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    Is the Happy Mask Salesman create the four bosses and Majoras Mask in MM.

    Linking to TVTropes is trite, and I'm sorry to do it, but look up https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FourIsDeath . Four has the sort of connotations in East Asia that six has in the West; the Zeldas don't normally use Eastern motifs very much, but Majora's Mask is an unusual Zelda...
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    What story/lore ideas do you want to see come into fruition in future titles?

    Prophecy of Calatia, a fangame re-working of the Caragonne comics and the cartoons, has the Zelda who Link rescued go off to Calatia with him, leaving Zelda I to run the country... Personally, if I were remaking the first two games, I'd merge them into one character (Ganon cursing someone as he...
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    Should the Yiga clan come back in Zelda Switch?

    I liked the Yiga a lot. They were goofy on the surface, much grimmer when you stopped and thought about them (although Master Kohga was clearly a little inflexible in his way of thinking). They reminded me of the scene where Nabooru, brainwashed as an Iron Knuckle, forgets to summon her axe...
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    What story/lore ideas do you want to see come into fruition in future titles?

    As of the end of A Link to the Past, Ganon is dead and Hyrule has the united Triforce. As of the beginning of The Legend of Zelda, Ganon is alive, has had the Triforce of Power for long enough that the opening scroll speaks of his having it as a matter of course, but has only conquered Hyrule...
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    Link = Doom Guy?

    Watched the video. This is such a stretch -- but a charming one, all the same!
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    Link = Doom Guy?

    I think it's pretty clear that he's not officially the Doom Marine, but it can be fun to see where coincidences build up...
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    What country is The Kingdom of Hyrule based on?

    I've always seen Hungary or Romania as real-world counterpart to Hyrule: a region distinctly European, but distinctly on the periphery, and too close to the Middle East for comfort. Link feels Russian to me, or maybe German; and there are versions of "Maria Morevna" that gave me a really...
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    What's Ganondorf's motivation for wanting the Triforce and world domination?

    I just discovered this thread (and just registered), and wanted to chime in; this is still on the front page, so I hope my response doesn't count as a necropost. My reading of Ganondorf's monologue in The Wind Waker is that he's trying to talk himself into believing that he's still the good...
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