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  1. airistra

    Multiple part boss fights

    Multi-part fights are fun. It pretty much tests your abilities to figure out what to do for each situations and how to adapt to it. Plus, it'd get boring pretty fast if I have to fight a boss that takes a long time to kill but only has one part. Those situations are more of a "how long can you...
  2. airistra

    Do walkthroughs take the fun out of the series?

    To me, walkthroughs are for those moments where I don't really have the time to do trial and error experiments. Going blindly and figuring out what to do is fun and challenging but there's some points where if I don't use a walkthrough, I'm gonna be doing that stuff for one hell of a long time...
  3. airistra

    She's not from any anime c: She's from Touhou. Her name is Kaguya Houraisan.

    She's not from any anime c: She's from Touhou. Her name is Kaguya Houraisan.
  4. airistra

    Just like a knight in shining armor c:

    Just like a knight in shining armor c:
  5. airistra

    I do have to admit he's pretty good looking, especially in HW.

    I do have to admit he's pretty good looking, especially in HW.
  6. airistra

    Sailcloth guiding him right to you LOL

    Sailcloth guiding him right to you LOL
  7. airistra

    Nah, that's nothing for Link. I think c:

    Nah, that's nothing for Link. I think c:
  8. airistra

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 142!

    I have all the DLCs myself and I love it. The Twlight and Termina map, while tough at certain parts, gives a good challenge since I can't "mindlessly hack and slash" my way to A rank. And then it's always fun to have a variety of costumes. Of course, I stick to the default costumes but it's...
  9. airistra

    Oh thank you c: I figured I should make an account after months of lurking LOL

    Oh thank you c: I figured I should make an account after months of lurking LOL
  10. airistra

    Hyrule Warriors Is it just me?

    The game's pretty much just an acquired taste. Those not used to hack and slash, Dynasty Warriors style, would of course find it weird to play, especially those that are Zelda fans. Except for a few exceptions, the game's pretty much straightforward so I can't see how it can be confusing. All...
  11. airistra

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Hmm, Burger King or Jack in the Box for dinner tonight after class....
  12. airistra

    What is your favorite pizza place?

    Since I'm on a limited budget, it's just usually local pizza places for me. It's between Little Caesar's or Costco's Pizza. Little Caesar's $5 large pizza is so awesome to get (which is great for those that can't spend much) but Costco's Pizza is so good and 18 inch pizza with all the toppings...
  13. airistra

    What drew you to the Zelda Franchise

    ALttP was my very first game I've every played when I was little since SNES was the current console during that time. I also played various SNES games during those times but ALttP stood out to me the most because of the whole overworld exploration, the gameplay, the music (especially the Dark...
  14. airistra

    Hyrule Warriors More of a shake up in HW

    Actually, there's two versions of Din, Nayru, and Farore. The first one is from OoT as you've said, who are 3 goddesses. The second version, which is unrelated to the 3 goddesses, are the Oracles from the Oracles games (OoS & OoA). Din, Nayru, & Farore in those games are Oracle of Seasons, Ages...
  15. airistra

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Had an exam this morning, then went back home for a 5 hour nap.
  16. airistra

    Odd eating habits...

    I fold my pizzas like tacos everytime I eat it, especially the frozen pizza ones (the personal size ones) where I end up folding the whole pizza instead of slicing it.
  17. airistra

    Cel-da: Anime enough?

    I like what Aonuma is doing. He's using a variety of art styles instead of using the same one over and over, whether it's cel-shading or combining it with another art style. Even if it looks more anime-like, I wouldn't have a problem with it, especially considering the gameplay tends to be the...
  18. airistra

    An RPZ

    If a turn-based Zelda game is ever released, then it'll be one Zelda game I'll never play. I'm fine with some RPG elements like leveling up like what AoL did, but turning it to turn-based, just no. The combat system and overworld exploration is why I love playing the games. No need to wait to...
  19. airistra

    Did you have a bad hair day today?

    Other than getting a bad haircut, bad hair days are never for me since I never comb my hair.
  20. airistra

    Favourite flavoured chicken?

    Does fried count? c: Besides that, lemon squeezed grilled chicken always gets me.
  21. airistra

    Can you climb a rope?

    I wish I could do it. I can only go a couple inches before I go down. Not sure how other people can do it with ease.
  22. airistra

    Takeshi's Castle

    One of the best shows I've ever seen. It never fails to make me laugh every time I watch it. I can't find the video atm but my favorite one was when the guards were the ones doing the challenges instead of the regular players.
  23. airistra

    Does Ganondorf have children?

    I don't think he has any kids but I'd say he definitely got busy. He's probably middle-aged by the time OoT happens so he's gotta do something during all of those years in between. Would be one hell of a twist if Nabooru was actually one of Ganondorf's kids though.
  24. airistra

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I should be doing my study guide for my exam tomorrow. But I'm too lazy to do so.
  25. airistra

    At the movies, which armrest is yours?

    Both. I want my space.
  26. airistra

    New Handheld Owner, Which LoZs Will I like?

    In a way, they're sort of like the same games but both have different aspects to them. As said before, OoA is more puzzle-based and OoS is more action based. And then you have the unique items and mechanics you need to work with. In Ages, you'll be using a harp to travel back and forth between...
  27. airistra

    Games You Wish You Could Play for the First Time Again

    A Link to the Past Pokemon Red/Blue Final Fantasy XII Dynasty Warriors 3 Mario Kart 64 Secret of Mana Chrono Trigger Not sure if there's more but each of these games made me super excited when I first played them. And made me get in trouble by my parents for staying up so late playing them. I'd...
  28. airistra

    /me sips tea

    Usually Green, Jasmine, or Oolong tea for me.
  29. airistra

    What kind of teas don't you like?

    Any teas that's bitter are ones that I avoid.
  30. airistra

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Damn printer not working when I need it.
  31. airistra

    Breath of the Wild Likelihood of a companion

    Considering the fact that companions is pretty much a general thing now, especially on the console games since OoT, it wouldn't be a surprise if Zelda U gets one. If it does get a companion, then it should be one where they help you out in more than just telling you information. They should...
  32. airistra

    ALBW: Is it a sequel or a remake?

    To me, it's only a sequel. Yes, some elements are reused from ALttP but everything else is new. If it was a remake, almost everything would be the same except for a few things, and we wouldn't have had the ability to wall merge. The storyline would be the same, the dungeons would have the same...
  33. airistra

    The most non-Zelda Zelda title

    I'm gonna go out of the box and say FS/FSA, since you can't really do overworld exploration with them and to go to places, you gotta pick from the world map menu.
  34. airistra

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I go to my school's TV lounge during my breaks to hang out with friends and I always see some idiots leaving their trash on the tables after they eat. Today was much more than usual. I just don't get why it's so hard for people to throw away their trash. It only takes like 2, 3 seconds to do.
  35. airistra

    How do you cry

    Just small tears in the rare cases that I cry.
  36. airistra

    Elf ears; hot or not?

    It's not a problem to me. Although I prefer regular ears, it doesn't become a bother if a character has elf ears.
  37. airistra

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Sleeping in class. Psychology Research Methods is one hell of a dry subject :c
  38. airistra

    New Handheld Owner, Which LoZs Will I like?

    Nah. It's always great to go back and play games you've never played before. Although ALttP is similar to ALBW, it has some things that are unique to itself. It's also more combat-based and arguably harder. Of course, the difficulty varies among each player but I find it harder especially...
  39. airistra

    Breath of the Wild Are you going to avoid Zelda U footage?

    W/e footage is released, I'll be watching it. Every time I see a footage of a new Zelda game, it makes me want to get more and more. Could there be spoilers? Yeah, but I have no problem with it because in the end, I have to play the game myself to see what really happens and whether or not the...
  40. airistra

    Breath of the Wild Amiibo dread

    If it's something similar like Hyrule Warriors, where the stuff you get isn't necessary, then I don't mind. Something like, it helps out, but you don't really need it.
  41. airistra

    New Handheld Owner, Which LoZs Will I like?

    Since you have access to the 3DS, you can also go for ALBW. If you're a fan of ALttP, you'll love ALBW. Even if you're not, it's a great game to pick up. It brings back the old-school Zelda feeling through the overworld and non-linear dungeon explorations. For me at least. With handheld games...
  42. airistra

    Twilight Princess revisited

    Getting Epona's whistle early on in the game. By the time you get it in TP, it's already late in the game and almost pointless.
  43. airistra

    Overworlds reborn

    MC for me. Would be interesting to walk around the 3D overworld both as human-sized and minish-sized.
  44. airistra

    Your favourite Zelda timeline

    This might not be a popular choice but I actually like the defeat timeline since it showed what really can happen if the dark forces (ie. Ganondorf) was successful in their plans. Except I can't see how the Oracle games would fit after ALttP. It just doesn't fit right to me, even if there was...
  45. airistra

    Hyrule Warriors Should the original characters appear in canon games?

    Only if it's just cameos. If they get more roles than that, then it would be out of place since they're specifically made only for HW.
  46. airistra

    How long should a sidequest be?

    I honestly don't think they're too long because they're something to do during our breaks from "being a hero". Of course, some just gets annoying after a while, but if the rewards are worth it, then I have no problems doing it. I haven't played WW so I can't say anything about the pictobox...
  47. airistra

    Hyrule Warriors More of a shake up in HW

    I'd say what we got, including the DLCs, is good enough, although I do wish Legend mode was more challenging and longer. The adventurer however does provide lots of contents, to the point even a good amount of people haven't even finished the 1st one yet. I think it's because since it's the...
  48. airistra

    Anyone walked into a door by accident?

    Too many times to count. I tell myself, "didn't I just came from this room?" or "what the hell am I doing?". Worse part is knowing the routes of the dungeon after playing it multiple times and still making the same mistakes.
  49. airistra

    ALBW: is the art style a missed opportunity?

    Would've been nice if the art was better but I enjoyed it mysef. It's a change-up from previous games. Nintendo probably wanted to try something new too.
  50. airistra

    Breath of the Wild Biggest surprise Zelda U could give you

    Ganondorf as a good guy, or even as the protagonist.
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