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  1. shan-tastic

    What is Your Favorite Final Boss?

    Even though I found that Twilight Princess was lacking in the area of creative boss fights, I really enjoyed fighting Zant. The multiple stages and teleporting to the different temples and using many of the items you found depending on the stage was really cool. Especially considering that you...
  2. shan-tastic

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    Link's Awakening was the only handheld Zelda game that held my interest. It had the substance of a traditional console packed into one little GB cartridge. Spirit Tracks was okay in the beginning, but then the controls grew more annoying as the game progressed and I spent more time figuring out...
  3. shan-tastic

    What Cell Phone Do You Have?

    Recently purchased a Droid X. Best thing I've bought all year. =)
  4. shan-tastic

    Which is the Scariest?

    My god, those dead hands. Creative genius at its finest, but dang, their design is absolutely grotesque, especially for a Zelda game. The bloody details, and then after you defeat it, it lingers for a while and just...twitches. Redeads are pretty scary too. I remember falling to the lowest...
  5. shan-tastic

    Skyward Sword: Elements from PH and ST

    Well, I can't exactly speak for Phantom Hourglass since I have yet to play it, but I wasn't entirely impressed with Spirit Tracks. There was virtually no overworld exploration due to being confined to the train, towns and "field" areas were pathetically small, and the Spirit Tower, while it was...
  6. shan-tastic

    What Gaming systems do you have?

    I own a PS2, Wii, N64, DS Lite, NES, GBA and GBSP...And a broken PSP. Nearly forgot about that one.
  7. shan-tastic

    Cell Shading Vs. Realistic Graphics

    I like both. Twilight Princess had some very surreal and dark graphics, and the realism gave the game a more intense tone. Compare this to Wind Waker, which had cute and quirky graphics that reflected the exciting adventures of a little kid sailing around the world. As someone mentioned...
  8. shan-tastic

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    I've pulled of many an all-nighter, especially during the summer. I have sleep issues to begin, too, so that's definitely a factor. The longest I've gone without sleep was probably about two and a half days or so, though I'm not sure if that counts considering I was terribly ill at the time...
  9. shan-tastic

    No Voice Acting: Happy or Dissapointed?

    I figured they wouldn't incorporate voice acting. They haven't ever done it before, so why should they start now? I'm not opposed to it, though, and I'm sure if they ever wanted to change things up a bit they would do a fairly wonderful job, but there is something about the text dialog that...
  10. shan-tastic

    Twilight Princess Favorite Cutscene in TP

    I liked the intro to the game. The very first scene once you start a new file, that is. I don't know why, but that whole conversation with Rusl was just very...Surreal, in a way? It was a fantastic opening and more or less sets the overall tone of the game.
  11. shan-tastic

    ONM Scans - SS Aonuma Interview

    Every time I read an article like this, even if it's this late at night and I'm exhausted as can be, I still get all giddy and hyper with excitement for this game. Especially when I read that part about there being less of a boundary between dungeon and field. Stumbling upon random areas...
  12. shan-tastic

    Favorite Character Name

    For female characters, I like the names Malon and Rikku. Short and easy to remember, but still very unique nickname-able. For male characters, probably Auron and Locke. Mainly because they were my favorite characters from their respective games and really stood out to me in terms of their...
  13. shan-tastic

    That Has Nothing to Do with What I Was Saying...

    Across the loch, On the mountain side, there lives a lovely lassie I would see tonight. But I haven't got an automobile, And my bicycle has got a broken wheel. So I'll be Floating 'cross the loch on my monster again. -"Ride My Monster", Enter the Haggis =)
  14. shan-tastic

    The Legend of Zelda Rupee Shortage, Any Secrets?

    Go to the graveyard and keep a close eye on the first Ghini on the screen. Then touch all the other grave stones, which will cause more Ghinis to appear. Lastly, find the original Ghini and kill it. Doing this will cause all of the others to vanish and leave behind a variety of droppable items...
  15. shan-tastic


    I wish I had pets. My mom's not entirely crazy about the idea of taking care of any animals whilst I'm at college, unfortunately. I reeeally want a cat. =)
  16. shan-tastic

    General Classic Which Do You Think Was the Hardest Zelda Classic?

    I didn't think MM was hard at all. Tricky, yes. There were some frustrating moments, but as long as you thought about what you were doing for a bit you could easily get out of any troublesome situation. Oh dear. Adventure of Link. I love that game to death but I simply cannot seem to master...
  17. shan-tastic

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    Link's Awakening came out a year and four months after I was born. =) I grew up playing the NES games for a long time, though, since we didn't have an SNES or a Gameboy and got the N64 a year or two after it was released.
  18. shan-tastic

    How is Ilia Link's Love?

    I always considered them to be very close friends, almost with a brother-sister like relationship. Both care for each other, get into the occasional argument and recognize each other's flaws, but in the end one would do just about anything for the other. Though sometimes I get the impression...
  19. shan-tastic

    Forget Voices! We Need Real Music!

    My opinion on voice acting has changed a bit. Before I was totally against it being in any future Zelda games since it might take away the storybook-like impression I always got whenever I played, and that the voice acting would result it into being too linear because of the scripting. However...
  20. shan-tastic

    Should You Be Able to Re-fight Bosses in Ss

    I completely agree. Since this game is supposed to be shorter in length than other console Zelda games, they might (and should) do what they did with MM and have a portal, or something of that sort, that transfers you right to the boss room. As long as they find a way to nicely integrate that...
  21. shan-tastic

    Concerts and Live Shows

    I recently went to the Glasgowlands Scottish Festival the next town over has every year. My friend from college brought me to see Enter the Haggis, which is this awesome Celtic rock band from Canada that plays around here all the time. It was probably one of the best shows I've been to; all the...
  22. shan-tastic

    Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Potter?! O.o

    You just made my morning. Thank you for being awesome and having a fabulous taste in literary characters. =D
  23. shan-tastic

    Wouldn't It Be Funny...

    But speculation is one of the main things that keeps the Zelda fanbase going! If everything were revealed to us, we would have so much less to discuss. I doubt this will ever happen. They'll drop hints and confirm and disprove various theories we have, but we probably will never learn the whole...
  24. shan-tastic

    Ocarina of Time Golden Skulltulas

    There are a few that are located in really strange/random areas that you wouldn't even think of looking. Mainly some of the hidden holes in Hyrule field, and that one in Zora's Fountain with a hidden path way that takes you above the water. Plus, in the dungeons, some are only obtainable by...
  25. shan-tastic

    Has Any Sort Of Media Made You Cry?

    The ending of the Fellowship of the Ring totally got me. I never liked Boromir, but I was a wreck when he died. And then when Sam ran after Frodo who was already half way across the river, and Aragorn's pep talk to Legolas and Gimli. ;A; I'm a sucker for motivational speeches and optimism like...
  26. shan-tastic

    Worst Injury

    Well, there was this one time in third grade before classes started. Everyone was happily chillin' on the playground, and I was on the swings...The highest and most snazziest orange swing, to be specific. You had to jump to get on it, but once you got going, you basically flew. All was going...
  27. shan-tastic

    Asgard Legends

    Oh man, this is totally great so far. You're really quite the writer! And you've definitely got me interested in checking out this game, too. Just need to find where my PSP is at, and next time I'm out I'll pick up a copy. =) Great job!
  28. shan-tastic

    First Three Heart Challenge

    Whoa. That sounds like an intense play through. You must be very skilled at LA and/or have the game embedded into your mind! haha. Good luck! =)
  29. shan-tastic

    City in the Sky Hate?

    I don't know, I kind of liked City in the Sky. It was fairly unique and sort of messes with your brain a bit since the layout of the temple is so strange. I got lost a few times during my first playthrough of TP. Plus I liked the idea of having a temple that's not on or below the ground like...
  30. shan-tastic

    Poll: What Was Your Favorite OoT Boss

    I have two. :] First would definitely be the final Ganon battle. Unlike in the games following OoT, this final battle was rather challenging in that you could not get too close without suffering a massive blow and losing a good chuck of your life. You had to find out for yourself what would be...
  31. shan-tastic

    A Gallery!

    These are lovely! (and excuse me, but OMG GAGA. EPIC WIN. *__*) Anyway, I love the colors you use (that first Mario one is gorgeous. great contrast!) and you really seem to know how to smoothly blend in textures. I also like the way you cropped the image on the first Mario sig. Very nice job! =)
  32. shan-tastic

    What Kind of Sports Do You Enjoy?

    I'm not exactly into sports. Sometimes I'll watch an English league soccer game, especially if Liverpool's playing since they're an amazing team and I have some fairly good memories of watching a Liverpool FC vs. Manchester United FC game with a friend and her family a while ago. I also managed...
  33. shan-tastic

    Spoiler Guaranteed Ganon?

    It is stated in Wind Waker that he desired the peaceful winds of Hyrule while the winds in his homeland of the Gerudo Valley always brought suffering and death. His intense jealousy fueled his ambition to conquer Hyrule. Not the most detailed explanation in the world, but it certainly beats...
  34. shan-tastic

    Rate the Siggy!

    Oh how cute! I love how Mario's jumping outside the frame. The colors compliment each other quite well, and I like the texture you used. 8.5/10 =]
  35. shan-tastic

    Hearts or Containers

    Personally, I think adding heart pieces scattered around Hyrule makes for an awesome side-quest. While searching, really get to take in all of the game's environments and familiarize yourself with the area. Removing that aspect not only makes the game shorter, you lose a sense of interactivity...
  36. shan-tastic

    Who is Your Favorite Person from Zelda Other Than Zelda and Link?

    Hah, I love so many random NPCs it's not even funny. I'm particularly fond of the Koroks in WW, though. I've mentioned this a few times on some different threads, but they're just so freakin' cute with their leafy faces and tiny instruments. ...But I guess if we're going with a specific...
  37. shan-tastic

    Would You Wait Til' 2012?

    Sure, I could wait. I mean, if it came out in 2012 then I'll know for a fact that it will be incredibly amazing and not at all rushed. And rushed games, as we all know, are not nearly as fun as games that are perfected to every last detail. I trust Nintendo's judgement. I'm sure they don't want...
  38. shan-tastic

    Zelda Art Cardboard Majora's Mask

    That's super awesome. All of the details are pretty much on the spot. =) Great job!
  39. shan-tastic

    Twilight Princess Magic Meter?

    There definitely isn't a magic meter in TP (unfortunately). Just an oil meter for the lamp. =/
  40. shan-tastic

    Praise for Skyward Sword

    I have a really good feeling that this may be the best game in the series. First of all, the art and graphics are beautiful, and will allow for a lot of variety for monsters, NPCs and locations. The mechanics sound absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to actually fight against enemies...
  41. shan-tastic

    Need Help Buying a Wii!

    Virtual Console games cost anywhere between 500 ($5) and either 1500 or 2000 ($15-$20) wii points. You can buy point cards just about anywhere, or you can buy them from the shop using a credit card. You'll have to buy WW separately since the Wii can play GC games...It's usually around $20. TP's...
  42. shan-tastic

    Twilight Princess Floor 49 in the Cave of Ordeals

    Haha, oh my goddd. This room...Ugh. Having a bottle of rare chu jelly certainly helps out a lot. It's hard to get when you have the opportunity, since all the chu-chu's mesh together into one giant mass, but do at least try and get a jar. Bring potions instead of fairies (they only heal eight...
  43. shan-tastic

    Majora's Mask Was Majora Hard?

    Having beat him both ways, I'll say this. Fierce Deity will make the battle pathetically one-sided. Though Link looks absolutely super freakin' BA in his new form, the challenge value is pretty much nonexistent the second you put it on. Combine that with the Great Fairy's Sword, and you're...
  44. shan-tastic

    Anyone into Theatre?

    I would love to do voice acting as well at some point, especially for a more over-the-top/comedic anime. That would be really fun to do. Hm. I'd definitely ask an advisor or professor to see if you can double. It wouldn't hurt to find out. Though, I guess it depends on the college...I'm going...
  45. shan-tastic

    Fun In Hyrule

    I'd probably hang out with a bunch of the locals in the forests, climbing trees and exploring hidden paths and whatnot. At night, there'd be a campfire somewhere in a safer section of Hyrule field, followed by an epic game of manhunt (which is the best version of hide and seek ever created. you...
  46. shan-tastic

    What Other "fandoms" Have You Been a Part Of?

    For a long time I was very much into the visual-kei/j-rock fandom, but then after a few bands got recognized in America, a swarm of ... well... not-so-great and fairly unintelligent fans hopped on the band wagon and the fanbase became even more divided than it was to begin with. I ended up...
  47. shan-tastic

    Spoiler Ending of TP?

    I agree with this. Ganondorf was Zant's master and the source of his power. Without him, he had no reason to continue living.
  48. shan-tastic

    Anyone into Theatre?

    I was sort of randomly put in charge for makeup during our production of Seussical, and while I haven't mastered making people age (at least not yet), when it comes to absolutely crazy and cartoony-looking makeup, I'm fairly good. Unfortunately, a lot of people wanted glitter (tacky...
  49. shan-tastic

    Creepiest Zelda Song

    Ikana Canyon and Zant's theme were blatantly scary and reflected their evil natures. Jabu-Jabu's belly's theme was pretty freaky sounding since the beat sounded a lot like a heart. Uuuugh. The Final Hour from MM is also scary, but in a sad way. Doom is upon Termina because of a ruthlessly...
  50. shan-tastic

    Zelda Ringtones

    For texts, I have the secret sound from the original LOZ. Normal ringtones alternate between Dragon Roost Island and TP Hyrule Field theme. I'm thinking of getting a few more...Specifically the Sun Song to use as an alarm, and maybe the Dark World theme or Saria's Song/Lost Woods.
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