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  1. Naruko

    What's Your Fandom Pet Peeve?

    *peeks out from under the rock of fandom shame* M-Preg bugs me so much. It makes no sense!! I've only read ONE series that I thought did it absolutely any justice and that's because aliens and a fabulous authoress. That's it. No one else will ever be able to come close. Also, student-teacher...
  2. Naruko

    What fandoms do you like?

    I'm kind of moving away from my fandoms and that makes me really sad. Need a better work-life balance!! But...my biggest ones are Zelda, Fire Emblem (only with a select few things tho), MLP, I dabble in Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings, sort of dabble in Pokemon, sometimes venture...
  3. Naruko

    Share your tattoos

    I have on one to take photos of it atm, but I have the classic Triforce on my left shoulder. Got it done 5 years ago and never looked back. I also want a tattoo on my right inner knee, ankle, right hip, foot, and other shoulder. I will be covered in tattoos!
  4. Naruko

    What Is Your Favorite Kind of Bird?

    OWLS!! (Naruko may have an owl obsession. Don't tell, it's a secret.) I also really like raptors, especially red tailed hawks since I see them quite often near our house.
  5. Naruko

    Favourite school/college subject?

    I don't remember any stand outs from high school. Creative Writing was fun. My favorite college courses were Pediatric Nursing, Mother-Baby Nursing, and my Leadership Clinical. I loved the independence of the clinical, and I always wanted to work with babies/kids. That's my fall back plan if...
  6. Naruko

    What do you miss about high school/primary school, whatever?

    I do miss random all nighters, playing video games and trolling. I miss the randomness of AA and all that fun stuff. I miss the lack of responsibility. And the lack of bills.
  7. Naruko

    How do you cry

    Either I ugly-cry, with big fat tears and boogers and bawling, or I cry the silent tears. The tears where you need to really look close to see if I'm crying and even then, I might just pretend it's a contact issue.
  8. Naruko

    Elf ears; hot or not?

    Pretty hot. I'm going to blame the pretty boys of LotR for this particular thing. Mmmmmm....
  9. Naruko

    /me sips tea

    Fruit teas! I had a really good pomegranite white, and a coconut black. I also drink apple chamomile, peppermint, rooibos with various fruits and rosehips, and jasmine. And I'll drink the caramel-vanilla tea my mom bought. Has anyone else had Celestial Seasoning's Nutcracker Sweet? It's the...
  10. Naruko

    What kind of teas don't you like?

    I really don't like most green teas. Other than that, every other tea I've tried I've liked.
  11. Naruko

    Do you wear makeup?

    I put on makeup for dates and interviews and other important things. But I have the worst oily skin, so I want to rub my face in makeup and then it gets in my eyes and annoys my contacts. -_- Also morning Naruko is lazy as poop and doesn't have the energy for makeup before work.
  12. Naruko

    The super revived ZD crush thread

    @Lady of the Leaves , let's get married. =P
  13. Naruko

    Pirates or Ninjas?

    Tough choice....Pirates. Because Will Turner and Capt. Jack Sparrow beat the pretty boys of Naruto. *gets lost in daydreams* OK, maybe not, but Teenage!Naruko was all about the pirates.
  14. Naruko

    Early Start/Early Finish, or Late Start/Late Finish?

    I really like the 7-1530 hours I currently have. I have free evenings that way. Buuuut...I prefer late start and late finish. Then I feel like I accomplish more.
  15. Naruko

    My mom used to play that all the time when I as a kid. Good memories.

    My mom used to play that all the time when I as a kid. Good memories.
  16. Naruko


  17. Naruko

    Why Do People Refuse To Say "I'm Sorry"?

    I think it's more than stubbornness. I'm incredibly stubborn and hardheaded, but I apologize like crazy for things that aren't even remotely my fault.
  18. Naruko

    The Official ZD Jokes Thread

    Q: What does Tarzan say when he sees a herd of elephants in the distance? A: "Look, a herd of elephants in the distance" Q: What does Tarzan say when he sees a herd of elephants with sunglasses A: Nothing. He doesn't recognize them. Q: What does Tarzan say when he sees a herd of giraffes in...
  19. Naruko

    I love that!

    I love that!
  20. Naruko


  21. Naruko

    The Official ZD Jokes Thread

    When I went to see this man perform live, I nearly passed out I was laughing so hard. The look on his face when we began to yell back punchlines as a theater...Joke karaoke! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a77Dw3tNv8o This is one of my favorite jokes from Gabriel Iglesias.
  22. Naruko

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Pleasantly confused. I think I may have asked out my coworker's son through her, but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, whoop!
  23. Naruko

    *hug back* No, my computer is eating it.

    *hug back* No, my computer is eating it.
  24. Naruko

    It probably would be if my cat wasn't such a furry little moron. Oh well, we're well matched...

    It probably would be if my cat wasn't such a furry little moron. Oh well, we're well matched like that. Do you have any pets?
  25. Naruko

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Crazed. I think it's because I've hit my threshold and gone screaming past it.
  26. Naruko

    What are your hobbies?

    My biggest hobbies are: 1) Reading. All day every day! Or ya know, at least during my lunch break so I don't go mad. And I read everything! 2) Video Games. Which, hi, I'm Naruko and I'm posting on a video game forum! Ask me about my favorite non-LoZ games! 3) Screwing around online. Because...
  27. Naruko

    Favourite Drink (general)

    Milk (anything but skim bleeeeeeh), apple juice, Ramune, or lemonade. I'm trying to cut down on my pop, but I'll drink just about any pop besides regular Coke and regular Pepsi. Too sugary even for me. World Market has really good Italian Sodas and I can and will drink Pomegranate and...
  28. Naruko


    In the winter I wear my hand knitted owl hat or my cupcake hat every day to work so my ears don't freeze. Course, last time I wore the owl hat around lots of inmates, they laughed at me...then the lone ones would tell me they liked it. XD Not sure what to think of that.
  29. Naruko

    What colour hair do you have/ like in a partner.

    1) Naturally it's a darker brown that lightens in the summer from all my napping in the sun. 2) I do red quite often. Quite often...usually it's an auburn that fades really well into my hair, but this time it was stripped and done bright red. Not sure how I feel about that now that it's fading...
  30. Naruko

    What colour eyes do you have/ like in a partner?

    1) My eyes are blue with a ring of gold around the edges. 2) Nothing, I love my mutant eyes (Well, I wish they could see better, but that's not relevant right now.) 3) As long as they work, I'm down with any eyes. Bonus points to the one-eyed pirate, because pirates are hot.
  31. Naruko

    So busy. So tired. So distractable. *chases a butterfly off into the distance*

    So busy. So tired. So distractable. *chases a butterfly off into the distance*
  32. Naruko

    Something You Wish You Knew More About

    I want to know more about all the races, especially the often forgotten Sheikah and the Twili. And the goddesses. And everything everyone mentioned here. Also, the Poe sisters. Who or what are they, besides Poes?
  33. Naruko

    What Is Your Shaving Setup?

    I really like Gillette razors for shaving. Atm I have a pack of Lady Bics. Pwahahahaha, who needs shaving cream? Just wash like usual in the shower then shave away.
  34. Naruko

    Do you dance?

    I used to do swing choir in high school. Now I dance whenever the mood strikes me.
  35. Naruko

    Your Cosplay Dream

    Who else? Link of course! I'd love to cosplay as GenderBent!Link since I'd be a terrible drag king. My hips are too big. I'd also love to either be Peach, since I have a fuller figure- couldn't pull off Zelda- or the TARDIS. Not in a dress and starry leggings, in an actual TARDIS. Phonebox and all.
  36. Naruko

    Happy (late) Valentines Day to you too!

    Happy (late) Valentines Day to you too!
  37. Naruko

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars. The radio is messing with my brain...
  38. Naruko

    What is your GO-TO device?

    My phone, hands down. I usually have it with me, and since my laptop's battery is shot and the laptop is old, I just use my phone for most things these days. Not that I have much time to be surfing the internet lately anyway.
  39. Naruko

    Who and why.

    I'd want to either do a My Life as the King type thing with Zelda or The King or something, or play as Ganondorf because how fun would it be to do a My Life as the King thing where you destroy and have to defend yourself against tons of upstart heros and rebellions and such? (My Life as the King...
  40. Naruko

    What animal would you be?

    OMG, let's be owl buddies. I love owls!
  41. Naruko

    Super Bowl

    My dad's watching it, so I'm half paying attention. I guess I'm rooting for the Seahawks, because apparently the Patriots are the evil empire of football.
  42. Naruko


    Since this is half about interviews, and half about jobs, I have a question you lovely folks may be able to help me with. I'm trying to transfer laterally at my job; I'm trying to go from an agency to state service. At my initial interview (thinking I didn't get it, but I'll survive), I...
  43. Naruko

    What Annoyed You Today?

    The snow and waking up late made me miss yoga this morning. Love yoga...
  44. Naruko

    What are your favorite exercises

    I need to get my cardio back on track for rugby season. Depsite it making me feel like the whitest of white girls, I love yoga. I like tennis...but only for using the racket to smack tennis balls around for the dog to chase since he needs tons of exercise. I also like taking him for walks and...
  45. Naruko

    What Size Shoe Do You Wear? :chiba:

    Good God you people have big feet. I have itty bitty child sized feet I use to freak people out who don't like feet. I wear anything from a child's size 3-4 (Target's kiddie sizes run a little big tho) to a US women's 7. Honestly tho, those boots are only a 7 to fit around my calves and I have...
  46. Naruko

    How tall are you

    According to my mom I'm 5'2".5. According to my doctor I'm 5'1". Something tells me my mom was trying to spare my feelings. My brothers get so mad whenever I ask them to get things off shelves for me, since they're only 5'10" or so and I think that's unimaginably tall, so of course they can...
  47. Naruko

    Height Preference

    I'm a munchkin, so when a dude's around my height, I don't like it. I dated a guy who was 5'4" before, and he had major short-guy syndrome. I hated that, so I'm staying away from guys who are fellow munchkins. I don't really have a height preference in the ladies.
  48. Naruko

    What's The Appeal In American Football?

    I think part of the appeal is the immediate bond with other fans. I prefer watching soccer only in person and I'm a huge fan of rugby, so I'm not totally anti-sports like my one coworker, but I can't get into football for whatever reason. So when all my coworkers (besides one) talk about...
  49. Naruko

    Ethnic Foods

    One of my coworkers is married to a Hmong man and she and her sister-in-law made us some Hmong egg rolls. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
  50. Naruko

    Who works in a STEM field?

    I don't think nursing counts as STEM, but... My best friend works as an Architectural Engineer and my youngest brother wants to go to school to be a Biomedical Engineer. Throw in my friend's roommate who's also an Architectural Engineer and some days it feels like I know too many engineers.
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