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  1. Shadow Wolfo

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Majora's Mask all the way, it is a classic. Majora's Mask is not all about the temples and killing the main guy. It is more about the side quests that get to me in this. Nintendo has done a fantastic job with the Zelda series in my opinion, they never let me down.
  2. Shadow Wolfo

    General Classic Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time *Poll*

    Its 50/50 right now. Hahah :P they are both really good
  3. Shadow Wolfo

    Majora's Mask Was Majora's Mask Hard for You?

    Very difficult. I didn't use help at all. It was so addictive though I barely slept. I beat the game in 1 week. The last day I stayed up till 7am to beat it. :3 Not staying up that late for a game again, I couldn't see xD.
  4. Shadow Wolfo

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    MM has to be the best: 1. Harder story play(can't believe I beat it in a week though) 2. Get to play as multiple forms 3. A lot more side quests then OoT 4. You get to wear masks :P 5. This is just personal experience) try playing really late when your tired it makes the game play for intense...
  5. Shadow Wolfo

    Favorite Area in Majora's Mask

    I thought I made a Forum About this??? Did it get deleted?
  6. Shadow Wolfo

    What Did You Like Most from the Game

    I like the hole at outset with the floors of enemys
  7. Shadow Wolfo

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time "Mirror Shield"

    The New logo is ongthe blocks and the shield same with the Old version. I like the way the moon looks on the old version so I pick the old one.
  8. Shadow Wolfo

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    I'm not sure if this is a Easter Eggs and every one probably knows. Theres a Great White in the Laboratory(underwater)
  9. Shadow Wolfo

    Let's Make Some Magic

    Sounds like Links going to visit Harry Potter :nerd:. But I like the Idea.
  10. Shadow Wolfo

    New Takes on Link in the Future?

    Pretty good Idea. But it sounds like links in the late 1800s in the cowboy years.
  11. Shadow Wolfo

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    Also the bass player is playing a mario song I think I don't know though. It sounds creepy.
  12. Shadow Wolfo

    Hyrule or Termina?

    Termina for sure. It had new and more monsters,it had diffrent places/secrets. Had all the features as hyrule did.(or almost)
  13. Shadow Wolfo

    Koume's Potion

    Just go talk to her she'll give you another free one which is awesome.:lol: Basicly you get unlimited!
  14. Shadow Wolfo

    Favorite Song in Ocarina of Time

    Sarias song, Its so peaceful and can make people dance. Its smoothing and can get your ways around forests.
  15. Shadow Wolfo

    What Would You Do?

    Yeah I would probably do this though anyway. I would have to have the same Items.I would probably do MM instead though. More realistic but stressfull.
  16. Shadow Wolfo

    Your YouTube Favorites

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRcj6CAhe7s I got a jar of dirt remix. ROFL:lol: another one is why is the Rum Gone here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JImcvtJzIK8 Heres a MM Music Video for the song Full Moon - Sonata Arctica(you have to watch it) I mean it its one if the best videos for...
  17. Shadow Wolfo

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Hmm...I might need to hire you and pay you.:lol:Not really but I would hire you for something,I can't do that though. But thats how good you are.
  18. Shadow Wolfo

    What Would You Do?

    If I heard I would have to save the earth. I would fly to mars...so I wouldn't be on earth anymore. If I was to agree to this I would stock up on 50 Flamethrowers. :nod:
  19. Shadow Wolfo

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Thanks! Epic Sig!!!:clap: Once again another great job.
  20. Shadow Wolfo

    Ocarina of Time Poll: Who is Better Adult Link or Young Link?

    Young link is the one. Not for Oot but for MM! Hes cool and awesome. He kicks butt and what is he even 10 yet. Anybody can kick some butt when your around 14-15 But under 10!!! Not likely.
  21. Shadow Wolfo


    Blood...maybe not gore cuz that would make it a rated M game. Not many zelda fans can play rated M games. I also like the idea of cuts and bruises. Also there would be alot of healing spring( like a fairy springs). Or just give it a day.
  22. Shadow Wolfo

    Dungeon Creation

    I would make mine in a sewers. It would have lots of spiders and rats. Oh and creatures no one has seen in the sewers. It would have tons of rooms,2 floors. It still has keys. The sub boss would be a Croc-a-rat.(random) Half Croc half rat. Well that would be my dungeon lol.
  23. Shadow Wolfo


    Yeah but they all pointed out they were all thieves. Though I couldv'e misread that part.
  24. Shadow Wolfo


    Poor man...hasn't even had a date...:cry: sadest thing ever. Well I hope he knows hes to big to be a fairy. Even though hes so tiny. One more thing...Whos his mother?:hmm:
  25. Shadow Wolfo

    "Them" in Majora's Mask

    :OThats a scary monster. But yes it does look like Them in MM.
  26. Shadow Wolfo


    I was playing TP and the first time you see Auru he tells you about what happen. He said that the criminals of the Gerudo Desert, were sentenced to death. So the only Gerudo left is Ganondorf. Thats what happend to them.
  27. Shadow Wolfo

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Hmmmm. How about Wolf link. Instead, :D your very kind.
  28. Shadow Wolfo

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Can you make my sig different since you haven't made it yet? A picture (non wolfo) of your choice zelda related. BG design your choice too. Text: One word...and your dead I believe this won't be too hard. Thank you!
  29. Shadow Wolfo


    Oh well. :huh: Oops.. I thought it might be something else.
  30. Shadow Wolfo


    I've been wondering. Whats really is a rupee? Is it another name for a crystal? Share your thoughts.
  31. Shadow Wolfo

    Letter in a Bottle.

    Shes a young girl who doesn't want to get in trouble it says it on the bottle. "Don't tell my father". So the bottle was for someone other than a Zora.
  32. Shadow Wolfo


    My guess they here him come by. Hmm...never thought of this.
  33. Shadow Wolfo

    Navi or Tatl

    Tatl is my faviorite. But the most helpful is Navi. She actually gives more description about each monster Tatl only a few. Though Navi is really annoying. :fairy:
  34. Shadow Wolfo

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Thats awesome!! Can you also make a signature. The same thing but without the the bottom thing.But under 200x200. Sub text: Beware! King of all Wolfo's :clap: You make awesome pictures my friend.
  35. Shadow Wolfo

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Its ok I dont care. Thank you though for doing this, Ive been wanting a avvy like this for a while.
  36. Shadow Wolfo

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Type: Avatar Size: 100X100 Theme: very evil theme Text: Shadow Wolfo Subtext: None Picture: A wolfo but has dark aura coming from it. very evil like a sort of darkish purple Thank you. Can't wait to see it.
  37. Shadow Wolfo

    Future Boss Ideas

    I would like to see Link try to kill a vampire with a sword. Well actually I would pick a monster with a power of lightning. It would be a huge wolf or dog like a hellhound or something. I don't know. It would be cool though.
  38. Shadow Wolfo

    Name for Zelda Wii

    Yeah, I understand. It might happen. Though it probably wont. But think about all the things in LoZ into a rated T game. It would also probably be realistic like TP. If it did come out it would be EPIC!:nod:
  39. Shadow Wolfo

    MM Money

    Thanks:D. Thats really helpfull and worked. Hopefully this thread helps other members.:)
  40. Shadow Wolfo

    Name for Zelda Wii

    LoZ. Remake of the classic NES LoZ. Hey, its possible. And theres a picture of the game Nintendo made. It says, Legend Of Zelda. So we will just see what it is when comes out
  41. Shadow Wolfo

    Favorite Boss from Ocarina of Time

    Thats my faviorite one too. Well mines also Twinrova. I keep on thinking its Ganondorfs mother, but there witches not gerudos.
  42. Shadow Wolfo

    Your Username

    Well Shadow Wolfo means The dark more evil side of a regular Wolfo. Though I use another username more Tyb923 means Ty for Tyler and Bateman (first and last name) and 923 for the date. September 23:cool:
  43. Shadow Wolfo

    Favorite Majora's Mask Song?

    My favorite is the Elegy Of Emptiness. It allways had a fine tune to it. Song of double time was my second. Edit: Sonata of Awakening :D
  44. Shadow Wolfo

    Happy Mask Salesman

    Thats exactly what I thought. Except hes cool. And yes can be trusted has he ever lied. Nope.:cool:
  45. Shadow Wolfo

    Hyrulean Animal Theory Guide

    Wow.:clap: Great discription. How do you know these thing and are you an author or trying to be one.:clap:Awesome work! Enjoyed reading it.
  46. Shadow Wolfo


    I think he was a random character in those game to nothing other than, him trying to be a fairy boy and selling maps to help his dad.
  47. Shadow Wolfo

    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    I honestly like how MM has more side quest than temples. It enjoyable and its like all the sub quest in one is like one huge temple room by room.
  48. Shadow Wolfo

    MM Money

    Thanks this is very helpful! Ill be sure to try it right away.
  49. Shadow Wolfo

    What is Your Favourite Place in MM and OoT?

    Thanks, I keep on thinking ruto and well.. I just forgot Mikau.:clap:
  50. Shadow Wolfo

    MM Money

    Can I have some help to get money fast and easy. I know 2 places, and those are east clock town, The top of the shooting gallery and in the knife and chamber roon in the INN. Does any body know any place. I would really aprieciate it.
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