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  1. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Ending Discussion Thread (OoT and SS Spoilers)

    Dont forget guys, its not a theory. it's stickied which makes it LAW!!!!! lol jk. but srsly, i love the way you explain the functioning of the door of time in comparison to the master sword.
  2. Pseudocide

    Spoiler My New Timeline (still Not Finished)

    ouch. i be owned.....fair nuff.
  3. Pseudocide

    Spoiler My New Timeline (still Not Finished)

    to text dump: Some time ago, before the King of Hyrule unified this country, there was a fierce war in our world. One day, to escape from the fires of the war, a Hylian mother and her baby boy entered this forbidden forest. before unification means before hyrule as a country. especially...
  4. Pseudocide

    Skyloft, City in the Sky, Lofwings, Ooccas, Wind Tribe, Palace of the Winds O_o

    i support my theory by the end of the game with location of the temple of time w/ MS beside a giant crater. in OoT it is beside castle town.....made sense to me....
  5. Pseudocide

    Skyloft, City in the Sky, Lofwings, Ooccas, Wind Tribe, Palace of the Winds O_o

    The main city of skyloft could not become the CitS due to it becoming castle town, But the other floating islands could potentially become the CitS
  6. Pseudocide

    Spoiler To Better Understand TWW Backstory...

    Technically OoT link didn't need to prove himself worthy. he just needed to get into the sealed room where the sword is kept. as far as i know only link can pull the sword out of the PoT (kind of a sword in the stone dealio)
  7. Pseudocide

    Spoiler My New Timeline (still Not Finished)

    i find it interesting whenever someone puts anything between SS and OoT as and in OoT the deku tree says that hyrule is only ten years old.
  8. Pseudocide

    The Great Sea

    Yerrp the invisible walls that surround hyrule made by the gods( developers) prevent the flood from venturing beyond its borders.
  9. Pseudocide

    Spoiler To Better Understand TWW Backstory...

    personally i believe because at that time the current incarnation was still alive in the parallel universe. basically there can only be one (lol highlander) which makes me assume that none of the games on the split time lines occure simultaniously with exception of perhaps OoX and MM(not at same...
  10. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Goddess

    Imo hylia is a lesser goddess that expended most of her power sealing away demise who was her demonic near-equal. by the time SS rolls around she has about the same active power as a sage but still has the divine spark that demise needs to regenerate
  11. Pseudocide

    How Skull Kid Formed Deku Link

    that is the standard belief. the only transformation mask that doesnt come from a dead spirit is MAYBE the fierce diety mask. but of course we dont know enough about him to confirm or deny.
  12. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Could Eldin Volcano Be Death Mountain?

    YAY EVERYONE AGREES!!!!! but srsly how often does that happen ?
  13. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Farore Woods=Kokiri Forest?

    sorry i must not have been clear. i believe this evolution did happen as well as with the zoras as well due to the exsistance of a Proto-Zora in lake floria
  14. Pseudocide

    Spoiler My New Timeline (MAJOR SKYWARD SWORD SPOILERS)

    sorry for the derr i had a bad day. basically as i understood it current impa went back in time to prepare the sealed temple for links coming and to watch over the sealed zelda and demise who had just been imprisoned 1 kya as they were prophocied to do. IMO the zelda the imprisoned eats is...
  15. Pseudocide

    Spoiler My New Timeline (MAJOR SKYWARD SWORD SPOILERS)

    the Island dropping on him sealed him in in the first place. and again you give no evidence i think you need to type this evidence instead of just radiating rage this is ONE death of demise not 2.... and as for evidence how about looking in sealed temple. impas bracelet and if you look...
  16. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Could Eldin Volcano Be Death Mountain?

    Yes. it makes sense as it is the only massive active volcano in eldin province. and for mogmas IDK....they will probably show up later
  17. Pseudocide

    Ganon in TLoZ Theories

    sorry.....couldn't help myself
  18. Pseudocide

    Forlong's Timeline Explaination Extravaganza!

    Interesting but in Oot it states that events in OoT take place only ten years after the founding of hyrule
  19. Pseudocide

    My Timeline Based on Veran Altering Past 400 Years

    This amuses me greatly....i wish i could tell if your just trolling :)
  20. Pseudocide

    Why is the Legend of Hero ALWAYS Lost?

    Yepp. Secret archives so people dont know how powerless the rulers were to have to depend on one Man (or boy in some cases) to do what their entire army cound't...kinda embarrassing to talk about for them.
  21. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Theory: The Three Vessels

    Cause its a Dark Prophecy. we only find those out from teh bad guys point of view or after the last battle... its part of the rules.
  22. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Farore Woods=Kokiri Forest?

    unless you continue the thought and it goes Kikwis -> Korikis -> koroks. intelligent plant animals -> migits -> intelligent plant migits
  23. Pseudocide

    Spoiler l

    possible but Fi says she is created by the goddess. and if we look at it your way then a Demon created a spirit sword and then the Goddess repurposed it and sent it back in time? also doesn't demise's essence and ghirahim get sucked into the MS? means weird paradoxs abound.....
  24. Pseudocide

    Spoiler My New Timeline (MAJOR SKYWARD SWORD SPOILERS)

    umm what point? he basically explains how time travel in SS works differently and that following the word usage in game and the appearance of the sealed zelda when the unsealed one is with impa in the same time means that it is the same timeline just different times in it. also OoT has to be...
  25. Pseudocide

    Zelda Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time Map Almost Identical! MAYBE SPOILERS??

    sorry if you didnt believe the spoiler tags
  26. Pseudocide

    Spoilerish(?) Are There Males?

    The gold eyes fair nuff. but good luck convincing anyone that gerudo have black-ish skin. my biggest question is if the skeikah are a race or a Quasi-religious order that turns your eyes red to signify the channeling of Din's fire .....
  27. Pseudocide

    Jabun= Jabu-Jabu

    we dont know if he could speak or not.
  28. Pseudocide

    Who is the Hero's Shade?

    SS link. hero's shade is a Knight. SS link is a Knight. OoT link is a .... little boy time-traveled? not a knight.
  29. Pseudocide

    Spoilerish(?) Are There Males?

    UMMM.... impa in SS is a Gerudo(brown skin, red eyes, not white skin and anything but red eyes) ....so........ ENTER GERUDO GENDER CONNOTATIONS
  30. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Zants God, Interesting Find

    come on guys. demise obvs becomes dark link and he is pissed cause you stole his niffty evil mastersword. which is why you must CRUSH HIM WITH YOUR HAMMAR!!!!! but srsly. i think Demise splits into ganon and dark link. no real evidence to back up just kinda made sense to me
  31. Pseudocide

    Spoiler What Happend to Navi? (may Want to Have Beaten Oot, Begun Majoras Mask)

    Retirement.... but seriously IDK. wouldnt be suprised if some how it turns out the fairies in MM are her kids lol.
  32. Pseudocide

    Common Timeline Flaw?...

    Exactly. different universe = parallelish zelda who doesnt know link yet. heh i could see that link following around 1 day behind getting pissed cause everything is already done.....
  33. Pseudocide

    Does the Original Master Sword Exist in Wind Waker?

    it is due to the fact that the master sword is "the ship that travels the river of time" or w/e. when zelda sent link back she then put it in the PoT to "seal" the "rift" between worlds causing the split timeline. ie. kid link couldn't get into the temple of time to get the master sword anymore...
  34. Pseudocide

    Spoiler My New Timeline (MAJOR SKYWARD SWORD SPOILERS)

    your origional split is well thought through but i believe incorrect. please read this article explaining why : http://www.zeldainformer.com/2011/11/skyward-swords-ending-predestination-or-a-paradox-of-epic-proportions.html
  35. Pseudocide

    Nightstar's Zelda Timeline Theory

    sorry but the split in the timeline has been confirmed. please read the stickys
  36. Pseudocide

    Legend of Links Distractions

  37. Pseudocide

    Spoiler ~Another Look at the E3 2010 Skyward Sword Trailer's Intro

    solid post and very interesting... i like the idea of swords as characters. kinda reminicent of soul eater (anime).
  38. Pseudocide

    My Turn

    dont worry there is still the crazy possibility of a dimensional overlap eventually causeing the timeline to remerge (a'la crisis on infinite earths ) lol now wouldnt that complicate things ............../------------------------\ ------------.................................----------...
  39. Pseudocide

    GameTrailers Timeline Theory

    true and sorry DuckNoises, i got to get better at using the forum search feature. i think it would be interesting if they tried again and did it properly.... if nothing else having video "evidence" makes the presentation more believable if not more accurate
  40. Pseudocide

    The Gerudo: The Mechanics of Life

    ...wow din i feel completly ********.... i remember reading this when you first posted it and i just posted a similar albet 50X shorter thread. my explination instead is the ZW sex determination system and Parthenogenisis, which may or may not be a stronger possibility than gene lethality but...
  41. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Explaining the Gerudo Race

    first off the issues are: 1(a). the gerudo are all female 1(b). only one male is born every hundred years these lead to the following issue: 2(a). as it stands all Gerudo of a given generation would have to be the children of the previous Ganondorf 2(b). The Gerudo would have to have a long...
  42. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Multiple Ganons

    RE: DuckNoises i solidly enjoyed your post but could you provide some quotes to back it up ie. Ganondorf being the only male Gerudo instead of only royal male possibly and that Ganondorf is pure Gerudo. my only detraction is the possibility of parthenogenesis with a ZW sex-determination system...
  43. Pseudocide

    GameTrailers Timeline Theory

    http://www.gametrailers.com/video/zelda-retrospective-the-legend/15194 their timeline theory to sum up .........../WW-PH-OoX MC-OoT ...........\MM-LA-LoZ-Aol-FS-AlttP-Oox from 2006 so no TP included but still amusing to see their reasoning
  44. Pseudocide

    Traditional Walking or Epona?

    hmmm. it seems like link would probably do a lot of walking with there idea of "Open Dungeons" or one could just ride up to the boss and kill it on horseback without doing puzzly stuff...
  45. Pseudocide

    What Will Happen to Skyloft?

    The common belief currently is that skyloft becomes the City In The Sky in TP
  46. Pseudocide

    Spoiler Behind Majora's Mask...

    impressive...i like this theory and will have to look more into it
  47. Pseudocide

    A Gustaf Timeline

    nice...if only i read japanese i coud find this article...
  48. Pseudocide

    Inspirations of Awesome

    good quotes, thanks. . . . . (30 Chars?)
  49. Pseudocide

    A Gustaf Timeline

    nice... is there a wiki link available though?
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