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  1. Billy Ninja

    Lake Floria

    The weakest part of the game, the anciet cistern is great, but Lake Floria alone is just dull.
  2. Billy Ninja

    Reasons This Game is Not a 10/10

    Going back to faron woods is NOT backtracking, it works better then revisit field areas in TP, for instance. The overworld areas are like field areas in previous games, and backtrack on them feels fresh. Go back to dungeons felt bad, but took me literally 20 minutes to go through Skyview...
  3. Billy Ninja

    Reasons This Game is Not a 10/10

    LOL a list of ridiculous details.... pfff. In the opening post. No game will ever deserve 10/10 by this criteria. If you start decrease the score for every little detail that YOU dislike every massive game like this one will receive a near 0 score =P And then we will have 7 hours...
  4. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Hylian Shield

    it's the Sacred Shield that is available in the bazaar after you fight the Imprisoned for the first time. You have to upgrade it so that it can become the Hylian shield we all know.
  5. Billy Ninja


    People, please, don't be stupid... The game has leaked almost for a week now. All parts of the game are on youtube now, this is a totally different story compared to the Nintendo trailers. So what's the point of a thread like this when everybody knows that the whole game is already on youtube...
  6. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Mid Game Cutscene!

    I've just played through this cut-scene. Amazing.
  7. Billy Ninja

    Your Take on the "Lets Plays" of Skyward Sword

    Let's talk about spoilers? Just hover the mouse in the walkthrough submenu of the Skyward Sword on the top of this page. I challenge you.
  8. Billy Ninja

    Pro Tips - Post Yours.

    Sometimes is Ok to just waggle the controller as fast as you can, when the enemy is stunned or flat footed. Waggling is the fastest way to slash and so kill the enemy faster. It's also good to relieve some stress. But even in this situations a recommend you to finish him in a elegant way: Spin...
  9. Billy Ninja

    Pro Tips - Post Yours.

    Pro tip 1: Once you've played through the intro of the game(after you get the green tunic), save the game and make 2 copies of it in the remaining slots. Just in case. Believe me, the intro is great but I don't think you wanna go through it twice. There's a lot of text and almost no gameplay...
  10. Billy Ninja

    The Official Skyward Sword Reviews by You

    I'm not very proficient in english and in the other hand there's SO MUCH to talk about this. So I'll leave some bullet points of my opinion about the game so far (I'm 12:30 into the game, almost entering the 3rd dungeon). -Best level design ever in a game. The dungeon-like overworld is amazing...
  11. Billy Ninja

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    2hrs left until I can come back home and play SS for hours and hours straight ^^
  12. Billy Ninja

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    Couldn't help myself and got my hands on the pirate version and I'm playing on a hacked Wii... (I'm from Brazil and that's my alibi) This game is simply amazing, believe me. Don't know how it will play later on, with all that backtracking but after 3-4 hours of gameplay it's a legit Perfect 10...
  13. Billy Ninja

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    I live in Brazil and only god knows when I'll get my copy (hopefully about november 25th). Plus, what's the difference? If i have the original (i preordered it already), i have the right to use it the way I want.
  14. Billy Ninja

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    There is a Hero/Master Quest, New Game+ or any kind of post-ending mode? Just answer Yes or No.
  15. Billy Ninja

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    I'll be playing the pirate version of the game tomorrow (my connection is slooow), I couldn't hold myself. Be I'll restart the playthrough as soon as i get my hands on the collector's edition. But I'll keep my Wii soft modded until I play Xenoblade and TLS, then I'll restore it.
  16. Billy Ninja

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    gloverrandall is much better, 20 min+ parts. ----
  17. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Boss of the Ancient Cistern

    Simply amazing. Exhilarating to hack through it with the big sword, sounds like Link is really mad at him. Looks challenging, no heart drops until later on and it's a lengthy battle. Thinks might get very hairy when the zombie bokoblins appear. Although I found unnecessary to hint the...
  18. Billy Ninja

    What Should Nintendo Have Done?

    First of all, it's a little bit of a fault of this game in specific, that is so "dense". So if they showed us only 2 areas, they would already have spoiled 2/3 of the area themes. I think they should've explored a lot of the first 3 dungeons etc. But never EVER revealed the second row of...
  19. Billy Ninja

    Have We Seen Too Much?

    We've seen waaay too much. Story my ***, I'm talking about areas, vistas, dungeons, bosses and items here. We're not going to get surprised at all when arriving at ANY area, dungeon, boss etc. And that german site review spoiled the whole damn structure of the game. + that Ghiharim master...
  20. Billy Ninja

    Demo Requests.

    I'll be playing tonight and try to exploit the max i can from the demo. Until them, I'll leave my questions: Can you call Fi at any time in this demo? does she analyse enemies? What about the map? Can you call it on the Bird riding part? If so, what is on it? What about skyview map? How hard...
  21. Billy Ninja

    E3 Demo Has Been Leaked

    I'll be playing tonight =) ----------
  22. Billy Ninja

    Quest Screen Broken Down.

    Hmm. Isn't the fire earing a single earing? The image cleary shows 2 donut shaped object. Maybe it's one screen slot for 2 earing (fire and water(?)). What about that water dragon scale (or something like that) that will grant Link amazing swimming skills, maybe Link will wear it lik a pendant...
  23. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler 4chan Spoilers: Real or Not?

    Or the source is legit and everything is true, or else it's just a guy like you and I supposing things and claiming to be true. The point here is to find out if it's legit or not, if you are saying that some claims are false, than you're saying that the source is false.
  24. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler 4chan Spoilers: Real or Not?

    This is 4chan we are talking about, so this could very well be true.
  25. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler 4chan Spoilers: Real or Not?

    Of course we should not trust, but it's a possibility. Somethings on the spoilers are amazing, REALLY amazing, but not very Nintendo-like... but of course this game is all about Nintendo surprising us, isn't it? Remember the pre E3 4chan rumors, supposedly from a insider, about Wii U? Talking...
  26. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Skyward Sword-Exclusive Origins Trailer Analysis

    Hmm. I'm in doubt, I thought that to access the Lake Floria area we would have to pass through the flooded woods AND the flooded Skyview Temple, since it just makes sense to have both areas flooded at the same time... And after you've beaten the original Skyview temple,passed through the Slient...
  27. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler No Mirror Shield in Skyward Sword?

    Hm..I think that the Hylian Shield Link forges in this game must be the exact same used by Link in OoT. So if it turns into a Mirror Shield it could not be the same shield...
  28. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler No Mirror Shield in Skyward Sword?

    What I mean is: The game elements must have harmony, one element must not hurt another, and you can't achieve it stuffing a lot of cool things in it mindlessly. Just like you'd love to have Mirror Shield, you'd love to have Tingle, the Spinner, Epona, Deku Tree, Gerudo, Zora... But how will they...
  29. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler No Mirror Shield in Skyward Sword?

    No problem with that. And no. It's not because it hasn't been spoiled that it means that it won't be in the game. And no, a good new Zelda game should not be a compilation of all your favorite stuffs from previous games.
  30. Billy Ninja

    Hardcore or Casual 9 Year Olds?

    My guess: Combat will be harder than any modern Zelda game (well, at least, for the first time you will have to really learn how to fight), but dungeons will be easier in general (on the other hand you will be always in a "dungeon"). Nintendo should just make a second quest, or a post-game...
  31. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler All Great Thing About Skyward Sword

    it's 6 dungeons, the first 3 will be reused with new puzzles and twists later on. Stacking up kinda 9 dungeons. And I think that the later 3 might have a second version too, but optional, part of a suppah side-quest or something like that. And we can't go with regular dungeon counting for this...
  32. Billy Ninja

    November 17th

    err..do you think they will spoil even the final dungeon? Wow...
  33. Billy Ninja

    November 17th

    it has been pretty much confirmed by reviewers that the world will have 3 provinces. if there's a 4th area it's a final area or a Palace of Twilight-like pre-final area.
  34. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Giant Triforce Emblem in Lanayru Desert

    it's just this Notice that thanks to the perspective it may look small on this SS, but if you compare with that wall you'll see that it's massive. And this is probably where the cut-scene with the Sheikah battling Ghirarim takes place.
  35. Billy Ninja

    Sword Upgrades Theory

    like the GamePro review said: "the second half is dedicated to three "Divine Flames" to forge your sword. With the Lyra of the Goddess (a harp you'll receive at a certain point of the game), the pattern is repeated and you explore a second, previously unreachable areal in each of the three main...
  36. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Skyward Sword-Exclusive Origins Trailer Analysis

    if you look closer the door (looks like it) has some chains on it, like a seal of sorts. yeah, that GamePro review spoiled the whole **** out of the game... --- and we might revised the "transformed" areas AFTER we get the MS. Just like we saw Link if the full blown MS arriving at the flooded...
  37. Billy Ninja

    The New Map is Not Finished

    I think it's just decorative, to give the impression that the mountain range goes on, but they are not accessible in game. It's only natural for Eldin Province to be smaller, since it's more vertical, has lot's of caves and tunnels and it's harder to traves.
  38. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Skyward Sword-Exclusive Origins Trailer Analysis

    well, i took some screenshots from peculiar clips of this trailer (nothing new to reveal, but intersting points), and this topic is just appropriate...here it goes (not in a chronological sequence): This cut down tree seen at the Desert area is just TOO similar to one we saw in the "Harp"...
  39. Billy Ninja

    The New Map is Not Finished

    I think that might be some surprises, some smaller appended areas that are not explicit in the map. But it's pretty much it, and it's big.
  40. Billy Ninja

    Sword Upgrades Theory

    And looks like the blade gets longer over the upgrades too. I'm more curious over the gameplay effects of these upgrades, some will be dowsing abilities and probably there are other extra-combat effects. Would feel great to fight better (slice faster, more precisely, reach farther, besides the...
  41. Billy Ninja

    Two Fire Temples; What Do You Think About That?

    So far I'm ok with both "firey" dungeons, I'm sure that variety was a concern and that was adressed. The reviews and previews we haven't had any complaint about it. For sure if the game had two similar dungeons in a 6-pack we would hear lots of complaints. And even if that's the case, what about...
  42. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler New Skyward Sword Video: Encountering Fi

    The best gibberish in the series, behind only Midna's at the end of TP.
  43. Billy Ninja

    10/27 Trailer Ideas

    Well, we kinda already knew that, but it's a great screen. Makes me wonder if it has to do with Link's doings or events in the Lake/Cistern Whatever. Would be great to have events leaded by Link affecting the world in such drastic way for each province.
  44. Billy Ninja

    Any Ideas of the Next Few Places in the Game?

    I think that we're going to get 6 regular dungeons, but a lot of interlude/mini-dungeons action as well plus the final areas (like in TP that had Twilight Realm AND Hyule castle as final areas). 6 dungeons is good estimative considering the Heart Container count, and 35hrs long main quest as...
  45. Billy Ninja

    Harp Trailer

    LOLd for 12 dungeons. And steve always get all upset when someone draw this overly optimistic conclusions =P To me it looks like a lighthouse or light canon of sorts, that might shoot light somewhere, to activate something (maybe make a hole in that cloud bubble, maybe make possible night time...
  46. Billy Ninja

    Harp Trailer

    To me it looks more like a doomed Skyloft or another sky island (maybe that big cloud bubble). The architecture is the same, Loftbird statues, the other(s) godess statues, are just like seen near the Godess statue in Skyloft. This is defnetly Skyloft (some previewers mentioned the...
  47. Billy Ninja

    EDGE Gives Skyward Sword a 10/10!

    So,based only in score, TP was the definite 2006 GotY then (well, it received most proper GotY awards as well...), so did TWW (triumphing in score over the great GTA:VC), SS have good chances now too. Too me it seems like it's better than Batman AC in every aspect (except...
  48. Billy Ninja


    The score matches all of the hands-on impressions from several sites.
  49. Billy Ninja

    We Should Be Getting That Skyward Sword Review in Less Than 24 Hours

    The main sites and magazines usually get a review copy like a week earlier, so they are able to release a review even before the game is actually released. And this also the main cause of pirate copies leak on the internet before the game is released, it's very possible to happen to this game too.
  50. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler The Shards and Portals to Hyrule

    Makes perfect sense. This is great!! TT___TT But nothing prevent the 4th shard from being the final area beacon and not a proper province (i guess that's what Juice meant). It's not very likely, it's kinda of stupid, actually, the final or even a pre-final area has to be...
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