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  1. Garo

    def not, just been dealin with a rough bout of insomnia lately and have exhausted my usual late...

    def not, just been dealin with a rough bout of insomnia lately and have exhausted my usual late night web corners so why not poke around for a bit
  2. Garo

    def Hublots

    def Hublots
  3. Garo

    White Ferrari is some goooooooood ****. That, Self Control, and Solo are probs the stuff I...

    White Ferrari is some goooooooood ****. That, Self Control, and Solo are probs the stuff I listen to the most, but I still will just run start to finish through the album like every other day at least
  4. Garo

    it's too good I can't even deal just unreal how good that damn album is self-control is the...

    it's too good I can't even deal just unreal how good that damn album is self-control is the song of the ****ing year
  5. Garo


  6. Garo

    Top 5 Worst TV Shows EVER

    This thread seriously makes me wonder how little TV you people must watch if these are what you think are the "worst shows ever." There's obviously no accounting for taste, but every single show mentioned here - every single one - at least reaches the surprisingly hard-to-clear bar of competence.
  7. Garo

    [img] wat

  8. Garo

    Oscars 2016 Discussion Thread

    - Don't care about Leo; Revenant is probably his worst, most insubstantial performance in years. Wolf of Wall Street features a far better Leo performance. - Quite livid that Alejandro "don't call my film a genre film because the root of genre is generic and my film is not generic" Inarritu won...
  9. Garo

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift inspired one of the two main characters of my undergraduate thesis film, so yeah I like her a lot. Don't care for her early country stuff (I really dislike "Love Story" - did she ever finish Romeo and Juliet or just up to like the end of Act 2?), but Red and onward have been...
  10. Garo

    2016: Huge Year For Gaming

    I mean there's no Bloodborne this year so what's even the point tbh we should just cancel video games until Bloodborne 2 is ready because nothing else matters
  11. Garo

    Men wearing make-up

    Do whatever makes you feel good. I don't wear makeup regularly but I have worn it a couple times when I had a need to look really good on camera, and hey, I felt pretty damn good with it on. I won't be wearing it every day because man is it a chore to put on (and I recognize the privilege that...
  12. Garo

    The Official Fire Emblem Fates Thread

    I guess I should clarify - though I'm never opposed to Easy difficulty settings in games, the one thing I usually will oppose is non-permadeath modes when permadeath is an option. So while I'll play both games eventually and play them on Normal or whatever the lowest difficulty is, I'm...
  13. Garo

    The Official Fire Emblem Fates Thread

    Birthright because I'm an unspeakable wuss about game difficulty, with the notable exception of Souls games. I'm a living contradiction. It's a shame because I love the general vibe of Conquest - the character design, the more morally dubious nature of the story and character relationships, and...
  14. Garo

    Member Treatment - Are we being fair to the members of the community?

    Howdy. There's this terrible cycle I have where I'll hear a neat bit of news about upcoming Zelda stuff - in this case all the amiibo functionality in Twilight Princess HD - and head over here to see some discussion about it. But by virtue of not having been here for a few weeks at the least...
  15. Garo

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Given the actual volume of posts there are waaaaaaaay too many subforums and categories and subforums within subforums within subforums. It'd be smart to condense a lot of it into single forums for things - instead of having a whole bunch of dedicated individual game forums, have a single one...
  16. Garo

    Best Movie Trilogy

    Either Three Flavours Cornetto (Edgar Wright's trilogy of English genre comedies Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End) or the trilogy from which it took its name, Kieslowski's Three Colors (consisting of his final three films, Three Colors: Blue, Three Colors: White, and Three...
  17. Garo

    Official Suggestions Thread

    As a member of the staff when the rules were rewritten and that rule put into place, this is not even remotely the context of the rule. I specifically recall arguing for the rule against swearing even with the filter, and my argument was - and remains - that even filtered swears (!%@$, ****...
  18. Garo

    Skyrim or Witcher 3?

    "Skyrim's game world, for example, is only around 39 square kilometers, making Witcher 3's world roughly 3.5 times larger than that of Bethesda's open-world epic." Here's another source for that same claim. That's just actual size. I could talk about how The Witcher 3 has a lot more substance...
  19. Garo

    Kanye West, Artist of the Century

    Hey everyone I wanted to know what your favorite Kanye West album is I really like all of them of course; College Dropout and Late Registration are hip-hop classics, 808s and Heartbreak changed pop music for better and for always with its pioneering use of autotune as an artistic choice, My...
  20. Garo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    He said July.
  21. Garo

    Eli Roth's "The Green Inferno"

    I don't know. Something about the potentiality of having a rooting interest in somebody having their organs eaten away makes me feel weird. I don't really know why having a rooting interest in a dumb horror movie supporting character being killed in clever, grisly fashion doesn't feel weird, but...
  22. Garo

    Eli Roth's "The Green Inferno"

    TRIGGER WARNING: this thread will discuss a film involving such topics as murder, rape, and cannibalism. Eli Roth, the director known for such "horror" titles as Cabin Fever and Hostel, is finally back with his new film, The Green Inferno, a horror film inspired by the cult found footage...
  23. Garo

    What do you do to relax?

  24. Garo

    Breath of the Wild Top 5 want-to-knows

    They're different things, and stories frequently feature plots, but you can definitely have a story without a plot and a plot without a story. Zelda games tend to be plot-driven despite being fairly weak on story. I'm really only interested in story in games these days, so I really want to know...
  25. Garo

    Breath of the Wild Top 5 want-to-knows

    1. why should I care about it 2. when are you, the gaming industry, going to stop pushing open worlds into everything 3. is the story actually good this time 4. is there even a story or is it just plot 5. how do magnets work in Hyrule
  26. Garo

    (OLD) Contest Unfair Infractions Here

    Oh man you really got me with that pastebin of a public post I made, damn I sure wish people couldn't see something that I posted openly, don't even know how I'm gonna cope with the shame of freely offered thoughts and ideas. You'll note that I never compared my resignation with world crises. I...
  27. Garo

    (OLD) Contest Unfair Infractions Here

    It sure as **** is gratifying to see that literally every concern and grievance with the staff that I had that led me to resign - a tendency for unilateral action, cronyism, acting on personal vendettas - has been completely justified and true. It might be easy to dismiss complaints against the...
  28. Garo

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Cool. I profoundly don't care. That movie made me angry to watch. Actively angry. I yelled at the screen after the credits rolled. I will not be watching it again by choice.
  29. Garo

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Jurassic World, which was easily the worst film I've seen this year - and I saw 50 Shades of Grey. F. Inside Out, forming the back half of a double feature with the previous film, lifted my spirits quite a lot by delivering one of the greatest emotional payoffs I've ever seen in a film. A...
  30. Garo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    twenty four straight thirteen hour plus workdays (not counting a frequently hour-long round trip commute as well as picking up and dropping off co-workers) is a beautiful recipe for insanity
  31. Garo

    (OLD) Contest Unfair Infractions Here

    In the staff chat? Ahahahahaha.
  32. Garo

    Favorite Video Game Couples

    Lara Croft and Random Pieces of Rebar Joel from The Last of Us and The Scent of Freshly Spilled Blood Nathan Drake and Hot Bullet Casings The Inquisitor and Cullen Shepard and Tali Cortana and Inane Technobabble
  33. Garo

    Protagonists: Male or Female

    I so greatly prefer to play as female characters that I've begun actively seeking out games with written female protagonists, and always choosing to play as a woman when I play a game with variable gender protagonists. I am a man. I live the experience of being a man every day of my life. Why...
  34. Garo

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Ex Machina. The most feminist film I've seen in an incredibly long time, but it's insidiously so - it'll worm its way into the minds of those resistant to such audacious concepts as "women are people too" so subtly that they may in fact mistake its incredibly feminist central idea for something...
  35. Garo

    Spoiler The Many Timelines of Majora's Mask

    It does though. It specifically refers to the persistence of the world Link left behind. To the world where Ganon was defeated. Because it specifically refers to that timeline continuing to exist, it cannot have been rewound. It's like taking a tape and rewinding it in the middle of the credits...
  36. Garo

    Spoiler The Many Timelines of Majora's Mask

    You are more than free to disagree, but understand that to do so is to disagree with explicitly stated canon. Hyrule Historia makes it very explicit that the point of divergence is Adult Link's being sent back in time to the "Child Era." It also explicitly uses the term "rewind" to refer to...
  37. Garo

    Spoiler The Many Timelines of Majora's Mask

    It isn't though. She didn't rewind the timeline; she removed Link from the timeline and planted him in a new one, in which the events of the game hadn't happened yet. Zelda's timeline, the one the game's events took place in, still exists independently of Link, and doesn't rewind. Link is taken...
  38. Garo

    Batman v Superman teaser trailer - Official Full Version

    I cannot believe that Warner Brothers manages, at every turn, to make me less and less excited for this movie to the point that I'm pretty sure I already hate it. It looks so awful. It's unbelievable. Here is an illustration of this weekend in geekdom:
  39. Garo

    What is objectively the best video game?

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the Nintendo GameCube (not the PS2 one, it's crap)
  40. Garo

    Actors deserving of an oscar

    The only people who deserve Oscars are the people who are politically minded enough to play the game and choose projects that will land them in the Academy's field of view. Few are those who win Oscars on sole merit.
  41. Garo

    Rewards for quality of post?

    Garo of the Month
  42. Garo

    Albums in 2015 That You're Looking Forward For

    New Kendrick. New Kanye. New Frank Ocean. New Frank Turner. New Sufjan. New Wilco. New Decembrists. New fun. New Bob Dylan. Lots of great stuff coming up, I don't even remember it all.
  43. Garo

    Why Is IMDb So Esteemed By The Movie Industry?

    IMDB is esteemed because it's invaluable as a resource for crew members and actors. There is more information there about the production specifics of films than you'll find anywhere else. You can find out what cameras they used, who operated them, what else those camera operators have worked on...
  44. Garo

    Is There Anything That Zelda Offers You That Other Franchises Don't?

    Mostly just puzzles, these days. You don't really get puzzle games quite as robust and beautiful as what Nintendo churns out in the main series. All of the combat and story is mostly window dressing, especially since the former took a nosedive in Skyward Sword and the latter has gotten...
  45. Garo

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Big Eyes. This film is at the same time a return to form for Burton, as well as an apparent admission that for the past few years, maybe he's been making films not because of some core emotional truth that speaks to him, but because people like them. This is a film about the dueling desires of...
  46. Garo

    Caption the Avatar Above You

    Link, being sexy.
  47. Garo

    Could we achieve biological immortality in our lifetime?

    Okay a more thoughtful post, here we go: I think that for immortality to exist we'd have to a) have solved the issue of scarcity and b) have found ways to curb population growth simply to preemptively address issues of overcrowding. So to have a hypothetical conversation about the societal...
  48. Garo

    Could we achieve biological immortality in our lifetime?

    I would like to share your optimism, Batman, but while I feel it is totally within our ability to do those things, I think the incredibly daunting challenges that we are going to face this century are pretty damned frightening. The population boom (still going, somehow), anti-microbial...
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