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  1. Dungeon killer

    Famous Last Words

    Sorry didn't want to cause any trouble, was just replying to the thread that's all.
  2. Dungeon killer

    Famous Last Words

    As everyone else said she was trying to express her feelings to Link, but when she broke the Mirror she wouldn't be able to fully express herself. (If you get what I mean ;)...)
  3. Dungeon killer


    Well she is useful in her own ways. But, she does seem to be alittle Cucko. (get it Cucko... bad joke!)
  4. Dungeon killer

    What's Wrong with Me?

    Don't be ashamed dude as everyone else say's it's okay to like a fictional character. Tell the Truth Midna was pretty hot at the end!
  5. Dungeon killer

    The Razor Sword

    Well the Razor Sword was a great looking sword and it was a bummer that it only lasts a hundred swings. They should make a better version of the Razor Sword and make sure it lasts.
  6. Dungeon killer

    Spoiler Rankings for Zelda Games You Own

    My list is from 1-6. 1 being Favorite, 6 being Least Favorite. 5. Phantom Hourglass, this zelda was less than I expected and I was disapointed to play it and realize how bad it actually was. Having to go back and forth from a central base of operations (Temple of the Ocean King). But my...
  7. Dungeon killer

    The Tree On The Moon-MM

    Mainly I don't believe thet they where trying for that scene. I understand why your asking but I think it has no relation to it like preivously said there is, just a tree and some children. If it was it would have animals and a forest like landscape. Good theory though. ~Dungeon killer
  8. Dungeon killer

    Zelda Wii at GDC in March?

    Last E3 they showed a trailer for Metroid Other M, so they might show us a trailer of the new zelda , but I doubt a little and think they may just talk about.
  9. Dungeon killer

    Magic Meter

    I would cetainly like a Magic Meter back in another zelda title. I thought it added more difficulty to the game which I personally like and would like to experience in a modern zelda title.
  10. Dungeon killer

    The OR Thread

    Ezlo 150% Razor Sword or Glided Sword. (Stupid 50 characters)
  11. Dungeon killer

    The OR Thread

    Oracle of Seasons. Fire Arrows or Ice Arrows? (Stupid 50 characters)
  12. Dungeon killer

    What is It About Zelda?

    well what attracted me was the way you could explore the world of Hyrule and do what you wanted. You could find treasure (piecesof heart, rupee's) you could always fight enemies and I loved the end when you fight Ganon or Ganondorf. But what really got to me has to be the expansion of weapons...
  13. Dungeon killer

    Hardest Boss

    Definitly Ganon in Snake form, he was way to fast and I couldn't land a hit on him. It was so frustating and aiming and estamting where he might go next was impossible. Molgera was not hard at all I defeated him so fast and only lost 1 heart battling him.
  14. Dungeon killer

    Zelda Phantom Hourglass on NES!!

    Okay, the pirates who made that are well, stupid thay should really look at the zelda series before making a copy of one of the games and they did an okay job for pirates as everyone else says, but I would have done some research before pirating the game.
  15. Dungeon killer

    Darknuts (WW)

    I think this belongs in the Game Help Forum, but then again I could be wrong. Well, you have already stormed Hyrule Castle, try the Tower of he God's and that Cave of Ordeals type place you can find underneath that huge rock on Outset Island.
  16. Dungeon killer

    Do You Use The Wii Shop Channel?

    I use the Wii Shop Channel to get other channels and that is how I got Oot and Mm for the Wii, I personally like it, they come out with all this stuff all the time so you always have to look on there in your spare time (or so I do) to find out about the newest and hottest titles.
  17. Dungeon killer

    Which Star Wars Was the BEST

    I personally like the second one Attack of the Clones, I like all the action and seeing how the clone wars began.
  18. Dungeon killer

    The mysterious Linebeck

    Well I think that he was always at the Ocean King's Sea, and that he heard that the Ghost Ship had treasure on it and wanted it so he just happened to be in Link's way while was searching for Tetra. But remeber at the ending cutscene where Link pulls out the phantom hourglass and see's...
  19. Dungeon killer

    Zelda Wii = Last Game??

    No way, if that were to be the last zelda I would hate nintendo for making that choice, I ,mean if they did that I would go crazy and would never buy another nintendo product again I can't live without zelda.>:(
  20. Dungeon killer

    Bosses too Easy?

    I had to reply to this, he bosses in Tp were very easy like Axle said they had get potiental but nintendo failed to bring on the good stuff we zelda fans crave. Each boss was a let down even Zant and Ganondorf, what the heck are they doing to those great charcters, the zant boss fight was just...
  21. Dungeon killer

    Hardest Boss in OOT

    Bongo Bongo and Dark Link were equally hard but here is a hint, get the Bigoron's Sword before you battle them and fight them with it and they should be done right easy. I say this because since it does double the damage it will make Bongo Bongo die easier and it is longer so you can reach...
  22. Dungeon killer

    Heart Pieces Will Be in ST!

    If there are actually heart pieces than yipee. Finally I was hoping they would add some more sidequests to St unlike Ph.
  23. Dungeon killer


    It seems to be right, Windfall island does look like Kakariko village. But Kakariko has more space on land and Windfall is about half the size of Kakariko, but then again when the flood happened maybe kakariko probably lost most of its land while the great flood was happening. Also most of the...
  24. Dungeon killer

    Favorite Area in Majora's Mask

    My favorite area is Great bay, I like to swim around in Zora form and kill the like likes for rupee's.:zora:
  25. Dungeon killer

    To Defeat a Phantom, You Need the Phantom Sword... Right?

    In Ph bellum powered the phantoms and they could only be defeated with the phantom sword but the phantoms in St might just be regular people that can be defeated when hit in the back or the armour is just lying around. We don't know the full details yet but maybe the game will give us a better...
  26. Dungeon killer

    Legend of Zelda Movie

    There is a thread about this already, I made it, but good try.;)
  27. Dungeon killer

    Worst Injury

    My worst injury was last year when I went under a flatbed truck and when I was coming out from under it I lifted my head to early and a piece of metal cut a V-shaped cut in my head. I bled 2 liters of blood on my way to the hospital and then when I got there I passed out and that is all I...
  28. Dungeon killer

    Sword and Shield Accesories for Zelda Wii

    I agree with basement, it would just be more collector's junk and more plastic stuff you play with for a week and then you forget about it and it ends up in the trash or get's all dusty and scratched up and then you throw it away it is just pointless to have this junk, I mean really.:tired::nerd:
  29. Dungeon killer

    Lame, Lame, Trading Sequence

    Man, this trading sequence sucked so badly and it was an "Epic Failure", I mean it was the worst trading sequence I have ever done I hope St has a trading sequence and that you actually get something useful besides a sword attack and that you get some upgrade or weapon, just something that is...
  30. Dungeon killer

    More Spirit Tracks Artwork

    The Demon King sounds a little odd, but cool the way he looks is cool he is kinda like the ghost ship in Ph and who is Alonzo? I have never seen him before, is he one of the pirates in Tetra's group of pirate thugs? I wonder what that bomb train is for it might just go at you on the tracks and...
  31. Dungeon killer

    Spirit Tracks - Spirit Pipes?

    Hey this is great, that instrument that they introduced looks cool and you finally get to actually use the microphone than to get a salvage arm.
  32. Dungeon killer

    A Bulbin's Diary

    It was a great story I like it, I found no major mistakes or anything, it was a great piece of work great work.
  33. Dungeon killer

    Audience of The Wind Waker

    It was just the cel-shaded graphic, I don't think that it was made for little kids it was just the graphics, all zelda games are made for the entire group of children, adults and all in between them. It wasn't made for a specific group or age limit at all.:nerd:
  34. Dungeon killer

    A Link to the Past GBA Vs. Virtual Console

    I don't like Fs I can't play it and I have always never liked it but yah, I think there is extra content Raven.:nerd:
  35. Dungeon killer

    Link Able to Walk the Overworld?

    Maybe it is just were you go into the forest or it's just another station that you stop at then get off and travel the rest of the way on foot because it is to dense for the train or it is the entrance to the first dungeon or just one of the temples. Who knows maybe it is just a part where you...
  36. Dungeon killer

    Ocarina of Time Phantom Ganon - 20 Times

    It took me three tries and then I beat him. I kept on getting fariries in all my bottles before each battle but I had always got my but kicked until I learned to beat him.:dry:o.o
  37. Dungeon killer

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I'm a bull in the chinese Zodiac, I go to this restruant where they have zodiac's as place mates for your plate of food.:nerd:
  38. Dungeon killer

    The Awesomeness That is Knowlee! :)

    Type: picture Background: red Character: Link holding a bomb Words: under link "Dungeon killer" Thanks Knowlee you are really a nice person. You deserve a promotion, knowlee rules!;):D
  39. Dungeon killer

    Your Thoughts on Zant?

    I thought that Zant was more a minion and power source for Ganondorf, He played his part well and made him seem like the main villain, he was dark cool menacing and like most villians was a ruler, but in the end he was a just a piece of trash to Ganondorf after he served his purpose. Just like...
  40. Dungeon killer

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    Hand me a game controller and every single game that makes me just sit there and I could stay up till I die. The longest time I have stayed up was about a day and a half, I didn't feel sleepy at all but after an hour of no video games I was out.
  41. Dungeon killer

    Warning Possible Spoiler!? Hyrule Castles Secret Graveyard

    I remeber the graveyard! I found it during my first play through of Tp I found it because I needed a small key and didn't know there was an extra to the treasure room. I did like that the hero's shade was buried there I went back when I beat Tp to see if I could find the hero's shade to see if...
  42. Dungeon killer

    Favorite Sword

    My favorite is the biggoron's sword from Oot, I really don't care about that you can't use a sheild you can still block but it dosen't cover as much space as the sheild will. Also it makes the Ganon and Bongo Bongo boss battles very easy and not as difficult as if you used the master sword.:nerd:
  43. Dungeon killer

    If you wrote a book...........

    I have writen books before, but to pass time I'm working on a legend of zelda story right now, it's here at the forums (Fan Works=My Story). I am also working on a metroid story and they are both totally canon, but I might think of publishing a horror story that I wrote last year in 08...
  44. Dungeon killer

    Spirit Tracks Leaked Screenshots! (Spoilers)

    Could pic 12 be Impa? Whoa.. So maybe zelda does control the phantom armor, and what's with the glowing hero's sword possibly an ugrade, and zelda does ride on the roof of the tain but possibly in spirit form. This just got a whole lot more intresting, what's with the guard witha coy of hero...
  45. Dungeon killer

    Nintendo Officially Announces DSi LL

    What is nintendo thinking, a DsiXl, it's just a larger version does it come with more memory or has a feature that makes it that large that is so cool or is it just prank, it doesn't really make any sense to have alarger Dsi. I mean what's the point nintendo, what are trying to tell us that you...
  46. Dungeon killer

    Was Ganondorf "chosen" or Not

    Remeber, the ToP never left Ganondorf, ever since he entered the sacred realm and took it. That is how he get's loose again and that's how he has it in Ww, maybe that's how he keeps escaping eternal doom. But there is probably a different way it happened in Tp or maybe Ganondorf is emortal and...
  47. Dungeon killer

    Monster Hassle

    The canon's mounted around the Forsaken Fortress and those pesky little miniblins that make that "the-link" sound and stab you with their trident's.>:(
  48. Dungeon killer


    I have a Samsung Juke from verison wireless. It gets the job done but I would like a full keyboard so I can text faster.:)
  49. Dungeon killer

    What Game Had THE BEST !!! Soundtrack

    My favorite sound track is probably the hyrule feild theme from Tp it is cool and sounds like it was ment to be that sound track.:nerd:
  50. Dungeon killer

    Ocarina of Time Link in Zelda Wii

    I have always liked adult link from Oot, so yah I would like him to make a return.:)
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