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  1. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time Alternate Way to Defeat Dark Link

    It won't defeat him in one hit, he'll keep on coming back depending on how many hearts you have. I find it very fast to finish him off though, and if I wanted to, could probably defeat him in about less than a minute.
  2. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time Alternate Way to Defeat Dark Link

    The Megaton Hammer is a great weapon and is very efficient against Dark Link, but I find the Biggoron's Sword is more useful against him. Have you even used the Biggoron Sword's thrust move? It is very fast and Dark Link has no way to guard against it. Of course, you might miss a couple of times...
  3. Johnny Boy

    Is It Really Game Over for the Wii?

    Great! Now that would definately bring sales back up with our beloved Kirby! I can't wait, and honestly, I'm already a fan of this new Kirby game.:clap:
  4. Johnny Boy

    Hardest Handheld Zelda?

    Link's Awakening all the way here. LA had tough dungeons, especially Eagle's Tower and Turtle Rock. I'd have to say that Turtle Rock is the hardest 2-D dungeon in all the Zelda games. On my first time through, it was a nightmare. I kept on getting lost and running around in circles. There's not...
  5. Johnny Boy

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Ahh yes, Chuck Norris jokes. These jokes are all the rage in my school. There's only 3 that I can remember off of the top of my head. Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch, he decides what time it is! As a young kid, Chuck Norris use to Trick-or-Treat as himself. Man invented the car to...
  6. Johnny Boy

    Rate Ezlo!!!

    Easily 10/10. He owns Navi anyday. :clap: His fun use of words, quirky sound effects, and unforgettable criticism were the best. I like how in the end, he and Link even had a little bond of friendship going, and he was sad to leave him. The first time you ride on one of those mine carts and go...
  7. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    On my first time fighting Bongo-Bongo, I saw a huge resemblance to that of the giant stone guy with 2 floating hands in Super Mario 64 :P. He was incredibly easy to me. The trick is to wear the hover boots so you don't get swatted around like a fly while you are stunned from Bongo-Bongo's hands...
  8. Johnny Boy

    Is It Really Game Over for the Wii?

    The Wii should be having a little bit of a decline lately as because no real hardcore games have been released. Sales will most likely pick up though when Wii Sports Resort comes out. If Nintendo would just make more hardcore games to please their fans, their sales would be fine. But instead...
  9. Johnny Boy

    Minish Cap NOT the First Game?

    That is actually a very good point even though I never even noticed it, (and I have all 136 figurines too). According to what the description says, it's acting like they are direct desendents of the original oracles from the Oracle series. Now, I'm not a hardcore timeline enthusiast, but I can...
  10. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time Fourth Bottle!

    On my first time through, I did not get that fourth bottle. I tried so hard at it without a guide and still could only get nine. :tired: But, just recently, around when Caleb finished his guide on Oot and started over again to make it better, I started a new file. Using Zeldadungeon's very own...
  11. Johnny Boy

    Minish Cap Shells

    I would just buy them if I were you. Buy 60 shells from Stockwell in Hyrule Town (costs 400 rupees :O) Then go down to your house in Southern Hyrule Field and dig up the 20 rupees just one square from your door. Go into your house and back out to get more and just keep repeating until you have...
  12. Johnny Boy

    Goombas in Zelda.

    It's correctly spelled Yoshi. :cool: The designers of Link's Awakening most likely threw in many things from the world of Mario like the pirahna plants, chain chomps, goombas, and Yoshi, mostly just for perks. I think it's cool to add in a little easter egg every once in a while.
  13. Johnny Boy

    How Do I Get in to the Sword and Shield Maze in Oos

    It has been quite a while since I have played OOS, but I think that I do recall that you have to go up to where Onox's Tower is. Jump over the set of 3 holes near the guy spinning the mace. You'll see a warp right above you. I can not initially remember how to get to it, but once you do, go...
  14. Johnny Boy

    Favorite Look for Link

    My personal favorite is the "Tank Link." Biggoron's Sword Goron Tunic Mirror Sheild Golden Gauntlets Iron Boots..yes, i said Iron Boots This setup is great for looking awesome and ready to own some Iron Knucles. It's terrible for Z-Targeting, but you have the Biggoron's Sword, which has the...
  15. Johnny Boy

    Majora's Mask on Virtual Console

    Great, Majora's Mask has already been released in Japan and Europe on the VC...but not the USA??? (See vc-reviews.com) Wow... It's most likely going to come out the next Monday but come on Nintendo, making us wait on this game forever. I just got 2000 Wii points on the Wii Shop, so this better...
  16. Johnny Boy

    Favorite Mario game

    Crap, I completely forgot about the Super Star Saga series. I have played through the first one at least 10 times and it never ever gets old. The plot is constantly changing and is very good and keeps you coming back for more. The battle system was also very unique.
  17. Johnny Boy

    Favorite Mario game

    Lets see here, so many great Mario games to choose from... 3D- Super Mario 64 Super Mario Galaxy I haven't even played Super Mario Galaxy though, so I am considering Super Mario 64. It was one of the first video games I ever played. I had a lot of fun on nights playing it with my...
  18. Johnny Boy

    Spoiler Is Wind Waker the End of Ganon?

    Knowing the Legend of Zelda series, he will probably come back to life somehow. In LttP, Agahim the wizard revived Ganon. Soon enough, some other evil person will swim down to the stone that is Ganon and pull out the sword dislodged into hit head. Kind of like the whole sword in the stone deal...
  19. Johnny Boy

    Odd Similarity Between OoT and Star Wars

    Ha ha, this is an interesting point. I can actually see where you are getting the resembelance. At the end of Star Wars, all of the people are partying and the little animal people are playing on drums made from the Stormtrooper's helmets. :P At the end of Oot, all the main characters are...
  20. Johnny Boy

    What is Link's race?

    In Oot, the Deku Sprout tells Link about his past as a child. He says that after a battle, his mother was gravely injured. She came upon the Kokori Forest and gave Link to the Deku Tree. Link was raised as a Kokori even though his true roots were hylian. Link is human, but his race is known as...
  21. Johnny Boy


    Here at my school, pretty much everyone is into sports. I play football, basketball, and run during the summer. I am tightend in football and only had 2 touchdowns during the season. I also play benchwarmer in basketball. Well not really, I'm about the 6th guy on the team. I love to play...
  22. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time Best & Worst Temples in OOT.

    My favorite temple has to be eh, the Spirit Temple. This temple has awesome music. I also am a fan of the traveling through time during this temple. I thought that was a cool feature they added. Call meh crazy, but i actually like the Water Temple. Honestly, the changing the water level thing...
  23. Johnny Boy

    How Many Link Dolls Can Be Found in AoL?

    Heh heh, you should write a guide for AoL. After all, you are, like, the best master of this game. You know more than the noobs over at Gamefaqs. :P There's another good site. Over at Vgmaps, they have great maps of AoL. The dungeon maps show you where the Link Dolls are in the Great Palace...
  24. Johnny Boy

    How Many Link Dolls Can Be Found in AoL?

    The world map on Gamefaqs shows the exact location of 3 of the link dolls that are in the overworld. It doesn't show any for the caves, and palaces though. I know for a fact that there's a link doll in the Great Palace and Three-Eyed Rock palace. The one in 3-eyed rock palace is in the room...
  25. Johnny Boy

    Does Every Soft Dirt Location Have a Golden Skulltula? (OoT)

    No, I know for a fact that not every soft soil spot as a gold skulltula in it. In the past, I have put a bug down the hole in the soil and the gold skulltula still comes out. So, it's fine to plant a bean if you haven't yet put a bug down the hole.
  26. Johnny Boy

    How Many Link Dolls Can Be Found in AoL?

    I am not quite sure of all the locations, but I usually get them as soon as I can. There's one in Midoro Swamp right by the cave you got the,eh, miracle water or something? Forgot what it's called. It's just a square down and left from the rock in the way of the cave. I know that there's also...
  27. Johnny Boy

    Do you let others borrow your games?

    I make sure who I let borrow my games. Usually I don't let others borrow my games, but I have a good friend who I can really trust. He's my "Nintendo Buddy." Although, he doesn't pay back the favor a lot, but it's fine.
  28. Johnny Boy

    What's something you will remember from 00T?

    Something that I have always remembered about this game is the Royal Grave in Kakariko's graveyard. When I was just a little kid, about 6 or so, I will never forget going down there and being so scared. :P I hated sneaking by the Redeads. Funny now actually. I will also always remember all of...
  29. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time Stalfos

    Oh yeah, I remember ignoring Navi (which is what I always do) and falling down with the ship my first time too. I was like, "What? What happened!" It's much better the 5th time or so when you actually know what to do.
  30. Johnny Boy

    Future weapons!!

    A Scimitar that is easy to swing and is fast. Arabian Link. :cool: This sword would be twice as weak but much faster. You would be able to totally wipe out enemies with your spped and agility.
  31. Johnny Boy

    Super Mario Bros Super Show

    Ahh yes, The Super Mario Super Show. Despite the Super Stupid name it was a pretty cool show. I watch and laugh at it all the time on youtube. Me and a friend used to make fun of it all the time. That's the 80's for you. :P
  32. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time Stalfos

    I think the Stalfos are challenging enemies. It takes a while to figure out their techniques,but after you do, they're just fun to fight. I like fighting the Stalfos on the ship in the Shadow temple. It gave it a sort of pirate like feel that felt kind of cool.
  33. Johnny Boy

    How healthy is the Wii?

    Yeah, it's supposed to be healthier than most consoles, but to me it's not. I always sit down on the couch and play, I don't need to stand up to swing a bat. I was playing Super Mario Bros (VC) on the Wii the other day, and my mom comes in and says, "Why aren't you standing up?" So yeah...
  34. Johnny Boy

    Hardest boss for Minish Cap

    All of the bosses in MC were relatively easy except Vaati. Getting to him took a toll on you, then you have to fight him in 3 forms. The first form is quite easy, just slash at him as fast as you can when his eye is open. Nothing too tough. The second stage is much tougher in my opinion. You...
  35. Johnny Boy


    Yeah, I got a crapload of nicknames back at school. Most famous one is Big Beefy. The call me that because when I was younger and shorter, I used to be really chubby. I've grown out of that, and look pretty slim now :clap: Other nicknames I have are: Beefy Papa Beef Johnny Boy Fat Kid (No...
  36. Johnny Boy

    What's Up With The Goron?

    Maybe almost all of the Gorons were killed off, because they can't swim that good. When the floodwaters came in, they all drowned. >.< What's remaining is just a few merchants trying to make a living.
  37. Johnny Boy

    Future weapons!!

    A huge 2-handed sword that was really slow would be cool. 2-handed weapons have always appealed to me, like the Megaton hammer or the Biggorons Sword. This sword would be huge, and kill almost all enemies in 1 hit. It would even be so big and long, that it could kill up to maybe 5 really close...
  38. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Bloodiest E-rated game?

    I recently just started a new file in Oot and I'm looking for things that are not E-rated. So far, I have found nothing wrong with anything..except the Great Fairy.. Now when I get to the bottom of the well, things may change But right now, this game does not appeal to me to be the slightest of...
  39. Johnny Boy


    Yeah, I thought about this too when I first played through the game. They're all women. If there is no man, they would all die out. Then again, it is just game, so I'm not going to much into detail with this.
  40. Johnny Boy

    Favorite Miniboss from Ocarina of Time

    I personally liked fighting the Iron Knuckles. I felt like I was fighting a real knight with a huge ax. Dark Link was pretty cool, but got a little boring after him counterattacking your every move at him. He's a pretty good guy tho. Ironknuckles or Darknuts, either one are awesome.
  41. Johnny Boy

    Why a log? (Oracle of seasons)

    Nintendo probably added the feature of the log so the players could not abuse the Rod of Seasons. This would make the game a little more challenging and possibly changing the plot of the game.
  42. Johnny Boy

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    I have the Golden N64 Cartridge. That's the best you can have. I'm looking forward to getting Master Quest if I ever need a harder challenge. (AoL is hard enough right now, although I'm getting the hang of it.)
  43. Johnny Boy

    Majora's Mask on Virtual Console

    Yeah, I've been waiting for MM to be released on the VC. A while ago, I stupidly sold my N64 copy of it and can not find another one. I cannot find the Gamecube collectors edition anywhere in my area either. It would though, probably be the last Zelda game for the VC unless Nintendo decided to...
  44. Johnny Boy

    Will We See Tingle Again?

    I personally wish that I never see Tingle in a new released Zelda Game. I just do not like his personality and that mole on his left cheek. O.o
  45. Johnny Boy

    Scarecrow's Song

    I never really used the scarecrow's song. I always used extensive ways of getting on to ledges...:thinking: Like in the shadow temple, I used the longshot to get the gold skultula on the wall beside the ship. I'm not even gonna say how I got the Gold Skulltula in Dodongo's cavern that was in the...
  46. Johnny Boy

    Oracle of Ages: Which Animal Did You Choose?

    I personally like Ricky the boxing kangaroo the most. He has a great way of fighting animals. Dimitri is useful early on, but after you get the flippers, he is useless unless you need to climb up a waterfall. Moosh..is just a fat, blue bear. But he owns enemy's by sitting on them. Ricky is...
  47. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Bloodiest E-rated game?

    Nah, I'm not in love with her lol. When I was young playing through for the first time, I was pretty darn scared of her though. She screams as loud as she can then she..uh...gives you magic power. yeah..that's it.:O
  48. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Bloodiest E-rated game?

    Yeah, pretty much everything else in Oot other than the Shadow Temple and the bottom of the well are perfectly E-rated. Well, maybe the Great Fairy isn't E-rated...but you know what I mean. :D
  49. Johnny Boy

    Should Link Die?

    I personally think Link dying would be very cool. Maybe once he died, his legacy could be carried on to someone younger than him, like his child or something..lol. Very deep storyline.
  50. Johnny Boy

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Bloodiest E-rated game?

    There was blood everywhere on the walls in the bottom of the well and the Shadow Temple. The Dead Hand is a great E-rated miniboss..:P
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