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  1. Clucluclu

    My Storyline Predictions: Oocca, Triforce, MS, Hylian Crest, Etc.

    I think that the Dominion Rod should be included considering it's found in the Temple of Time and the MS is established in this game....assuming that the Oocca are involved in this game.
  2. Clucluclu

    Spoiler Link's Top Five Moments of Awesomeness

    I agree completely with Valexi.
  3. Clucluclu

    Link's Awakening LA Potion

    How do you apply the potions found in the last few dungeons. I can't seem to access it from the inventory.
  4. Clucluclu

    Why/How Did Zoras Turn to Ritos?

    I don't think the original inhabitants of greatfish isle were Zora. This is mainly because of the presence of boats. I don't think that the Zoras would have needed boats unless they wanted protection from Gyrogs, however, based on the Zora's abilities as displayed in MM, I don't think the...
  5. Clucluclu

    Why/How Did Zoras Turn to Ritos?

    I think the Zoras became the Ritos for a two reasons: 1. The goddesses didn't want the Zoras to find Hyrule, so they put Valoo in the picture to give the Zoras the gift of flight instead of the ability to swim. 2. There are no fish (besides the fishmen, which, in fact, are probably a cut above...
  6. Clucluclu

    The Mask Man, the Mask Manipulator.

    I don't remember exactly how the legend of the banished tribe goes, but what if it was the HMS who banished the tribe which created the Majora's Mask. It would explain how it came into his possesion.
  7. Clucluclu

    The Mask Man, the Mask Manipulator.

    I find it interesting that the Mask salesman seems to be concious of the fact that Link is traveling through time and Majora's Mask itself isn't.
  8. Clucluclu

    Is the Land in Phantom Hourglass Termina?

    I started a thread just like this about a year ago in which it was concluded that the Sea of PH was probably the Sea of LA.
  9. Clucluclu

    Majora's Mask Infinitely Split Timelines

    Something that I think should be taken into consideration is the fact that after you beat a boss and free the giant, you can roll back time and the giant will still be free even though the boss is back.
  10. Clucluclu

    Spoiler Jabu-Jabu Theory and Ocena King Theory

    Doesn't it make more sense for the Windfish to be the Ocean King? There are a few holes but still.
  11. Clucluclu


    I think that the monkeys could be the Kokiri. They could have transformed as a result of a lack of Deku Tree. I believe (I am not certain) that on the CT, the Deku sprout had not yet grown in OoT, and even if it had, it could have been killed in some way (as its predecessor had been). Without...
  12. Clucluclu

    Prequel to Majora's Mask!?!

    I think it would be interesting to put a game on the AT that could fit between OoT and WW. The only problem is that the legend from WW (as I remember it) calls the last hero the hero of time. Otherwise it could work in my opinion.
  13. Clucluclu

    Master Sowrd Making

    I haven't been on for a while, but I recently made a connection between the girl in the Zelda Wii picture and the Master Sword; What if you forge the Master Sword in Zelda Wii? It would be like in PH. If Zelda Wii does include the forging of the Master Sword, then it will answer a lot of...
  14. Clucluclu

    "Them" Aliens or Monsters?

    Aliens. Game designers wanted Termina to seem like such a different world from Hyrule, yet still hauntingly similar, and "Them" being monsters just strikes me as more of an ancient idea (more like OoT) while aliens feels more modern (more like MM) . Aliens just fit the theme of MM better.
  15. Clucluclu

    Can Sheik See the Future??

    By your logic, Link can also see the future. Did you forget how OoT started?
  16. Clucluclu

    Worst Injury

    I broke my thumb playing baseball when I was seven. After my thumb nearly doubled in size, my finger nail fell off.
  17. Clucluclu

    Future weapons!!

    You mean like the hawkeye that you could attatch to the bow so you could snipe in TP?
  18. Clucluclu


    I've always figured that they were the decendents of Jabun. About the debt... I have no idea for the time being.
  19. Clucluclu

    Was Ganondorf "chosen" or Not

    If you have forgoten, the Temple of Time is destroyed in TP. I think that this leaves the possibility that there was access to the Sacred Realm where the Triforce may have been touched and thus split.
  20. Clucluclu

    Favorite Quotes

    "He aproached everything in life with either extraordinary genious or naive incompetence, and it was often difficult to tell which from which." --Douglass Adams "Opinions should be a result of thought, not a sustitute for it." --Jef Mallett
  21. Clucluclu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    AC/DC~ Nick of Time Awesome song. 50505050 (stupid character limit)
  22. Clucluclu

    Submarines and Hyrule

    I think that the submarines couldn't find Hyrule because they are made of wood and wood floats.
  23. Clucluclu

    Cane of Byrna

    I may have found the Cane of Byrna useful if the Magic Cape wasn't already in there. I would have used the cane in the fight with Blind, except I had the Magic Cape instead.
  24. Clucluclu

    AoL and Its Crosses

    I think that during LoZ/AoL, Nintendo wanted Zelda to be very Mideival Europish (for obvious reasons) and Christianity (Catholicism in particular) was huge around those times. If you lived in Europe back then, it is safe to say that you were Christian.
  25. Clucluclu

    Your Username

    Derived form old school NES game Cluclu Land. 5050505050
  26. Clucluclu

    Hero's Shade: a Timeline Problem?

    I think Hero's Shade is probably Hero of Time for reasons previously stated, but I also like to think that it could have been Hero of Time's father. I think that he fought in the Hylian Civil War prior to OoT, so he would most likely have skills with a sword. Also, the HS refers to Link as...
  27. Clucluclu

    Spirited Away

    I saw it and thought that it was pretty cool, but I couldn't grasp the storyline at all, and I didn't understand the whole losing your name thing. Princess Monanoke was much better.
  28. Clucluclu


    I have rarely ever used the term "lol". The reason is that I hardly eveer really lol when I am alone. Only when something is downright hilarious. And now, as you said, it is preetty overused, so I try to never use it to help balance that out.
  29. Clucluclu

    In the World of OoT?

    I think that you are taking this a little bit too seriously. By "in the world of OoT" he probably means that it was the same geographical spot.
  30. Clucluclu

    Favorite Sword

    The Guilded Sword looked awesome, plus it didn't go away after 100 slashes or timetravel.
  31. Clucluclu

    The Return of Fierce Diety Link

    He just doesn't seem like a character that should be brought back. I thought he was awesome, and MM is my favorite game, but I think that leaving him shrouded in Mystery would be better. If he were to come back, especially as a magor antagonist, it would essentially be the story of MM again...
  32. Clucluclu

    Secret of the Temples

    I think that they only have evils because Ganon/dorf placed a curse on them. Also, about Bongo Bongo, he was sealed in the bottom of the well. He broke out before Sheik taught you the Song to warp you. As far as purpose, I believe that they are places of worship that house many sacred...
  33. Clucluclu

    Twilight Princess Should Ganondorf Have Been in TP?

    I relt like it hurt the story a bit, but it added four of the greatest final boss fights ever for me. Ganondorf belonged.
  34. Clucluclu

    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    Napolean Dynamite was just plain awesome, the worst movie in history has to be X-Men 3: The Last Stand. It was terribly done.
  35. Clucluclu

    Batman 3

    I want to see a Batman with the Penguin being portrayed as a short, fat guy.
  36. Clucluclu

    Your Top 3 Artists and Songs

    1. AC/DC (saw them last Winter) 2. Aerosmith 3. ZZ Top 1. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)- AC/DC 2. Heartbreaker- Pat Benatar 3. Livin on the Edge- Aerosmith
  37. Clucluclu

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Iron Man once raced Superman to the moon. The winner was Chuck Norris. This one is a tiny bit graphic but I think it is too funny so if you don't like it ignore it: Chuck Norris lost his virginty before his father.
  38. Clucluclu

    Veran.... Twili?

    Please specify the Twilight markings on Dark Beast Ganon, and I would also like to say that characters have taken on a lot of different apearences in alot of different games.
  39. Clucluclu

    Zelda Says...

    I think that it had something to do with her dream.
  40. Clucluclu

    Ruler of Twili

    I believe that Midna states that she believes that it was the Goddesses intention that she should meet Zelda after you defeat Ganon/dorf. Another possible reason is that they wanted the Twilight realm available to banish more evils if necessary (like ganondorf).
  41. Clucluclu

    Favorite Boss in LoZ

    I still haven't beat LoZ (I'm trying to finish it without anymore help) so I have to go with Gleeock just because he was such a great idea. I think it would be nice if they brought him back somehow. I consider Trinex (and the first sage to Majora) to be tributes to this considerably epic boss.
  42. Clucluclu

    Your Thoughts on Zant?

    I thought that Zant was probably the coolest villian ever (especially in the scene after Lakebed Temple), but after seeing his face, he seemed kinda lame. I wish they would have made his face as scary as it apeared in the cutscene where you could only see hihs jaw and mouth.
  43. Clucluclu

    Zelda Wii New Items

    I would also like to see more implications of the TP. Most every item was virtually useless after the dungeon. Especially the Dominion Rod which I particularly thought was an incredible idea.
  44. Clucluclu

    Fairy Bow Conspiracy

    Link only gets the fairy bow on the AT. The bow in WW is the fairy bow. (I think). TP is on the CT, so I don't think that they are the same bow.
  45. Clucluclu

    The Undead

    I think that redeads, Stalfos, Gibdos, etc were reanimated by Ganon/dorf.
  46. Clucluclu

    Veran.... Twili?

    I have to agree with Hayzer. Unless Ganon/dorf also had Twili powers in OoT.
  47. Clucluclu

    Veran.... Twili?

    I don't recall Ganon transforming. Unless you consider him possessing Zelda transforming.
  48. Clucluclu

    Veran.... Twili?

    Something I just found out that I would like to throw in there. Midna CAN shapeshift. I was replaying TP and after you meet Princess Zelda, Midna transforms into Collin and Ilia to goad you into helping her find the fused shadows.
  49. Clucluclu


    We don't know that Nabooru never becomes a sage on the CT just because Ganondorf didn't get the ToP. Rauru awakened as the Sage of Light without the Triforce being stolen. So did whichever sage it was that was reincarnated into Kapora Gaebora. The only reason that Link had to go through the...
  50. Clucluclu

    My Conclusion to the Timeline

    Saria, Ruto, etc. would have realized their destiny to become a sage. Rauru was able to awaken without Ganon being evil or trying to take over Hyrule. Kapora Gaebora was able to awaken as a sage who knows how long ago without there being any known threat. There is no reason that the sages...
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