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  1. DragonEleven

    What do you think Ganondorf's favorite food is?

    Gammon... you are what you eat.
  2. DragonEleven

    The Queen of Hyrule and the Origins of Ganondorf (Theory)

    When Demise was defeated in the past he was still in the process of being revived/released (hence why he wasn't at full power)... but that process had not been completed (if it had then Zelda would have lost her soul), so it's not much of a stretch to assume that a part of him was still sealed...
  3. DragonEleven

    Why Eldin Volcano was renamed Death Mountain

    I don't think Eldin Volcano was renamed Death Mountain... I think Eldin Volcano fell dormant/extinct, icing over and being renamed Snowpeak and later the Hebra Mountains... and this climate change is what likely killed the Mogma (or at least caused them to leave Hyrule). The name Death Mountain...
  4. DragonEleven

    An examination of all the arguments for the timeline placement of BotW and my conclusion

    Demise's curse and the spirit of the Hero are intangible things that cannot be destroyed... but the bloodline of the Goddess is not... it can be destroyed... and as the Zelda name is passed down along the bloodline, then that (and the Legend of Zelda with it) will end when the bloodline is...
  5. DragonEleven

    An examination of all the arguments for the timeline placement of BotW and my conclusion

    The way I rationalise it is that while every game does have it's own downfall timeline (potentially multiple ones depending on when or how Link dies), in those timelines the Legend of Zelda comes to an end... no more Links and/or Zeldas can be born, so there's no more story to tell... hence no...
  6. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild Warping

    You'd need to connect to the internet either way... the stores will only sell you a code that you input into the eshop.
  7. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild Warping

  8. DragonEleven

    When Were the Interlopers Expelled?

    There's one detail you seem to have overlooked... the location of the Triforce. When Link gets sent back to the past in OoT the Triforce is split between Link, Ganondorf and presumably Zelda... yet the TP backstory shows the Triforce as being in the Sacred Realm when the Interlopers attempted to...
  9. DragonEleven

    The theory behind the Leviathans

    Leviathans don't necessarily need to be sea creatures... they can be any sort of creature that is particularly large, which makes sense considering how different each of the skeletons in BotW are from one another. Personally, I'd be more tempted to compare the leviathans to dinosaurs more than...
  10. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild Can We Improve BoTW's Climbing?

    I think it was good, but could have benefitted from some late-game upgrades. Early in the game the rain was an interesting obstacle, but later in the game it could become frustrating (especially when you're half way up a tall cliff when it starts)... so maybe some gear to allow you to climb in...
  11. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild BOTW walkthrough always on 3 hearts

    Seeing as you can choose between heart containers and stamina vessels, and can do most things in the game in any order, the 'progress at this point' will vary from player to player, so I think that's probably just an aspect that's been carried over from past walkthroughs that is now somewhat...
  12. DragonEleven

    Why Did No One Believe Zelda's Prophesy?

    The Gerudo had basically shut themselves off from the outside world, only venturing out to steal or find a husband... even when Ganondorf took over Hyrule the vast majority of them kept themselves shut away in the Gerudo's Fortress... their behaviour is defensive, not offensive... so it seems...
  13. DragonEleven

    Why Did No One Believe Zelda's Prophesy?

    I doubt he thought they would go to war... there's no mention of the Gerudo having been involved in the civil war that took place prior to OoT, and there's no evidence of ill will between the two races that implies they had ever been at war before... the Gerudo were just reclusive thieves...
  14. DragonEleven

    Why Did No One Believe Zelda's Prophesy?

    Prophecies are typically depicted as being rather vague, requiring some degree of interpretation to determine their true meaning. The same appears to be true of Zelda's prophetic dreams... in them she only saw dark clouds that represented the evil threatening Hyrule... she interpreted that as...
  15. DragonEleven

    Smash Bros Who is Your Smash Main?

    Melee - Pikachu (or Pichu if my friends refused to let me be Pikachu) Brawl - Pikachu (or occasionally Metaknight if we were weren't playing seriously) 4 WiiU/3DS - Pikachu (sometimes Greninja... but we tend to do random most of the time now though) Although me and my friends are fairly evenly...
  16. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild Help! Can't stand the heat, event though i have drunk the fireproof elixir

    The armor has two different abilities... Flame Guard is the standard ability that protects you from the heat of flames/lava... each piece of Flamebreaker armor provides one level of this out of a maximum of two. Fireproof is the ability that is granted by the full set once it's been upgraded...
  17. DragonEleven

    Twilight Remark In BOTW

    How is it bad localisation? The original Japanese line is "空を舞い 時を巡り 黄昏に染まろうとも" which translates to "Even if you dance the skies, you travel through time or you are dyed in twilight"... the reference to twilight is still there, so the localisation seems pretty accurate.
  18. DragonEleven

    Could a game set before SS work?

    The problem with that is that the SS prequel manga implies that Link to have been the first, so they wouldn't really be able to go back any further than that without changing to a different protagonist. As for the title... Zelda didn't exist until around the time of SS, so her legend doesn't...
  19. DragonEleven

    Could a game set before SS work?

    I personally do consider the SS prequel manga to be canon, due to it's inclusion in the HH... it's also set apart from the other mangas by Himekawa by the fact that it is a prequel to the game, rather than a re-telling of the same story... plus, it's far shorter, and was only ever available as...
  20. DragonEleven

    (THEORY) How Malice is Worse Than You'd Think

    A couple of things... firstly, it seems more likely that Calamity Ganon created the malice, rather than the malice having turned Ganondorf into Calamity Ganon as you seem to be implying... the malice seems to be an extension of Calmity Ganon himself, hence why the malice and anything possessed...
  21. DragonEleven

    Musings of a Champion: The Timeline Connection

    Using the leviathans as an analogy for the debate is an interesting idea, but I think your interpretation may be a little off. All three of the scientists are proposing a single, massive natural disaster that killed all of the leviathans, but the skeletons seem to indicate that they were each...
  22. DragonEleven

    Global Warming in Hyrule

    I think this theory may be trying to connect too much together at once. Hyrule partially flooding prior to the original games seems like a fair bet (although that map does seem like it's rather forced to fit everything in), but there's no evidence that all of Hyrule had been flooded at this...
  23. DragonEleven

    The Continuation Timeline - Breath of the Wild Timeline Theory

    The scene where the phrase 'tasogare' is used actually refers to Hyrule and the Twilight Realm intersecting with one another, so that forms an association between the two right near the start of the game, and the fact that the same lighting conditions occur when Hyrule is affected by the...
  24. DragonEleven

    The Continuation Timeline - Breath of the Wild Timeline Theory

    You're half right... in the Japanese version of TP, most of the names that refer to 'twilight' in the English version do use the term 'kage' (shadow) rather than 'tasogare' (twilight)... however, the fog that Zant creates to cause Hyrule to lose its light (referred to simply as 'twilight' in the...
  25. DragonEleven

    The Continuation Timeline - Breath of the Wild Timeline Theory

    I don't think I've ever written it out in full like you have, I basically just post any relevant parts in threads where timeline theories are being discussed.
  26. DragonEleven

    The Continuation Timeline - Breath of the Wild Timeline Theory

    I've been proposing a similar theory for an alternate Adult Timeline for a while now, which incorporates a number of similar points to the ones you make, but as others have pointed out, it's your placement of the timeline split that is the main issue. Personally, I think that even if Link was...
  27. DragonEleven

    I hope we have companion characters in the next game

    They sort of done that a bit with Wolf Link... it's a shame they didn't utilise other Amiibo in the same way.
  28. DragonEleven

    Ideas for the Next Zelda

    I'd guess that the next Zelda game is more likely to be a top-down style of game, as they are often released in between major 3D titles, due to them being far quicker to produce. As for what system it will be on, I'd typically expect it to be on the 3DS, but with releases slowing down I'm...
  29. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild You Can Heal Monsters

    I'd noticed that they will eat nearby food if they are injured... I'd injured them with bombs without being spotted and broke some crates in the process... once they'd calmed down I noticed them picking up food from the crates and eating it to regain health... so it makes sense that they'd do...
  30. DragonEleven

    Who is Links mom and dad from Tp

    I don't follow your reasoning here... Demise's curse was placed on the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero... this does imply that all Zeldas must be related, but places no such restriction on the Links... the spirit of the hero could be inherited by a blood relative, or it could be...
  31. DragonEleven

    How did you become a Zelda fan?

    My first Zelda game would have been the collectors edition that came free with my GameCube (which I didn't get until 2004 when Pokemon Colosseum was released here)... but I never really go into them at the time... I then got Wind Waker around a year later, played most of the way through it, but...
  32. DragonEleven

    Groose is like Ganondorf

    There is the theory that Groose is the progenitor of the Gerudo, due to his resemblance to the Gerudo in general (not specifically Ganondorf)... as an extension to this, Groose was also nearby when Demise cursed Link and Zelda, so he may have been affected by it as well, potentially becoming a...
  33. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild 1000 Ways to Die

    When I had the One-Hit Obliterator I threw a bomb at some enemies and then hid behind a tree before detonating the bomb... not realising that the bomb had rolled backwards towards me... the explosion missed me, but knocked down the tree I was hiding behind, causing it to fall on me, which was...
  34. DragonEleven

    Ganondorf a Shiekah? - The Gerudo Shiekah Connection

    Whether or not they were actually extinct is irrelevant... the fact that they were believed to be extinct would have made even half-Sheikah heritage a big deal, and Ganondorf could have easily used that to his advantage to get close to the Royal Family, and gain the trust of everyone around...
  35. DragonEleven

    Aonuma and Fujibayashi on BotW 's timeline placement.

    My own theory is that it would split in the adult timeline, before the Great Flood, with a failure/success split similar to the existing downfall/adult timeline split... nowhere does it say that there was no Link during this period, only that the Hero of Time specifically did not appear... there...
  36. DragonEleven

    Ganondorf a Shiekah? - The Gerudo Shiekah Connection

    This whole theory is based on the assumption that the ability to use magic is inherited biologically, but that may not be the case. In BotW, most Sheikah exhibit no magical ability whatsoever, yet all of those who joined the Yiga Clan appear to be able to use at least a small amount of magic...
  37. DragonEleven

    Aonuma and Fujibayashi on BotW 's timeline placement.

    I'm still in favour of the fourth timeline theory... one where similar events to all of the other timelines occurred (which would explain all of the references in BotW) but they wouldn't be the exact same events, allowing them all to coexist within the same timeline without contradicting one...
  38. DragonEleven

    Why wasn't TWW Link sealed for seven years?

    I think there are a number of different factors that are worth considering. 1. In OoT he's judged too young to be the Hero of Time, but the Link in WW is not referred to as the Hero of Time... he is the Hero of Winds instead, so different restrictions may apply. 2. It may not have been...
  39. DragonEleven

    Is Dark Link Really Demise?

    There's no real evidence of Dark Link's origins... for all we know each appearance of his could have a completely different origin... but it's still fun to speculate. Personally, I like to tie him into a theory I have about the different realms, where the golden goddesses created each of the...
  40. DragonEleven

    Spoiler Musings of a Champion: The Power Source of the Timeless Sheikah Tech

    Your theory is the only thing making any sort of connection between either type of arrow and timeshift stones. We could speculate that the energy used to power the ancient technology could in fact be divine energy... both appear to be infinite, and it appears to be possible to gather both from...
  41. DragonEleven

    Spoiler Musings of a Champion: The Power Source of the Timeless Sheikah Tech

    Firstly, the Gate of Time in the Sealed Temple was inactive until Link reactivated it (and we can assume the one in the Temple of Time had also been in a similar state)... this would have conserved power and removed the need for maintenance. Secondly, when Impa presumably deactivates the Sealed...
  42. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Reveal and Discussion

    What phase are you stuck on? I've only done it on normal difficulty but found it fairly easy, as it's just a mix of combat styles we've seen before... just use the same sort of tactics you'd usually use against each type of attack and you should be fine.
  43. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Reveal and Discussion

    I loved all of it. I don't usually like instant death sections of games, but found it made the first section a lot more fun than I was expecting, and I actually forgot about the obliterator for the majority of it, only using it as a reflex if an enemy got too close. It also had the most...
  44. DragonEleven

    Breath of the Wild If There Were A DLC 3...

    I'd kind of like some sort of shrine design tool with an online sharing system... I really liked some of the ideas they'd come up with for the new shrines in the DLC and would love to see what sort of thing others can come up with... plus it would basically keep the game going indefinitely.
  45. DragonEleven

    Spoiler Musings of a Champion: The Power Source of the Timeless Sheikah Tech

    I get the feeling that the restriction on when the Gate of Time took you to is a result of Timeshift Stones having likely been used in it's construction, rather than being an intentional design choice. You're assuming that the Timeshift Stone's use as a power source is directly related to it's...
  46. DragonEleven

    Spoiler Musings of a Champion: The Power Source of the Timeless Sheikah Tech

    At no point is Hylia confirmed to be the Goddess of Time, nor does she exhibit any ability to manipulate time herself... she merely possesses the knowledge to construct and use objects that do (think of it like mankind and electricity... we cannot manipulate electricity ourselves, but we can...
  47. DragonEleven

    Is the Happy Mask Salesman Really Zant

    I think there is the potential for the HMS to be related to Zant, but saying that they are the same person seems to be going too far. I've mentioned a theory before which places the dark interlopers not as Hyrule's Sheikah, but as Termina's counterparts (this explains all of the apparent...
  48. DragonEleven


    Oh yeah... I did try Ganondorf and Zelda there first while trying to figure out relevant locations for each character (also tried Kakariko for Sheik), but there wasn't any difference, so I didn't bother checking the rest before heading to the Bridge of Eldin.
  49. DragonEleven


    Okay, so I've tried this out for myself now, and sure enough, when I scanned my TP Link amiibo on the Bridge of Eldin, I did get an exclusive item almost every time. However, while I was there I thought I'd try my other amiibo... Toon Zelda, Sheik and Ganondorf showed no noticeable change to...
  50. DragonEleven


    Could just be that it's only OoT Link that works with the ToT... MM Link would probably need to be used in locations that reference Majora's Mask... e.g. Romani Plains.
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