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  1. Ryan

    The Random Drawing Contest Round 30

    Oh darnit.... ok sorry you can delete my posts if you want idk if im going to do enter again
  2. Ryan

    The Random Drawing Contest Round 30

    ok ill enter dfsfdsgdfdhsdgds there we are sjhbdbgzjdrgghthzg
  3. Ryan

    Will Skyward Sword Be the Best?

    Woooo! I do think it will be the best, but not just becausee of what Nintendo says, I think they could say cdi zelda was the most wonderful zelda ever lol because how good a game is is always someones opinion. In my opinion, it will be the beeeessssttttt. Not just cause im a fanboy but...
  4. Ryan

    Spoiling Skyward Sword

    i personally don't really care about spoiling the game lol I want to know everyyythinnnngg
  5. Ryan

    Midnight Release

    I've never been to a midnight release before lol, I remember there was one for the Wii in our city but I didn't go to it... I just love sleep too much! xD There may or may not be a skyward sword midnight release, either way I don't think i'm going to go to it because I'll have probably pre...
  6. Ryan

    Pre-Ordering Concern

    Yeah... I think like Hero of Time said it would be good to pre order before November. I haven't pre ordered yet either, for the same reason as you lol, I'm new to it and haven't ever done it. This thread will probably help me out too! bump!!
  7. Ryan

    Skyward Sword Gamelength

    At least as long as TP for a 100% run i think... because I remember reading that it has more content than ever before in a Zelda game... I think it was Aounuma who said that it would be very dense and content packed, and that he and miyamoto hadnt even gone through everything in the game yet...
  8. Ryan

    How Much Will Skyward Sword Cost Where You Live? (Please read post #8 before posting)

    dittttoooooooooooo except i only have the wii motion plus add on thing....
  9. Ryan

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    ahhh i see, the annoying counting days or not business... lol but anyways really i cannot wait, screw homework the days after skyward sword comes out xD
  10. Ryan

    Rate the Siggy!

    =O thats crazy =D First of all i love the one thats not under spoilers, idk what it means lol but its very symmetrical and awesome And as for the big one its very epic. The guy walking is pretty bad *** looking lol is that you? =P I also really love the stars and space in the background, and...
  11. Ryan

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    ready for this? HERREEE WEEEE GOOOOOOOOOO lol...
  12. Ryan

    ZD After Skyward Sword.

    Oh will be stick basking in zelda bliss after skyward swords released, not just by the game, but all community and internet stuffs about it. Forum topics, Lets Plays, walkthroughs, reviews, and so many other random thing on the web about SS =P. In fact, i'm almost as excited about that part...
  13. Ryan

    Rate the Siggy!

    I like the purple and the blue!!! It pleases my eyeballs, and it also has skyward sword stuff in it, and the text is semi epic so I give it 9/10
  14. Ryan

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    maybe you guys are in different timezones that would explain things lol
  15. Ryan

    Evidence for Whale Not Being a Dream

    Maybe the whole thing is a dream =O and link wakes up in his bed after the game is over... wouldnt that be crazy... and very cliche lol But i agree that it's probably not a dream. It's too good of storyline changer to just not have it happen in real life... unless link, in the game, has a...
  16. Ryan

    The Box Art...

    Does this confirm the master sword is the skyward sword because links holding it skyward or has that already been confirmed... lol I think a remember reading somewhere that it is.
  17. Ryan

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    You win!!!! =D lol . This is will be my second really anticipated zelda game, the first was twilight princess, but this one is BY FAR more hyped up in my brain than tp was, the release of the Wii overshadowed the release of TP i think but now i can focus just on zelda and it will beee...
  18. Ryan

    Any Acclaimed Games/series You Dislike?

    Need for speed racing games i never really liked too much, along with a lot of other people i think. In fact, I dont really enjoy any racing series with the exception of mario kart =P. Or maybe i should say i dont like realistic racing games. That could be because I cant drive yet and dont...
  19. Ryan

    General Art Xinn's Spur-of-the-Moment Speedpaints

    woah your painting are awesome awesome awesome!!!! You have lots of talent!! I dont know what else to say because i dont know anything about painting and drawing, but your realistic art is realistic and your other kind of art (idk what to call it sorry) looks really cool!
  20. Ryan

    The Box Art...

    imo the box art is amazing!!!! the background colour goes well with the rest of the newer zelda games which is good and I LOVE links pose, it's pretty epic. The artwork portal looking thing behind is cool looking too. overall its just great. I also like the rumoured european box art. Its...
  21. Ryan

    How Do You Small Talk?

    Hi, man i also suck at small talk but oh well. I just usually try to be as friendly as possible. Sometimes I can think of things to say and i say them and it works out fine... but other times idk what to say and it can get pretty awkward!!! Im not too good at making new friends unfortunately...
  22. Ryan

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    30. Visit i-am-bored.com ....
  23. Ryan

    The Box Art...

    I think it will be the golden colour of twilight princess band wind waker just because thats the trend but idk i hope its colourful
  24. Ryan

    What Are Your Thoughts on Heart Pieces Being in Dungeons?

    thats cool :P .]\]\]
  25. Ryan

    SS release dates!!!

    WOOOO 90 something days left! cant wait
  26. Ryan

    Skyward Sword Difficulty Concerns

    If you watch the video you'll see what i mean: http://www.zeldainformer.com/2011/06/reggie-fil-aime-shows-off-on-jimmy-fallon.html He beat that enemy in a few seconds just by spazzing out O_O
  27. Ryan

    Skyward Sword Difficulty Concerns

    There are a few enemies we've seen that wouldn't be possible to beat just flailing the remote around randomly lol, like the scorpion boss king, the spiders, and yeah... I'm worried about all the rest xD Like someone else said though, it's only the first dungeon in the game, it's probably not...
  28. Ryan

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Like a G6 ...It's catchy ok lol
  29. Ryan

    Favourite Super Mario Game?

    2D. Super Mario Bros 3 3D. Super Mario Galaxy (I know SMG2 is probably the better game, but I had better memories with the first)
  30. Ryan

    E3 Dungeon Speed Run

    Awesome!!! I bet he could've shaved off a minute or so if he had polished his skills a bit more, especially with the vines and the sprinting.
  31. Ryan

    Ideas, Ideas, IDEAS! (By the Way, I Am Finnaly Back!)

    I think these are all pretty legitimate ideas and I would love for them to actually happen.
  32. Ryan

    Fungal Spores What Are They For?

    Ah, ok. That makes sense. They might reduce the number of mushrooms in the actual game...
  33. Ryan

    Fungal Spores What Are They For?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuNznBxCKaI you can skip to around 2:20 to see Link collect some. I have no idea what they're for. I don't really think it's to regain health because there are too many mushrooms to collect from, it would make the game too easy, you probably have much less...
  34. Ryan

    Link's Partner

    Her voice and way of talking really reminds me of glados from portal, lol
  35. Ryan

    Water in Skyward Sword

    Nice observation! The water looks really nice. I'm happy that there will probably be a water temple, water temples are usually more puzzle based, I like that
  36. Ryan

    A Nice Video of Skyward Sword's Dungeon Music and Sound

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuNznBxCKaI With no background show floor noise or crappy video quality to impede analysis yay
  37. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    Yes! Thank you for reminding me of his name lol :P I see what you're getting at, but, back to the body language thing, Link nods when he's asked to round up cattle, which is the same as answering in the affirmative by speaking. I believe red dead redemption is great proof that a character...
  38. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    This was really good. I really don't see the problem in Link joining in the talking, as long as he only speaks when spoken to and keeps a neutral opinion, unless the player can make choices. Think of the main character from red dead redemption, sot of like that.
  39. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    Yes! As Zelda becomes HD and more realistic and cinematic, which there's a chance it will, the cutscenes will call for voice acting. And people saying Zelda is not an RPG are sort of contradicting when they also say the appeal of the series is that you feel as if you're actually Link.
  40. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    Indeed. I'm still expecting voice acting for other characters, including Link, as the series makes it's way into the next-gen. Even if there's no chance of Link ever having a voice, I expect other characters to speak. As someone mentioned, Oblivion has a mute main character, and there's still...
  41. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    Read the second clause lol when link nods, it's strongly suggested that he agrees. When he looks sad or angry, it's strongly suggested he's sad or angry. I'm not saying link has to scream "I AM ANGRY" every time he's angry, but, again, refer to the second part of my sentence. (Which I...
  42. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    It's true the game CAN work without dialogue... we're just thinking that it would be more immersive in terms of storyline if Link had greater interaction with the characters rather than just (not even saying) IMPLYING things that the player might not even agree with
  43. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    lol ok, maybe you have a different imagination of it than mine :P.
  44. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    Sorry, this post is straying from the point. Now I seem to be talking about you should be able to control more of Link's actions throughout the story. I just believe he should have a voice.
  45. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    It is possible to extract information with choices. There are many games that do this. Or maybe it could be an unlinear (is that the right word? lol) storyline, where the character could go down different routes to ultimately arrive at defeating ganon and saving princess zelda. As for the what...
  46. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    It seems people are having a hard time imagining Link with a voice... I really do understand this. But if you think about it, it's really not that hard. Imagine a young, humble, empathetic, unknowing village boy dragged into this epic quest, and how this boy would speak and interact. It gives a...
  47. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    Well said, Azure Sage. Yes, more proof that Link is his own person is that characters interact with him in a way which would be unique to his personality.
  48. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    It can still feel like we're in the game, even if link speaks. Take The Witcher 2, and RPG, for example, Geralt is the main character and has dialogue, but not in a way that makes the player feel as if they don't have control over what Geralt does and thinks. There are always options for the...
  49. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    Link is not already a character written into the story? If not, why can't Nintendo make Link a character written into the story, but in a way the player can control? I really find it hard to believe Link is not a character written into the Legend of Zelda series, though
  50. Ryan

    Link Should Have a Voice!

    Nintendo says Link shouldn't have a voice because they want the player to feel as if they're actually Link. I believe this is ridiculous. Link still uses body language to communicate, which, according to scientists, accounts for 93% of human communication. I'm not sure what Nintendo means by...
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