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  1. HylianEVAN

    Thank you!!!

    Thank you!!!
  2. HylianEVAN

    :mind blown: lol thanks!!

    :mind blown: lol thanks!!
  3. HylianEVAN

    Thanks mate!!!

    Thanks mate!!!
  4. HylianEVAN

    Thank you so much!!!

    Thank you so much!!!
  5. HylianEVAN

    Would You Rather Game

    First one. Wake up rested Second one. Windwaker Third one. Smash 5 Fourth question. A list of future games
  6. HylianEVAN

    Males Vs Females Game

    I didn’t mean to offend anyone and I didn’t know what you guys were doing with the numbers so sorry if I offended you
  7. HylianEVAN

    Males Vs Females Game

    I don’t think men are better then women or women’s better then man. I guess I’m a equality guys
  8. HylianEVAN

    Breath of the Wild Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold over 10 million copies, is the best selling Zelda Game

    Well breath of the wild was tied up with Ocarina of time but after the game awards, Zelda breath of the wild was and is the best selling title to date.
  9. HylianEVAN

    Favorite Anime?

    If Pokemon is a anime then I like Pokémon as my favorite
  10. HylianEVAN

    What Annoyed You Today?

    My siblings always annoy me :(
  11. HylianEVAN

    CAUTION SPOILERS!! Infinity War Discussion Thread

    And freaken starlord has to ruin the one chance they could defeat thanos and I love guardians of the galaxy, it’s my favorite movie and I feel like sense the avengers had different directors then the guardian movie, I feel like starlord was acting a little bit different.
  12. HylianEVAN

    CAUTION SPOILERS!! Infinity War Discussion Thread

    Gamora... no... not her I hope that gamora will survive cause without her... the guardians won’t be the same... I know that 90% of the characters will return sense they have more movies to do but the part where gamora died... I never saw coming and I feel like Loki’s death was not that...
  13. HylianEVAN

    CAUTION SPOILERS!! Infinity War Discussion Thread

    I hope the f**k he did or thanos is gonna be a dead some of a b***h, I’ll tell you that... Jk
  14. HylianEVAN

    CAUTION SPOILERS!! Infinity War Discussion Thread

  15. HylianEVAN

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 304!

    Definitely Ganondorf in Wind waker
  16. HylianEVAN

    Will the toilet feature a bigger role in the next game?

    I would put in in hyrule castle in one of the stores and links house (if he has one) and it would be funny to see one in death mountain!!! And I want the hand to say something when or if you can flush the toilet.
  17. HylianEVAN

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Animal crossing new leaf and Minecraft!!!
  18. HylianEVAN

    Who do you think would win in a 1v1. Tingle or beedle?

    Wich one out of these 2 awesome characters would win in a 1v1? Tingle or beedle? Leave your votes in the poll and comment why you think beedle/tingle would win the 1v1
  19. HylianEVAN

    After re-beating the DS games

    I remember back in 2014 when I first got the ds games and I was stuck on st for hours and had no luck so I had no choice but to search on YouTube how to do it but both of the games were really good and I had a fun time playing it.
  20. HylianEVAN

    If you could remake one Zelda game, wich one would it be?

    If you could remake one Zelda game, wich one would it be and it can be in any system you want. For me it would be twilight princess on 3ds, now there was a rumor a year back saying Nintendo was making twilight princess 3D and I was so hyped for it but that rumor was fake but it could be on the...
  21. HylianEVAN

    What’s the first Zelda game you’ve played

    what’s the very first Zelda game you’ve ever played and why did you play it. For me it was Zelda twilight princess on wii in 2012. My uncle gave it to me cause he didnt play games anymore so I tried it out and I fell in love with this game and I was on it like 24/7 until I found out they had...
  22. HylianEVAN

    Animal Crossing Politics

    I wouldn’t have never notice this!!!
  23. HylianEVAN

    Who is better in a 1v1. Link or toon Link?

    Who do you think would win a 1v1? Link or toon Link? Now I this 1v1 match link and toon link have all there items in all the games (including minis cap) Now wich one is better in speed, agility, and strength. Leave a vote and feel free to tell me why you voted Link/toon Link.
  24. HylianEVAN

    Beedle vs. Tingle

    Beedle has a much more not creepy vibe character to him and I love him in all the games cause his shops in all the games always have cool items to get!!!
  25. HylianEVAN

    Game Thread Inception Mafia

    Sorry about not being on a lot. I’m leaning more towards YIGAhim, funnier6 and Rubix but I don’t have enough stuff to say why so ima wait for a bit then I’ll say
  26. HylianEVAN

    Game Thread Inception Mafia

    Why do you want me to vote rubix for no reason? Vote:funnier6 Gimme one good reason why you shouldn’t be killed and one good reason you think rubix is scum
  27. HylianEVAN

    Game Thread Inception Mafia

    Hey guys, I’ll catch up of what you’ve been saying
  28. HylianEVAN

    Guilt and Regret

    I regret a lot of things I life but that’s what makes us who we are and we cannot change the past but we can change the future.
  29. HylianEVAN

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Oh man this post had got over 1,600 reply’s... Daaaaaaang
  30. HylianEVAN

    Sign Ups Inception Mafia

  31. HylianEVAN

    Sign Ups Inception Mafia

    Can you count me in or am I to late?
  32. HylianEVAN

    When was the last time you were tempted?

    I’ve been tempted to eat Doritos
  33. HylianEVAN

    What’s one character you wanna see in the movie, Ready player one.

    I did some research and I don’t see any pics or anyone saying that they saw them
  34. HylianEVAN

    What’s one character you wanna see in the movie, Ready player one.

    Oh man, there was to many characters to see
  35. HylianEVAN

    What’s one character you wanna see in the movie, Ready player one.

    I saw the movie today and I didn’t see link, Spider-Man or bubbagump Easter egg
  36. HylianEVAN

    What’s one character you wanna see in the movie, Ready player one.

    what character do you want to see in the new movie, Ready player one? For me it would have to be Link or Spider-Man or and Easter egg for bubba gump shrimp company.
  37. HylianEVAN

    Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread

    This be honest, ever sense I’ve seen episode 8 and how disappointed I was with the story and character development, Im not that excited for this movie but I will see it. The actor who plays hansolo dosnt even look like the original Han This looks better
  38. HylianEVAN

    Favorite movie of all time

    whats your favorite movie that you always liked. For me it would have to be back to the future but I’m going to see ready player one so that movie might be my new favorite but let me know what your favorite is.
  39. HylianEVAN

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 301!

    It’s the Golden gauntlets for sure.
  40. HylianEVAN

    Rate the last Zelda game you played.

    Rate the last Zelda game you’ve played!!!
  41. HylianEVAN

    2018 Games you're looking forward

    I hope they make a Zelda 3ds game with the graphics of Oot and mm
  42. HylianEVAN

    Movies; alone or together?

    Its way better to have freinds when you watch movies cause no one likes to be alone.
  43. HylianEVAN

    Rate The Last TV Series That You Watched

    I would give The office a 10/10
  44. HylianEVAN

    What makes you happy?

    My Girlfriend makes me happy :) And music too from my cassette tape player EDIT: Merged double posts
  45. HylianEVAN

    Lynel Shirts: Get Yours Today!

    How do I pm you? Man that shirt is awesome!!!
  46. HylianEVAN

    What Wind Waker did

    WW was the very first Zelda game I was played and was released the same year I wanna born so this game means a lot to me as a Zelda fan
  47. HylianEVAN

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    So maaaaaany posts
  48. HylianEVAN

    Are We Getting A Crappy Next Zelda Game?

    I feel like tomorrow for the Nintendo direct we might see a 3ds Zelda or at e3 but I feel likes it’s a remake or a multiplayer game like triforce hero’s
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