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    Call of Duty Commentaries!

    Hello, all! We have just become a YouTube partner and so I would like to ask for thoughts and opinions on my clan's youtube. I am voicing and recording the commentaries, I send them off to an editor to do crazy behind the scenes stuff. Anyway, here's the channel. I would love some input...
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    Coloured Usernames?

    Cool people have my color. Seriously, you're good to go man. Everyone else just sucks so bad, that they get noticed and given responsibility. Whats up with that?
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    Chuck Norris Jokes

    In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. Originally, his plan was to do it over the course of 10 relaxed days. Chuck Norris gave him a week. --- Chuck Norris can believe it's not butter. --- Naruto has 5 classes of Ninja: Genin, Chuunin, Jonin, Kage, and Chuck Norris.
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    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and awesome martial arts abilities. Shortly after the transaction, he roundhoused' Satan in the face and took his soul back. Since the devil appreciates irony, they now play poker every wenesday night.
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    Ocarina of Time Is OoT Nostalgia a "Straw Man Fallacy"?

    You based your view of their position on something that wasn't their actual perspective, then you provided rebuttal for that false idea of what their stance was. You assumed that they only liked because they were looking at it nostalgically, as you put it, "through a rose-tinted lens"...
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    What Was Nintendo Thinking?

    I'm not sure if they knew the impact Oni Link would have on the Zelda community, but it's no surprise. He's the strongest form we've ever seen Link in since Link grabbed the clock item in the original LoZ. Oni's offensive strength is amazing, enough to where he can fence with bosses like the...
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    Error in the Hylian Religion

    The devil has never been brought up in Hylian or Terminanian(did I just make that up?) creation stories outside of the Majora's mask itself. I would think that this creature(at most) to the plot could be some greater evil than Ganon. At the least, it was mentioned in Majora's Mask in the...
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    Hardcore Nintendo is Neglecting the Wii

    If you are a hardcore gamer, Nintendo is only going to serve a purpose for the SSB series, some Mario titles, and Zelda, maybe Pokemon or FF Tactics, or something like that. But all the Teen-Adult games for hardcore? Look torwards Microsoft and Sony. They have the answers. It makes me...
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    If You Could Have One Wish...

    I'd wish to become a super soldier right here, right now, so my entire existence is a superweapon. That would be pretty fun. I'd wish that people would just say what they mean, or that I could always tell. Basically, that I could be kinda psychic in a sense. I think that would satisfy a lot...
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    What do you want to be when you grow older?

    I'm on track to be a soldier right now. After this I'm going to look into a federal agency like the FBI or CIA, maybe even the Secret Service if I feel fit for it. But I definitely want to do something more with my life, and definitely something for my country.
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    Why I Love ZD

    Zelda Dungeon-wow. It's almost been eight months since I've joined. I can say it's been quite a journy. Originally I was here just because I had nothing better to do. I had some other larger forum experience, but I couldn't stand being in such a large crowd like one of those. I wanted a...
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    How healthy is the Wii?

    It's as healthy as videogames ever have been. Which isn't healthy at all. WiiFit is as close as it gets to healthy, and even at that, it would be so much more beneficial to just go outside.
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    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    Leo, apparently I'm a great leader who needs to take charge but I'm also dogmatic? Apparently I also like children and drama. And I hate thrifty people. What a bunch of bull.
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    What do you want to be when you grow older?

    I'm allready going to be a soldier, lol. I think I want to be a psychologist, or in the secret service. I really want to get out there and work with people though, and maybe settle down in the future.
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    "Flexy" is a common one here. In real life, I've been called "Neo" and "Mr. Anderson" because of my last name, but that's about it.
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    How did Ganon die?

    To be honest I'm not sure that Ganon's death has ever been confirmed. We see him "appear" to die, but I'm unaware of anything saying he actually died.As far as how he would die, it would probably be through a combination of party drugs, tranquilizers, alcohol, and a little too much master sword...
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    Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken?

    I have had mine broken a few times, including tonight. By a best friend this time, not a lover.It hurts a lot.
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    Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken?

    --Moving to General Discussion--
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    What is your color?

    Navy blue and silver are mine, although I love the way I look in olive green. It's manly.
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    What element?

    With "elements" I'd have to pick Water. With the PToE, I feel inclined to say Carbon because it bonds with pretty much anything important.
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    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    Go in and erase pixel by pixel what you dont want. Also, try websites like PlanetRenders and such that will host images that are typically allready cut out.
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    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    Master Link, you have some allright material, but make sure you get clean cut-outs of your renders. They look choppy and it's pretty akward. Except for that last one, which looks pretty decent.
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    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    This is my newest. You guys have seen it around a lot I bet. And nice job Nian Kast, and especially nice job Mercedes. Kyby, what program do you use?
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    Favorite Movie

    My favorite movie would have to be Rules of Engagement, a military and law movie complete with Marines, Vietnam, and a massive coverup operation.
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    Favorite Quotes

    "People die if they are killed." -Japanese Idiom "Do a barrel roll!" -Peppy Hare
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    Great flood based off of Noah's ark?

    I think very loosely, but there are other stories, like Atlantis(as Josh mentioned) that line more paralells. You will oftentimes see history and legends and culture from real life mix into Zelda games. For instance, Gamelon is actually an indonesian choral music genre(if I recall properly).
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    What if Dark Link returns

    Forget Dark Link, he'll keep coming back anyways. What about a Light Ganon? Oh, you didn't see that one now, did ya? ;) Seriously though, I think a light world/dark world with everyone having a corrisponding doppleganger would make for an interesting plot and crazy gameplay, but I don't...
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    Favorite Quotes

    I sense some pent up dissent for a particular subject. You must have a problem with pie.
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    Favorite Quotes

    You don't give me justice, Jooshbag. I like this proverb adopted by Teddy Roosevelt: "Walk softly and carry a big stick."
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    Favorite Antagonist

    I think they all play the same role, really. They exist to get triforce power and to use said power to dominate a population by force. With that being said, Vaati of TMC was probably the best developed as a villain because he actually had motivation and a past, wheras Ganondorf, and...
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    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    Akiranon, those are pretty sweet. You use a lot of methods but your technique is less grungy than mine. I like it.
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    Your Username

    Mine is latin for "Bend" or "Curve". I'll leave it to you guys to find the deeper meaning there.
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    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    That DK one is pretty good, TimeLag. My criticism is the poo-brown color behind the monkeys. I think that brown could be a bit more yellow so that it reminds us more of bananas, and so that it blends better.
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    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    There's GIMP, which you could look up and get for free. It's pretty close to Photoshop but no where near the same thing. You can still make a lot of pretty good stuff with it(and on LoZ there's a few gimpers, just for you blackice :p) Anyways, Here's the sig I made for twili. Here's the...
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    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    Hey twili, how'd you make that one? That's pretty impressive for someone new to image editing. And GildedSword, I like your stuff, it seems really full(because I didn't feel chaotic was the right term). An Kybyrian, that's some nice stuff there. Simple, and well done. You could maybe think...
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    Your Favorite Enemies

    Darknuts are really, really fun to fight in groups. After getting the master sword in WW, try to get all the moblins and darknuts to follow you around the castle and fight them all at once. It's incredibly funny to watch them hurt themselves.
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    Should Link Die?

    Link dying and then being resurrected would be pretty cool, I think. But plotwise to kill off the "line of the hero" would be unwise. Too many complications, and it throws off allready inconsistant timeline stuff from Nintendo. The idea might make for one game, but I could never see it for...
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    Minish Cap: Is it toon Link?

    I apologize, I meant the artwork was "toon link" style, not that it was the same Link in both games.
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    What would you think is the most boring Zelda Game ever?

    This is typically true, the harder the game, the more one can appreciate beating it. I think the same is true of life. The most boring game to me was probably Ocarina of Time(before I get swarmed with responses) because I played it so much and I would take so much time to run through the...
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    The mysterious Linebeck

    I was aware, because they sailed off into a different sea, that's not really a spoiler. They headed off south of the great sea if I recall correctly at the end of WW, presuming they held that course they would be in a different ocean entirely. But still, Linebeck ought to have a knowledge of...
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    The mysterious Linebeck

    If he was such an adventurer, wouldn't he have been aware of the other islands, and have a bit better of a ship(with more updates and stuff).
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    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    This is a thread where if you generate images with programs like photoshop or gimp, you post what you made and we comment on it. And even if you don't do this kind of work, you can still comment on what you like or don't like. this is all about constructive criticism. I'll start...
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    Quick Question About Clocktown

    Nintendo also pulled a similar trick in Hyrule Field at night in Ocarina of Time, where if you stood on the edge of the drawbridge as it pulled up when the wolf howled, there were a few red rupees on top you could take and then drop in the castle town to escape night in the field.
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    Your Favorite Enemies

    The Darknuts of TP were the most challenging sword enemies in the Zelda series(in my opinion), so fighting them was incredibly fun. My favorite boss, however, has always been the King Dodongo of Ocarina of Time. I don't know why, but he's always been fun to play against.
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    If you look, she has the eye of truth symbol on the back. I don't know if it's there in TP, but assuming it is, it is possible that the Sheikah bloodline never died out because it was passed on through Princess Zelda. That's a good way of ensuring it's survival, actually. It also shows that...
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    2d Zelda

    I think 2d Zelda's will still exist. However, I wouldn't be surprised if, for the sake of the DS, one screen was for maps and information and the other one was for the actual 2d plane. Perhaps Nintendo could revisit the concepts from AoL, and use the dual screens to display enemy information...
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    Characters More Important Than Games?

    I think we'd all agree that our reasons why we like Zelda games are all different, but that we all would get them simply because we trust the title. However, removing a character would most definitely spark controversy. Taking Link out of a game, for instance, would confuse many long-time...
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    Help with building the 3rd house in Minish Cap

    I know I'm reviving a bit of an older topic, but I'd recommend for anyone playing MM to get Din and Nayru, simply because Farore offers an incomplete version of either of the two. Of course who you select does have to do with your playing preference. If you like to have a stronger defence...
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    Hardest boss for Minish Cap

    Vaati, period. He was the only boss I didn't kill in one try. It took two ;)
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    Questions concerning Majora

    Cannon means included as part. You'll see this a lot in anime/video game debates as well as in debates about the bible. If it's cannon, then it means it's included as part of the series. If it's not, then it's just a side story holding little or no value to the topic at hand.
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