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  1. MikauIncarnate

    General Art CREEPYPASTA PREVIEW - Super MARIO World

    Interesting, but even though you say this is still just at the "sick joke" level it doesn't read that way. It comes across as, "this is hacked and wierd" and then suddenly with the dead Yoshi "what is going on this can't be hacked!" even though it doesn't say that, the excitement level suddenly...
  2. MikauIncarnate

    A Link to the Past Enemy Artwork Competition

    When is this going to end? I'm almost finished but not quite.
  3. MikauIncarnate

    Minecraft Legend of Zelda Overworld

    I'm happy to log on and check it out when you put the server up. It looks really nice.
  4. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Legend of Zelda Chucks and Skull Kid Sketch (I'm New BTW)

    That's an awesome skull kid. Man, I wish I could draw that well. xD
  5. MikauIncarnate

    GenGAME Minecraft Server Registration Thread!

    I'm wulfiedude14 in minecraft. I want to join because I still love Hyrulecraft (you might remember me being the one who asked like thousands of questions) and totally can't wait until it's finished or at least available, plus, I've played on the server a little and really like the feel of it...
  6. MikauIncarnate

    If There Was No Tri-Force, Would Ganondorf Have Ever Been Evil?

    And are you sure the triforce does not exist? Hm? Anyway, I think JuicieJ is right. Either all life would be gone, and therefore he wouldn't exist, or Demise would never have been defeated thus his hatred would not live on, and therefore he still wouldn't exist. So no. He would not be evil. Or...
  7. MikauIncarnate

    Dragons in Zelda

    I agree with absolutely no dragon riding; however, I do like the idea of more dragons in Zelda, especially as bosses. I prefer a sort of mix between eastern and westerns, like long and skinny with no wings but can still fly, usually elementally oriented. I'm not sure how well the dragon race...
  8. MikauIncarnate

    Larger Supernatural Threats in Future Zelda Games?

    I wouldn't mind some vampires or more were-wolf like enemies, but I think aliens definitely should stay out of it.
  9. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Jo-Onis Hyrulean Art <3

    Wow, these are all really good. As someone else said you really are a master of emotion!
  10. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Zelda Apps

    I like this. You should make it for iPod and iPhone too.
  11. MikauIncarnate

    Queen Zelda

    Uh. Going on a diplomatic mission does not mean they're dead. I agree with most of Voldemort's points, excluding ocarina of time. For some reason I have always assumed that Zelda's mom died when she was very young, not in childbirth though, perhaps around the same time Link's mom died. Idk...
  12. MikauIncarnate


    Uh... Can I have Zora Link from MM? I gotta cool idea.
  13. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Art Collab

    I'll do it, that is, as long as the topic is Zelda related. And I'll try to be better about getting it done this time too.
  14. MikauIncarnate

    Funny CleverBot Convos

    Atticus, that is hilarious. I started off with like Star Wars, then it just got weird so I tried that Soap Opera thing. Which didn't work at all. What is going on in that robot's weird little mind?
  15. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda II Healing Lady

    I mean, isn't like like 15 or something in that game? While I always thought those ladies seemed a lot like prostitutes, I don't honestly believe that is actually what is going on. I think it's more like she keeps her house dark because she's a prostitute, and just gives him food or something...
  16. MikauIncarnate

    Funny CleverBot Convos

    It's pretty funny. Also, apparently sometimes he understands spanish and other times he doesn't.
  17. MikauIncarnate

    The First Two Zelda Games, is Everything Canon?

    I believe that, originally, the religion in the Zelda Universe was going to be Christianity, completely. I can't remember where I read that, or maybe it's just a theory, but that's always what I thought. After they realised that that might be offensive to people, they decided to change it to a...
  18. MikauIncarnate

    Spoiler Why The "Link Created Termina With His Mind" Is NOT True!

    I don't understand how anyone can still think that this theory has any basis whatsoever. As many people have said, we have been outright told over and over again that Termina is a parallel universe. A parallel universe is not a dream, it is a parallel universe. I don't believe that skull kid or...
  19. MikauIncarnate

    General Art The Tracelium Charm

    Really good. Only one issue I noticed. (I put it in a spoiler cause it kindof is) So yeah, awesome chapter. I'm beginning to get a little Cinderella-esque vibe...
  20. MikauIncarnate

    General Art Rise of the Dragir

    More! More! Seriously... I want more...
  21. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Stalchild

    Nice job. I like it.
  22. MikauIncarnate

    General Art The Tracelium Charm

    Wow. You did such an amazing job. This is really awesome stuff.
  23. MikauIncarnate

    General Art Rise of the Dragir

    Wow, great job. The only thing I wanted to say is that I'm not sure you should abbreviate Celestial Mark... idk it just sounds a little modern to me. Other than that great chapter. You're doing an awesome job taking the Zelda out of it. I bet if someone didn't know that's what it originally was...
  24. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Riddles

    Okay. From Windwaker: I am everywhere, though you may not pay even notice me. I lead you to treasure and I aid you in your quest.
  25. MikauIncarnate

    General Art Rise of the Dragir

    That one was much better than the others in terms of grammar. This is really coming along well. I think it's different enough that it would definitely make a good story, and since you'll probably have someone edit it officially when you go for publishing, I won't dwell on those. The one thing I...
  26. MikauIncarnate

    General Art Rise of the Dragir

    Nice. I read through about chapter 4 of the original and I noticed some of those changes you mentioned, and they work really well. I did notice a couple of issues though: This isn't a full sentence, it's just a subject. What you could do to fix it is either add "it was" or link it to the...
  27. MikauIncarnate

    Zoras Evolving Into Rito: Explain It to Me!

    I've always thought that Din forced them to evolve or something so they wouldn't be able to return to Hyrule (and lead Ganon there). It seems to make the most sense to me. And even if OoA and OoS are counted, the Zoras in OoT (which is set in HYRULE) are freshwater zoras. It doesn't matter if...
  28. MikauIncarnate

    General Art The Tracelium Charm

    Wow, this is really good. I opened it just so that I could see what the title meant (I was thinking charm like a spell) and you got me hooked. I can't wait for the next chapter. Only one thing, lol. "Wha-la" is spelled "Voila." And you have absolutely no idea how much that made me laugh. haha...
  29. MikauIncarnate

    Tad Tones Are Zoras?

    Well, the only time we ever see them existing is after faron creates them and before link retrieves them. There is no evidence to prove that Faron ever creates more, and then there wouldn't be any at the end of SS for anything to happen to. Basically, the only argument there is for the tadtones...
  30. MikauIncarnate

    Did You Know This?

    I definitely didn't. Then again, I never even checked the price. In fact, the only reason I ever set foot on Beedle's Airship was to complete the gratitude crystal quest.
  31. MikauIncarnate

    Tad Tones Are Zoras?

    Um. That's not circular logic at all. That is "if A then B" I think that makes perfect sense. Also, switching tadtones and parella doesn't really make sense. Because we haven't really seen anything that shows that the tadtones even know how to communicate, besides, why would the royal family...
  32. MikauIncarnate

    GenGAME Minecraft Server Registration Thread!

    I'm wulfiedude14, and I want to help with Hyrulecraft because I think it's one of the coolest ideas ever and I just love the server.
  33. MikauIncarnate

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    Keet is pretty cool, idk about hot though. It's really funny how he gets jealous of Guld. xD
  34. MikauIncarnate

    General Art Two Stories Ready for Publishing (just Need Time and Perhaps Characters)

    How long is it going to be in the end? Like chapter-wise?
  35. MikauIncarnate

    Gerudo Fortress and Forsaken Fortress Connected?

    I think that the idea of the Gerudo expanding on their fortress makes perfect sense... but, I don't see why they would have to disappear. It would make much more sense in my opinion if they simply got mostly killed off during the great flood, and then, without a way to reach any other cities and...
  36. MikauIncarnate

    Does Magic Automatically Make Zelda Better?

    I would not say that Koloktos is a mechanical boss at all. He might have been intended to be mechanical when he was built, but at the time of the battle he is only a statue. In fact, the only reason he's even animated is Girahim's dark magicky stuff that you can see everywhere (all the purple...
  37. MikauIncarnate

    Spoiler Was the Ending Unsatisfying for Anyone Else?

    I actually thought the ending was Heartbreaking. I'd had inklings about Grandma for a while, but when I came very close to tears. I also thought Zelda and Impa's parting was really sad, reminiscent of Midna's departure in Twilight Princess. I also thought that the very final ending with Zelda...
  38. MikauIncarnate

    General Art Two Stories Ready for Publishing (just Need Time and Perhaps Characters)

    Name: Ddraigh Afon Age: 389 (idk, about 18 in human years) Race: Dragir Role: Dragir male warrior Appearance: Pale skin (like Zelda addict pale), blue-teal scales spreading across back and part of arms, black, spiky, LA Link-like hair Height: 6'5" Weight:150 Personality: Outgoing...
  39. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Shoes

    So I made these shoes a while ago: But... now they're too small so I made a new pair. So... I was wondering if anyone knew of some way to sell the old ones, and/or if someone wanted to buy them and knew how. I was thinking of maybe setting up an etsy account or something? Anyway, here they...
  40. MikauIncarnate

    Atsuma's Serious Story Sign Ups (For Publishing Purposes)

    Well, since you said I could... Name: Deiniol (Dein for short) Llewelyn Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: Reddish brown hair, more red than brown, which gets blonder in the sun, hazel eyes, slightly less-than-average muscle (really only pecs and some arm muscle) Personality: Friendly unless him...
  41. MikauIncarnate

    Super Word Association Thread

  42. MikauIncarnate

    Spoiler Could the Kokiri Be the Stalchildren?

    Actually, people aren't supposed to enter the forest either. The only reason Link's mother was able to is because she was calling for help and the Deku Tree let her in, and the only reason Link was allowed to stay is because his mother gave herself up for him and was turned into a tree. I've...
  43. MikauIncarnate

    The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Summer 2012

    I just went tonight. It was a very awesome and unique experience. There was the symphony, with movements of OoT, WW, TP, and ALttP, plus 6 or 7 other pieces. The best description is that it was like playing zelda in your living room while a live orchestra and chorus accompanies you and 500...
  44. MikauIncarnate

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I'm so sorry to everyone who's waiting because it's probably my fault. I had adult link so I have a feeling Ochibi is waiting on me even though I haven't gotten a message yet. I'm definitely going to try to finish this, because I'm really excited for it to and I really do feel awful for holding...
  45. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Movie Poll

    I think Wind Waker would probably be the best of the existing games. I didn't put "a new mix" because, while I think that would be good, I feel I'd rather see a game I already know and love that if they tried to make a new one. Just wouldn't connect with the characters as much, you know? Anyway...
  46. MikauIncarnate

    Mafia 11: Sign-up Thread

    I'm confirming, but now that I think about it I'm not sure how much time I'll really have... we'll see I guess.
  47. MikauIncarnate

    Mafia 11: Sign-up Thread

    I'm in. and if you're clever enough to read this, my skype is wulfiedude14. I prefer PM.
  48. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Riddles

    Yep, you're right. Sorry I didn't reply, but I was distracted and had a lot of work.
  49. MikauIncarnate

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Just so you know, I'm not dead. It's just taking a lot longer than I thought it would to copy these on cmputer and color them.
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