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  1. Emmanuel

    Wii U vs. Switch

    Did you even read the post? I'm talking about people who already own the Wii U. And I've yet to meet a Wii U owner who hates the console.
  2. Emmanuel

    Wii U vs. Switch

    I'm curious, do you think Nintendo can make a compelling argument for Wii U owners to buy the Nintendo Switch at launch? I've been following "NX" news and rumors since Satoru Iwata first announced that the Big N was working on a project with a new concept nearly... 2 years ago? I was excited to...
  3. Emmanuel

    TPHD-Wii U What improvements would you like to see inTPHD?

    I see lots of great points here that I hope Nintendo is going to fix for Twilight Princess HD. One thing I didn't see mentioned but that DRIVES ME CRAZY every time I play Twilight Princess is that if Link's wallet is full and you come across a treasure chest containing rupees, the game will not...
  4. Emmanuel

    TPHD-Wii U Are you gonna get TPHD?

    Absolutely! Based on my experience with Wind Waker HD, I think Nintendo is going to vastly improve the aesthetic and experience of playing Twilight Princess. I'm excited to relive one of my favorite Zelda games on Wii U!
  5. Emmanuel

    Rate your top 10 Anime's

    Thanks for the tip. I'll have to look it up. :)
  6. Emmanuel

    Rate your top 10 Anime's

    The only anime I can say I really ever got into was Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z. And I guess perhaps Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing? Though I never got into those to the same extent. Are there any good animes available in English on Netflix?
  7. Emmanuel

    ABC Group Story

    The rules: Write one sentence to keep the story going. The first word of each sentence must start with the next letter in the alphabet. Try to keep it interesting and keep the story moving forward. :) ----------------------------------------------- Around last month was the first time I noticed...
  8. Emmanuel

    What Is The WORST Video Game You've Ever Played?

    Superman 64 comes to mind. I wanted so bad for it to be good.
  9. Emmanuel

    Why does Nintendo re-release consoles after the next generation console is already released?

    Another important point is that for people who might still be in the market for a Wii, a used Wii costs about the same as a new Wii Mini. From Nintendo's perspective, they aren't making any money on the resale of a pre-owned Wii. If they can produce a stripped down Wii on the cheap that still...
  10. Emmanuel

    Why does Nintendo re-release consoles after the next generation console is already released?

    There is a decent number of people who tend to play a generation behind when it comes to video games. For people who might not be willing to shell out $300+ for a Wii U, a $99 price point can be a lucrative offer for a Wii Mini that has a vast library of games that are still easily found at...
  11. Emmanuel

    Super Smash (Gamecube Controller/Adapter)

    HEADS UP: If any of you have been interested in acquiring the Gamecube adapter for Super Smash Bros on Wii U, it looks like the supply issues have been at least somewhat/temporarily remedied. The adapter is now in stock on Amazon and being offered at the list price of $19.99 - woohoo! I tried...
  12. Emmanuel

    The NX could remove the optical drive

    I don't think I would be a fan of going to all-digital. I can't imagine the amount of space required to comfortable build a strong library of games without resorting to external storage. I also like having a physical copy of my games - it's part of the experience!
  13. Emmanuel

    Are forums obsolete?

    I hope that message boards and forums like this stick around for a long time. I have more thoughts on the subject, but I'll just say that I appreciate the relative anonymity afforded to people on message boards that you don't experience on other social media like Facebook.
  14. Emmanuel

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    Sweetness! I just read that Xenoblade Chronicles has just been released on the Wii U Virtual Console in the UK. Can a North American release be far behind?
  15. Emmanuel

    Why didn't MK8 & SSB4 "save" the wii u?

    I would argue that a modern Nintendo console needs Mario Kart and Smash Bros in order to sell units because they are quintessential party games that represent the kind of lighthearted fun Nintendo is known for. It would be a mistake, however, to assert that a great Mario Kart or Smash Bros are...
  16. Emmanuel

    Ten first party games the NX desperately needs to succeed

    1.) 3D Mario (in the vein of Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy) 2.) Zelda NX (an exclusive title, not just a port of Zelda U) 3.) Metroid (first person style, in the vein of the Prime series) 4.) Animal Crossing (not a spin off or Amiibo based) 5.) Donkey Kong (in the vein of DK 64, not the Country...
  17. Emmanuel

    Tri Force Heroes Do think this will be better than 4 swords?

    I picked up a copy of Four Swords Adventures for the first time about a month or two ago and I've played it a handful of times so far, but I have found the experience to be kind of mediocre, to be honest. I started reading some reviews of the game, however, and I do think the game would be...
  18. Emmanuel

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    I probably wouldn't mind shelling out $50 for it. Where did you find it for that price? I see it going for $85 on Amazon. I haven't seen anything cheaper than $65 for a used copy via GameStop.
  19. Emmanuel

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    I'd be interested in playing the original game if I could get my hands on it, but I'm not willing to shell out that much money for it. I'll keep my eyes open if I see any used copies locally or online that I can get for a decent price. Maybe if I play the new release and fall in love with it, I...
  20. Emmanuel

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    When I saw this game at E3 I had no interest in it because I had never really heard of it before, but the more I look into it, I am definitely interested in picking it up. I will probably wait until after it releases and if the reviews are great then I'll be happy to snatch up a copy. :)
  21. Emmanuel

    Was the Wii U worth it?

    With regard to the gamepad, Miyamoto talked recently about how its impact was diminished because between the time of development and release for Wii U, tablets began to improve and flood the market, which made the gamepad seem much less novel. Part of me wonders if Nintendo didn't see this...
  22. Emmanuel

    Was the Wii U worth it?

    Wii U has been worth it for me. I bought the console last June for a great deal bundled with New Super Mario Bros U and Luigi U, and I got a download of Wind Waker HD for free. I've been able to relive tons of my favorite classic games via the Virtual Console, and I've gotten multiple free...
  23. Emmanuel

    Bayonetta 2

    Heads up: If anyone is interested in snatching up a copy of Bayonetta 2, the game is currently on sale (bundled with Bayonetta 1) at Walmart.com for only $44.97, normally $60. I noticed earlier today that the game is currently going for almost $70 on Amazon, which suggests to me that there might...
  24. Emmanuel

    Zelda games you've grown to love

    Zelda II sort of fits this bill for me. Not that I didn't enjoy it as a kid, but I enjoy it more now. It's quirky and fun.
  25. Emmanuel

    Favorite moment in Wind Waker?

    How about the moment where you catch Lenzo and Minenco by surprise and snap a photo to capture their secret romance? Or just generally listening to Minenco ramble on about her flawless skin and how beautiful she is? lol.
  26. Emmanuel

    OoT/MM Virtual Console?

    I suppose everyone knows this by now, but Ocarina of Time was released on the Virtual Console last week - I was so excited to see it! I picked it up right away but haven't started playing it yet. I imagine that we won't see a re-release of Majora's Mask until sales for the 3DS version die down...
  27. Emmanuel

    What are the Main Zelda Games You Haven't Played Yet?

    Oracle of Ages Oracle of Seasons Link's Awakening A Link Between Worlds Four Swords Adventures If I ever pick up a 3DS, A Link Between Worlds is right at the top of my list. I regret not having played Four Swords Adventures; I still have my NGC, but I can't find a cheap, used copy of this...
  28. Emmanuel

    Breaking the cycle

    By my reading of Demise's words, Link's spirit and Zelda's bloodline are indeed bound to the curse, but their continued existence is not necessarily the means by which the cycle is allowed to continue. Even if the last of Zelda's line perished from the earth, the evil of Ganondorf/Demise would...
  29. Emmanuel

    OoT/MM Virtual Console?

    For others who may be interested, Nintendo of Europe has apparently announced that Ocarina of Time will be available on the Virtual Console beginning July 2nd. No word yet on whether those of us in the states will be so fortunate, but my fingers are crossed... :)...
  30. Emmanuel

    Should Atheism be implemented into Zelda Games?

    I can't imagine the game incorporating atheists into the game without either demonizing them or making a politically-charged statement about atheism IRL. I don't think the purpose would be well served. On the other hand, if we ever see a more futuristic Zelda, it might be interesting to imagine...
  31. Emmanuel

    The Minish Cap - Discussion, 2015

    I would basically agree with your assessment. I was really impressed with The Minish Cap as a handheld title on my first play through. I did try to go back again a year or two later but couldn't get into it the same way. Even now, part of me wants to go back and play it again, but anytime I...
  32. Emmanuel

    Do bosses make or break a dungeon for you?

    I rarely am bothered enough to remember the weaker bosses. The really exciting or challenging bosses are much more likely to stand out to me. I will usually remember the bosses I thought were cool before any that seemed to miss the mark.
  33. Emmanuel

    Should princess Zelda be less damsel-prone in future games?

    I'd definitely like to see more Zelda games sans the damsel-in-distress story mechanic. We've all saved the girl plenty of times - I think if Nintendo can be a bit more innovative and move beyond that we can get a deeper, more compelling storyline with more fleshed out characters.
  34. Emmanuel

    OoT/MM Virtual Console?

    What do you guys think are the chances of seeing Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask making their way to the Wii U Virtual Console? I know that you can get them on the old Wii VC, but Nintendo also has a vested interest in selling the remasters of this game for 3DS, and I could see an old N64 port...
  35. Emmanuel

    Origins of the Hero of Hyrule? (NES Link)

    I'd speculate that Link from LoZ might not be from Hyrule exactly, similar to how Link from Twilight Princess was from the Ordona Provice and not from "Hyrule proper." At least, this could be a possible explanation for why we never see Link's home on Hyrule's map. (On the other hand, we don't...
  36. Emmanuel

    How important is Princess Zelda to the franchise?

    I don't think the franchise would survive without her. Zelda is an essential part of the lore that makes the games compelling. I don't think she needs to be an integral part of every entry into the series, but as a bearer of the Triforce and the perpetual reincarnation of the goddess Hylia, it...
  37. Emmanuel

    Breath of the Wild Is Zelda U different enough (aesthetically)?

    I think it would be pretty jarring to see something like the Master Cycle in a true Zelda game, but I've always thought it would be interesting to see what Hyrule might look like in a more modern era. If Nintendo were to ever make that type of transition, even for one game, maybe they could do...
  38. Emmanuel

    Twilight Princess revisited

    It's been quite a while since I've played Twilight Princess, but last time I played the game, I remember thinking that the beginning of the game where the story is being set up and you are completing what essentially is a tutorial... that entire section moved extremely slow. I kept feeling like...
  39. Emmanuel

    Hyrule Warriors Irritated

    Ah, I hadn't caught the reference to the NES original with the 255 level cap - so perhaps this is the end. I certainly hope so. I guess I feel similar to Spirit. The Adventure mode is not nearly as satisfying to me as the Legend mode was. It took me forever to figure out exactly what I was...
  40. Emmanuel

    Beyond Hyrule

    Ah, wait, wait...
  41. Emmanuel

    Misheard Lyrics

    Well, this is stupid, but in "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics, the part where they sing "Some of them want to use you, some them want to be used by you", etc... I always heard "Osama bin Laden used you" It drove me insane because I knew they couldn't be talking about bin Laden, but it was the only...
  42. Emmanuel

    what shoe size do you have/like in a partner

    Well you know what they say about the size of a guy's feet! :right: :ghirahim: :crisis:
  43. Emmanuel

    What video games have made you cry like a baby?

    Perhaps Ocarina of Time, when the adventure is over and Navi flies away. I can't think of too many games where I've had a strong, actual emotional investment in the characters. Even OoT... it was less about the characters, and more about the finality and sense of accomplishment.
  44. Emmanuel

    Banjo Kazooie spiritual successor

    Gah, I so miss the N64 era. Banjo Kazooie/Banjo Tooie are two of my favorite games of all time. I've only ever really had Nintendo consoles (save for a Sega Genesis once upon a time), so I missed out on Nuts and Bolts. My boyfriend recently got an Xbox 360 and I found a used copy at Gamestop, so...
  45. Emmanuel

    Hyrule Warriors Irritated

    I rushed out to buy Hyrule Warriors when it first came out, and I really enjoyed the gameplay, despite the fact that it was often repetitive and monotonous. I love the Zelda universe and I feel like Hyrule Warriors provided an insight into the franchise that none of the main games have ever...
  46. Emmanuel

    Beyond Hyrule

    I've always imagined that Hyrule represents more or less a single continent. I think Hyrule's kingdom represents all or nearly all of the known world in the same way that the Roman Empire had conquered nearly all of the known world at that point in history. There is bound to be more out there...
  47. Emmanuel


    Thanks for the responses! I think I will get around to doing Ages first and work my way to Seasons. :)
  48. Emmanuel

    Uh, question regarding Link's incarnations.

    Uh, hmm, uh, let's see, uhhh, uhhh, uuuuhhhhhhh... verbal pauses... uh, in text... uh, make, uhh... very little sense, uh...
  49. Emmanuel


    Well, fourteen years later, I got my hands on copies of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons for the Game Boy Color. I popped them both into my Game Boy Adapter for the Gamecube and they both work, but I've never actually played either game before. I understand they can be completed in any...
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