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  1. Pinhead101

    Least Favorite Pokemon Game

    I never really liked Ranger that much. It was okay but it never stuck with me.
  2. Pinhead101

    How Many Hours Have You Clocked on a Single Game

    700 hours on Fire Red 770 hours on Diamond 300 hours on Soul Silver 300 hours on White And 60 hours on Emerald - playing through it now. I win :3
  3. Pinhead101

    Favorite Game of All Time?

    Hmm, my favourite games... That's difficult. So here's a list in no order. Beyond Good and Evil The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Fable Portal 2 Spyro 2 (Memories :3) Minecraft Pokemon Fire Red And probably some more I'm forgetting...
  4. Pinhead101

    Minecraft-Favorite/Least Favorite Mob?

    Interesting question... I'd say my favourite mob is the wolf. A tamed one makes for a good companion in single player. Endermen are pretty awesome too. Least favourite would be the Ghast because of the noises they make.
  5. Pinhead101

    Sequels to Your Favourite Games

    There is already (apparently) a sequel being made for Beyond Good and Evil, and I've been waiting long enough xD I'd like to see the same cast of characters and maybe a bit more back story into the Alpha section and the DomZ. Also, I really want a Pokemon Snap sequel for the 3DS. With gyro...
  6. Pinhead101

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    If I could afford it I'd definitely pick it up day one. But sadly I will have to wait... :P
  7. Pinhead101


    My first game was Fire Red when the DS first came out and I got both as Christmas presents. (Cause it could play GBA games) My first Pokemon was Charmander. Caught a shiny Magicarp and Poliwhirl. I have played that game for 690 hours. :D My second game was Diamond. (Birthday present) I picked...
  8. Pinhead101

    Thoroughly Impressed with Link's Awakening

    I feel the same as I just downloaded LA on my 3DS (It was on sale) and I am loving it. Already up to the 5th dungeon and it is as great as the 3D titles. I think I'll play more of the 2D games now seeing as I am really enjoying this one.
  9. Pinhead101

    It's Finally Here!

    I'm pretty excited I have to say. But I'm gonna try not to spoil it for myself this time. I've already watched the first 30 minutes on youtube so I'll try to restrain myself from spoiling anything else... Actually on second thought, screw it xD It's a new Pokemon game, I have to spoil :D
  10. Pinhead101

    What is Your Most Relaxing Music?

    Shiek's theme from OoT. That music makes me instantly relaxed... Sometimes I avoid hitting A just so I can listen to the music... :3
  11. Pinhead101

    Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Remakes on DS or 3DS?

    I think if remakes are made they should be on the 3DS for a few reasons: 1. To make use of the hardware. If the games are designed specifically for the 3DS they could turn out really well. Gamefreak could choose to move on from sprites and use full 3D models. The cities in the game would look...
  12. Pinhead101

    What Pokemon Game Are You Playing Now.

    Right now I'm playing Fire Red. Just revisiting my old Poke's :3 I'm playing through Emerald currently though
  13. Pinhead101

    Did You Choose Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan?

    I chose Hitmonlee because I always thought Hitmonchan looks a bit girly... Is he wearing a skirt? xD
  14. Pinhead101

    The Pokemon Trading Card Game.

    I started collecting Pokemon cards when my cousins gave me all of their old cards. There were around 500 cards from the base sets. Most weren't in the best condition because they were owned by 10 year old boys :P There were a decent amount of rare cards and some 1st edition ones. Then I began...
  15. Pinhead101

    Ruby and Sapphire Remake or Ruby and Sapphire 2?

    I personally think they should set the games a few years after the originals. I dunno how exactly they could do it but it would be pretty nostalgic to see the Hoenn region after everything happened and people around the place would be talking about things that YOU did in the previous games :D
  16. Pinhead101


    Haha yeah I don't actually follow the sport myself... I just like to rub it in because many people do :3 Another thing for this thread... Why do people always emphasise Australian accents? Do we actually sound like that to other people? o.O
  17. Pinhead101


    Well I can't give an outside view on Australia but I can say that us Queenslanders consider ourselves superior to people from NSW because we always win the State of Origin xD Don't take it too personally :D On topic: I am also interested to see some outside views on Australia as a country. I...
  18. Pinhead101

    The Most Annoying Pokemon Ever!

    Zubat for being annoying in caves. Bibarel for being so derpy it's annoying xD
  19. Pinhead101

    Mythical/Extinct Creatures.

    Definitely dragons! That would just be epic. Well maybe if they were less dangerous... :P
  20. Pinhead101

    Avengers Opinion

    It was great :D Really funny and filled with action. I usually don't watch Marvel movies (Or many movies at all now that I think about it) but I think this movie has got me hooked :P
  21. Pinhead101


    I play netball. Why? Because I played the game in primary school and loved it. I'm also pretty good at it so that helps xD I like how fast paced a game can be. The ball can travel from one side of the court to another in seconds. You really have to be on your feet and know what you're doing.
  22. Pinhead101

    If Virtual Were Real What Game Would You Want to Play?

    Any kind of RPG. Final Fantasy, like many others have said, would simply be epic as would The Elder Scrolls and Zelda. Any game that puts a lot of detail into the environment not just graphic wise but detail and creativity would be amazing because you could fully immerse yourself in it.
  23. Pinhead101

    Favourite First Level in a Video Game?

    Beyond Good and Evil's intro was pretty awesome. Having you thrown into action immediately with an epic fight against the invading Domz is the best way to start the game. It really gets you involved in the action...
  24. Pinhead101

    Should Something Drastic Happen in Zelda?

    I don't think Link or Zelda should die because it wouldn't be as satisfying. But I think it could be interesting to end the game with Ganandorf/The Antagonist winning. Maybe it could end right after he has taken over the land of Hyrule/Whatever and things are looking grim but provide sufficient...
  25. Pinhead101

    Do You Read The WHOLE Thread?

    I usually read the first page and then contribute if I can. I'll read more if it's a discussion or something and not just individual opinions. As for long posts, I will read the post if I am interested and I respect the poster.
  26. Pinhead101

    Will You Be Spoiling the Next Zelda Wii U Title for Yourself?

    I think I'll spoil as much as I can excluding the second half of the game (Ending included). I say this because I doubt I'll end up getting a WiiU (Too expensive) and therefore won't end up playing the game until a price drop (Probably around 2016 :P). I did this with Skyward Sword since I...
  27. Pinhead101

    Do You Want the Realistic Zelda Tech Demo?

    Yeah it looked great and it would be a good way to start off on the WiiU and show what it can do.
  28. Pinhead101

    What is Your Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Region

    Uhh Vulpix is Kanto :P My favourite is Zangoose. You gotta love Zangoose. He's so epic :D Favourite Hoenn legendary is Jirachi.
  29. Pinhead101

    General Art Calculator Doodles~ x3

    Haha that is awesome :D I think I'll try something like that. I don't actually have a graphics calculator yet but we are using the class sets at the moment. At the end of every lesson the teacher looks at each calculator to reset. I think I might leave him some artwork to look at xD
  30. Pinhead101

    Zelda Art My Zelda Drawings

    These are really good :) Keep drawing and developing your skills Have you ever thought of colouring your drawings?
  31. Pinhead101

    Facebook or Youtube?

    I don't even have facebook so I say youtube. Facebook causes too many problems at my age so it's not even worth it :P
  32. Pinhead101

    Ocarina of Time What's the Farthest You Have Ever Gotten?

    100% except for the Skulltulas which I usually end up getting around 70.
  33. Pinhead101

    Link As a Girl?

    I wouldn't mind playing as Zelda and 'rescuing' Link xD It would be an interesting change which would allow them to experiment with different gameplay elements.
  34. Pinhead101

    Did You Think Link's Name Was Zelda?

    Never did myself but my little brother did when he was younger and still does sometimes xD It's amusing actually...
  35. Pinhead101

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    I WOULD say winter, but it doesn't snow where I live :( So I say spring because it's not too cold, not too hot and the flowers make it a really happy time :3
  36. Pinhead101

    How Do You Friend?

    I send a request if I have read a few of their posts and the user seems to be someone I could get along well with. I always accept requests as well.
  37. Pinhead101

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    This is my wallpaper right now It changes every 30 minutes to another Kanto Pokemon ^_^ Here is the Windows 7 theme if you want to download it Themes for Windows 7: Gen I Pokemon Theme for Windows 7
  38. Pinhead101

    Humor in Zelda

    At the right moments, humour really adds to the experience of the game. It's good when it's not overdone and it just fits in nicely. I like the quirky humour of some of the characters.
  39. Pinhead101

    New Zelda Game.

    Probably adult Link for both Zelda WiiU and Zelda 3DS. They've already stated that Zelda 3DS won't be a sequel to PH and ST so I'm expecting adult Link in a console-like experience. For WiiU I think using adult Link with a more dark setting could really show off the system's graphics.
  40. Pinhead101

    Mystery Dungeon

    I played Blue rescue team and explorers of time. I really enjoyed them. The stories were awesome and the gameplay was fun. They were really involving as well. It's not often when a video game can make me cry but both of them did :)
  41. Pinhead101

    Favorite Legendary?

    Ever since the second movie I have loved Lugia. He is really awesome in that movie and his design and typing are pretty awesome. Runners up for me would be Mewtwo, Jirachi, Entei and Zekrom.
  42. Pinhead101

    Best Story

    As much as I love the classic team rocket thing Black and White had a more involving story. It's good that they are continuing it in B/W2
  43. Pinhead101

    Best DS Games to Pick Up?

    Mario Kart DS was a good game. You should pick it up if you aren't planning on getting Mario Kart 7.
  44. Pinhead101

    Physical Books Versus E-Books

    Physical books for me. Especially because I can get them from a library for free without having to buy a digital reading device. Nothing can replace that feel of holding a real book and turning physical pages. And the smell of books :3
  45. Pinhead101

    What Kind Of Bellybutton Do You Have?

    I have an inny. Outies are weird o.O I knew a kid who had quite a large outie. About half the size of a pinkie finger *shudders*
  46. Pinhead101

    Beating a Game Every Way Possible.

    Try the Nuzlocke Challenge. It makes the game a lot more difficult and a lot more fun :) The most basic Nuzlocke rules, as they were first introduced, are as follows: Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released. The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in...
  47. Pinhead101

    How Many Have You Caught?

    All of them... :P Through the main story I catch a Pokemon if it is not yet registered in my pokedex. No exceptions. Then at the end of the game I evolve/trade/whatever to obtain all of them :) Not complete if you don't
  48. Pinhead101

    Tunic Link

    I always go red in Oot. Looks awesome with the mirror shield :D
  49. Pinhead101

    Zelda Theme Park

    Sounds fun and all but the it would never happen. Maybe a general nintendo one could work... But even then I'm not sure I'd go to it much. It would give haters more reason to think that nintendo is for children
  50. Pinhead101

    Most Unattractive Pokemon

    Pretty much all of the Unova Pokemon. Especially Kyurem, Garbodor and Stunfisk. Some Sinnoh Pokemon could have been better too. Like Probopass, Purugly, Likilicky and Ambipom.
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