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  1. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time Is Oot Out of Date or Wil It Ever Be

    No, OoT is not dated and it will stand the test of time. In the future, it will be remembered and appreciated much more than many "current" games.
  2. Escohobita

    The Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda:the Iphone Adventure?

    No, I don't like the concept of Zelda on the iphone or android phones. Probably going to sound pompous here but I think that cheapens the quality of the franchise. Especially considering that the iphone's controls are not so great and that the limited power on the iphone would hinder the game's...
  3. Escohobita

    Who has beaten majora's mask completely?

    Wow....I can't believe you did everything 100 percent without a walkthrough. Kudos to you, good sire! As for me, I came very close to 100 percent. I got all the bottles, all the stray fairies and all the masks but I did not manage to get all the hearts (a few of them were tedious to get so I...
  4. Escohobita

    General Classic Should Zelda III Be Done?

    I like the fact that the Zelda series does not seem to dwell into the past, like most other Nintendo franchises. They are one of the only Nintendo franchises nowadays that seems to look forward all the time. I like this very much, and I think other Nintendo franchises need to look at Zelda as an...
  5. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask What's Your Fav Mask

    Bunny Hood and Zora's Mask. Bunny Hood because it enable me to do so much more in the game, and Zora's Mask because I have a fascination with the Zoras and I liked swimming underwater with it.
  6. Escohobita

    Which Piece of the Triforce Would You Like to Own?

    Wisdom: an attribute far more powerful and far more important than power or courage, in my opinion.
  7. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask How You Would Save Termina?

    No ocarina? No ability to call the giants? Not the hero of time? There is only one thing to do: run. Or perform the "4th day" glitch. Regardless, when that moon falls it will be more disastrous than when the bombs dropped in Fallout.
  8. Escohobita

    General Classic Which is Easier: a Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time?

    I find Ocarina of Time to be a bit easier than ALTTP. Of course, this is probably because I've played Ocarina of Time much more than A Link To The Past.
  9. Escohobita

    Playing As the Opposite Gender in Video Games

    I don't really have a problem playing as female characters at all..actually I do it all the time in Soul Calibur (Taki) and Super Smash Bros. (Peach).
  10. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Was Majora's Mask Hard for You?

    When it came out (when I was 10) it seemed kinda hard. Now it's fairly easy. Much more challenging than OoT, however. There are still certain parts of the game that trip me up (especially certain quests).
  11. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Fav Music of LoZ OoT?

    I love the music to Forest Temple...it's so eerie. Still gives me chills today. That's probably my favorite music from OoT.
  12. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time How Do You Pronounce Gerudo?

    I pronounce it as Guh-roo-doh. I actually have heard some of my friends pronounce it as "jerduo" before, though.
  13. Escohobita

    Link's Statue In Majora's Mask

    It's a hint that the next game in the series is the Wind Waker :D...nah I don't really know but he really does look like Link's character in WW.
  14. Escohobita

    General Classic Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time *Poll*

    Ocarina of Time, because I like the dungeons in OoT so much more than in Majora's Mask (although Stone Tower Temple is probably the greatest dungeon ever made in the Zelda universe), not to mention I just find playing OoT more enjoyable. Oh yeah and for another random reason I also like the...
  15. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time OoT Bosses Too Easy?

    You probably find them easy because you've played the game so many times that you can beat it in your sleep. On my first runthrough of this game, I found the boss fights to be pretty difficult, and I died on Bongo Bongo, Ganondorf and even Phantom Ganon. Now I find the boss fights ridiculously...
  16. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Paper Airplane?

    I usually like looking really far into stuff like this, but I gotta say that this is just a Paper Mario-related easter egg, most likely.
  17. Escohobita

    Which Temple from Ocarina of Time Would You Want to Live In?

    I would like to live in Forest Temple. I already have an affinity for being around forests, so it wouldn't be that much of a problem for me. Just get rid of the wallmasters and I'm good.
  18. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Fav MM Character

    Zora Link, because I love anything Zora-related in Zelda.
  19. Escohobita

    General Classic Ocarina of Time:Best Game Ever?

    I'm gonna be one of those people that says yes, indeed it is. On my list of greatest games, it's tied with Final Fantasy VII. Even after playing through both games numerous times quite religiously, paying attention to minute (and large) details, I honestly can not choose between the two...
  20. Escohobita

    General Classic Favorite Mask

    Bunny hood...it was the most helpful mask to me in that game. I kept it on my c-buttons almost 100% of the time. Other than the bunny hood I would go with the Zora mask...I loved swimming underwater and I love the zoras.
  21. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Kafei-Link

    Anju sort of looks like older Malon, and of course the cucco lady in Kakariko Village. I don't think Kafei looks like anyone and I don't see him being a counterpart to Link at all.
  22. Escohobita

    Ice Arrows

    I never really used the ice arrows much in OoT...I think they should have been put to greater use in one of the temples or something.
  23. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time How It Would've Looked with TP Style Textures (graphics)

    God those wind waker graphics look atrocious in an Ocarina of Time setting. Wind Waker is fantastic game in it's own right, but those cel-shaded graphics would not go well with OoT at all. I would like to play OoT with TP graphics, though. I think that would be interesting.
  24. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time Big Scratch at Lake Hylia

    I remember seeing that a few years ago when playing through the game. It's either the owl or what everyone else is saying, an indication that seven years has passed and that the world has changed greatly.
  25. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time Blood?

    Oh yeah there's blood in the game...bottom of the well, shadow temple, defeating ganondorf (him coughing up blood) and defeating ganon (blood splattering everywhere when link slashes him with his master sword at the end). Those are a few examples...
  26. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Super Awesome Things in MM

    I went through the entire game 100 percent. Is that awesome? :D
  27. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Great Bay Temple

    I thought that Great Bay Temple was my second favorite dungeon in MM (nothing can really beat the sheer brilliance that is "Stone Tower Temple"), but second favorite in this game still means incredible. There were so many places to swim through and the use of the ice arrows in this dungeon was...
  28. Escohobita

    General Classic So I Have Just Finished MM and Finally Beat Every Single Zelda Game.

    Should we even consider those games Zelda games? I try my best to acknowledge the fact that those don't exist....and I guess that's why it would be a challenge to fans.
  29. Escohobita

    General Classic How You Would Change Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask

    Put more dungeons in Majora's Mask. For OoT, I can't really think of much. I guess make some of the dungeons longer and harder (Fire Temple being an example).
  30. Escohobita

    General Classic Things You Didnt Notice the First Time(or Second...)

    Wow, I haven't even noticed that before. That's one of those "when you see it..." moments.
  31. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask The Majora's Mask 10th Anniversary Thread!

    I guess it's fitting that I beat it just recently. I loved Stone Tower Temple. They really went all out with that one, and I loved how when it was upside down you could "fall" into the sky, and seeing at night was really cool, too. I also remember some of the troubles I went through, like having...
  32. Escohobita

    Which Dungeon Did You Not Enjoy and Generally Hate?

    Hmmm....I can't say that I outright hate any dungeons that I have played through in Zelda games, but I can say that Spirit Temple in OoT kinda bored me. I just found it....uninteresting. I thought it was too weak of a temple (especially for a last dungeon) and that nothing really stood out in...
  33. Escohobita

    If You Lived in the Hyrule................

    I am stuck between two places. I would love to live in Zora's Domain because of the atmosphere (if I lived in Hyrule I would also want to be a Zora) and I would also like to live in Ganon's Castle. Yes Ganondorf is crazy and evil, but it would be cool to play on his organ and I assume he would...
  34. Escohobita

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Halo Reach was the last game I purchased (got it at midnight, too). My next purchase will be Fallout: New Vegas. Having been a Fallout fan for a long time (I used to play Fallout 1 and 2 all the time when I was a little kid) I can not wait for New Vegas.
  35. Escohobita

    Which Zelda Game Should I Play Next?

    I can play it on both but I have an SNES copy of it so I'm good to go. I'm probably going to pick this one, then do the Oracle games.
  36. Escohobita

    Which Zelda Game Should I Play Next?

    Yes, I have the option of either. Thank you for your input.
  37. Escohobita

    Which Zelda Game Should I Play Next?

    After beating Ocarina of Time for the 5 millionth time and beating Majora's Mask for the first time in 10 years, I have to admit that I am rather stumped, Zelda Dungeon. I do not know which Zelda game I should pursue next. I can play just about every Zelda game out (except The Minish Cap...
  38. Escohobita

    General Classic Ganon VS Majora?

    Pretty much this. Ganon left the world in ruins, Majora was going to destroy the world. I also found the boss fight for Ganon to be more epic. Fighting Majora was easy with and without the Fierce Deity's Mask. Both were evil, maniacal creatures hell bent on suffering, though.
  39. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Favorite Character?

    Gotta go with skull kid on this one. He has an interesting backstory and I like the fact that he is a villain other than Ganon in the Zelda series.
  40. Escohobita

    Whats Your Mask???

    The two faced mask sounds really cool. I'd also go with the elemental mask and the reverse mask
  41. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time What's So Scary/eerie About the Forest Temple Theme?

    It's considered scary and eerie because it's isolated, and the music especially helps in giving the sense that the temple is rather secluded and abandoned, completely forgotten by civilization and now only strange, foreign creatures inhabit the area.
  42. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Great Bay/Stone Tower Temple

    After just finishing the game, I can say that I found Stone Tower Temple to be the best Zelda Dungeon ever made. The design of it is just incredible...awe-inspiring, really. I really loved the idea of turning the temple upside down and if you slip up you "fall" into the sky. Seeing the sky as a...
  43. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time Which Sage is Your Favorite?

    Saria is my favorite sage, with Impa being second. The Zoras are my favorite race in Zelda but I never really liked Ruto that much.
  44. Escohobita

    General Classic Favorite Ocarina Melody

    My favorites are the Bolero of Fire and Serenade of Water. Serenade of water is soooooo relaxing and sublime to me.
  45. Escohobita

    Ocarina of Time Gameplay Time OOT

    Hmmmm....I dunno. I never really time myself when I play. I remember beating it once in less than a day, though (about 9-10 hours, I believe).
  46. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Some Interesting Majora's Mask Creepypasta

    Yeah it's obviously fake but nonetheless it's a good story and the videos he made that go along with the story are pretty good, too. I love the song of healing backwards...it sounds so cool (and creepy).
  47. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Some Interesting Majora's Mask Creepypasta

    An interesting little story someone posted on the internets about a possessed Majora's Mask game of sorts. The guy also has videos that sum up the story, too. I don't find it real at all but I do find it to be a very good story (kinda corny in some parts but still great). Plus, the videos add on...
  48. Escohobita

    General Classic OH-carina or OK-arina?

    I always pronounced it as OK-arina. I always found it weird to say OH-carina.
  49. Escohobita

    Google Instant: Useful or Useless?

    Google instant kinda sucks...I've used it and I found it rather annoying and unnecessary. Plus, what's with google hating on Opera? They gave no support to opera for google instant. That's dumb.
  50. Escohobita


    I was always reluctant to get a facebook account. I got one about a year and a half ago, used it frequently, but now I am starting to detest facebook. I find it stupid, unproductive and I believe that it makes people less socially interactive. Lately I've been getting back to old forums I kinda...
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