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  1. gravendoom75

    Hello! It's certainly been a while hasn't it? 8 years, was it? Well, I can tell you now that I'm...

    Hello! It's certainly been a while hasn't it? 8 years, was it? Well, I can tell you now that I'm likely not going to be around for much longer on here, but I figured I'd go ahead and throw in some contact information if anyone from here was looking to reconnect for some reason! You can find me...
  2. gravendoom75

    Any Homestuck Fans?

    CA: hey gam wwhy are there twwo of you
  3. gravendoom75


    (it's not that it's just that i want to stop roleplaying for a while)
  4. gravendoom75


    (i think i may just stop the rp, i may just stop roleplaying altogether)
  5. gravendoom75

    Super Smash Bros. Wii U Theories

    sora or riku olimar or louie pokemon black/white trainer with snivy, dewott, and emboar pixel link (in honoration of the 25th anniversary) death from darksiders 2 boo
  6. gravendoom75

    Nintendo= The Disney of Gaming?

    it shall be called.... NINTENDO LAND!!! yes... i can in-vision it now instead of the disney castle it will be hyrule castle.
  7. gravendoom75

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    bit.trip complete i bought about two days ago
  8. gravendoom75

    Favorite Childhood Video Games

    well when i was really little and had a playstation 1 i enjoyed playing twisted metal and gauntlet legends. when we got a gamecube i played super smash bros melee, metroid prime, and pikmin.
  9. gravendoom75

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    well at the moment i am playing fallout 3 and zelda 1 but i still need to beat mass effect, fallout new vegas, portal, red steel 2, kingdom hearts re:chain of memories, metroid prime, links crossbow training, and all the bit.trip games.
  10. gravendoom75


    (no you will get ammo later)
  11. gravendoom75

    Videogame/anime RP

    "am i... female!?"
  12. gravendoom75


    (no you can not become an android, your sniper rifle has no ammo and will break if you smash it on someones head, and sure you can have your androids)
  13. gravendoom75


    just continue here with it players: gravendoom75, koolaid_jesus, mistery, storm, josie, yoyo015, ty7800, WW IsDa Bombchu adventurer league members: gravendoom75, koolaid_jesus, mistery, storm, josie, yoyo015, ty7800, WW IsDa Bombchu, EponaN64, Invad3rZim, LinkedTHRULife, Linkyme...
  14. gravendoom75

    The Greatest Pokemon Game Concept

    i think it would probably just the four main five regions if they did make it
  15. gravendoom75

    Zelda Movie

    well a zelda anime could work... but it could also fail like the zelda and mario tv shows...
  16. gravendoom75

    Zelda Movie

    @Ganonking it was low budget so you have to appreciate that they were able to do that low budget
  17. gravendoom75

    Zelda Movie

    someone made a good attempt at making one even though it was low budget. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWEdrFw1_V4&feature=related
  18. gravendoom75

    Link's Parents

    i think links parents in twilight princess were oot link and malon
  19. gravendoom75

    What Does Ganondorf Do in His Spare Time?

    world champ ping pong and tennis master works on making giant monsters piano teacher plays piano uses the triforce of power to open bottles stalks link on facebook and twitter has chats with zelda works on making a new trident
  20. gravendoom75

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    pokemon colleseum because 1. the character looks epic 2. pokemon turn into shadow pokemon!! 3. you steal other trainers pokemon 4. great battles 5. great graphics (at the time) 6. great unpredictable story 7. go into the underground version of pokemon 8. fight in tounaments with cpu's 9. mt...
  21. gravendoom75

    Should There Be a Female Link in Future Zelda Games?

    no... just no... unless they want to make prince zelda.
  22. gravendoom75

    The Greatest Pokemon Game Concept

    better yet you could choose where you start so you can have different starters!!!
  23. gravendoom75

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^hater of cold school < is trying to play zelda 1 V likes waffles
  24. gravendoom75

    The Greatest Pokemon Game Concept

    every Pokemon region combined. because of how large it would be it would be for a console. if Nintendo decides to make it it will most likely be on the wii u. when they make it the moves screen would probably be on the wii u controller. the battles might resemble Pokemon battle revolution...
  25. gravendoom75

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    mine is probably level 5 the lizard from Zelda 1 because it has 3 dodongos which use up a lot of your bombs and if you don't have the bomb upgrade it makes killing them really hard. then there is another room filled with 5 blue darknuts which are also really hard to kill because they are only...
  26. gravendoom75

    Timeline Revealed?

    you see they would be constricted on a timeline that they would need to work either in or around. thats the reason they didnt even tell the timeline in the first place
  27. gravendoom75

    Timeline Revealed?

    heres what happened miyamoto-大丈夫私はあなたが本を作り、それハイラルヒストリを呼び出すとそのゲームのすべての歴史を物語る本にしたい。しかし覚えては世界にタイムラインを明らかにはしない。 translation-okay i want you to make a book and call it the hyrule historia and make it a book that tells the history of all of the games. but remember do not reveal the timeline to the...
  28. gravendoom75

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "you put the deku princess in a bottle! its a tight fit. but she says she'll be fine if you hurry."
  29. gravendoom75

    Timeline Revealed?

    there is a bad thing about it getting revealed....... this entire section of the forums will be gone also they might give the series a setting in new hyrule instead of hyrule if they reveal the timeline
  30. gravendoom75

    Timeline Revealed?

    this might sound crazy... but what about a game with a new hero... someone who is not link. not a game with zelda as the main character but somone that nintendo has never seen before
  31. gravendoom75

    Timeline Revealed?

    well you see... if they put the timeline out then they may need to center the games around the timeline and eventually... they might run out of room to put zelda games
  32. gravendoom75

    Timeline Revealed?

    i think this may be foreshadowing an end to zelda
  33. gravendoom75

    Timeline Revealed?

    have you guys seen this yet? i...i dont know what to say... http://www.newnintendo.net/blog/2011/12/18/hyrule-historia-reveals-zelda-timeline/
  34. gravendoom75

    Zelda Mmo?

    well its back up now but the post on the link was in may this year
  35. gravendoom75

    Spoiler Favorite Final Boss in the 3D Zelda Series?

    wind waker ganon!!! plus the ending was so epicand the fight was fun.
  36. gravendoom75

    Zelda Mmo?

    if you looked at the link i posted it is talking about a game rated by the esrb named "zelda universe" and is and is listed as a game for the “online” platform. so it might be coming.
  37. gravendoom75

    Zelda Mmo?

    well they would probably have races like zora, goron, hylian, ect and it would probably not be about link. or you could play as link but other characters appear as different races or townspeople.
  38. gravendoom75

    Zelda Mmo?

    i was browsing through the internet and found this. http://venturebeat.com/2011/05/26/zelda-universe-esrb/ what do you guys think?
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