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  1. Azkadilia

    Facebook or Youtube?

    Youtube. I usually talk to my friends over the phone or hangout but when I need entertainment Youtube is always there.
  2. Azkadilia

    If Virtual Were Real What Game Would You Want to Play?

    twilight princess or skyward sword. Those i find most interesting and just the thought of flying or seeing link as wolf is interesting to me. Although i would like Mario Kart too because I would race and throw a banana peel at my friend all day :P
  3. Azkadilia

    Do You Read The WHOLE Thread?

    I don't read many just probably the first five since most post are opinion ones it doesn't matter if i read anyone elses. I do read them all if there aren't many but usually i will read the first page and thats all.
  4. Azkadilia


    Depending on who's point of view your looking at. I believe it's a joyous one because I can finally do things on my own without hassle and babysitting and i get to be moving in with my close friends pretty soon but for my parents they were disappointed along with my little brother and niece but...
  5. Azkadilia

    Excited for the ZD Marathon?

    Thats so awesome!!! Can't wait for it!!! Is it really live though???
  6. Azkadilia

    Interesting Idea I Had for Next Smash Bros...

    Good idea but it will be too much trouble to use and remember which ones are the right combo. I hate the smash ball cuz i usually run around like i have ants in my pants trying to escape the entire thing.
  7. Azkadilia

    What is Your Nickname

    Family : Midjet [but im taller than most of my family], demon [sister] friends : La la bear , lala, Kar, Az, harlot [close friends], KP, my elementary teacher : Kim Possible [when i was in 5th grade xD [my name is karla]
  8. Azkadilia

    Which is Better: Harry Potter or Twilight?

    I love the harry potter books a lot better than twilight. I've read the twilight series and been to all the mid-night showings and i hate the fan base for twilight. Seriously you only watch it for Edward? I don't remember where but I read that Robert Pattinson liked playing Cedric then Edward...
  9. Azkadilia

    What instrument do you play?

    I play Bass and Violin. Its odd but it's very helpful. The piano is the one major instrument I would love to play!
  10. Azkadilia

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    I like fall not too cold and I dislike heat a lot. I don't mind being wrapped up in a blanket and it sucks during the hot summers when the only way to cool off is by having your AC on all day or the pool. Or other ways :)
  11. Azkadilia


    Emulators are very useful and it helps in case you lose the game or the consul but its stupid that ROMs are illegal it just takes out the whole point. But I have a GameBoy emulator on my phone and play when I have free time at work and school.
  12. Azkadilia

    Fanbase That You Hate.

    I just Halo and Call of Duty. Just plain and simple. I never really got annoyed with much others.
  13. Azkadilia

    What's the Point of Clothes?

    Well it protects the skin to a certain point. Just the matter of opinion. I wear clothes no matter what even if we don't but thats just me being uncomfortable with my body. And i'd prefer if my niece wore her clothes so no child molester tried anything. And some guys are just plain pervs enough.
  14. Azkadilia

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    Boys : Lucien, Damien, Saben, [haven't really thought of boys] Girls : Melody, Anniella, Illia, Scarlet
  15. Azkadilia

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    I have a dog, rabbit and a turtle.
  16. Azkadilia

    What Are the Fun Little Things You Do When You're Bored?

    blast up my music and dance around my house like it was a mini concert :)
  17. Azkadilia

    Kingdom Hearts Dungeon?

    It would be pretty cool. I tend to get stuck on some things and then i don't play the game for a while. So it would be helpful.
  18. Azkadilia

    Favorite Game Genre

    I'm use to MMORPG and RPG but I like First Person Shooter and Adventure
  19. Azkadilia

    Which Game Do You Think is Better?

    Twilight Princess for Zelda. I don't play final Fantasy sorry :(
  20. Azkadilia

    What is Your Favorite Mario Game FOR THE WII

    New Super Mario Bros Wii. Love all the outfits that give you all the power ups
  21. Azkadilia

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    OoT 3DS link's awakening!
  22. Azkadilia

    Just a Question About Ganondorf...

    Never, but i didn't know how to spell Ganondarf so i constantly spelled GanonDarwf and my sister got upset with me.
  23. Azkadilia

    What is Your Dream.

    To own a bar of my own design and everyone who has been mean to me or anything come in so i can show off :D
  24. Azkadilia

    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    Spamming, I can always deal with trolling because you can ignore it. No big deal but spamming. God so annoying it makes you wanna strangle the person!!! >:/
  25. Azkadilia

    Let's Players?

    chuggaconroy nintendocaprisun protonjonsa therunawayguys joshjepson chriscrossmedia donnabellz
  26. Azkadilia

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts World?

    Alice in Wonderland's world. Comeon who wouldn't want ot be lost in wonderland and see everything so strangly. It was my favorite disney movie growing up.
  27. Azkadilia

    Replaying Video Games

    I love replaying games because you get to notice a lot of things more clearly and it gets things more enjoyable when your not so frustrated trying to find every single little thing.
  28. Azkadilia

    Jello or Yogurt?

    Yogurt I like the feel of it better. :D Jello just amuses me
  29. Azkadilia

    Do You Skateboard?

    I did but Im really clumsy so i kept hurting myself so i had to stop.
  30. Azkadilia

    What if You Never Came Across Video Games?

    Extremely different!!!! I would be all out stupid and only care about drugs and looks O.o I don't think I can handle it. Its like a horrible nightmare. :O Nooooooo!
  31. Azkadilia

    Link or Kirby?

    Link, with all his weapons that can be used for long distance combat between someone who has to get close in order to suck you up and copy one move? Game over.
  32. Azkadilia

    What Were the Last Three Games You 100% Completed?

    Link's Awakening Majora's Mask God of War
  33. Azkadilia

    Favorite Non-Zelda Game

    God of War!
  34. Azkadilia

    When Was the Last Time You Played Brawl? Anyone Want to Play?

    Literally Last week :D I would play but it's my friends game not mine :(
  35. Azkadilia

    Favorite Smash Bros. Game and Character

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl with Lucus.
  36. Azkadilia

    Longest Gaming Session

    8 hours playing M.M. One freaking quest!!! 1 miss hap. Gotta go back to the first day!
  37. Azkadilia

    What Super Power Would You Choose?

    Teleportation. or Telekinesis.
  38. Azkadilia

    Do You Look Like Any Characters?

    Before I got my hair cut. ALMOST Simliar to sailor mars xD I got upset since my hair was almost as long as hers but i got it cut down to salior mercury size.
  39. Azkadilia

    Big City or Small Town?

    Well it would actually all depend. I like in a pretty small town so I don't really mind it as much because i live pretty close to a big city where me and my friends head over during the weekend. So I like living in a small town as long as i can go to the big city for visits.
  40. Azkadilia

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    1. Greece 2. Romania 3. Portugal 4. Rome 5. Ireland 6. England
  41. Azkadilia

    Choclate or Vanilla Cake?

    Chocolate. Vanilla is too plain for my liking. :) But chocolate is my favorite.
  42. Azkadilia

    What element?

    Air. Never wondered why but I just think air is awesome it calms me down especially when i sit on my roof late at night just thinking while i look at the stars.
  43. Azkadilia

    I Just Got a Zelda Tattoo

    Right on!!! Post a pic i believe everyone would love to see it!
  44. Azkadilia

    Mythical/Extinct Creatures.

    Definitely a Griffin! I just think they are so bad *** I would love to have one. Dragons are nice but I don't think I can keep one hidden for very long xD
  45. Azkadilia

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    No one is too old for Zelda!!! I will always love the game. It will be my favorite. My little brother's best friend has almost all the newest games and his dad knows how to beat each one by memory. I'm currently gonna get two temple medallion tattoos from zelda.
  46. Azkadilia

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    I really like the night and moon.
  47. Azkadilia

    What's Your Ringtone?

    I change mine every week. Its currently Scatman by Scatman John. It was previously Song of Storms. :D Favorite song of all.
  48. Azkadilia

    Rate the Avatar!

    6/10 I like the color and how it looks kinda but more could have been done. :)
  49. Azkadilia

    Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Author?

    J.K Rowling. I think she is the only one i read fantasy from since my books are romance.
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