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    Top 10 Locations Throughout Zelda

    10) Ordon Village (TP) Although I'm not the biggest TP fan, I really liked Ordon Village. I enjoyed the atmosphere as I started the game, I felt it was a really nice village with a "home" like feeling, therefore it felt right beginning the game there. 9) Lake Floria (SS) The first time I dove...
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    Wii U: Most Balanced Launch In Videogame History?

    I am thoroughly impressed with Nintendo's launch line-up. I would say it is Nintendo's finest launch to date, and I would agree, it is half the battle. There are titles from every genre, and games suited to every player. I really think that the WiiU will kick off it's birth strongly.. However...
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    Ocarina of Time Water Temple...

    Yeah, as they have all stated, the water temple is all about knowing your surroundings. It's probably one of the few dungeons where you will visit every room multiple times, and this is important. The more you study the rooms, the more you use your map and compass, and the more thorough you are...
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    Overused Words

    Hate ppl that say like too much.
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    Dr Who, Anybody Like This Show?

    I am watching the "newer" seasons for the first time on Netflix, I'm at season 3. I do like Tennant a lot, he plays the role well.. However, all I can say is I'm still sad Rose is gone... Why....? Blaaajhhhhhhh
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    Super Mario 64 2

    It would make even more sense if they made Mario a 65 year old who can't quite jump the way he used to, get ready to fall into every hole, miss every block, and pretty much be useless!
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    Socks; Yay or Nay?

    I Hate not wearing socks, so I always wear em! I hate sandals and all other shoes that require no socks!! Feet are evil.
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    Ocarina of Time The Mysterious Cow

    Yeah — everyone should know this, helpful. I think that's why he's down there in the first place - he is there to help others who fall victim to that particular hole. Although the cow has nothing to eat in the hole, he lives on... For the sake of your survival. Keep him company! It's all he wants!
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    Game Help HELP.. Stuck in Shadow Temple

    Yes, the hover boots are required for the Shadow Temple, and it makes use of them throughout the dungeon. If you are having problems reaching areas, it most likely is because you need to equip the hover boots. If you are having problems, Zeldadungeon has great walkthroughs; they are up at the...
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    Super Mario 64 2

    I want neither; I don't think they should remake or alter the masterpiece that is Mario 64. I suppose if they were to make a game with similar controls, but with a whole new story and differing gameplay that would be okay. I just would not want them to make s sequel to 64, or run along the same...
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    How Easily Do You Learn Foreign Languages?

    Well, in high school I took Spanish 1 & 2. I had a really difficult time and I hated it, I figured learning a second language is just too hard. Now I'm in college and I'm taking Mandarin Chinese; now I find that I love learning this language, maybe Spanish just wasn't for me. It is a somewhat...
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    If You Had a Time Machine, What Would You Do?

    I would go back in time, and watch the universe's creation.
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    Twilight Princess GameCube or Wii?

    I liked it for the Gamecube, better controls, and I thought it even had better graphics. Either way it's basically the same, I just hated the constant blind-swinging of the wiimote in the wii version.
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    Spoiler FI?

    My personal interpretation is that Demise's sword isn't exactly an "anti-Master Sword" but basically the dark opposite to Link's sword; in the sense that Ghirahim was the opposite of Fi. So, I guess I wouldn't call it the anti Master Sword.. When Ghirahim shows his true self as Demise's sword...
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    Your Favorite Fruit?

    White Nectarine. Seriously the most delicious fruit in the world, and SO much better than yellow. Second runner up would be Gala Apples. Best apple.
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    What is Your Ideal Final Boss?

    I just want a unique, challenging final battle, with a great build up. As we've seen in Zelda games, bigger bosses don't mean much, most of them are easier than their counterparts. I really have no preference to size, methods to defeat him, etc; It just has to be engaging, challenging and...
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    Remembering Zelda Songs

    I have a similar problem with that as well, on the N64 I could never remember more than the songs you listed. However, in tWW I have a much easier time remembering songs, I think partly because it's only up, down, left and right, and there's only a couple of songs you use a lot..
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    The First Game You Ever Completed

    First game I ever completed would be Super Mario World.
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    Biggest Badass In Skyward Sword

    You guys have it all wrong. Biggest badass - Dodoh the clown from Fun Fun Island, I think the reasons are obvious, duh.
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    "Worst" Nintendo Console?

    I voted for Gamecube, but only because I think every other system on that list is a masterpiece. The gamecube is by no means a bad system, I loved it. I just simply did not have many memorable games or experiences on it.
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    Three Elements You Look for in a (new) Zelda Game

    For me, the three most important elements in a new, or really any Zelda game are: Compelling Story: In my opinion, this is the most important element of any Zelda game, whether it be an upcoming release or not. This is one of the reasons I enjoyed Skyward Sword, it had a wonderful story, and it...
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    Zelda Wii U - Enemy Wishlist

    Darknuts, Iron Knuckle Fighting Darknuts has always been awesome. They are one of the best enemies to face in the series, some battles just feel epic in that they take time, excecution, and patience. Wizzrobes Wizzrobes are an enemy I wish we would see in more titles, and in more abundance. If...
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    What Do You Think of the Uproar About Bayonetta 2 Being Exclusive to Wii U

    No body is forcing anyone to buy the console, exclusives are a large part of gaming, and people are just going to have to deal with it. If you don't want to buy that system but love the game it's up to you.. I have missed out on so many of my favorite games because of it being on one system...
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    What Headphones Do You Use?

    I am using Skullcandy Titan Sound earbuds; I am waiting until I have money to buy either Beats earbuds, or V-Moda m100(not sure when these come out). Hopefully I can upgrade soon and get some high quality headphones. I may tryto get some Sennheisers, I hear they are very nice headphones... And...
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    A couple days ago I bought Resident Evil: Revelations from Target. Oddly enough, it was on sale for only 20 dollars, I couldn't pass up that deal, even used at Gamestop it's 34.99.. So far I have found it to be a great game.
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    I Need Some Help...

    I grew up with divorced parents, staying with my dad every other weekend and on some summers. I used to tell my mom quite often I wanted to stay with my father; I know your situation is different, and I don't know your mothers personality or anything. But when it comes down to it, it's best to...
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    Which Wii U Model Will You Be Getting?

    I screwed up! I figured, "hey, the WiiU's preeorders won't sell out in five days..." well I was wrong. Everywhere in my town, every store, is out of deluxe pre orders of the WiiU. Gamestop screwed me as well, I really hate that place. It is an evil company, put here to drain the cash of gamers...
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    Skyward Sword Evolved Controls

    I do agree that it would have been a bad idea to add strength to swings. I think although the motion controls in SS are very complicated in their own right, they are also very basic, and that's what Nintendo wanted. With strength involved, it would have complicated things. SS is very easy to...
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    Which Gaming Platforms Do You Own?

    SNES Playstation Wii 3DSXL DSLite I shall own no Microsoft consoles after they royally screwed me years ago!
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    New Super Mario Bros. U: A Genuine 2D Progression

    Nice article, I too am very excited for this release. I think it looks promising and fun; it seems Nintendo is upping the ante with upcoming releases, and I believe New Super Mario Bros. U will introduce a lot of new, innovative features, and undoubtedly be amazingly fun. One thing I am...
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    First Game Console

    Well, although it's a handheld, my first game console/handheld was an original Gameboy. I remember getting it when I was very young, all that was out at the time Nintendo-wise were Gameboys and NES'. I got it along with Mortal Kombat, and I got my butt kicked in that game on a daily basis.
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    What is Your Middle Name?

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    Tools / Weapons You DESPISE

    Hmm, well there are a bit of items / weapons / tools I felt were completely useless, poorly integrated, or just plain stupid. I felt like aLttP had a lot of items, many of which were not used much.. But cool nonetheless.. Cane of Byrna - I don't think I used this item once.. Bombos, Ether...
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    Wii U $50 Deposit

    A deposit is just that, a deposit on a higher priced item to ensure you will get it. They do this with expensive items for a number of reasons, most likely so they dont over purchase them and spend a butt load of money( not like they can't afford it anyways ). Anyhow, the money is taken from the...
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    Majora's Mask What Was Your Favorite Mask?

    Bremen Mask! Haha I'm the only one who voted for it! I don't know, obviously masks like the Bunny Hood are much more useful. But there is something about marching around to that awesome tune rounding up birdies that makes me smile every time, in fact sometimes I feel like marching around myself...
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    How Do You Feel About Tutorials/walkthroughs?

    I like walkthroughs/ strategy guides for collection purposes and minimal use. I generally like playing through games the first time on my own. However, I LOVE collecting Zelda guides, especially collectors editions and others. I have many, I try not to use them unless I absolutely have to or I...
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    Top # Sexiest Video Game Characters

    1) Aerith Gainsborough - she may not be "sexy" but I don't like those types of female characters anyway - Aerith is the best, and that's that. 2) Mirania - The Last Story, she was my favorite female character the moment I saw her. She is timid, quiet and beautiful. The perfect female character...
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    Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films.

    There are many that I have not seen, I have a hard time finding them other than on the internet... But this is my list of what I've seen: 1) My Neighbor Totoro 2) Howl's Moving Castle 3) Spirited Away 4) Castle in the Sky I guess I've only seen 4, lol. I REALLY want to see Princess Mononoke...
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    Re-imagined Areas (Zelda U)

    1) Hyrule Castle 2) I am not a huge fan of this style, but I feel as If Zelda U needs to take advantage of it on the WiiU, and I definitely think Nintendo can stylize it to make it unique and their own; Realism 3) I would like to see a beautiful, grand Hyrule Castle and Town. Possibly with a...
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    Will The Wii U Be As Successful As The Wii?

    If you think about it, the WiiU can go very far, and I believe it will. The gamepad's limits are nearly endless; it's really up to developers to create games that push the limits and use the gamepad in innovative ways. The Wii brought a new style of gameplay, it brought families together in...
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    Peanut Butter Gamer

    I didnt mind him, much less annoying than most game reviewers on YouTube. I actually liked his top 10 quite a bit and that is almost identical to my top 10. Perfect spot for TP, finally, somebody who agrees.
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    What Time Zone Are You In?

    Pacific; I live in southern California. It is currently around 9:30(this clock is wrong :/)
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    The Procrastination Thread!

    I am currently taking Mandarin Chinese this semester, and because I find it so awesome, so engaging, I procrastinate, and ignore my other three courses. :( I cannot focus on my other classes! I find myself losing focus, practicing Chinese characters in other classes and while I should be writing...
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    How Would You Rate Skyward Sword?

    10/10; as I've said before, it does have flaws. However, you cannot expect any game to be flawless. That being said, Skyward Sword truly felt like a prologue to me, it told the earliest story well. The gameplay is nothing short of breath-taking, the first few moments I played the game were truly...
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    Your Favorite: Fi or Ghirahim?

    Everyone will choose Ghirahim, and rightfully so.. Hes more unique and has more depth. His design is amazing, not to say Fi's isn't, but Ghirahim takes the cake. Ghirahims personality is much more complex than Fi's, the only time she has any sort of human emotion is in the ending.. And I do...
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    OOT Title Song

    One of the best tracks in Zelda no doubt. Gives me chills every time I begin to hear Epona running while the music plays in the back ground. :)
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    Wii U Preview Event General Discussion Thread

    Just finished watching the WiiU event live on the west coast; here is some more information provided: Nintendo TVii available at launch, included free with both bundles. Several game updates & announcements: Bayonetta 2 announced as WiiU exclusive, 007 Legends confirmed, Monster Hunter 3...
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    Majora's Mask Fave Enemy or Boss

    King of Ikana was fun, prob one of my favs.
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    Majora's Mask If You Could Add a Transformation Mask...

    A Minish Mask; it would shrink you just like the portals in MC to do side quests or puzzles.
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    New Super Mario Bros. 2 Doesn't Look too Good

    It is a great game, I don't know why so many people are saying the levels have no depth, there are many memorable levels in the game, and the level design was not poor. I think it was a great installment, and although I've already reached one million coins, I still find it enjoyable.
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