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  1. Moonlight

    Is Time Travel Overused?

    Actually I like how time is overused in the series. Reasons: It twists up the storyline making it more complicating, it adds many new features to time travel and it is perfect to plant theories with. In no way do they do it to please the Oot fanbase. :shake:
  2. Moonlight

    Spoiler Backstabbing Midna

    She strikes a deal with Ganondorf breaks the mirror of Twilight and comes back a villian! XD :party:
  3. Moonlight

    Am I Reading the Timeline Right?

    You got it right in my opinion. You see when Link pulled the MS from the pedastal. He did not go back to his home universe. He went to another universe that pushed him into the future. Which I call the adult Universe. What I mean by this is that he Number 1: Picked up the MS 2. Was sent through...
  4. Moonlight

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    I hate Illia sorry! All she cares about is Epona through out the whole game. She finally remembers something. Oh! Wait! Epona! UGH! :bleh:
  5. Moonlight

    Ghirahaim Sword Theory Busted?

    Ghirahim disappeared so it is possible that he could show up in another game. But not as a trident.:P
  6. Moonlight

    What is Your Favorite Enemy

    I like the Dodongos and Octorocks in OoT :D
  7. Moonlight

    Spoiler Most Hated Boss

    All bosses were pretty awesome. Except I did not like Demise that very much, he only had two moves and I thought they could do a lot more then what was released. Anyway you could say Demise is the boss I dislike.
  8. Moonlight

    Spoiler Tp Could Be Before OoT

    Okay I am starting to get this how it should be after OoT, I totally overthinked the obvious! It is just the cannon that striked me and the incarnation thing as well...
  9. Moonlight

    Ganon in TLoZ Theories

    What's a Horcrux? also you are wrong about the master sword and Ganon :P I would tell you more but that is for another thread that has spoilers written in red on the title.
  10. Moonlight

    Spoiler The Origin of the Master Sword Confusion

    There is more then one Master sword there are multiple masterswords the original one is Ss's they state that when you get your sword back in eldin valcano
  11. Moonlight

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    I do not agree with the people who say there is only one Ganondorf. He dies in Tp but he is not the final Ganondorf. Just because his power was taken from him does not mean an incarnation of hatred! which is Ganondorf will not possess the ToP later down the timeline. Link's incarnations most of...
  12. Moonlight

    Spoiler Possibility of a Prequel?

    I believe there are more masterswords then just one. Multiple master swords reason: Remember the part in Ss where you lose all of your stuff and get it back? When you obtain the master sword the description calls it the "Original master sword, also only Ss link can wield." Alttp master sword is...
  13. Moonlight

    Zelda Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time Map Almost Identical! MAYBE SPOILERS??

    I think Skyward swords map matches with Tp's
  14. Moonlight

    Spoiler Tp Could Be Before OoT

    @Crash: I would like a proper quotaion from one of the devs that say Ganondorf is the same one in OoT. I highly doubt you should underestimate a species of bad guy for they could of been around in ancient times. Sure chad speculates but how are you not sure the timeline between the game is close...
  15. Moonlight

    Spoiler Tp Could Be Before OoT

    This thread has Skyward Sword Spoilers so if you did not beat the game or even get it, please do not read. I have a theory of my own that places Twilight princess before Ocarina of Time. I am not much of a writer so I will get right to the point in a list containing why: -Demise states that...
  16. Moonlight

    Spoiler Did Demise Ruin Ganondorf for Anyone Else?

    @VanitasXII: What? do you think Vaati is any better? He sucked! I think a true fan of the Zelda series would not put down a classic character because he is bored of it. You know, how do you like a new generation of kids who are bored of Link? hmmm. lets get a new main character. To my eyes it's...
  17. Moonlight

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    I believe after playing Ss that there will be mulitple Ganons through the timeline as a never ending cycle like link and Zelda! So expect Ganon in newer games! Also by the time the series ends there might be over a hundred :P
  18. Moonlight

    Favorite Thing About Skyward Sword?

    Lanayru Desert, the robots, Ghirahim, and the storyline. The ending was emotional brought a tear to my eye.
  19. Moonlight

    Just Beat Skyward Sword..

    I thought the game was epic I enjoyed a lot of the storyline. I still play it today, it sucks that I have to wait so long for the next game. I could say heartbreaking game! XD
  20. Moonlight

    Spoiler Does Anyone else Feel Skyward Sword Lacked a Cohesive Storyline?

    @AlwaysNamedLink: Ganon's Origin and existence tangles with the fact that he is Demises hatred.
  21. Moonlight

    Spoiler SS Spoiler Disengration or Disappearance?

    Are you kidding? Demise wants the triforce to rule the world he seeks power. Ganon wants the triforce to rule Hyrule and the rest of the land the gods created. They both were sealed away. They both fight link they both hate the gods. Ganon also seeks power and gets it. There both bulked have...
  22. Moonlight

    Spoiler Does Anyone else Feel Skyward Sword Lacked a Cohesive Storyline?

    I believe they lacked with Fi and Demise. The storyline was good but Fi had no emotion so I never really grew to like her. So when she left at the end I was like meh. Demise to me is a rip off of Ganondorf except extremely ugly. I did think they lacked as to why Ganon shows up in other games and...
  23. Moonlight

    Hardest Enemy

    All bad guys were easy for me except for the Ganon rip off I died five times. I am glad I had potions!
  24. Moonlight

    Spoiler SS Spoiler Disengration or Disappearance?

    WOW! The only really good bad guy dies... I am now completely disapointed with this game. Demise was just a rip off of Ganon and Ganon nobody wants in games anymore. All other villains in each other games pretty much sucked. Except for Ganon. I liked Ghirahim and he dies. You know he would of...
  25. Moonlight

    Spoiler SS Spoiler Disengration or Disappearance?

    Wait a minute? Okay? is he dead or alive? Cause I do not know which.
  26. Moonlight

    Spoiler Locked Door in the Hylian Temple???

    It is an unaccesiple area... nobody can get even into Zelda's room even though there in her room is a graditude crystal
  27. Moonlight

    Spoiler Did Demise Ruin Ganondorf for Anyone Else?

    Does anybody on this form like Ganon to begin with? I love Ganondorf and I think Demise was the most quick made flat boring character I have seen in a Zelda game to date. I think Ganondorf is much more better then demise they should just have thrown Ganondorf in Ss instead of demise it would of...
  28. Moonlight

    Spoiler SS Spoiler Disengration or Disappearance?

    I beat the game in Ss and at the end Ghirahim disengrates or disappears? I am confused does he disengrate or does he disappear?
  29. Moonlight

    Spoiler l

    Ghirahim is totally different, in no way are they the same except for their roles. The question is? Where did Ghirahim goooo?
  30. Moonlight

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Ending Discussion Thread (OoT and SS Spoilers)

    Can anyone explain to me what happened to Ghirahim? I am dying to know he just vanished but where did he go?! Will Ganon find him in the future where is that guy????
  31. Moonlight

    Spoiler Why Girahim is Going to Be a Great Villain

    Ghirahim to me has really amazed me, and has caught my interest.
  32. Moonlight

    Spoiler The "Legend" of Zelda Explained in Skyward Sword

    I feel bad for Ganon being the connector.
  33. Moonlight

    Who I Think Fi is

    The master sword does not need a Gardian it is an all mighty powerful sword. Phi/Fi I am starting to believe leaves the sword at the end.
  34. Moonlight

    What Do You Think of the Music in Skyward Sword?

    The music is done by the same dude who conducted Mario Galaxies music! :D
  35. Moonlight

    ONM: SS is Easier Than OOT and TP and You Can Beat the Game Without Upgrading Items..

    Basically I do not care much about one person's review on the game. Cause he may be a top gamer in his area. It took me 8 years to finish Wind Waker so Ss should be pretty hard in my sense. ;D
  36. Moonlight

    Hyrule Crest in SS; Number of Areas Theory; Impa?; Etc.

    1. I know the Triforce has something to do with this story no matter what people say. 2. Pretty interesting to my point of view but I will wait till I play the game ;D 3. The mysterious women is a sheikah but is not Impa. Reason: Zelda, Saria, Darunia, Rauru, Ruto, Princess Zelda, and Nabooru...
  37. Moonlight

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Attack Cutscene

    @skywardsword13: If you look closely at the video one point they look like they are inside somewhere? and then they are somewhere outside? it only makes sense that they would be in a dungeon since the place is blue and dark. As for the outside part they are pretty much outside cause you can see...
  38. Moonlight

    Spoiler Sheikah Girl Theory

    @JuicieJ: Actually he does not have magic that looks like the twili's. Where does it state that Lanayru was refurring to events before OoT? Ghirahim's group is known as a Dark Tribe? it does not state that they turn into the dark interlopers. Also nobody knows if Ghirahim's tribe gets sealed...
  39. Moonlight

    Dungeon Item = Item to Defeat Boss Present After All

    I guess all we need to do is wait and see how it plays out. Some of the people on this thread are right about the fact that in Skyview dungeon you use your sword and not the new item you get in that dungeon.
  40. Moonlight

    Death Mountain and Eldin Volcano

    I would say that it is none other then a background of decoration to add to the Eldin volcano. I also do not think there is any path to the extra mountain so basically it is just decoration.
  41. Moonlight

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Attack Cutscene

    At one part they are in a dungeon, and at another part they are outside. I think the dungeon scene occurs first before the outside scene even though the dungeon scene occurs after the outside scene in the trailer. I believe they are in Hyrule down below and near the skyview temple. In the...
  42. Moonlight

    Spoiler Sheikah Girl Theory

    @JuicieJ: I do not believe the interlopers are involved with this story actually. (I call her Phi cause it sounds better then Fi). The Interlopers are a Tp thing, which occurs way after Ss. Fi/Phi is out of the question cause she travels with Link the whole time. If she saved Zelda then Link...
  43. Moonlight

    Skyward Sword's Legend

    Oh you mean the intro? The races are with her because she is a goddess and why not add all the races into the intro to make it more epic! ;D I will say Ss will not be like OoT but similar in some formats. I do not know about the other question I would have to play the game XD You are kind of...
  44. Moonlight

    Ghirahim and Vaati?

    Ghirahim and Vaati do not look similar at all? Vaati is a minish a character developed by Capcom. I do not think they are related in anyway at all. It is like saying Zant is related to Ganon? What comes out of this is that there is no way that they have a connection! This is just my own...
  45. Moonlight

    Do You Think These "dragons" (Eldin and Faron) Will Have a Important Role on SS?

    Let's just say we will not figure it out until we play the game ;D
  46. Moonlight

    Spoiler Sheikah Girl Theory

    Why would she not be the Goddesses servant? She is by Zelda's side the whole time. It only makes possible sense. She pretty much protects Zelda. Would that not give anybody evidence that she is a servant of the Goddess? Just because she is not mystical and powerful like Phi, does not mean she...
  47. Moonlight

    Skyward Sword Trailers

    I have seen all of the trailers to date! My favorite one is the Harp trailer because Ghirahim looks epic XD
  48. Moonlight

    Zelda Symphony Concert Videos Here.

    I think I will leave the surpises until I get my concert CD! :D
  49. Moonlight

    EDGE Gives Skyward Sword a 10/10!

    It stands a 10/10 because it is going to very epic that nobody is gonna wanna miss it!
  50. Moonlight

    Mirror of Twilight Speculation

    Basically my thoughts on the mirror is of Twilight is it was created later after Ss. I believe that the mirror you saw in Ss is probably connected to the Silent Realm if I stand corrected.
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