.
  41. Irishmile

    If You Could Automatically Learn Eight Languages, What Would They Be and Why?

    Pretty much in this order. 1 Hmong (My Wife is Hmong, and I would like to be able to communicate better at family gatherings) 2 Gaelic 3 Japanese 4 Spanish 5 German 6 Chinese 7 Italian 8 Sign Language
  42. Irishmile

    New 2D Mario Heading to 3DS

    2D mario games are the best ones IMHO.
  43. Irishmile

    Darksiders Creator Wants to Do a Legend of Zelda Comic Book

    I would like this to happen... I wish there were novels even more.
  44. Irishmile

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: Gamecube or Wii

    I like the GC version.. I like playing with a gamepad better... Call me old fashion.
  45. Irishmile

    Why Did the Sega Dreamcast Fail?

    I had one way back when... I really liked it... Shenmue was great as was Code Veronica.
  46. Irishmile

    Weirdest Thing You've Ever Eaten!

    When I was a kid I ate at least $2.00 in change... I do not know why I did it.. I just remember that I did.....
  47. Irishmile

    Why You Like Your Avatar

    its funny how most peoples AVs have changed so the descriptions on most doesnt match anymore. Anyway I like mine because its Link and he is RAGING.
  48. Irishmile

    Irishmile's Horrible SIG and AV Eye Bleed Emporium

    Look at my Son's Facebook cover picture LOL
  49. Irishmile

    General Classic Which Would You Prefer

    Luckily I have both because of the Ambassador program... This is a really hard choice .. but I would go with LoZ
  50. Irishmile

    Your Favorite Zelda Merch!!

    My favorite random bit of Zelda merch that I own is probably my Wind Waker Gashapon figures... they are so cool, with their moving eyes.. and they look brilliant hanging out with my K'Nex Mario and Luigi figures...
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