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  1. BoxTar

    Tears of the Kingdom Replayability

    I started thinking about TotK today. I beat it about a month ago for context, and I've had this general thought: how replayable is this game going to be? I take BotW for reference. I played over 200-300 hours total to beat it. TotK I got another maybe 120 out of. But...I never really went back...
  2. BoxTar

    What video game(s) do you wish you could play again?

    Minecraft. Let me explain. When i played Minecraft, I played on a public server that had town plugins, and economy, all of that. It was back in the mind 2010s, so it was before they put in bees and dolphins and all that. And lemme tell ya: there's no going back to that. Like, I know I can boot...
  3. BoxTar

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Started up a file of Elden Ring cuz I never finished it and I really need to, as well as Animal Crossing GC to balance out the hate and frustration.
  4. BoxTar

    The Legend of Zelda How are you finding/liking TotK?

    I liked it better than BotW. But idk if I wanna go back to it as much as I did BotW. I love the new enemy types and the fusion system, but even then, I still feel as if there are enemies simply missing from the lore. Gleeoks were fun to see, I'm glad Gibdos are back, but there's just so many...
  5. BoxTar

    Best replay value?

    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I've put hundreds of hours in and own the game on multiple consoles because I am awful with my time and money.
  6. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Spoilers!!! A Certain Mission Within the Realm of A Certain Clan

    Yes, that is what happened to me as well and I had a ****ton of hearts. I think it was to encourage stealth and not just strong arming it, even though you can if you're good enough at the combat.
  7. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Malon, Marin... Paya?

    Link X Paya is a valid, feasible ship. 10/10 would strip in front of Paya again. I see Link and Zelda as close friends, but there aint nothing romantic in there, at least that they showed to us. Zelda was way too involved with her destiny **** to even care about hitting that up.
  8. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Spoiler - ending question

    Beats me, man, I have no idea what they're doing with the DLC. Could just be a "where the plot goes from here" sort of thing that shows/movies/games tend to do sometimes. Again, it might be and it might not be.
  9. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Spoiler - ending question

    The game goes back to the last saved file, i.e. right before you defeat Ganon. So that's why the mission is incomplete, and the guardians are still active. This has been the case with all Zeldas (at least the 3D ones), so its nothing that new. I wouldn't say the Vah Ruta thing would be the...
  10. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild The music of BoTW

    I disagree, honestly. I for one am a sucker for well composed piano pieces, and BotW delivered in spades in that regard. I like how there's no overworld theme, for the most part. I don't think I'd be able to handle a looping track of music as I walk across fields and valleys. It sorta adds to...
  11. BoxTar

    Your Favorite Ganon Fights

    Alright, so I just wrapped up Breath of the Wild and was comparing several things about it to other games. One of the first things that came to mind: the final fight with Ganon. Note that I will be going into detail about the fight against Ganon in BotW, so if you haven't beaten him yet and...
  12. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Favourite and Least Favourite BoTW Character

    Oh God, favorites...where to start. Favorite overall characters would have to be...Kass, the Rito that assists you (the white one, his name escapes me), and the Gerudo chief (name escapes me again, I suck with names sometimes). I loved just roaming across the world and hearing the accordion. I...
  13. BoxTar

    Ever Had Delayed Onset Buyers Remorse?

    I wrote the follow up blog in a fit of rage, so maybe I'll go back and finish it. But it still stands that the game pissed me off, and thus, even if I finish it, I'll have that bitter taste in my mouth of that time where I got caught in a battle I didn't want to be in and I couldn't ****ing run...
  14. BoxTar

    Should someone else handle Sonic?

    Sonic was a lost cause since its conception and only keeps going based on the fume of nostalgia, memes and false memories. The sooner the series dies, the less furries we'll have in the future (in theory).
  15. BoxTar

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    I aint gonna list specific categories cuz I'm just gonna repeat what others have already said. I'll just say that SS is a ****ing trash babby game for trash babbies. Now, obviously, if you enjoy it, that's fine, I'm just being a lil **** and using extreme hyperbolic humor for the sake of...
  16. BoxTar

    I wasn't even aware that you yelled at me so don't even sweat it haha.

    I wasn't even aware that you yelled at me so don't even sweat it haha.
  17. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Zelda DLC and Expansions

    My personal take? No ****s given. All the stuff there is **** I don't care about. Hard mode? Meh. Cave of Ordeals? Ok. The new dungeon and original story bit is interesting. My only qualm is not being able to pick what you want from the DLC. That's kinda scummy. Otherwise? My opinion is...
  18. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild BotW review embargo

    Well its also cuz most metacritic critics are bought af.
  19. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild BotW review embargo

    You scared the **** out of me with that title. I thought Nintendo was withholding reviews from critics, and thats always the kiss of death for games. As for when or which reviewers I'm looking for, its more of Let's Players/streamers I'm looking forward to see play it and get their take. People...
  20. BoxTar

    Chocolate With or Without Nuts?

    Without nuts what are you a ****ing animal
  21. BoxTar

    Nintendo Any of you hoping that the switch has a good internet browser?

    Couldn't care less if it has a browser at all, honestly. I used the YouTube app on occasion, but even that was sparing. They could dump browsers entirely unless it has extension capabilities. Which they never have. So eh.
  22. BoxTar

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Been stuck in my head on loop lately.
  23. BoxTar

    The Worst PS4 game?

  24. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild So if the game's map is this big...

    Oh I understand that, its just, by modern standards, its a complete cluster****. The best thing it added were RPG-lite elements and broader NPC interaction. It did a lot for the series, don't get me wrong. Its just not very fun to play lol.
  25. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild So if the game's map is this big...

    And lets hope they never remake that train wreck of a game.
  26. BoxTar

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I was just recently at Disney World actually! And I can confirm that its gigantic! Never been to Disneyland or Tokyo so I can't give you context there, but its definitely a place you can spend a whole day at and only see a fraction of what is there, and that's only about one park! There's...
  27. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Will skulltulas return in Breath of the wild

    they're a common zelda enemy so yah, probably.
  28. BoxTar

    Your Bucket List

  29. BoxTar

    Best Wii U Games

    May repeat some that others said, but these were my favorites: -Bayonetta 2 -Zelda: Twilight Princess HD -Zelda: Wind Waker HD -Super Mario 3D World -Pikmin 3 -Nintendo Land -Mario Kart 8 -Game & Wario -Splatoon -Yoshi's Woolly World -Super Mario Maker -Super Smash Bros. 4 -DK: Tropical Freeze...
  30. BoxTar

    How thick do you like your milkshakes?

    I like my milkshakes as I like my women. Thicc af.
  31. BoxTar

    BoxTar's Abstract Trash Art

    60 61 62
  32. BoxTar

    Top 5 games you have the strongest nostalgia for

    I'm not a super nostalgic guy, but there are a few (no order): 1. Ocarina of Time: The first game I ever played as a kid. Bound to have some distinct nostalgia for it. 2. Katamari: I didn't even play it as a kid, but I have nostalgia for it somehow. Whenever I play the original (Damacy) I just...
  33. BoxTar

    A DK Country game for Switch?

    I wouldn't necessarily count it as a Country game, since, when I think of DKC, I think of 2D sidescrolling platformer. So I'd say Returns is the next game in the Country series, and DK64 was more of a spinoff (a damn good, if not polarizing, spinoff).
  34. BoxTar

    A DK Country game for Switch?

    I'd count it as a DK title myself, but I wouldn't count on it ever making a return as a series. That was a RareWare project, and uh...well we all know what happened there. Definitely give it a play if you liked DKC 1 + 3! The collectables have a purpose and arent just for extra lives (they...
  35. BoxTar

    A DK Country game for Switch?

    Its a definite possibility. Returns was an ok game, but Tropical Freeze is absolutely fantastic. Retro, the studio that made those games (as well as the Metroid Prime trilogy), haven't made anything since TF. So I'm hoping they make an awesome Switch title! Whether it be DK or Metroid (but lets...
  36. BoxTar

    Is Sega bad or just Sonic?

    Pretty sure their reputation is just fine in Japan. Again, think like the company and where their profit margin is coming from. They're making bank off their Japanese consumer base, and apparently don't really need to cater internationally anymore. Should they appeal to international audiences...
  37. BoxTar

    Is Sega bad or just Sonic?

    Well yeah, obviously. But why would a company need to put extra effort into things that they don't need to when they can bank on what already works?
  38. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Does the Timeline even matter for BotW?

    Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Actual answer: As long as the game is good and adds in some fanservice, who really cares honestly.
  39. BoxTar

    Is Sega bad or just Sonic?

    Appreciate the clarification! As I said in a prior comment, subjectivity is obviously a factor that comes into play. It also depends on what you mean by "recently". If you mean games that came out last year, yeah, their releases were severely lacking (only 3 games have their names attributed...
  40. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild confirmed as final game for the Wii U

    Well, I'm sure its no surprise to some of you, but I wanted to start discussion about this. Recently, Nintendo made the announcement that Breath of the Wild will be the last game developed, at least in terms of first party, for the Wii U. This comes as no surprise to most. Nintendo is gearing...
  41. BoxTar

    Is Sega bad or just Sonic?

    Was responding to a specific comment that implied that SEGA had NEVER made good games and was never a good company (comment by CrimsonCavalier), wasn't specifically referring to OP. Also, plenty have argued that Sonic was **** when it was first released, myself included.
  42. BoxTar

    Is Sega bad or just Sonic?

    Wasn't citing modern success, was talking about the company as a whole. Whether or not they're making great games now is definitely debatable. Also, Phantasy Star is still a thing. Most recent game was 2014. The cultural barrier also comes into play too. SEGA seems to have a lot of games...
  43. BoxTar

    Is Sega bad or just Sonic?

    Nah, that's completely subjective. Trust me, I'm not fan of SEGA either, but its completely brazen to say that the games are objectively bad. I know plenty of people that hold not just Sonic games, but games like Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star, Space Channel 5, and Super Monkey Ball super close to...
  44. BoxTar

    Original Mario Party remake?

    Nothing off topic, just not much adding to the discussion is all. But I'm throwing around semantics and mini-modding at this point anyways, so I'll leave it at that lol. EDIT: Perhaps to shift back on topic, I will say that despite Mario Party 1 not being the be all end all GOTY, it does the...
  45. BoxTar

    Original Mario Party remake?

    Then why go to a thread just to complain about it without giving any sort of constructive or interesting insight on your opinion? Seems silly if you ask me. :suspicious: Also, nigga I made this account in 2009, your alt joke doesn't even make sense.
  46. BoxTar

    Original Mario Party remake?

    Someone's got their ****ty pickles in a bunch lol. I loved the original Mario Party, in spite of its obvious drawbacks. The one being, as already stated, the spinning analogue stick in certain games, such as the Shy Guy side game. These games caused actual physical damage to me as a kid...
  47. BoxTar

    Proposed Forum Changes

    Agreed. No idea why there had to be an entire forum dedicated to it in the first place, but I suppose there was demand for that back in its prime. Phasing it out now that it has no further DLC on the horizon, as well as lessened interest from people in general, is probably for the best...
  48. BoxTar

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Currently playing Mother 3, Pokemon Prism and some Yu Gi Oh GBA game cuz I'm a ****in nerd.
  49. BoxTar

    Is Sega bad or just Sonic?

    Well that depends on who you are. I personally enjoyed the 3D game Sonic Generations over any of the original Sonic games. Dunno if that's a minority of opinion or not, but the original Sonics are painful for me to play through. For a platformer the momentum is weird, his speed is annoying and...
  50. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild Amiibo Functionality?

    Super Smash Bros. amiibos don't seem to have any functionality that we know of at this very moment. Libk pointed out the features of the others. Wolf Link, however, apparently summons a wolf with a Wolf Link skin to be your companion throughout the game. Pretty neat. BotW amiibos are also...
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