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    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Got to 6th dungeon on OOS and it got really repetitive and tedious for me so stopped playing it, started minish cap and just finished first dungeon
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    What colour are your eyes?

    brown with a tiny bit of green, they used to be a lot more green when I was younger
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Elden ring, enjoying it so far, I don't see it as a masterpiece like some do but a really solid action rpg I got 6000 reward points for buying it on xbox so I got the Witcher 3 while it was on sale for free basically, It's really good, The side quests are really well written and the whole game...
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    Breath of the Wild How many times have you played it?

    Only once, definitely the least replayable Zelda imo mainly because Whenever I replay a Zelda I 100 percent the game, but this one it’s just really daunting to because it takes like 80 hours and Koroks are super tedious, whereas most other games I can 100 percent in 1 weekend
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    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Definitely going to get that along with the 2 ds Zeldas
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    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Just beat ALBW which I enjoyed a lot, dungeons were a bit too easy probably because they were mostly non linear, final boss was quite hard, was my first 2d Zelda and enjoying it a lot, also got oracle of seasons and ages before 3rd Espoo closed, playing through seasons first and just got to the...
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