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  1. StarGate55555

    The Wailing Host = Straga's Early Design?

    Wow you see I learn something new every day. Tnx for the image m8
  2. StarGate55555

    Achidna's Fangs

    It is listed as Possessed on the THQ website but in fact it is a LEGENDARY weapon. It is an error on their part. I have also seen other errors on their site as well.
  3. StarGate55555

    Game Help Foundry - Can't Jump Off Vine To Ceiling Beam

    darksiders 2 the foundry walkthrough - YouTube Choose one of the results, I cannot remember how far into the dungeon you are but chose any one of the part 1-5 to see what you need to do.
  4. StarGate55555

    Spoiler Achidna and Bheithir

    @Mases Gorewood is difficult if you are fighting him when you are a low level. If you reach like level 15 and above it gets much easier. The 4 bosses (Gorewood, Deposed King, Bhelhetir(?) and Achidna) are super easy if you fight them when you are like level 20 and above. To make it even easier...
  5. StarGate55555

    Darksiders II Technical Help

    When you are in a dungeon the map will always show the dungeon levels map rather than the world map. You have an xbox so I don't know what the button is for that but for the PS3 when viewing the map you press L3 to toggle between the dungeon and world map view. Press the button that changes the...
  6. StarGate55555

    Soul Arbiter's Maze

    To tell you the truth I did not use any of the legendary items (weapons, armor, talismans, etc) except the Abyssal Armor Set during The Crucible waves. Most of the legendary weapons become inferior when you get them because by then I already have a Possessed weapon that surpasses all the...
  7. StarGate55555

    Spoiler Achidna and Bheithir

    Is it me or is everything in DS2 easier compared to DS1. I remember how certain bosses in DS1 were very difficult but for DS2 they seem to need half the effort to defeat.
  8. StarGate55555

    Darksiders II Technical Help

    While on Earth and you are in the first/main area where Uriel is you will need to first get the 1st piece (Rod of Arafel) in the subway. To get it shoot at the round green shiny thing that looks like a spider web. Walk through it to collect the piece and talk to Uriel again to open up the...
  9. StarGate55555

    The Crucible: 100-Wave Enemy Gauntlet

    Also in case anybody didn't know on your first playthrough you plateau at level 22 and cannot level past that no matter what which is why you need NG+. However, you do keep a lot of things on NG+
  10. StarGate55555

    Darksiders II Technical Help

    There is no Planeswalker but rather PHASEWALKER. When you reach The Black Stone in the Shadow's Edge realm you will talk to the Mad Queen (Lilith). She will replace the Voidwalker with the Phasewalker.
  11. StarGate55555

    Darksiders II Collectibles

    I can confirm that all side (secondary) quest can be obtained because you can use portals to reach other realms if unlocked. As a matter of fact some of the side quests including some of the collectible trophies are spread across realms (not all in 1 realm).
  12. StarGate55555

    Fury and Strife's Horses

    I am thinking similar names to those of Red Dead Redemption Legendary horses which were: Pestilence Famine Death War
  13. StarGate55555

    Darksiders II Collectibles

    No matter what game it is there will always be people who get an early copy and reveal a little info about the game.
  14. StarGate55555

    Darksiders II Collectibles

    The Book of the Dead- you will need to collect 40 missing pages from the book Mass Ruckus- you will need to either purchase or find/collect about 6 different elite items The Secondary Adventure- not sure about this one but there might be side quests that require you to collect things these...
  15. StarGate55555

    Avengers or Dark Knight Rises?

    I liked both movies but the Dark Knight was far superior in story content.
  16. StarGate55555

    Darksiders II Collectibles

    There are definitely a few trophies in terms of collectibles but they are not as tedious as some other games. They are pretty reasonable.
  17. StarGate55555

    Darksiders II Commercial On Adult Swim

    I am getting so psyched that I am about to pull my hair out because I don't have it yet.
  18. StarGate55555

    Darksiders 2 ~ Armor & Weapons Trading Thread

    That is fine by me. I will copy the OP info and simply change the title of other thread. Off Topic but I just wanted you guys to see what I made for myself.
  19. StarGate55555

    How Many Weapons & Armor in Total?

    I was thinking of at least having all names of the weapons/armor. Not really worried about all the different variations of upgraded Possessed weapons, but rather the base one.
  20. StarGate55555

    Game Help Gameplay Tips

    To make things super easy in term of achievement/trophy earning would be to beat the game on easy or normal and making sure to complete the Abyssal Armor Set which will make the hardest difficulty a piece of cake.
  21. StarGate55555

    Do You Enjoy Math?

    I love math or rather science. Not to hoot my own horn but I am sort of a natural in terms of science. I could teach myself (from books without a teacher) complex problems. I love chemistry, physics, math (not calculus though), and somewhat biology.
  22. StarGate55555

    Have You Had Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

    Wisdom teeth has nothing to do with brushing your teeth. Even they are in a perfect health they can obstruct your molars and will need to be removed just because of that. I personally had 4 wisdom teeth removed all at once. I was under anesthesia for over an hour. You will probably need a...
  23. StarGate55555

    Launching August 14th

    I am soooooooooooooooooooo psyched that I check all the Darksiders sources that I know like a dozen times a day to see if there has been an update.
  24. StarGate55555

    How Many Weapons & Armor in Total?

    The reason I ask is because I had a dream the other day that I had created a thread about this, listed all weapons, their images and their stats, detailed information. I kinda of figured that it would be too many to try and count.
  25. StarGate55555

    Who Will Be the Next Poster?

    posted just so that you are right since you are the Hero of Time and posted at the right time. :D EternalNocturne?
  26. StarGate55555

    Guess the MOVIE

    This is yet another Forum Game in which the objective would be to guess the movie title based on the image provided. Game Rules: Only 1 guess per post The movie must be a mainstream movie that has been released in theaters No foreign movies unless they have been released in theaters in...
  27. StarGate55555

    Who Will Be the Next Poster?

    Nope, but rather the infamous 5's Violet?
  28. StarGate55555

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I have played and plated (PS3) both of them. They are extremely difficult. I will be purchasing Darksiders II in a couple of days when it is released. Cannot wait for it as I will try to write a trophy guide for it.
  29. StarGate55555

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned because I invented the Time Machine and became the new Hero of Time. :P
  30. StarGate55555

    How Many Weapons & Armor in Total?

    I am just curious as to how many different types of weapons and armors are there. I know that the same weapon can have multiple tiers. Meaning that the name of the weapon could be the same but it can belong to a different tier (common, uncommon, rare, elite, possessed, elite). My...
  31. StarGate55555

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You are banned because a penny costs more to make then a penny :D
  32. StarGate55555

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    I don't know much about Zelda but holly crap almost 10K posts. Wow
  33. StarGate55555

    Darksiders 2 ~ Armor & Weapons Trading Thread

    Actually this system was created for 2 main reasons: Giving items away Retrieving DLC Well actually I initially made it to be for the PlayStation 3 but since it will be on every console I thought I would make it general. How about this: Console: PS3, XBOX, Wii, PC
  34. StarGate55555

    Darksiders 2 ~ Armor & Weapons Trading Thread

    Well it is basically sending a message either via in-game or from the console and attaching the items you will to send. But I need to make 1 thing clear even you receive the best weapon in the game you won't be able to use it if Death is not at the appropriate level because every weapon has a...
  35. StarGate55555

    Darksiders 2 ~ Armor & Weapons Trading Thread

    Use this thread if you are willing to trade items from the game. Just looking to earn the Pay it Forward Achievement/Trophy? The appropriate thread is here. GEAR TYPES: Primary Weapon (Scythes) Secondary Weapon (Heavy) Shoulders Armor Gloves Boots Talismans (don't know as of yet if allowed)...
  36. StarGate55555

    The Crucible: 100-Wave Enemy Gauntlet

    I love that you can earn gear from it. It might be very helpful in the beginning of the story. I am gonna take a guess and say the following Complete 5 waves get a Common item Complete 10 waves get a Uncommon item Complete 15 waves get a Rare item Complete 20 waves get a Elite item Complete...
  37. StarGate55555

    Sub-Forums for Each Title in the Series

    Hey guys, I was just thinking since there is 4 major game forums. We can further categorize them by maybe adding sub-categories for each title. For example: World of Darksiders Darksiders 1 Darksiders 2 etc
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