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  1. Kombatgod

    Spoiler Were You Disappointed with the Timeline Revealed?

    As I said many times I am totally fine with three timelines. What I really can't stand is FS being split from FSA. It makes no sense! (also I'd prefer FSA to be ALttP's prequel)
  2. Kombatgod

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess Vs Twilight Princess

    I never played the GameCube version, but I pick it because I'm sure it's better. First, the idea of mirroring the game is foolish, but most important the motion controls feel to be just sticked into the game, while it was designed in another way. I'd be much more happy to press the A button to...
  3. Kombatgod

    Premonition Theory - Creation of the Third Timeline

    Hey, thank you. Yeah, I would be disappointed if they blandly say "In this timeline Link is defeated at some random point in the game." like ALttP is simply a sequel to OoT's "game over" screen.
  4. Kombatgod

    What Zelda Game Have You Played First?

    I searched for this thread, but I couldn't find it, so I decided to start it: what's the first Zelda game you ever played? I'm only talking about the main 16 games, so if you happened to play a Tingle game first, or Link's Crossbow Training first, or your interest in the Zelda series started...
  5. Kombatgod

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    I disagree with the time travel to enter the Well and Spirit Temple creating a split. Like other users said, Zelda sends Link back in Time creatindg a new timeline, but when he uses the Master Sword he travels in the same timeline, or else there would be a new timeline everytime he goes back in...
  6. Kombatgod

    Zelda Art A Few Zelda Plushies!

    Wow! Really nice! For future plushes I think it would be best to make some animals. I think Moosh from the Oracle series would be awesome!
  7. Kombatgod

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    It's hard to say, because what most people find "hard" I find enjoyable and entertaining, so dungeons like the Lakebed from TP are my favourite. I enjoy keeping track aof the water flows and I'm quite good at it, so to me it isn't hard. I personally have hard times beating a dungeon when I can't...
  8. Kombatgod

    The White Sword (?)

    I strongly believe the White Sword to be nothing more than a middle level sword. You missed two games it's in: the Oracle games. (Called Noble Sword internationally though). In those games, depending on getting the passwords first, or completing the trading sequence first, it can either be the...
  9. Kombatgod

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    Very nice thread! I was born back in 1988, yeah, the 8-bit era... But never played Nintendo games until the Game Boy (and still, not Zelda)! Would you believe it? I was more of a Sega guy, loved Shinobi and all those Laser Gun games like Laser Ghost... But Nintendo... I knew Mario, I was very...
  10. Kombatgod

    Twilight Princess Did You Use the Magic Armor?

    I used it PUREPOSELLY just to drain my rupees. There's something wrong with my deviated mind: if I see a bush I slice it. If I see a Pot I break it. So I ALWAYS end up with my wallet full. It kinda annoys me. Maybe it's because I used to play Mario games and it would make no sense to leave free...
  11. Kombatgod

    If Link Had a Pet

    Many say he already had Epona, the Cow in OoT, the animal buddies in OoX and some cuccos, but I think the difference is that they were basically for gameplay, what if he just had a pet there for fun? I immediatly tought of a monkey, but I don't know why... It would have no name, the player...
  12. Kombatgod

    Premonition Theory - Creation of the Third Timeline

    Some say they weren't the same sages, but I agree with you they are, because their names are in AoL. So how were they awaken? Who knows? But they can. Maybe it just took a very longer time, maybe the Hylian Knights did it. At the end Good prevailed over evil in all timelines! The Hero of Time...
  13. Kombatgod

    Premonition Theory - Creation of the Third Timeline

    Many minds blew while seeing there is an extra split in the official timeline. Mine didn't, because I always considered the OoT-AlttP connection stronger than the OoT-WW (if OoT is the Sealing War, than it's directly before ALttP, while we know for sure that between OoT and WW at least another...
  14. Kombatgod

    Is FSA Really a Prequel to ALttP?

    Yeah. So they CAN be tha same. No, it's never said not even suggested that Ganondorf is turned into Ganon BECAUSE of the Trident in FSA. It's just fan-speculation. Middleway through the game some Dekus start talking about Prince of Darkness Ganon (or something). Then one of the maidens says...
  15. Kombatgod

    Spoiler Why No Gerudo in TP? Now Answered!

    What are you talking about? 1st-There IS the Gerudo Desert in TP! It has no Gerudo in it, but it's there! 2nd-The Hyrule Unification was (kinda) mentioned in OoT itself! The official timeline doesn't add any new event, jut lists them. 3rd-We always knew TP was in the Child Timeline, this new...
  16. Kombatgod

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    There is. Miyamoto once stated that ALttP came after LoZ/AoL. Even Nintendo makes mistakes and I believe they messed up with the FS saga.
  17. Kombatgod

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    I grew up playing video games on my DOS pc, and I remember of REMEMBERING of playing Monkey Island when I was like 4, so I can't really say, but I think a DOS game, either Monkey Island or TIM-The Incredible Machine or Prince of Persia. Anyway they were all copied, so I didn't owned them. The...
  18. Kombatgod

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    It's always fun to answer these polls, but I think we need something specifically about minor games, (NES games, GB/GBC games, FS saga, DS games), otherwise 90% of people will click OoT, TP, SS or the other main games, so we'll find what's the most liked, but not what are thier preferences...
  19. Kombatgod

    Spoiler Villains in Zelda Are Crap.

    In fact I said I'm mostly fine with Ganon because everytime he's returning from a previous defeat! I hate that everytime they make a NEW villain, they say he was sealed away in a previous battle and nothing more. It's just a cheap excuse for a backstory!
  20. Kombatgod

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    There have been many funny and many awesome enemies, but there are some I'm tied with: Ghini They're very funny with their faces and long tongues when they have them, but most important, I found that you can defeat them with only 1 single swing of the Rod of Seasons in Oracle of Seasons...
  21. Kombatgod

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    I quote you, but there also are many other people saying this. To me this makes no sense at all. Link was sealed for 7 years and then awoke. There's no split, it makes no sense to be a split when you travel forward in time. Some people say it's bacause the Temple of Light is beyhond time and...
  22. Kombatgod

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    Er.. dude, your first timeline is a little messed up for some reason, but I got the point. Yeah, you're right, I know that, but there also are some people that, looking at the timeline believe all events from OoT happening in the CT, wile basically the only event we know happened there is OoT's...
  23. Kombatgod

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    Another thing I'm not too happy about is the Adult/Child split happening after OoT. I know People are now stuck writing their timelines like this: ........./WW SS-OoT .........\MM But actually OoT only happened in the Adult Timeline! So technically it should be: ..../OoT-WW SS ....\MM I...
  24. Kombatgod

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    Yeah! In FS they talk of the Four Sword and the first attack of Vaati as an ancient legend, so there's absolutely no way they can be direct sequels with the same Link, instead in FSA they already know of the Four Sword and Vaati, and the intro itself says something like "Vaati once kidnapped...
  25. Kombatgod

    Kotaku: Is This the Official Timeline?

    I'm so angry that people are surprised by this, while I already stated it one year ago! Check it! http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?16570-The-What-If-Theory-a-Double-Split-in-the-Timeline! The only thing that to me makes no absolute sense is to split FS from FSA.
  26. Kombatgod

    Spoiler Villains in Zelda Are Crap.

    Well, maybe I could have found a better title, but I didn't say: "Villains that are crap" I said "Villains are crap." so all of them. This also include Ganon. But still, I think some of them are better than others. Also to me "writing" a character's story is as important as "designing" his look...
  27. Kombatgod

    Spoiler Villains in Zelda Are Crap.

    Here's a little rant: Zelda is a nice series, of course I love it, but there's something that not only I hate, but it leaves me breathless for the lack of imagination from Nintendo: the series' main villains. I'm complaining about storyline, not character design, eh. They may be cool villains...
  28. Kombatgod

    How Do You Pronounce Deku

    Of course is Dehkoo, you even wrote it twice! Ridiculous!!
  29. Kombatgod

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "That Ukulele has the spirit of the sea in it! That smell! That sound! Well I give you something old... This is the Hero's Sword that a great hero gave my ancestors long ago!" "...What's that? It's broken..? ...Ah-Ahem! Ahh! Umm... What a great sound!" Old Zora (Oracle of Ages)
  30. Kombatgod

    General Classic Should Zelda III Be Done?

    Now thatI thinkof it, the problem in most game I mentioned (Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider) is that the series is trying to resurrect from its ashes. Those games lost popularity and now are trying to regain it. It's not the case of Zelda. Zelda has always been a best selling game and I...
  31. Kombatgod

    Unnessesary Trading Sequence

    I think the real flaw is that it's different than in OoA. Of course using a walktrough is technically cheating, so you're not supposed to know the order unless you completed the trading sequence, but actually one is able to skip the trading sequence by just replaying the game. I think they made...
  32. Kombatgod

    General Classic Should Zelda III Be Done?

    Have you noticed the trend of returning to the origins of game series? Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario Bros, Sonic 4 and also many series are rebooting like Mortal Kombat or Tomb Raider... But most of all I'm impressed by Mega Man 9 and 10. They made two new games but used the 8-bit...
  33. Kombatgod

    Spoiler ALttP-Zelda = Sleeping Princess?

    You're right, he looks a little younger, but it may be just an artistic choice of the developers, it may not be relevant to the story. Anyway, the ending of him leaving on the ship was said to be a voluntary reference to LA, so I think they just retconned everything. Link also fought Agahnim and...
  34. Kombatgod

    Are Rereleases More Canon Than Original Releases?

    Well, I think newer releases to be more canon, but actually what does "canon" mean? If they make a game where a character dies, and then in the sequel he's alive again, you may say that the canon story is that he doesn't die, but I'd say that we actually have two different stories, or timelines...
  35. Kombatgod

    Spoiler Komali's Timeline Theory

    This is one of the best timelines. You just did it good. I mean you pointed out the roles of any game in the story of Hyrule, and that's how it should be done! OoT is the sealing of Ganon; in LttP he tries to escape; WW is the end of Hyrule... We don't care if the intro has a little statement or...
  36. Kombatgod

    Spoiler Ocarina Of Time Triforce Theory (Sequel to MM?)

    I agree with everything you said. Just one little correction: in WW it is spit in 11 pieces! ToP isoleted, ToC in 8 pieces and ToW is in two pieces! Zelda only has a half, while the king has the other half. I think the point is that the 2d titles or at least ALttP may have occoured between...
  37. Kombatgod

    Spoiler Ocarina Of Time Triforce Theory (Sequel to MM?)

    So are you saying that Link brought the ToC in the CT, while the other two remained in the AT? The was a whole at the beginning of OoT, so the time Link arrived. If you believe things to multiply by going back in time, as in most time travel storyes, where a person is able to meet himself...
  38. Kombatgod

    LTTP and FSA Link Are the Same

    Nice catch. I too think FSA was made as a praquel to LttP, but to answer bbevington90 and Locke's timeline theories, since the Sealing war is, or at least was originally supposed to be OoT's AT events, I'm quite sure the most probable placement for FSA to be like this: ......./--FS/FSA--LttP...
  39. Kombatgod

    Spoiler ALttP-Zelda = Sleeping Princess?

    Yeah, you got that point, but I think is very unlikely that Impa is a grown up maiden, because I don't think many years passed between the two games, as in LttP's artworks Link is shown to be like 15 yo already. I think it is more likely that they're just relatives. The maiden could even be...
  40. Kombatgod

    Wireless Nunchuck

    I'm trying as hard as I can, but I'm not able ro find any relation between the right handle and the wire. I hope the problem isn't that every time you try to switch the remote with the nunchuck you end up tying your hands with the wire...
  41. Kombatgod

    Spoiler ALttP-Zelda = Sleeping Princess?

    I agree with you but I don't get your arguments. First: what's wrong with OoX intros? Is it that Link has the Crest before going to the Triforce or what? Could you explain? Anyway we can imagine every possible story for the Crest, it may even be a third one; the only thing that suggests OoX's...
  42. Kombatgod

    Link Talking Would NOT Be the End of the World As We Know It.

    First I'd say change is always a nice thing to me. To know that they try something new gives a game the feel they're doing it because they think is good, not just to appeal audiences. So I think they should always try something new. I believe the silent hero thing to be just useless. It...
  43. Kombatgod

    Link in the Green Tunic?

    Yeah, this is the best explanation I can think of! So even the Hero of Time while wearing the Kokiri tunic was actually wearing the color of courage... So every Link before or after him are going to wear the same regardless why. A Link living after the HoT may wear green as an homage to him but...
  44. Kombatgod

    The What If Theory: a Double Split in the Timeline!

    Well, guys, thanks for your inputs! I forgot to say one thing: This is not my favourite theory, I mean the one that I'd place in my signature, it's just a theory I came up with while writing a document about studying the timeline and checking every possible solution... I also believe one of...
  45. Kombatgod

    The What If Theory: a Double Split in the Timeline!

    Wow! That's a nice theory! Imagine if SS features time travel! They could even create a lot of splits so that every game takes place in a timeline of its own! To me they decided to split the timeline only with WW, so every game that went out before it is in the adult timeline. I believe TP to...
  46. Kombatgod

    The What If Theory: a Double Split in the Timeline!

    When it first came out, Ocarina of Time was undoubtly created as a prequel to A Link to the Past. Then Wind Waker came out as a sequel to Ocarina of Time. So when did ALttP happened in relation to WW? This is one of the major problems that pops out while making a timeline. People tried...
  47. Kombatgod

    Oracles Remade

    Actually Nintendo remade evry main 2D Mario game twice and they remade A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening and Ocarina of Time (the Master Quest)... Without mentioning the re-releases on GBA and GC. Anyway none of them featured significant differences, (I also think OoT3D won't) so it would...
  48. Kombatgod

    Spirit Tracks Spirit Tower: Like or Dislike?

    To me it was a good idea to have that central dungeon. It doesn't even makes sense to complain about returning in it, because every time you have to return a new track appears, so technically you always have a new path to go there, it is not like returning to the same spot. It could have been...
  49. Kombatgod

    Spoiler My Personal Split Timeline Theory

    This is very interesting, and I too always felt like the water level in FSA could have been a reference to the coming of the flood, but considering that in that game you don't play in the map, but it is made to select the levels, it could just be an image with no meaning in the story... What I...
  50. Kombatgod

    Link in the Green Tunic?

    Hi there! I'm new to the forum and I want to start by making a new thread about something I'm sure all of you have noticed, but I haven't found any discussion about: in the images about Skyward Sword Link wears the green tunic! It's ok, i mean, why should they change it, right? Well, because...
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