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  1. Godkarmachine

    Have You Beat Skyward Sword Yet?

    I finished it this afternoon, the final boss is the most epic thing ever. Now I'm doing a second playthrough
  2. Godkarmachine

    Reasons Why I NEED Skyward Sword

    Skyward Sword is almost here.... only two weeks and we'll be able to get this piece of awesomeness... i'm bored so I decided to write this: 1.- Because it's Zelda... simple as that, Zelda is always a magical experience and I'm sure that SS will also be 2.- It will be the best game of the...
  3. Godkarmachine

    Is Anyone Else Tired of Miis?

    I hate miis..... And I don't understand what Nintendo sees in them, they are dumb to be honest.... And I don't understand why some people want them in Smash Bros At first they seemed like a good idea but it got old really quick, mainly because of the abuse from nintendo (they want to put them...
  4. Godkarmachine

    Top Three Most Underrated Games

    well my top three is: 1.- Megaman Star Force series: These games were so much fun, and the battles were fast paced and filled with action, the characters were also great. It recieved very harsh critics, like 5 or so, because of "being repetitive" (FPS are acclaimed though... come on, be fair...
  5. Godkarmachine

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    No More Heroes 2 and Monster Hunter Tri with Classic Controller Pro Before that it was Viewtiful Joe 2
  6. Godkarmachine

    What Games Do You Want to Buy That Are Already Released?

    Um I really want to buy Ocarina of Time 3D but I have no money at the time... xD And Baten Kaitos for the gamecube, I've heard that game is awesome Also I liked megaman star force so I want the second one
  7. Godkarmachine

    Megaman Legends 3 - Please Help!!!

    Hey there ZD. As some of you know, I'm a Megaman fan, it's my favorite series and you bet that I was really excited about Megaman Legends 3. But no more... Capcom has announced that the game was cancelled, and that really maked me angry, sad and it was a great dissapointment. So we (the fans)...
  8. Godkarmachine

    What Will Become of the 3DS?

    Well... there's Megaman Legends 3.... Oh wait... It got cancelled
  9. Godkarmachine

    I'm Done with Capcom

    I'm with you, just yesterday I said Capcom was my favorite company No more... I have no words to describe how I feel, MML3 was the only reason why I bought a 3DS but well.... Now they can focus on copy/pasting more SF games and get rich with a million versions of it I'm really ANGRY and I hope...
  10. Godkarmachine

    Worst Case Scenarios for the Mario and Zelda Series

    For Zelda the worst case scenario is.... (drums) Twilight Princess... No really, I hated this game As for Mario... I don't know, mario has plenty of BAD educational games so that would be xD
  11. Godkarmachine

    Super Smash Bros. 4 - Share Your Ideas

    To be honest... I hope there is no Mii characters whatsoever.... The key for a new SSB woulb be balance, as some of my friends (and me too) felt brawl very unbalanced... this is a common flaw in fighting games (Marvel vs Capcom 3 Sentinel anyone?) There could be a more exciting event match mode...
  12. Godkarmachine

    Super Smash Bros. 4 Personal Character

    Yeah there's already a thread like this xD but anyway My choices are Megaman of course, Megaman X, Zero, Viewtiful Joe, Simon Belmont, Amaterasu, Lloyd Irving... Maybe a lot more, I'll post them when they come to mind
  13. Godkarmachine

    Monster Hunter Tri

    I got this game a while ago due to a friend praising it constantly xD the game for sure begins very calmly and slowly but when you start facing the large monsters it gets awesome :D I'm in the 5 star village quests, against rathalos, barioth and diablos and I can't beat any of them... oh well...
  14. Godkarmachine

    What Games Do You Feel Are Underrated?

    for me... Lost Planet 2 was awesome, but critics treated it harshly Monster Hunter Tri didn't get the attention it deserved I also think Megaman Soccer, Kirby Air Ride and Castlevania II Oh, and the Megaman Star Force series
  15. Godkarmachine

    Taking Fight Requests for Videos on Youtube

    all right, if you accept in TvC count me in :D can i add you as a friend so you can contact me when that happens?
  16. Godkarmachine

    What is the Hardest Modern Game You've Ever Played?

    I think Megaman 10 on hard mode and Monster Hunter Tri. Capcom has a tendency to make hard games... I like that :)
  17. Godkarmachine

    Taking Fight Requests for Videos on Youtube

    Do you by any chance accept any fight in Tatsunoko vs Capcom?
  18. Godkarmachine

    What Are Your Favorite Capcom Games of All Time?

    Well, Capcom is my favorite company :D they really make some awesome games My favorite are: Megaman 3 Megaman X Tatsunoko vs Capcom Monster Hunter Tri Viewtiful Joe (the first one) Resident Evil 4 Also Megaman is my favorite series ever :D
  19. Godkarmachine

    Monster Hunter Tri

    So tell me ZD... Is there anyone in here who plays Monster Hunter Tri? It's an amazing game, if you haven't played it, you owe yourself to do it :D believe me when I say it's a great game. Just listen to its soundtrack or watch some videos and ou'll know that it is epic xD. And really...
  20. Godkarmachine

    The Maga Man Games-a Question About Them

    Well Megaman is my absolute favorite saga :D The music is awesome, the level design is great, the gameplay is an absolute classic, and they have a great challenge. As Zoradeadpool said, it is divided in various sagas, Classic, X, Zero, ZX, Legends, Battle Network (EXE) and Star Force. If you are...
  21. Godkarmachine

    Machiavelli Personality Test...!

    I had a score of 90 I've always considered myself a cynical person and many people have told me that i'm harsh so i think that'll suit me
  22. Godkarmachine

    If You Could Have Any 3 Video Game Items

    Cool thread xD my choices would be: Mega Buster/X Buster (Megaman/Megaman X) To shoot people that annoy me xD Z-Saber (Zero from megaman X series) these things are just great, a glowing energy saber... who doesn't want one? V-watch (Viewtiful Joe) With this thing i would have superpowers...
  23. Godkarmachine

    Updating Your Nintendo 3DS

    I've updated it, and found the video rather annoying... xD I hope that i can delete it soon... I'm also waiting for the e-shop and the internet browser (even if nintendo said it won't come with this update) Let's just hope nintendo doesn't delay the next update anymore....
  24. Godkarmachine

    Any Megaman Fan in Here?

    Heatman is weak against bubble lead (bubbleman's weapon) and airman against leaf shield (woodman's) About what other people say, yeah, classic series lost their quality on 7 and (specially) 8, but 9 and 10 are really good and stand up to the past games (1 through 6) Legends is really good, but...
  25. Godkarmachine

    Weird/embarrasing Thing You Like to Do?

    You're not alone, I also prefer to play old school games rather than current-gen ones, I hate fps to be honest... (maybe that can be considered "weird" since everyone seems to love them...)
  26. Godkarmachine

    Weird/embarrasing Thing You Like to Do?

    Don't know if there's another thread like this one, but neverthless... I would like you to tell me the things that you do that would be too weird or just plain embarrasing for other people to know xD I'll begin: -I have my own one-man band with air instruments xD and i can own every song on...
  27. Godkarmachine

    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    I have many favorites... mainly from the first two generations, I didn't like generation 5 at all.... My favorites would be Jolteon, Tyranitar, Typhlosion, Blastoise, Wooper, Swampert, Mudkip (insert mudkip meme in here), Gengar, Lucario.... Etc. etc.....
  28. Godkarmachine

    Which 10 Video Game Characters Would You Transform Into?

    Good question, my list would be like this: (not in any particular order) 1.-Megaman X (megaman X series) 2.-Samus Aran (Metroid Series) 3.-Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe) 4.-Zero (megaman X series) 5.-Masked Man (Claus)(Mother 3) 6.-Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) 7.-Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil...
  29. Godkarmachine

    Adventure of Link Whats Was Nintendo Thinking

    Agree, Zelda II was a great game, and helped define the Zelda universe. Maybe some may think it was a failed experiment, but as some people already said in this thread, there was no real standard for the series by that time. It was the first one to have a magic meter and towns with people to...
  30. Godkarmachine

    Who in the Zelda Series Would You Like to Play As Other Than Link?

    I think Medli from Wind Waker, she is my favorite Zelda character and it would be great to control her without the limitations she has in the earth temple Also Zelda would be awesome, or if you could use an evil character I would like Majora or Vaati
  31. Godkarmachine

    What Do You Normally Have Equipped?

    OoT (as a child) L-C: boomerang D-C: slingshot R-C: Ocarina (adult) L-C: Bow D-C: Megaton hammer R-C: Ocarina Majora's Mask L-C: anything that i need D-C: Bunny Hood R-C: Ocarina Wind Waker: Y: Boomerang Z: Wind Waker X: Bow Twilight Princess: Y: Ball and chain X: Clawshot
  32. Godkarmachine

    Nintendo Vs. Capcom?

    I think my match ups would be like this: -Mario and Megaman (agreed) -Link and Zero (both are close combatants, Link with a sword and Zero with a saber) -Samus and Megaman X (why does everyone forget this guy? both have super advanced armors and weapons) -Captain Falcon and Viewtiful Joe (both...
  33. Godkarmachine

    Games Other Than Zelda?

    My favorite games are: Megaman (classic, X, Zero, Legends) series, Metroid, Castlevania, Viewtiful Joe, Super Mario series, Pokemon, and many more
  34. Godkarmachine

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but the peacefullness pakes you mad, and you destroy everything, then you kill yourself I wish that no more FPS games are made
  35. Godkarmachine

    General Classic Which One of the N64 Games Was Best?

    Majora's Mask hands down, here's why -Deeper gameplay -great storyline -AWESOME atmosphere -More things to do -You can rematch the bosses -Has a lot of feelings -Lots of secrets -Great music and the list goes on...
  36. Godkarmachine

    Who is Your Favorite Singer/Band?

    Mmmm it's hard to pick just one I like metal music mainly... Judas Priest, Bathory, Kamelot, Carcass, Black Sabbath... so many to name Old school rock was awesome too, The Beatles, Rush, Led Zeppelin, etc... About nowadays music... don't know, I'm neutral to it, some artists are good, some are...
  37. Godkarmachine

    Who's Your Favorite Super Hero?

    I'd say Viewtiful Joe xD he can go at super speed, super low speed xD, can zoom in the camera and make poses that hurt the enemies He has a giant robot and fights on it, above the earth's surface, and a Super flying machine whose top speed is 666.6 xD oh and that machine likes to eat ramen too
  38. Godkarmachine

    Majora's Mask Fav Useless Mask

    Some of them are pretty useful, however some of them are only needed for one specific subquest so yeah.... I use stone mask pretty often mainly because of the reactions (or no reaction maybe... as they don't see you...) Captains Hat is a key item in the quest... as well as garo mask, I think...
  39. Godkarmachine

    Which Lost BGM Theme Is The Best.

    A Link to the Past, mainly because it was epic, too bad that after you get the Master Sword it changes to the regular Hyrule theme Anyway this theme makes me remember the first time that I played ALttP, when I found the tiny swords in the ground I thought it was the master sword xD Anyway, lke...
  40. Godkarmachine

    What Was Your First Zelda Game?

    My first game was Zelda II Adventure of Link, however the one that hooked me was Ocarina of Time because as a kid, I didn't give AoL the apreciation it deserves as I found it really hard (it's a tough game to begin with... and i was like 6 years old) Ocarina of Time was awesome, got hooked since...
  41. Godkarmachine

    Any Stories About Stolen Zelda Games?

    Not really stolen but technically... A friend of mine borrowed A Link to the Past/Four Swords from me and never returned it Now I miss my game :(
  42. Godkarmachine

    Good Stratagy RPG or RPG Games

    Mm for RPG strategy I think you should check out Final Fantasy Tactics on the Game Boy Advance, it's a pretty good game For RPG try Baten Kaitos for the GameCube, it's a really hard to get game, but really worth it
  43. Godkarmachine

    Favorite Zelda Quotes

    Sorry if I don't remember them exactly like they are... From Wind Waker: "Your gods destroyed you!" -the epic "This is but one of the legends of which the people speak..." awesome way to start a game From Majora's Mask: -"However that's how life goes... There are some thing you can't change, no...
  44. Godkarmachine

    Least Favourite Zelda Game

    Twilight Princess, that game was boring sometimes for me he vessel of light was annoying and forced the game into a slow pace... Also things like Ilia's memory (never get tired of mentioning it), Midna was bothersome, and the dungeon design was pretty straightforward as there weren't any really...
  45. Godkarmachine

    Adventure of Link So I Just Beat Adventure of Link.

    Adventure of Link is a great game, horrendously underrated though... It is challenging, granted, but so are Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden games on the NES, Megaman series are also challenging and they are awesome, some fans even ask for some challenges so there's no point in saying that a game is...
  46. Godkarmachine

    General Classic What Classic Zelda Should I Choose?

    NES or SNES... like many said, A Link to the Past definitely Why? It expanded and defined the Zelda series It is also a great challenge as it isn't so cryptic like the NES ones, you have more clues but it is still challenging Music is awesome and the dungeons are extremely well designed If you...
  47. Godkarmachine

    3DS Game Ideas

    Agree with Super Smash Bros, that would be awesome I would like a new Viewtiful Joe, the Zoom In VFX power would work great with the 3D effect, and they could add some more things and effects, the gamecube ones were so much fun (haven't checked the DS one) and one in 3D would be great (now that...
  48. Godkarmachine

    One Game

    Don't know... I'll take my wii as there are games saved to its memory xD If it would have to be just one... I think Super Mario Bros 3 as it is my absolute favorite game ever made
  49. Godkarmachine

    What is the Hardest Game You Have Played or Beat?

    Umm only one? xD I recall a few Hardest ones I have beaten are: Ninja Gaiden (the three of 'em) on NES, no explanation needed Ghosts n' Goblins also on NES. It's a fun game but VERY frustrating, specially when you have to do it all over again u.u Megaman X6 on PSone. Difficulty is exagerated...
  50. Godkarmachine

    Adventure of Link Favorite Palace?

    Great Palace, the music is awesome, and I like how the barrier disappears when you arrive Also it lets you continue there if you die and that was priceless in my first playthrough
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