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  1. bulbasaur


    The Save system possible the only thing i did not like about MM. No idea why it had to return.
  2. bulbasaur

    Skyward Swords Weak Points and Nintendo's Dirty Marketing

    I am really underwhelmed by SS but what really really got to me was the overworld. Or lack there of. It was nothing they way Nintendo marketed it was like WW + TP in the one game. Unfortunately what turned out was a small area of sky where goddess cubes will force you to explore what little...
  3. bulbasaur

    Zelda Anime?

    Well it is already a manga so it would be perfectly natural for it to be adapted to an anime. Unfortunately the Manga was published by Vizkids who are the 4kids of Manga. And if 4kids were actually to dub the anime it would be horrible just like all there other anime's.
  4. bulbasaur

    WW-Wii U Why Do Some People Hate Wind Waker Because of the Graphics?

    For the same reason while people will watch terrible movies if the have allot of CGI & action scenes. Shallow people will judge a book by its cover(Extremely shallow people probably dont read books). Its a common trend in art these days not to judge it on its own merrits in the artform it is...
  5. bulbasaur

    Do Older People Feel Zelda Can Be a Bit Childish ?

    I'm 19 and the thing about Zelda is as you go back and play games as an adult you see things that you didn't notice while you were young. There are always underlying tones in a game that at first glance seems so cute and innocent. But if you think there needs to be a gritty-realism on face...
  6. bulbasaur

    Should There Be a Female Link in Future Zelda Games?

    If done well it would be perfectly fine. However chances are it will be executed to sub par standards(eg. making Zelda a guy and having female link save him, is a terrible idea.) Now i know alot of fans like to think of Link and Zelda being a romance thing. TBH you don't have to change that...
  7. bulbasaur

    Do You Care What Color Link's Hair Is?

    I like link no matter what hair colour he has. Oh and wouldn't it be strangely cool if the next zelda game allowed you to change hair colour and that gave you some upgrade.
  8. bulbasaur

    OoT-N64 Did You Actually Get the Ice Arrows Before Defeating Ganon?

    I did but kinda by accident. I just assumed the greudo training course was going to have something important at the end. It was disappointing when i realized i went through all that for no reason.
  9. bulbasaur

    General Modern Spirit Tracks

    I really did like it. There was just so much to do. The train was actually really enjoyable despite it sometimes being tedious it went really well with the setting and the music. And Bunnies, Train Parts, Force Gems lots of collectable. (although i could never find the right treasures) The...
  10. bulbasaur

    Narrating While Playing Zelda Games...

    Strangely Yes BUT never on a first play-through. after a couple play-troughs i seem to actually make a ridiculous narrative that completely contradicts the story in every way, (OoT is the worst for this, Actually crash bandicoot 1-3 is even worse than than), Also if I get stuck even for a...
  11. bulbasaur

    R U an Expert?

    Well according to common educational psychology an expert requires on average 10,000 hours of practice in said field. On that definition no. I would say i am very very skilled in many areas, Engineering, Physics, Maths, Research. But as an expert no not yet.
  12. bulbasaur

    'Video Games As Art' - Persuasive Writing

    TBH modern art in any medium is very divided. Because "art" is now market to the masses who aren't very(if at all) educated in art it has become a very bland and generic area of life. games are no exception. There are many, many games with no originality no higher level of thought marketed to...
  13. bulbasaur

    Chuchu Theory

    Well Chu Chu's are seen first in MM so yea.
  14. bulbasaur

    Worst Age Group?

    let me just clear this up. LIFE SUCKS from almost every perspective. No matter who you are/What your circumstances are everybody can realize what is wrong with there own life. On the contrary I am a university student and you have no idea how hard it is to live off $110 a week (that...
  15. bulbasaur

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    CD-i games are OLD news, In fact the majority of Zelda fans simply disregard them as some stupid Phillips crossover move that FORTUNATELY was forgotten in time. And for the worst REAL Zelda game i would have to say TP because i could not be bothered to play through it all. (It's not that i...
  16. bulbasaur

    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    1. HMS 2. Medli 3. Malon (or somebody who looks and acts like her i.e. Marron) And many more but those are the ones who i still think need more time devoted to them.
  17. bulbasaur

    Jabun= Jabu-Jabu

    Different kind of fish. Therefore i think there different beings but they represent the same things. Is it not possible that a creature of the sea is chosen to be the water guardian(much like the deku tree is the forest guardian) and then lives out its years, when that fish dies another fish is...
  18. bulbasaur

    AoL: Would LoZ Have Ended There?

    When i first read the title I thought this was going to be about the timeline lol. Anyway Zelda 2 was kind of an expiriment to where they could go with the series. After the popularity of LOZ i would have thought they would give Zelda at least one more chance even if AoL flopped. Also i may...
  19. bulbasaur

    My Timeline Based on Veran Altering Past 400 Years

    Just a couple questions. 1. Why does the fate of Termernia affect the timeline? i mean how is he trapped in the sacred realm if Termernia is destroyed yes in the Twilight realm if it isn't? 2. Why are there 2 aLttP when I'm fairly sure it was added as a bonus after completing four swords and...
  20. bulbasaur

    I Think That Nintendo is Just Being Cheap Skates...

    Well I'm not one who likes the cinematic direction modern games are taking I feel it detracts from the game-play. With many voice acted games i feel that conversations and cut scenes really just become a movie and I'm not really involved. Now I'm not saying i dislike games with voice acting...
  21. bulbasaur

    Could Hyrule Be the Future Instead of the Past?

    Interesting theory. It is clear that the technology in the whole Zelda universe varies dramatic with time and place. In the first 2 games there was little to no technical knowledge displayed beyond building underground dungeons. Yet in many other games there are completely unexplained and...
  22. bulbasaur

    Which Pre-SS Zelda Has the Best Combat?

    I'll have to say tWW simply because of how fun it was. easy to use items. critical attacks and one of the best things ever stealing your enemies weapons. oh and AoL if you put the time in to get good at the combat. tbh apart from iron knuckles and those moblins who through boomerangs the...
  23. bulbasaur

    Zelda 3DS Subtitle

    Honestly i do not care in the slightest as long it has a Zelda enough feel about it and somewhat relates to the game. Hell the game developers shouldn't even consider that until the game has some form. PS sorry for being un-supportive to this thread
  24. bulbasaur

    Twilight Princess What Was Your Favorite Music from TP?

    I'm sorry but i have to say this. TP had the weakest sound track of any Zelda game. My favorite soundtracks would determinately be. Oot, MM, tWW, aLttP, AoL, ST. and TP just doesn't compare With that off my chest. Midna's desperate hour does leap to my mind.
  25. bulbasaur

    Majora's Mask Is the Skull Kid from Oot the Same As the One from Majoras Mask

    Actually thats very interesting. When you are playing through Ikana canyon the king(i forget his name) makes it soudn liek the skull kid and majora opened the stone tower temple and released darkness into Ikana... soak it in blood ect. But if the skull kid only had the mask for several days then...
  26. bulbasaur

    Does Zelda Rot the Mind?

    I'm sorry tldr Anyway video games don't necessarily impede upon mental capabilities. Really the only argument that could be validated is they are worthless at developing gross motor control when compared to physical games...ect. It does depend on the game in the most part but doing anything...
  27. bulbasaur

    Majora's Mask Termina... Reallity or Fiction?

    Not really that's actually the basis of the theory parallel =/= the same. If i weren't so lazy i would find the link to another termernia theory thread where this dissucsion has already taken place.
  28. bulbasaur

    Majora's Mask Termina... Reallity or Fiction?

    It certainly could. Din created the land and nature. without her everything could change, forest over time become swamps, sea levels rise ect...
  29. bulbasaur

    Spoiler Ganondorf or Zant?

    When has a Boss dying stopped Nintendo from re-using him? If Nintendo were to bring him back I'd like to see him in more of a Vatti light. But theres no real telling what Nintendo will do.
  30. bulbasaur

    Majora's Mask Termina... Reallity or Fiction?

    I'm fairly sure there is already a large thread about this in the theory section. Not to mention many articles written around the Zelda community. Anyway i believe it's an alternate reality of a different path Hyrule could have gone it the collective had abandoned the goddesses.
  31. bulbasaur

    How Come Medigoron Remembers You After You Go Back 3 Days?

    Actually there are others who remember you. HMS and the banker. I think its more for a game mechanic than anything it would suck if you had to to the powder keg quest every time you needed a powder keg. But if you want a theory how about it's always Naryu. she does control time and can...
  32. bulbasaur

    Could The Skyloft Be Related to the Rito Tribe from Wind Waker?

    It much more likely they are simply designed to represent a similar real life tribe. as Zelda communities often do. However my anthropology isn't the so i have no clue. But yea Rito's evolved from Zora's so unless Skyloftians settled in Hyrule and became both Hylian's AND Zora's its a no...
  33. bulbasaur

    Heart Containers: Entire, or Pieces?

    I would actually like to heart pieces varying in size depending on how difficult they are to obtain. (their could be 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full) For example if there is an "extra dungeon" to full scale but as a side quest with a heart container reward i would totally dig that. and if i fell down a...
  34. bulbasaur

    Spoiler Zelda Half Sheikah?

    I really don't see any evidence to support this at all really. I mean Hylians can use magic and Zelda has the triforce of wisdom, she also displays the extent of her magic. Really she can change her clothes/ physique/ skin colour in a heartbeat so why cant she change her eye colour too?
  35. bulbasaur

    General Classic Skulltula Houses

    The great bay Skulltula house had a really cool feel to it. But the OoT skulltula challenge was a full game mini-quest so It gave a huge sense of accomplishment when you achieved the next milestone.
  36. bulbasaur

    Were We Fooled with Our Timelines?

    It wouldn't terribly surprise me if we are all way off and the official timeline requires a bunch of non-game events to comprehend. However i either hope that's not true or that they make the games to divulge that information.
  37. bulbasaur

    Zelda Vs. Mario

    Zelda trumps Mario by far. There's really no contest. Really Mario is just another platformer and for almost every mario game i can think of a better platformer of the same style, even if it is a copy (banjo-kazzoie anyone?) really i find Mario very overrated.
  38. bulbasaur

    If You Were Link...no.3

    I wouldn't particularly want to live in a dungeon. There so dark and musty and crawling with vile fiends. But then again the sages live in the temples so i suppose they cant be too bad. However I would too probably say the water temple from OoT, Great Bay temple from MM or ocean temple from ST...
  39. bulbasaur

    General Modern What if WW and TP Had Switched Graphics?

    Hmmm interesting thought. There are many places i would like to see around the great sea with realistic graphics, but i don't think it would be an improvement. Actually i wonder how the fan base would have reacted if tWW and TP swapped other elements like music too.
  40. bulbasaur

    General Modern Child Form?

    I'm fairly sure link from tMC was only about 8 or 9. but then again i could be wrong on that. Also Im not sure about FS/FSA
  41. bulbasaur

    Is Too Long of a Zelda Game a Bad Thing?

    Not if you never want that game to end. Then it's always too short.
  42. bulbasaur

    The Fabled Official Timeline Document

    I am not in least least bit surprised over this. However i does aggravate me slightly. But it does aggravate me nearly as much as people who play 2 Zelda games quickly look over the others and make a complete timeline and arrogantly refuse to believe there wrong. Actually anyone who claims...
  43. bulbasaur

    deleted thread

    The problem with sonic is it sucked big time after the mega-drive games. I'd really have a tough time comparing them tho i love them both soo much But it is kinda obvious Zelda will win out because it maintained quality over the years.
  44. bulbasaur

    Consider This

    Yes i think its highly unlikely. But am i seeing several elements of skyward sword being influenced by tMC. Maybe the over-world will too.
  45. bulbasaur

    General Modern Child Form?

    Wait, there are links younger than Young link from Oot. I think the average age of link would be about 14. I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you Wondering weather Link will have a young and adult part again? And for the second question. I see a fad of 16-17 year old links in TP and SS...
  46. bulbasaur

    Majora's Mask How Hard is Majora's Mask???

    I didn't find it as hard as OoT but that was my first 3d zelda game and my 2nd zelda game overall. I don't blame anyone for thinking its hard especially if they don't play games like me(explore and wander around aimless for hours on end between quests.) However Even if you think it is the...
  47. bulbasaur

    WW-Wii U When Will Toon Link Come Back?

    Am i the only one who hates the Link & Toon Link stereotype? I mean there are multiple Links and i don't think we should group them together simply because several games had the same art style. Sorry if i seem a bit uptight but i think each Link should be given credit separately. Anyway more...
  48. bulbasaur

    General Modern Adult Timeline

    TBH i don't think it matters Nintendo can do what they want and Zelda fans will rationalize it. It's probably either Ganon or Malladus will return, It's possible that the AT will turn into the FSS, Its Possible Ghirahim. Really I'm just not going to try to predict Zelda in turns of story...
  49. bulbasaur

    Does Toon Zelda Like Toon Link, Vice Versa SP?

    Probably Link and Zelda have always had sexual tension between them. although this was only really direct at the end of AoL it's still a common things for fans too see the emotions and desires brewing under the surface.
  50. bulbasaur

    Spoiler The Legend of Inception: It's just the dream of a sleeping Princess

    I don't think that all Zelda games are ind reams in any more sense than the next fantasy base artwork. Link is a link to the game world which is a fantasy world are therefore a dream world? Regardless i believe there are certain times the Zelda series tries to question reality but then again...
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