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  1. Trisarahtops

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Are you saying that in the US we don't have to pay for ER visits? Because I recently got cut extremely badly (about 30 stitches in my hand) and my insurance did not cover it all. The total charge to my insurance company was about $4,000 so now I have to come up with about $2,000 to pay the...
  2. Trisarahtops

    Time travel

    Less than one year. But from observers it would still look like it took a little over one year.
  3. Trisarahtops

    Time travel

    Just wanted to clarify what I was trying to say, because I don't think I got the point across very well. It will not still feel like a year. It will feel like how much time passed in your reference frame. Time dilation actually alters the length of the second in comparison to a second outside of...
  4. Trisarahtops

    Time travel

    That's not exactly correct. The phenomenon is called time dilation. That means the faster you move, the longer your second is going to be. Time outside of how fast you are moving travels at the same speed. But you are right, if you are going 0.99c you will age slower, but it will feel like that...
  5. Trisarahtops

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    Thanks so much for sharing! It has already been dealt with, though it didn't go exactly as planned... so I think it is story time! I went home for Easter weekend. I thought it would be perfect, I would be home so it would be no problem. Though the day I got home i went and ran some errands...
  6. Trisarahtops

    Time travel

    That is not necessarily correct. The current equation for time dilation doesn't take the mass into account at all. And for that specific equation traveling faster than the speed of light is mathematically impossible. Where mass comes in is in the relativistic mass equation. basically the faster...
  7. Trisarahtops

    Time travel

    Okay sure, that is true. But that is completely unrelated to the point I was trying to make. All taking about acceleration in modern physics is used for is the determine what the relativistic frame is and what the base frame is. The relativistic frame is the one who had to be "accelerated" to...
  8. Trisarahtops

    Time travel

    It had to be accelerated at some point. I guess when I say accelerating, jumlst means it had accelerated to be at the speed it is at.
  9. Trisarahtops

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    That's what I have heard, and it makes me very excited! I am fan girling so hard. Who needs to do school work when I have FMA to watch?!
  10. Trisarahtops

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    I just finished watching Kyoukai no Kanata and Fullmetal Alchemist. Now I am starting on FMA Brotherhood because I MUST HAVE MORE.
  11. Trisarahtops

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Hold strong! Don't give in to peer pressure! Only do it if you want to!
  12. Trisarahtops

    What Annoyed You Today?

    The fact that I have not motivation to do anything... even though I have SO much work to do.
  13. Trisarahtops

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    Ugh, it is so much more difficult than it should be. I attend school away from my home town, so I don't get to see my parents often. But I don't really want to tell them over the phone. Bit I also don't really want to keep it from them until I see them again so I should tell them over the...
  14. Trisarahtops

    Time travel

    We can't really say that time isn't completely still for light. Because in our reference frame sure, it is still moving and time is passing normally, but we have no idea what is happening in lights reference frame. Time could be stopped for light.
  15. Trisarahtops

    Time travel

    Time dilation has been a proven relativistic dynamic. It is used to study atoms of elements that decay too rapidly to study normally. This means they speed them up fast enough that the time in their reference frame slows down. This allow it to live long enough in our frame to be studied. But...
  16. Trisarahtops

    Spirit Tracks over Phantom Hourglass?

    I have never played PH but I have played ST. Though I do think that getting to "play" as Zelda, at least in a teamwork sort of sense is super cool. Certainly it isn't the best game, but I really liked the story-line and the puzzle solving aspect. I can't say that PH didn't have that, but it just...
  17. Trisarahtops

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    I am afraid to tell my parents about my boyfriend. I shouldn't be, because they are not that strict. It is just that we don't really talk about those types of thing, so I don't know what to do.
  18. Trisarahtops

    How do you cry

    It depends on why I am crying... I am one of those types of people, who cries when they get really mad. And then it pisses me off even more. In those situations I don't make any unusual sounds or sobs. It is really just tears that I furiously wipe away out of frustration. Then if I am actually...
  19. Trisarahtops

    Musical Instruments?

    I agree! My best friends came from my high school's music program!
  20. Trisarahtops

    So what do you guys do?

    I ski race! I have skied competitively for about 12 years now. Also I am a huge band nerd. I play oboe in by schools band and orchestra. I am also a member of Kappa Kappa Psi, which is a national band service fraternity. Sorry for the large pictures... I couldn't figure out how to re-size...
  21. Trisarahtops

    Anyone else growing out of gaming?

    I definitely game less, but I think it is more out of need than a choice. I am so busy with classes and word that I just don't have time much anymore. Life is getting in the way. So I suppose in a way I am "growing out" of gaming. But it doesn't mean I want to game any less than before, I just...
  22. Trisarahtops

    What video games have made you cry like a baby?

    Oh sweet baby Jesus, To The Moon had me just bawling like a baby. It was such and emotional roller coaster, with admittedly a lot of downs.
  23. Trisarahtops

    What Annoyed You Today?

    My ex keeps cornering me in public places and just saying extremely rude, and mean, and condescending things to me. Just generally being really emotionally abusive. But why can't I just walk away? I try, but he keeps talking and I don't. What is wrong with me? Why can't I just stand up for myself?
  24. Trisarahtops

    Musical Instruments?

    I have played oboe for 8 years. I played flute for 2 years in my high school marching band, and then was the drum major for 2 more years. I am currently working on an unaccompanied solo piece called Bach us from seven metamorphosis after ovid. These pieces were written after greek myths which I...
  25. Trisarahtops

    What is your favourite kind of cereal?

    Lucky Charms! Mmmm marshmallows....:pikalove:
  26. Trisarahtops

    Who was the more threatening; Ghirahim or Zant?

    Ghirahim was a tough enemy and challenging but I think he was made less threatening because he was a complete psycho! Every time I saw him I just wanted to smash his face in before he licked me again. Zant was crazy but in a different way. He was obsessed with power. and the power his "god"...
  27. Trisarahtops

    What drew you to the Zelda Franchise

    Honestly, I received Twilight Princess as a birthday gift. It was the first Zelda game I had ever played, and because it was my first, I needed a lot of help. I found this website whilst searching for help through the dungeons. Then I finish TP and was like "Damn, I wish that wasn't over" and...
  28. Trisarahtops

    What Was Some Weird Stuff You Believed in As a Child?

    I believed that babies were made from a man and woman just spending too much time together. Like when they get married and start living together they start spending all of their time together and then the woman's body is like "Oh, guess its time for a baby". And SHABAM! A baby is made. The sad...
  29. Trisarahtops

    Sad Complaaaaiiiining!

    Ear scratches can help too.
  30. Trisarahtops

    How old are you?

    Woo-hoo! In the majority! Though not for long, I turn 20 in August... I already feel the quarter-life crisis coming...
  31. Trisarahtops

    Favorite Pokemon Generation 1?

    #2 :Vulpix #3: Charizard #4: Butterfree #5: Lapras #6: Onix #7: Ponyta #8: Squirtle #9: Arcanine #10: PIKACHU
  32. Trisarahtops

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Finally finished my program for my programming class! I feel so victorious! :D
  33. Trisarahtops

    Early Start/Early Finish, or Late Start/Late Finish?

    Early start early finish most definitive. I always feel like I have so much more time in the day when I accomplish something early.
  34. Trisarahtops

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I hate daylight savings just because of that! To top it off, our school put spring break over daylight savings. I think it is a conspiracy... "When should we make spring break? Oh! I know! Lets put break over daylight savings so they will have one less hour of it! Genius!" -School Administration
  35. Trisarahtops

    Camera Suggestions?

    So I am currently on a mad hunt to get a new camera. I am not planning on purchasing one new; either I will buy it on eBay or find a used one somewhere else. The problem is that I just don't know that much about cameras in general. So what I am looking for... I want a camera that can zoom...
  36. Trisarahtops

    Do you dance?

    I flail.
  37. Trisarahtops

    Favourite Drink (general)

    I like getting tonic water, sparkling water, or sprite and cutting up strawberries and raspberries and other fruit and putting in in. It is so delicious especially on a hot summer day. Other than that, usually my go to is coffee which is a terrible habit.
  38. Trisarahtops

    What colour hair do you have/ like in a partner.

    1) My hair is a dark dirty blonde, and keeps getting darker each year. 2) Never dyed it, never will 3) I don't have a conscious preference that I know of, though my current boyfriend has strawberry blonde and I love it :pikalove:
  39. Trisarahtops

    How do you feel about selfies?

    I suppose I take a lot of selfies... primarily because of snapchat. I know that is a super "basic" thing to do, but it is one of my primary ways of contacting one of my best friends that is attending college far away from me. Also, they are usually of me making the weirdest faces possible. Not...
  40. Trisarahtops

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

  41. Trisarahtops

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Feeling very ecstatic despite all of the work I have to do. I guess that is what happens when that one person says something so incredibly perfect that it changes your whole day.
  42. Trisarahtops

    Breath of the Wild If you didn't know anything about Zelda U. What would be the perfect Zelda U?

    I know this is not too big of an issue... but I really wish it would have the more realistic art style like that of twilight princess. With the capabilities of the Wii U, they should be able to do this art style very well. Also, many (if not all) of the resent games have been a cartoonish style...
  43. Trisarahtops

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I should be doing homework... But instead I am listening to podcasts, painting my nails, and searching the interwebz. :D
  44. Trisarahtops

    What is your GO-TO device?

    I have a Microsoft surface pro (first gen) and I absolutely love it! It is great because it runs full windows so I can do everything that a desktop or a laptop could do. Plus it is small, touch screen, has a keyboard, and has a great pen interface. I even take notes for class using the pen...
  45. Trisarahtops

    You Know You've Played Too Much LOZ When...

    ... and you *attempt* to learn the soundtrack on piano, even though you have never played piano in your life.
  46. Trisarahtops

    MM-3DS When are you picking up your MM3D?

    When I get the money... which could be a while. The woes of being a broke college student.
  47. Trisarahtops

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Must.Stay.Awake.Through.Class. No more all nighters....
  48. Trisarahtops

    You Know You've Played Too Much LOZ When...

    When you have the sound of Midna coming out of your shadow set as your text ringtone.
  49. Trisarahtops

    What's your "go to" game?

    Definitely Twilight Princess! I just love the story, and love the art style, and love the game play. It isn't super challenging so you can play it without getting overly frustrated, but also challenging enough that you can play it again and again without getting bored.
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