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  1. felipe970421

    Theories of the Many Items in the Zelda Series

    Bombchus in TP look quite different to Terminan Bombchus, they are like little round bugs that go Kaboom, I think they are a different species.
  2. felipe970421

    The Irony Behind HH's Timeline

    Again, seriously? I don't want to sound rude, but HH came out months ago (and translations were available shortly thereafter), people complained, and then we all just kinda accepted it, but now a official English version with almost no changes comes out and people are disputing it again.
  3. felipe970421

    Some Questions for You Zelda Theory Savvy ZD Members

    Yes, there is a ToC on each timeline, when Link returned to the CT, the ToC went to him, as he was the bearer (as this made the triforce incomplete, the ToW and ToP went to Zelda and Ganon respectively, because they were the bearers on the other timeline, this suggests the Triforce has a sort of...
  4. felipe970421

    Hyrule's Hidden/Forgotten Geography

    Neat find! I have to check it later to see what I can find about that gorge, personally, I always assumed the Zora made business ferrying people up and down the river, we see the Zora tour guide effortlessly taking the boat up the river after the bomb arrow minigame, so I assumed they had this...
  5. felipe970421

    Theories of the Many Items in the Zelda Series

    If you can drop some physics, then a simple rolled up chain on the inside would explain it, obviously lifting Link that fast and without making him swing like a pendulum would be very hard in real life, but we can just ignore that
  6. felipe970421

    Beedle Throughout The Generations Theory

    Or, you know, just a recurring character
  7. felipe970421

    Link's Defeat (Split Timeline Theory)

    The sacred groove is the temple of time from OoT in ruins, when you enter the door you get sent back to when it was intact
  8. felipe970421

    Link's Defeat (Split Timeline Theory)

    I am talking about the door of time in the sacred groove, prior to entering the temple of time
  9. felipe970421

    Link's Defeat (Split Timeline Theory)

    The time travel theory to end all time travel theories (Le joke) Nope The timeline where Link gathers the stones is the same as the Adult Timeline, the difference is a 7-year-long stasis for Link, nothing else, no time travel involved there There is a interesting thing with time travel...
  10. felipe970421

    Connection Between Hyrule and Termina: Lost Woods and Fairies

    You are confused, those woods are completely unrelated to the ones we're talking about, we are talking about the woods in the intro Also, the lost woods are the only forest we know of, and they are Skull Kid's home, so we can assume it's the lost woods
  11. felipe970421

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

  12. felipe970421

    Spoiler Who is Queen Rutela?

    Queen Rutela: A Zora queen, named Rutela, possibly related to Ruto, died in an attack by Zant, helped TP Link in his quest
  13. felipe970421

    Why Did the Zora Tribe Adapt into the Rito Tribe?

    That logic works both ways, why would they add sentience to an avian species? When that aquatic one already has it? it just needs some body modifications Bird -> Rito => Add sentience Zora -> Rito => Add wings Valoo is shown giving the Rito wings, not sentience, therefore, the Rito are the Zora
  14. felipe970421

    Why Did the Zora Tribe Adapt into the Rito Tribe?

    So, a whole species died out and then regular birds evolved into the Rito thanks to divine intervention Or, a species evolved into the Rito thanks to divine intervention Occam's razor says the second one, the first one assumes too much (namely, both assume evolution by divine intervention...
  15. felipe970421

    Theories of the Many Items in the Zelda Series

    Regarding the beetle, that's technology of the ancients robots isn't it? The robots see the beetle you got in the skyview temple, say it's an older model, and update it with a claw, the beetle is clearly the work of ancient technology, this technology was lost during the war with demise And...
  16. felipe970421

    Can Some One Explain the Time Line to Me Rly Simple?

    FOr those with trouble grasping the split as the fifth dimension, here, this video should be able to help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqeqW3g8N2Q That's string theory for dummies, you only need to watch until the sixth or so dimension as that is the relevant part
  17. felipe970421

    Hylia's Purpose

    Japanese mythology, seeing how Zelda is made in Japan He meant that Hylians are different from regular humans
  18. felipe970421

    Can Some One Explain the Time Line to Me Rly Simple?

    Just because Link returned and prevented the events of the Adult timeline doesn't mean the timeline is erased, the timeline goes on, just without Link, if the timeline was erased then Link would have never been sent back in time at the end of the game, thus no child timeline, thus the adult...
  19. felipe970421

    Song of Storms Time Paradox

    It's similar to the (tedious) tree of life puzzle on Skyward Sword, at first it's a clever time puzzle, but when you sit down to it it just creates paradoxes, when establishing how the time travel works in those games, I just ignore those two, and while I generally dislike his approach, I have...
  20. felipe970421

    Connection Between Hyrule and Termina: Lost Woods and Fairies

    I'll explain as best as I can When you take a wrong turn in the lost woods, you get back to kokiri forest, this is because you have a fairy, if you didn't have it you'd just get lost and eventually die and turn into a monster, Link couldn't enter the woods before getting Navi (a Kokiri states...
  21. felipe970421

    Spoiler What is the Execution Sword.

    This is somewhat lacking evidence, I'm afraid there isn't much in game about the sword, but for future reference, take a loot at the actual blade (from HH concept art) And the final sword The sheath is particularly interesting, the blade itself is clearly meant for the sages, but the...
  22. felipe970421

    Spoiler Dark Master Sword in Twilight Princess?

    This was on the child timeline, not the downfall timeline And the reason they used that sword instead of the MS is hat they didn't have the MS, it was in the sacred groove at the time
  23. felipe970421

    How Does the Child Timeline Ending to Ocarina of Time Occur?

    Here let me explain it in timeline form ...................../Ganon rises to power and kills the sages -> Link awakens new sages -> ending of OoT's adult timeline -> TWW Sages build ToT .....................\Link warns Zelda of Ganon's plan -> Ganon imprisoned -> Original sages fail to execute...
  24. felipe970421

    The Mystery of the Ordona Province...

    I see Ordona as a Hyrulean colony, they pay tribute to the royal family and show some loyalty to the mainland, it is worth noting that spirit Ordona was not present in Lanayru's tale, this mat mean two things, 1) that it was created later or 2) That there are far more spirits protecting the land...
  25. felipe970421

    The Evolution of the Gerudo, Kokiri, and Other Races.

    Allow me to quote myself from another thread Sorry for the "double post" but this post is more relevant here, when you read this, the post in that thread will probably be deleted
  26. felipe970421

    Ganondorf's Mother?

    Hmm, have you ever noticed how all Gerudos are 20-something females, and how Ganondorf seemingly lives for 100s of years? This age may be due to the influence of the triforce, but then there's Koume and Kotake, who claim to be "only" 400 years old, who's to say the Gerudo age the same way as...
  27. felipe970421

    Reincarnation or Bloodline?

    Zelda: Bloodline Link: reincarnation Thus I kinda can't vote on the poll :P
  28. felipe970421

    Why Did the Zora Tribe Adapt into the Rito Tribe?

    You seem to have ignored the islands Locke, those islands have to start somewhere, if the sea is really as deep as you describe, then the mountaintops would have to be far higher then we've seen, and IRRC, Dragon roost is death mountain, so Hyrule can't be that far down
  29. felipe970421

    Why Did the Zora Tribe Adapt into the Rito Tribe?

    Even if it was due to graphical constraints, how does that make it any less valid? Is Termina being an alternate universe less valid because of the reused models? They didn't want Zora for whatever reason, so they put the Rito, then, they justified their existence, I don't see the argument
  30. felipe970421

    "Can Hyrule's Destiny Really Depend on Such a Lazy Boy?"

    He doesn't sleep even once on his journey though, and depending on how obsessive you are that journey can be several weeks long, give the little guy some credit!
  31. felipe970421

    Why Did the Zora Tribe Adapt into the Rito Tribe?

    Yes, that came out more rude than I expected, sorry about that What I mean is, Nintendo probably knew the Rito came from the Zoras when developing WW, it's impossible to know though, so arguing whether or not they paid attention will get us nowhere
  32. felipe970421

    Why Did the Zora Tribe Adapt into the Rito Tribe?

    So, you think that Nintendo doesn't pay attention to continuity, yet your explanation agrees with the common belief that it was to not get any living things in the ocean?
  33. felipe970421

    Dark Interloper's/Twili, Good or Evil?

    Dark is not evil, Light is not good... Allow me to quote myself There, now that you've (hopefully) read that, I am ready to elaborate I think you are forgetting the importance of the Sols, the Sols represent Good, why did the Gods/Spirits feel the need to put a goodness core on the twilight...
  34. felipe970421


    You have a long way to go my friend. To answer your particular question, no, it was retconned, so the backstory of AoL is false Don't respond to this, keep this on topic
  35. felipe970421

    The Medallions.

    They create a bridge to enter Ganon's castle, so there's that IMO th medallions are just little macguffins to track your progress, they are like the seals in spirit tracks or the boss remains in Majora's mask
  36. felipe970421


    I'm having abit of a hard time with this, are you saying that when Link entered the child timeline he took the ToC from that timeline, making the other 2 pieces go to Ganondorf and Zelda (this would also cause the split of the ToC in the adult timeline)
  37. felipe970421

    Where Do the People of Skyloft Go?

    The cloud barrier was gone at the end of SS, so the humans could move freely between Skyloft and Hyrule, eventually Skyloft was abandoned/fell down/was occupied by the Oocca
  38. felipe970421

    Spoiler The Gossip Stone Behind the Deku Tree

    The hero defeated timeline was never explained, the Adult timeline has an explanation Short version: It follows the defeat of Ganon at the end of OoT Long version: After Ganon was defeated, Zelda sent Link back to his childhood, this backfired horribly when Ganon broke his seal, since Link was...
  39. felipe970421

    Creation of the Master Sword?

    That makes no sense, one does not simply make a new blade of evil's bane, and the looks of the sword are no evidence, just look at the WW one And no, sages creating it was stated in AlttP, the first apparition of the MS, so not a retcon It's not over "a sword", it's about the blade of evil's...
  40. felipe970421

    Are Ghirahim and Dark Link Somehow Related?

    I don't remember everything from back then. However, I will say this, if Dark Link is Ghirahim, Why does he appear as a reflection of Link?
  41. felipe970421

    "Can Hyrule's Destiny Really Depend on Such a Lazy Boy?"

    Interestingly, most of the recent games start with Link waking up
  42. felipe970421

    Are Ghirahim and Dark Link Somehow Related?

    Source? And perhaps not even that I see no connection between Dark Link and Ghirahim, and the fact that Dark Link hasn't appeared since OoT (FSA doesn't count, much different circumstances) should tell that Nintendo is done with the character
  43. felipe970421

    Majora's Mask - The Elegy of Emptiness and the Link Statue

    1) It is confirmed by HH that the hero's shade is the hero of time 2) It is NOT a Stalfos, it's a shade, his face is a bit skeletal, that's all, look at his body, he's beefy
  44. felipe970421

    What is Termina? How Could It Possibly Be Another Dimension?

    I don't know why people use the "they reused NPC models" thing as a counterargument, that's like saying that since the NES could only have 7 enemies, there are more than 7 enemies in the Legend of Zelda (made up example). Story serves gameplay, gameplay is restricted by limitations, MM had time...
  45. felipe970421

    Kaepora Gaebora

    The owl in LA was not given a name and was part of the wind fish's dream Kaepora Gaebora is Rauru They are more of a reference to each other
  46. felipe970421

    My Final Theory About The Twilight Realm

    I'm not sure, I think the Sols are something more than light, they represent good, TP makes a huge distinction between dark and evil and light and good If they were just light then the shadow beasts couldn't exist in the world in light, they would die/turn back into twili when they came in...
  47. felipe970421

    If There Was No Tri-Force, Would Ganondorf Have Ever Been Evil?

    It's like saying, if there was no Europe, would Hitler be evil? If there was no Triforce, Ganon would have gone for the next best thing (such as the Light Force) Edit: Well, it seems I posted pretty much the exact same thing before in this thread, excuse my dumb
  48. felipe970421

    The Connection Between The Oocca and the Hylian Royal Family

    Tentative explanation: Since the Sheikah seal nullifies the Oocca magic inside the owl statue, it needs Oocca knowledge to place and remove It wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that the book contained more info than the one used to break the seal, perhaps it was a manual passed down by the...
  49. felipe970421

    The Temple of Time and Its Different Locations...

    Darn it Cfrock, can you leave some some points for me to refute? :P Thing is, the Sealed temple is in SS is in Faron, in a forest The temple of time in OoT is next to a city The temple of time in TP is in Faron, in a forest, next to some ruins Which is more likely? That before OoT they cut...
  50. felipe970421


    Normally removing the master sword would grant access to the sacred realm, but Link was put in stasis when he pulled out the sword, so Ganon had access to the opening Or maybe the Oocca? Edit: Just realized that Rauru is Kaepora, disregard
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