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  1. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Creepy Areas?

    I hope there is one, because Skyward Sword had none.
  2. TimeforTavel

    Hollow victories

    Yes, always. Because the fight is much more fun than the win. That, and I can't really think of a truly hard Zelda boss.
  3. TimeforTavel

    Most memorable Zelda song to you.

    A Link to the Past/A Link Between Worlds dark world/Lorule. <3 It's the first song that pops up in my head right now.
  4. TimeforTavel

    Do we wait too long for new home console Zelda games?

    I could live with one console Zelda in 5 years, but I'd like at least two handheld Zelda's in between that wait. What we got was one new Zelda (ALBW) and two remakes, which isn't bad either. However, if we have to wait till the end of 2016 for our next Zelda game, which has just become much...
  5. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild What's your reaction to the no 2015 Zelda WiiU release information?

    My reaction: sad. But this also means I can save my money, because I won't have to buy a Wii-U yet for another year! :)
  6. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild So when is the next round of info coming???

    Knowing recent Nintendo, the earliest moment we'll see a glimpse of it will be E3 2016, maybe a Nintendo Direct a few months before that.
  7. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Is Zelda U different enough (aesthetically)?

    What is it that you don't get? What I meant is that the water-color art style of SS is not my taste. I like the style of the other 3D Zelda games much more.
  8. TimeforTavel

    Overworld or dungeon

    Overworld. Twilight Princess and Wind Waker have got perfect overworlds, and Zelda-U probably as well.
  9. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Is Zelda U different enough (aesthetically)?

    Yah, well, I don't consider the Cd-i Zelda's as canon. As for Skyward Sword, I just don't like the artstyle. The picture you posted isn't really ugly when you look at it objectively, but personally I still don't think it's a pretty picture either.
  10. TimeforTavel

    Skyward Sword: How dynamic were the fights

    The Darknut battles of TP were much more dynamic. The enemies in SS were weak.
  11. TimeforTavel

    What are Zelda fans actually called?

    The Illuminati.
  12. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Is Zelda U different enough (aesthetically)?

    While I still think Skyward Sword is the ugliest Zelda yet, I DO like the artstyle of this game. I just hope the story is getting a bit more serious and surprising than the story of SS.
  13. TimeforTavel

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I got all of the Prima collector's edition game guides. Getting the MM one was hell (and very expensive) because it sold out so quick and my preorder got cancelled.
  14. TimeforTavel

    Lost in a Dungeon

    The Yeti house and City in the Sky come to mind.
  15. TimeforTavel

    Thematic future dungeon ideas

    I dig that, and then you walk back to the previous room only to see that the complete room has changed. ^^
  16. TimeforTavel

    Gossip Stone:How Prominent of a Role Should Humor Play in Zelda Games?

    I really don't care for the crazy assclowns in Zelda. One character that did stand out to me was Barnes from Twilight Princess. And I also liked Groose quite a bit.
  17. TimeforTavel

    Thematic future dungeon ideas

    I'm sure the Zelda community could come up with better themed dungeons than the producers. What would you think make great temples? In every Zelda game I'm a dissapointed because again, we are faced with the standard forest, fire and water temples, without large variations in theming. Unique...
  18. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds Pegasus Boots -- How Did YOU Figure Out How to Get Them? *possible Spoilers*

    By the official guide. Or else I would have never found out.
  19. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds Favourite Dungeon(s)?

    Dark Palace and the ice ruins. The Ice ruins because it constantly leads you from room to room without you realizing where you are exactly. Dark Palace was just weird. I still don't understand half of it, but I quite liked it!
  20. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds What Order Have You Done/are You Doing the Dungeons.

    Tower of Hera House of Gales Turtle Rock Thieves Hideout Swamp palace Skull forest Dark Palace Ice Ruins Desert Palace I especially enjoyed the Ice Ruins and Dark Palace.
  21. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Less Structure, More Unexpected Stuff

    So you mean the major plot twist gets moved to another point in the game? Well, sorry but that's not enough for me. I think it's time for Nintendo to redefine Zelda alltogether. Ocarina of Time did it, and everyone loves it. The new Zelda should be like GTA V and Skyrim: a small revolution, a...
  22. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds Easiest Boss Fight?

    Right, I just defeated the desert palace boss and that was definitely the easiest one. Defeated him in one or two minutes without any troubles.
  23. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Less Structure, More Unexpected Stuff

    I thought it was awesome. But that's because TP was my first Zelda game (my first adventure game/rpg even) and is now the holy grail for me. I had never heard of Ganondorf. But I'm aware of the criticism and didn't mention this specific twist for that reason.
  24. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds Easiest Boss Fight?

    I just defeated the giant Master Hand. That boss was easy and a nuisance. Only three more dungeons to go! Dark palace, ice palace and desert palace. :)
  25. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Less Structure, More Unexpected Stuff

    I like the idea. Also a faithful ally could be killed at some point by a bad guy. It happens all the time in 12+ rated tv-series, so why not in Zelda?
  26. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Less Structure, More Unexpected Stuff

    I think that Zelda has become too predictable. The games are too structured in my opinion, and the tricks are getting way too old. In Twilight Princess you do three dungeons, then Zant appears in a plot twist and you do the rest of the temples. The same applied for Skyward Sword and the recent A...
  27. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Why is Realism Bad?

    The nay-sayers: didn't you people like the Wii-U tech demo? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_fyOkrteqM
  28. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds What Is Your Record for the Cucco Ranch Mini-Game?

    I practiced like 5 hours in total now, spread out over the week. Just once of these million times I passed the 200 second mark. The second round with all thos small cuccos rowding the screen is way too hard for me. Practice barely makes you any better in this minigame. So this Zelda will never...
  29. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Who Do You Want As the Zelda U Villain?

    A new villain that is not planning to revive some ancient demon. I want the new villain to be really menacing, like Zant seemed to be before fighting him at the Palace of Twilight. Or maybe some evil presence that is not seen before the final boss battle against it. :o
  30. TimeforTavel

    Breath of the Wild Which Timeline?

    All three. :) Also, why is no-one interested in the adult timeline? A game set after Spirit Tracks would be cool. A brand new Hyrule. At least as long they are using a mature graphic style. I'm done with the artsy stuff.
  31. TimeforTavel

    Majora's Mask Do You Think a Majora's Mask Remake Is on the Way?

    Yes, I think so! I never played MM and I'm not motivated to do so. But that will change once a remake is on the way. I think there are two teams at work right now: one for Zelda Wii-U and one for Majoras Mask 3D. I would LOVE a Majora's Mask for the Wii-U though, but only after the new Wii-U...
  32. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds What Is Your Record for the Cucco Ranch Mini-Game?

    A secret technique? Like what, stay in the middle, in the corners, pressing start all the time? Or is it so complex you need to show it in a video. :P
  33. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds Anyone else Getting Mauled by Streetpass Dark Links?

    Streetpass is a stupid addition. They should make it so that you can get these challenges via the internet or something.
  34. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds What Is Your Record for the Cucco Ranch Mini-Game?

    Aonuma probably decided to troll the 100%ers out there. Admittedly, I'll never have the sense of accomplishment out of this game, unlike all the other Zelda games. That's because I have better things to do than mess around with the cucco game for weeks.
  35. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds What Is Your Record for the Cucco Ranch Mini-Game?

    Does abusing the start button work? Like, EVERY half second, press the start button, even when it's safe, and plan your route. It will take like 3 hours to get to 999 seconds, but it may work. It got me to break my 166 second record up to 183. and the mistake I made at 183 was just stupid...
  36. TimeforTavel

    A Link Between Worlds What Is Your Record for the Cucco Ranch Mini-Game?

    This makes me think about the Spirit Tracks minigame in which you had to hit the three guards 999 times and everyone would call you captain after that. I managed to do that one, but it wasn't fun.
  37. TimeforTavel

    Skyward Sword Seems to Be Overrated

    If I didn't know any Zelda game and I had to guess after both playing Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess which game recently came out, I would say Twilight Princess. Twilight Princess seems like a better, more expansive game than Skyward Sword. Only the Wiimotion + tells me otherwise. I...
  38. TimeforTavel

    Why All the Hate for Skyward Sword's Bokoblins?

    I'd hardly call the Redeads, Darknuts, Freezards and Armos of Twilight Princess "just something in the way". Twilight Princess had more difficult enemies + more variety.
  39. TimeforTavel

    Why All the Hate for Skyward Sword's Bokoblins?

    The Bokoblins ruined the enemy variety in Skyward Sword. I can think of like, seven varieties of them. And even if they would get harder the more you progress into the game (and they didn't), there should have been waaaaay more variety in the enemies in Skyward Sword. I missed the poes, the...
  40. TimeforTavel

    Twilight Princess What is One of the Best Songs in Twilight Princess

    I adore the kakariko village music in TP, am I the only one? To be honest, I have nothing with Midna's Lament. I also love the Hidden Village, Sacred Grove, Arbiter's Ground miniboss, Hyrule Field No good Dungeon musical themes in TP, unfortunately...
  41. TimeforTavel

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    Great dungeons: Lanayru Mining Facility Ancient Cistern Sand Ship Good dungeon: Sky Keep Average dungeons: Skyview Temple Earth Temple Fire Sanctuary
  42. TimeforTavel

    Which Area Had the Best Music?

    I could make a LONG list, but Gerudo Valley is the absolute best. Nothing has ever topped that in my opinion.
  43. TimeforTavel

    Music Based Dungeon In Future Zelda Games

    It seems like a beautiful dream if the background music actually adapts to the songs you will play in that music temple. I hope to see this someday!
  44. TimeforTavel

    PH, ST and SW, World Unlocking and the Environments

    Hello all! I have not seen anyone posting about this, but I want to complain a bit about the world unlocking system in the recent three Zelda games. In the Legend of Zelda, you had the whole world before you, you could go anywhere you wanted, same in Zelda II and A Link to the Past. In...
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