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  1. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Tunic Expansion

    Hey, Chaos here, with a question that allows you to reach into your gears of imagination you have collecting dust in your head. My question for the time is: if you could create some sort of NEW tunic with a NEW ability to bring to the table, what would it be? So, for examples, the Goron...
  2. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Not Sure if I'd Be Allowed to Play DarkSiders

    The game itself only concentrates on one type of maturity level: blood and gore. and while it's not really gory, its more of a bloody thing, with buckets of blood everywhere. There isn't a single sexual aspect of the game, nothing exploitative, and only one or two words of swearing used in the...
  3. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Should I Buy Darksiders?

    I think you should buy it. You definitely want to replay a game like this, with lots of things to collect and areas to explore you would want to play this game several times.
  4. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Replay Apocalypse Too Easy?

    After beating the game and unlocking Apocalypse mode, did any of you find that it was really easy? I am not sure if it was a bug or glitch, but I have the trophy to confirm it. I beat the game entirely on Apocalypse and I found it to be easy, if not easier, than the main quest. Have any of you...
  5. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Stuck on Tiamat

    I will be honest, that boss is a little difficult at first, but mainly because of the controls. Try practicing picking up and aiming bombs before this boss fight. My biggest problem with it was grabbing and aiming. Once Tiamat is on the ground level, feel free to just go crazy with your sword...
  6. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Spoiler What Did War Do?

    This cutscene is to basically show the HD way of how war gets the 'Chaos Form' In reality he just punched the watcher in the head to demonstrate his power, even though it's assumed since the watch is bound by him, he isn't easily killed.
  7. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rate the Siggy!

    9/10 pretty awesome! links are cool and the pic is very soothing.
  8. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    Wish granted, but the dolphin is a freeloader and takes money out of your wallet for drugs and to pay child support. I wish for world peace.
  9. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Should I Rent This Game First?

    Definitely buy this game. you will spend hours playing it and replaying it. and since it's so cheap it's not going to hurt your wallet at all! besides, its a good game to pick up every now and again!
  10. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rare Selda's Soundtracks

    this is totally cool. just love meh some game music!
  11. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Graphic Requests

    Some Image Requests Hey zelda dungeon, its been a while since you last heard from me, eh? Listen I have a HUGE request for someone with ample time on their hands: I need someone to make me a dead space 2 themed background for my youtube acount, and I need someone to also make and outro/intro...
  12. Scythe-of-Chaos

    If You Could Cosplay...

    my lack of monehz causes my BURNING PASSION OF COSPLAYING to be supressed. SOOOOOO IF I could cosplay as anything I would love to be byrne or metapwn from the fan-fic I half made/making. that'd be totally sweet
  13. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Skyward Sword Instrument!

    they should give link a pipe organ he just summons into existence any time he feels like. or a theramin, that would rule. The teramin of lightning! the pipe organ of.... pipeorganyness
  14. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but it melts your brain because it is soooooo intense I wish for sleep
  15. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    You get true happiness through corruption, robbery and murder. So you go strait to jail! yay! I wish for flying trains
  16. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but they are all beaten by the CD-I games I wish that rainbows were solid and edible
  17. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Scarecrow Song and Great Fairy Don't Work

    you might have to go back to pierre where you met him in the past and replay the song for him to rember and be able to use it. but I dont know what's wrong with the fairies
  18. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Majora's Mask HELP: A List Of Cool Stuff In Majora's Mask

    AHH! I have an awesome thing that you can add to you list of tips and tricks for one of the enemies. first have the bremen mask. then when fighting the king of Ikana he will send out his two gaurds. once you burn the drapes off and they start to avoid you, whip out the bremen mask and use it...
  19. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Do You Want Another Platform Zelda

    I would not like a platformer because I am personally not very good at 'sidescrollers'. however if the game was to be like TP or OoT but at some parts to switch to a platformer that would be a very interesting concept. I am fairly sure metroid: the other M did this, and I wouldnt mind seeing...
  20. Scythe-of-Chaos


    My suggestion, being a vivid guitar player myself, is to start with a song that involves long slow strums to get used to the chords (great fairy's song works awesome) That's the song I started on and I'm fairly good. just practice and you will get the hang of it. The real question you need to...
  21. Scythe-of-Chaos

    General Art Panda's Poetry

    Good poem! can anyone post their ideas too? because I am a man of Haikus - You don't have to come And 'fess, we lookin' for you we gonna find you ~ Anton Dodson
  22. Scythe-of-Chaos

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're all banned for restarting a thread that was closed already! so somehow I am involved in this too
  23. Scythe-of-Chaos

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    My favorite was Gleerock (I think that was the name) because of how useless the cane of pacci seemed, and then BOOM, suddenly this boss needs it's shell flipped over
  24. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, everyone except you I wish for the ability for every rainbow from NOW ON to be a double rainbow
  25. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rate the Siggy!

    this siggy makes me drool rainbows - 9/10
  26. Scythe-of-Chaos


    Once I was playing castle crashers for the first time (awesome game BTW) and I beat the first boss, then a chest appeared and I opened it and recived lots of treasure! hen the game told me to cut the ropes that tied the princess to a wooden pole and I did that, dropping her safely to the ground...
  27. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Google Me!

    well, you sure are.... something
  28. Scythe-of-Chaos

    A rare star fox game..........?

    ACTUALLY, you should say raer seldas because that's what you used to say. but I actually do vaugely recall seeing a guy at a nearby flea-market with a BUNCH of game and watches (or game watch, whatever) so the next time I go I need to check that out and let you know
  29. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Twilight Princess Day/Night?

    there is no way to make day/night move back and fourth like in OoT, but here's three important tips - one, dont go in towns because time doesnt move. two, if you do a combination of running/fighting/horse riding in the feild then day and night will come quicker. and most importantly - If you go...
  30. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Zelda Art Zelda Epic Face

    suprizingly no one's made a tingle one *COUGH COUGH*
  31. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but you abuse their power and become the one thing you wanted to be destoryed, bullies. I wish for moneh!
  32. Scythe-of-Chaos

    If You Worked at Nintendo...

  33. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Trick or Treating Law

    where is this law? I am far over twelve and I like getting candy... is that immature to say? I honestly enjoy trick or treating
  34. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rate the Siggy!

    10/10, super delicous eye-candy
  35. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Hero Of...

    hero of clouds! :D that's tough? right? ... clouds are soooo awesome!
  36. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Google Me!

    I saw a lot of 'mature' pictures when I typed in 'Josie' and this was the first that wasnt...
  37. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Google Me!

    interesting polictical argument if I do say so myself
  38. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Google Me!

    wow, this one is actually really funny... interesting -...
  39. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10 pretty beast, maybe it will be cooler once skyward sword comes out
  40. Scythe-of-Chaos


    Wait, so there is a gamecube majora's mask? that's totally killer. but that is so true, you can play every zelda game on the gamecube except the DS ones
  41. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Majora's Mask MM Glitches

    I dont really know much about fixing N64 cartrages, but maybe buy MM for the wii's virtual console?
  42. Scythe-of-Chaos

    The Save Option After You Defeat Ganondorf >:(

    well if you did it correctly you now have a second quest. but thats actually one of the rare cases in zelda where there's a continue after the game. so I enjoyed the second quest a lot because you get a DX camera and you stay in the pajamas the entire game
  43. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Navi the Fairy

    That would actually be ok with me. I never really found Navi annoying until I replayed the game
  44. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Where Link Keeps His Items?

    well, I know for a fact link has a little bag he keeps things in around his waste in TP. but in wind waker he pulls stuff out from behind his sheild. I just asumed it was a magical subspace of the game or 'canon' for every other game that didn't really explain it well
  45. Scythe-of-Chaos


    yes, all except majora's mask. because since you can play OoT on the gamecube remake, and any game boy/SP remake on the gameboy hooked up to the game cube, so yeah. that actually works for ALL of them except majora's mask since it never had a remake or a gameboy/gameboy sp remake
  46. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Google Me!

    I found lego Mr. Freeze...
  47. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Google Me!

    interestingly enough I found your profile pic...
  48. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Google Me!

    when I looked up insanity76 I found this - SWEET!
  49. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rate the Siggy!

    10/10, it's purdy. (also my favorite color is purple)
  50. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Zelda Art Shards of Darkness Pictures

    Ok, so I am going to continue my fan-fic soon, but I wanted something interesting to add. So after much debate I have relized - I made some mistakes. If you look at an eairlier post in this thread, I said that MetaPwn had daggers, piano wire, meat cleavers, guns, ect. Well, I've officially...
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