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  1. DarkLink17

    The Wind Waker Wind Waker Tingle Bottles.

    Usually just random drawings and messages with no meaning at all. The bottles themselves are my favorite part of the remake though, as they add that subtle multiplayer aspect that the series needs.
  2. DarkLink17

    WW-Wii U Wii U Sales Rise 685% in UK Due to WW HD

    This is pretty great, since I've been hearing so much crap about the Wii U and how the new PS4 and Xbox has already surpassed it in popularity. After all of the new titles release (Zelda Wii U, Pikmin 3, SSB4), then I'm sure the Wii U will be as critically acclaimed as it deserves.
  3. DarkLink17

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 72!

    I had procrastinated with beating the first LoZ for so long, so I finally sat down and begun seriously playing through it. After a good 6-7 hours I was finally finished.
  4. DarkLink17

    Ocarina of Time Which Version of OoT Was Your First?

    My first time was on the Collector's Edition on Gamecube, but I still loved it on the N64 the most.
  5. DarkLink17

    A Link Between Worlds Antagonists Name Revealed

    I'm not sure if this is correct, but Yuga seems to be used as a male name. At least in Japanese. As for the name itself, it sounds like a name some evil character would be adorned with (no offense to any Yugas out there). Like justac00lguy said, specific names don't really contribute to our...
  6. DarkLink17

    A Link to the Past Chris Houlihan Room

    I did find it, but it took a few tries. The way I was told was to start off at the Sanctuary, then just us the Peggy Boots to sprint all the way there. I never used any bombs or Ocarina warping, maybe that's why it seemed so difficult. Ive never actually heard of such methods until I read some...
  7. DarkLink17

    General Zelda Overworld or Dungeons?

    I chose Overworld, but my choice only pertains to "free-roam" overworlds (OoT,MM,TP,LA,etc). Not travel-based like ST or PH. The only game I really in that category would have to be WW.
  8. DarkLink17

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages What Are You Playing Right Now

    I'm currently on the third dungeon of Oracle of Ages.
  9. DarkLink17

    OoT-3DS Do You Like The Changes Made For Ocarina Of Time 3D?

    I liked mostly every aspect of the 3D remake, including the graphics, bottom-screen interface, boss reruns, and especially the Master Quest. Although, like everyone else has said, the game was/felt much easier than the original, this having a lot to do with the new doors in the Water Temple...
  10. DarkLink17

    Twilight Princess VikzeLinks Weekly Sunday Poll 62!

    Definitely not. In the beginning, they made her seem like such an important part of the story and Link's life. But she pretty much became a useless character upon her amnesia. What Sroa Link said is true as well, you get the Horse Whistle at the very end of the game, making it practically useless.
  11. DarkLink17

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker HD or Original Wind Waker?

    Yeah, start with the G-Cube version. The new one is supposed to have a hard mode anyways, so you can compare the two playthroughs. Besides, the original will always have that retro/nostalgic feel the remakes don't.
  12. DarkLink17

    Ocarina of Time OoT, Help, Scarecrow Song Reset?

    You must return to the scarecrow as a child and speak to him. He will repeat the song you currently have stored to you. After he is finished, stand near him and play the tune you want him to save.
  13. DarkLink17

    Ocarina of Time What Are Your Favorite Temple\Dungeon Themes From Ocarina Of Time?

    I have always loved the Shadow Temple/Bottom of the Well because of it's eerie soundtrack and atmosphere. I think it's also the most fun dungeon because of all of the hidden chests and rooms only visible via the Eye of Truth.
  14. DarkLink17

    General Zelda Link of a Different Origin

    This is a very interesting topic, and it'd be cool to see it happen. Where Link was raised could ultimately affect his personality and fighting style, and maybe even the weapons he uses. Being raised in a Goron environment could make him more of a brute, while being a Zora orphan could increase...
  15. DarkLink17

    Games You Have Spent the Most Hours Playing

    I have spent a TON of hours on tf2, the most addicting online shooter in my opinion. It was pretty easy to see, since Steam logs your gametime for you.
  16. DarkLink17

    General Zelda Anyone Going To Buy That Box Set?

    By now I'm sure everyone knows about that huge box set Prima is putting together, with all of the collector's guides and such. I'm just wondering how many people are actually going to add that to their collection. As for myself, I really want to get my hands on this, especially since the price...
  17. DarkLink17

    General Zelda Does Zelda Need More Multiplayer?

    I don't really fancy a Death Match sort of multiplayer, but a Co-Op mode would be perfect. Like others said before, it shouldn't be implemented into the main game in any way. But rather be it's own thing altogether. I could imagine having to climb Ganon's Tower, the foes growing more formidable...
  18. DarkLink17

    When You Make a Character, Does It Look Like You?

    I don't always play games where the character can be customized, but when I do, it usually just looks like me.
  19. DarkLink17

    General Zelda An Old Idea

    Games can happen anywhere on the timeline, they don't make them in chronological order.
  20. DarkLink17

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  21. DarkLink17

    What Email Provider Do You Prefer?

    I use both Yahoo and Gmail, but I'm starting to use Gmail more, since my Yahoo is overflowing with spam. I never really send out emails either, but just use them to sign up for various websites and programs.
  22. DarkLink17

    General Zelda Being Able to Play After Completion

    I agree with this completely, as we don't even get to see how the land has improved after vanquishing the evil. The feeling of accomplishment is also very short-lived, lasting as long as the ending cutscene and credits. If they did allow us to do this, I could imagine an impeccable version of...
  23. DarkLink17

    General Zelda An Old Idea

    That would make a pretty awesome game, having three villains and all (maybe even working together). What if the new sword allowed Link to travel between dimensions, with each world being overrun by a certain antagonist. That way there's a sort of boundary splitting the various types of enemies...
  24. DarkLink17

    Linknerd09's Shop

    Looks Great! Thanks for the siggy, it was worth the wait!
  25. DarkLink17

    General Zelda Guide or No Guide?

    I never use a guide on my first playthrough of a game, it just takes most of the fun away. On my 100% runs though, I use a guide for tedious things such as Gold Skullutas, Heart Pieces, Glowing Bugs, etc.
  26. DarkLink17

    General Zelda What Puzzles Do You Think the Series Needs?

    I would like to see more "time based" puzzles, where you have to go back in time and change things that will affect the future (like in Oracle of Ages, but just applying the premise to puzzles, not the whole game). This could be going back in time to push a certain block that was not accessible...
  27. DarkLink17

    Adventure of Link How Far Did You Get?

    I've only set foot in the second palace once, and it led to a very quick "game over". I can't even get back to it now, and I don't plan on trying anytime soon.
  28. DarkLink17

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 60!

    I had played a few titles before, but TP was the game that really got me hooked on Zelda. My first game was WW, but I was way too young to actually know everything that was going on.
  29. DarkLink17

    Favorite Star Wars Movie

    I don't know why, but I've always liked Episode 5 the most ever since I was little. I think I just enjoyed the whole battle on Hoth and Cloud City towards the end.
  30. DarkLink17

    Have You Seen This Movie?

    Never seen it, but it looks like a great film. I'm so tempted to watch it now.
  31. DarkLink17

    General Modern VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 59!

    I have pretty mid-range expectations for the upcoming game. I really want to see the art style of TP return, but with some of the gameplay mechanics of SS. Once some official trailers and screenshots of the game actually appear, it might change the way I think.
  32. DarkLink17

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  33. DarkLink17

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 58!

    "Yes, but not every song" I love all of the music from the series, but there are only a few that I actually download for later. My favorite tracks have to be from WW, TP, and OoT.
  34. DarkLink17

    General Zelda Why Are People Obsessed with Having Dark Link As a Villain?

    Dark Link is just as much a villain as Phantom Ganon or Agahnim, and deserves a much larger role than he has previously had. I wouldn't exactly want him as a main villain, but to have a more pronounced spot as a dungeon boss. I know this has already been done in Zelda 2, but it was so plain and...
  35. DarkLink17

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Just saw the same movie last night, I thought is was going to be as bad as Twilight. It wasn't so bad though, I got past my skepticism about halfway through and finally started to enjoy the story a bit.
  36. DarkLink17

    The Longest You've Played A Game In One Sitting.

    One night I played the original LoZ for around 6 hours, and that's about my longest time without stopping. I usually try to keep it between 45 minutes to an hour, but I can get carried away sometimes, depending on the game.
  37. DarkLink17

    What Game to Play Next

    I would have to recommend Link's Awakening as well. It's just such a great game when it comes to music and gameplay, and it still has that "retro" feel. The other three are still very good games, but LA is the best in my opinion.
  38. DarkLink17

    Which Cracker Do You Prefer?

    These things are pretty good.
  39. DarkLink17

    Linknerd09's Shop

    Awesome Work! Can I make a request for a signature? Colors: Red & Black Picture of Dark Link on the right side: Evil Link3 Photo by linkrocks1997 | Photobucket (Can you make the sword normal as well?) Picture of 8-Bit Dark Link on the left: Square Watermelons: 8 - Bit Dark Link My...
  40. DarkLink17

    Has Anyone Beaten Mike Tyson? (Punch Out)

    I must have the worst reflexes, the best I can do is one knock down. Then I get out of rhythm.
  41. DarkLink17

    Has Anyone Beaten Mike Tyson? (Punch Out)

    I was just wondering, has anybody here actually beaten Mike Tyson on the NES? I know it's one of the hardest retro-game fights there is, but there has to be someone that's done it. If you've attempted it, but failed to succeed, you are definitely not alone.
  42. DarkLink17

    Favorite Video Gaming Genre

    It's a pretty hard choice between RPG and Action/Adventure, but I have to go with the latter. Mainly because of Zelda, and that's really the only genre I mainly play. Mixed with a bit of Horror, Fighting, Shooter, RPG, and that's about it.
  43. DarkLink17

    Do You Use Zelda Dungeon Wiki?

    I go on there to edit every now and then, other than that, not really.
  44. DarkLink17

    General Zelda How Do You Pronounce Nayru?

    I've always said "Nay-roo". I didn't even know people pronounced it any other way.
  45. DarkLink17

    A Link Between Worlds Cutscenes

    This exactly. Although I'm sure they are going to keep it top-down, the 3D depth power will be utilized for text boxes, objects, etc.
  46. DarkLink17

    General Modern Has This Ever Happened to You?

    This happened to me with The Minish Cap. I played it for a while (to the fifth dungeon or so), and then just stopped for some reason. Then I started playing LA, and after beating that, I tried to go back to MC. I loved the game before, but after LA I never really got into it again. I guess I got...
  47. DarkLink17

    General Zelda Best Alternate Dimension

    Out of all of the choices, the Dark World was a no-brainer. The Silent Realm was a trifle when it comes to overall size and gameplay. The Twilight Realm was pretty cool, but it is basically the exact same as the normal realm except for differences in NPCs and enemies. The Dark World on the...
  48. DarkLink17

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Zelda II- Second Dungeon Oracle of Ages- Third Dungeon
  49. DarkLink17

    WW-Wii U The Triforce Quest is Way More Open-ended Than People Give It Credit

    I also thought you HAD to do it all in one big congregation. To make it a little more bearable, I decided to do some sidequests and trading sequences and whatnot. This helped a ton with the redundancy and dullness of the Triforce Chart quest. Although, unless you had MW7's guide, you wouldn't...
  50. DarkLink17

    Spoiler What Is Your Favorite Part of Your Least Favorite Zelda Game?

    Zelda II, when I finally beat Horsehead in the first dungeon. I thought 3 hours was a little too much time to spend on the first dungeon, so I called it quits for Zelda II after that.
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