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    General Modern Child Form?

    Skyward Sword does not come directly before Ocarina of Time, all that has been confirmed is that it comes somewhere before it. From what we know about SS's story, I think it is safe to say that there is a lot of time, maybe even hundreds of years, between the two games.
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    The Legend of Zelda Can't Get Last Sword Upgrade

    Yeah, I guess the "master using it and you can have this" quote is poorly translated, the "master using this" part is probably supposed to give a better description of what you need to do.
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    General Classic Which is Harder: Water Temple VS. Great Bay Temple

    I'd say the water temple is easier to solve methodically, while the great bay temple is easier to memorise, meaning that, based on my personal experience, when you first play them the GBT is much harder, but after a few plays you can recreate the route, while the WT remains a case of visiting...
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    Four Swords Adventures What Was the Problem with the Gamecube Four Swords Adventures?

    Four Swords Adventures cannot be played using multiple gamecube controllers, they can only be used for single player mode.
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    Ocarina of Time Lucky Cartridge

    Where did she get it from? It must have been pre-owned, which is likely as you say this was about five years ago and the game was released in 1998. Anyway, I would probably have deleted it, but that's just me, there's nothing more for you to do in the file and you can't exactly keep it there for...
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    WW-Wii U When Will Toon Link Come Back?

    Have I missed something here? Young Link is not the same as toon Link.
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    Four Swords Adventures What Was the Problem with the Gamecube Four Swords Adventures?

    Nobody needs a Four Swords cartridge to play FSA multiplayer, but everyone did need a GBA/SP and GBA-GCN link cable, which was a lot of requirements. I have played some multiplayer FSA, but not much and not for a long time. I'm hoping this game ends up on the Wii U virtual console, it will be so...
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    A Link to the Past Digging Minigame?

    Do you have the shovel? That is the only requirement for playing that mini-game that I can think of off the top of my head. Which version of the game are you playing?
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    Four Swords Final Boss of Cave Place

    This puzzle doesn't translate into single player that well, but the point is that each Link can see a different colour, so the players need to communicate and tell eachother where their colour is. In single player you just need to use one Link to see where the colour is and the other Link to hit...
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    Article Research

    I always used to fail when a puzzle required me to put water in a bottle. It took me ages to work out you had to use water to revive the bomb flowers to get into Dragon Roost Cavern in The Wind Waker and then the same thing happened when you need to grow the vine to start climbing Mount Crenel...
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    Four Swords Are You Getting Four Sword for Dsi/Dsi XL/ 3DS?

    Just downloaded it, playing it right now, single player.
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    Ocarina of Time What Locations Would You Visit in OoT?

    Kakiriko village would be my choice, not just from OoT but from any game, there always seems to be a lot of different things going on there.
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    Spoiler Game Informer's Top 10 Zelda Bosses

    Yep, that's the best boss fight in any Zelda game as far as far as I'm concerned. I have to disagree a lot with this list, but then any list like this is massively subject to personal opinion. I would say Goht should be on there, I have more fun fighting him than any other boss in any game. I...
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    Is the Hookshot Dead?

    The clawshot is basically the hookshot. The double clawshot puts a new spin on the item, but I don't see the hookshot as dead, just going by a different name.
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    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages About Ooa and Oos......

    I'm sure this will happen sooner or later, my guess would be in the first quarter of next year, once Skyward Sword has been out for a few months. I think Nintendo want every Zelda game playable on current gen consoles and, once Four Swords hits the eShop tomorrow, the oracles and Minish Cap will...
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    Ocarina of Time Master Quest - How Long Did It Take Before You Cracked?

    I'm playing MQ for the first time at the moment (GCN not 3DS) and am currently at the fire temple, not resorted to a walkthrough yet but it also took me forever to spot the eye switch in the well.
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    The Three Most Important Things in a Zelda Game.

    A large inventory. I love having a lot of different items and would like to see more optional items in future games. Challenging puzzles. I like puzzles that actually make you stop and think for a few minutes. A large overworld. I want to have a lot of places to explore, possible with a...
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    Twilight Princess Gamecube Version or Wii Version.

    I have never played the gamecube version, but I prefer the Wii control scheme to that of other Zelda games I have played on the GC. I guess I just like the whole point and shoot thing with items, particularly the bow and clawshot.
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    Twilight Princess Lowest Amount of Life You Lost in the Last Room of the Cave of Ordeals

    I don't find the last room to be that bad at all, you just need to be conservative and pick your oportunites to attack carefully. There are probably eight rooms in the cave of ordeals that I consider to be much harder than that. I usually find rooms with higher numbers of enemies to be more...
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    Twilight Princess Do YOU Hate Twilight Princess??

    That's not really what I meant, rather if they had released TP exactly as it is, but after SS would those issues have been addressed, the answer is, of course, no.
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    What Was the Scariest Zelda Cutscene You Have Seen?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLYwH3l67V4 Oh the horror!
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    Twilight Princess Do YOU Hate Twilight Princess??

    I don't see how this is at all relevant. Most people who have posted in this thread have given well thought out reasons why they think the game is lacking, or where it could be improved and the order of release has nothing to do with this. Would releasing Skyward Sword before Twilight Princess...
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    Navi Vs. Tatl Vs. Ciela.

    I like Ciela the best, she doesn't bother you and actually has a pretty good story line too.
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    Do You Think That LoZ and AoL Could Fit on the AT?

    Changed back to Hyrule? How? Many of the landmarks of old Hyrule simply aren't there in new Hyrule, so unless they just spring up out of nowhere, which there is no evidence for, Spirit Tracks is the only game that takes place in new Hyrule. I don't think there is anywhere for LoZ and AoL to fit...
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    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Release It on the 3ds?

    All of the connecting was done via passwords, so there is no reason why this feature shouldn't remain in any re-release.
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    Twilight Princess Sacred Grove: Round Two Cavern Help.

    Because I'm just that awesome I have fired up Twilight Princess, solved the puzzle and written down the solution. This is also for the Wii, so again you need to remember to swap East and West, if you do that this should work because, as I say, I've just done it. Push the south-east block north...
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    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Release It on the 3ds?

    I think sooner or later this will happen. I think the same will happen for Minish Cap too, although that will be further away, which would mean that every Zelda game ever made could be played on either the Wii or the DS.
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    A Link to the Past My Shovels Gone!

    That was in Link's Awakening. If you trade the shovel for the boomerang and then buy another shovel you can fill up your inventory early, I thought it was pretty funny when this happened to Mases during Zeldathon as I hadn't heard of the glitch before (I've only played Link's Awakening DX where...
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    General Classic Oracle of Seasons: Why So Underrated?

    I have no idea why the oracle games are underrated, they are two of my favourite Zelda games. Ages is definitely in my top five and seasons is probably sixth.
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    Twilight Princess Do YOU Hate Twilight Princess??

    I don't hate any Zelda game, but some certainly have more flaws that others. My views on TP: Positives: The second or third best dungeons in any game behind OoT and possibly MM The best characters in the series My favourite graphical style (though I don't consider this to be very...
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    General Classic The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition for GC

    I played LoZ, AoL and MM for the first time thanks to this disc, but I've discovered the crashes in Majora's Mask too. I had one after having done an awful lot in the current three day cycle, leading to a ragequit.
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    Yes, that's exactly right. This was explained in the ZD article here.
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    If you're talking about the cucoo you get from Malon as a child, it will disappear when you get Zelda's letter in Hyrule Castle, If you are talking about the one from the trading sequence then once you have woken up Talon just go back to the cucoo lady and she'll take it back and give you Cojiro.
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    Pokemon for DS - Suggestions?

    I would definitely recommend Black/White, I think they are the best Pokemon games to date, they have a more involved storyline, I personally like a lot of the new Pokemon that are introduced and I think they are the most difficult yet, with opponent's levels not being too far behind yours and...
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    What is a "perfect" Zelda for You?

    It would be a nice idea, but generally I prefer 2D Zelda to 3D Zelda, so I would keep it in the same in style.
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    Your Thoughts on the New Zelda Wii U

    I don't think a game can be set at the time of the great flood. In the intro to Wind Waker it says that Ganon broke free of his seal and that, this time, no hero appeared to save Hyrule, which is why it was flooded. As there was no hero at the time, there can't be a game set there. Anyway, I do...
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    Your Thoughts on the New Zelda Wii U

    Ok, first things first, those graphics you've seen are not Zelda Wii U, they are just a tech demo showing what the Wii U could do. It is a scene from TP with high def graphics, any actual Wii U Zelda game may have a completely different graphical style (of course, they might not, but we don't...
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    What is a "perfect" Zelda for You?

    The perfect Zelda? Take A Link to the Past and make the dungeons a bit larger, that's all that is required.
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    Majora's Mask Video Walkthrough

    I don't think there is a fixed date for finishing it, new videos are just being added every now and then.
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    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Jabu Jabu

    That's alright, I'm happy to help. If you haven't worked it out from the map, you can't open the door, you need to get into that room via the steps. You need the long hook to get through the underwater room.
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    General Classic Best NES Zelda

    I think LoZ is quite a bit better than Zelda II. I find it hard to identify flaws in LoZ because I feel it is the best possible Zelda game they could have made with the technology they had. It has a lot of the items that became mainstays of the Zelda inventory, more varied combat and some in...
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    WW-Wii U What Does Everyone Think About the Great Sea in Wind Waker?

    I hated the sailing so much, mainly because there is so little to do and to complete everything in the game you need to sail the same bits of sea over and over again. For example, doing the Goron trading quest meant sailing the same stretch of sea over and over again as only one of the islands...
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    Spoiler Twilight Princess or Wind Waker?

    I prefer Twilight Princess. The Wind Waker has better side content, but is hugely let down by the sailing which makes it very slow to navigate what is actually not a very large overworld at all if you take out all the completely empty bits of the sea. As for the main game, Twilight Princess...
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    Comptetitive Pokemon Battling

    I would recommend EV training from the start as it will be quite difficult to evolve it without it getting any EVs up to that point.
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    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Jabu Jabu

    Here is a map that might help. To get into the rooms on the far right of the 1st floor you need to lower the water level. Go to the yellow patch in room one left and one up from the entrance and press B to surface. This will get you into the second floor. From here just carry on to the room with...
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    Question About a Link - Ocarina of Time Figurine

    My advice would be to check all the ones on ebay and amazon regularly. If people are actually buying them at anywhere near the kind of prices shown in the link ($5,000 to buy it now) then I say definitely buy it if you can get it for ~$175. Even if you don't want it, you could then sell it on...
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    Majora's Mask Poll: Majora's Mask Sequel

    The storyline of OoT has almost no impact on MM. The only thing I can think of is Link's motivation for leaving Hyrule and that isn't ever mentioned again after the start of the game. So the storyline of no other games impacts MM and the storyline of MM impacts no other games, which is basically...
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    Twilight Princess What's Your Most Annoying Thing in TP?

    The biggest problem with this game is its lack of enjoyable sidequests and minigames. YMMV but the only content outside of the main quest I really enjoyed was exploring the hidden caves in Hyrule Field. The golden bugs and poe souls are probably the two worst sets of collectables in the history...
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    Just tried and I got the same message so the site is probably down.
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    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Where is This Stupid Piece of Heart?

    Soil spots that are harder to reach have an increased chance of giving better items, however the real trick is saving before you chop down the nut. Its contents aren't decided until it's opened so you can keep reloading and trying again until you get what you want.
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