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  1. Bob Majinki

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    World War II's article has not a single map on it. Can I edit that to fix it? No. First sentence of Westboro Baptist Church sets an incorrect tone to the article that makes it appear as completely biased. Can I edit that to fix it? No. World War I's article provides false evidence about the...
  2. Bob Majinki

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    Because Wikipedia's specialty is providing false information on serious topics.
  3. Bob Majinki

    Games You Bought Recently

    I didn't buy anything, but I sold Animal Crossing: Wild World for $20. I'm happy.
  4. Bob Majinki

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm listenin' to a little song called Portal by Alabaster. I have some really obscure music.
  5. Bob Majinki

    Titles and what you're known for.

    I won the school election, so you may address me as Mr. Vice President.
  6. Bob Majinki

    Nintendo Officially Announces DSi LL

    Alright Nintendo, screw you, I'm selling my original DS, and I'm not buying another handheld from you again. This is a prime example on how you lose your fanbase.
  7. Bob Majinki

    Thinking in Your Online Handle

    My online handle is the real me, except with a lot more privacy. Therefore, I technically do think in my online handle.
  8. Bob Majinki

    Dreams About Video Games

    I've constantly had the Tetris effect but for other non-Tetris puzzle games, such as Panel de Pon. It's crazy. I used to have Zelda dreams. Maybe it's because I've been playing less video games due to the amount of other things in my life. I remember this one epic I had as a child after getting...
  9. Bob Majinki

    Where the Wild Things Are

    I never read the book as a child (or ever), so I have little interest in the movie, sadly.
  10. Bob Majinki

    DSi or DS Lite

    I personally am considering selling my original DS I still have along with the games since I've been so disappointed with what Nintendo has been doing as of late.
  11. Bob Majinki

    [video] Link's Awakening - Still in Progress

    Due to recent swine flu outbreak among inner members of the Wind Fish Socialist Party, we will have to delay the video. Sorry!
  12. Bob Majinki


    Just finished a series called Welcome to the NHK. It was alright, but definitely could have been better. I would have directed it differently.
  13. Bob Majinki

    [video] Link's Awakening - Still in Progress

    It looks like we got a new topic to post this thread in, hooray! If you want progress on the video; we are close to done. Just got a little bit more to do! I still want to say the release date is Veteran's Day, but a small delay did pop up. I don't want to spoil anything; stay tuned!
  14. Bob Majinki

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    Another BIG mistake on Wikipedia's part. This is their map of Kuwait: It shows that the enclave within UAE belongs to Kuwait. This is incorrect. That enclave belongs to Oman, and within that enclave is a second enclave that belongs to UAE (I have no idea why the boundaries are like...
  15. Bob Majinki


    Well I finished watching most of the stuff I wanted to so I'm at a loss of what to see. So instead I thought about making the stuff, and will be applying for internships at certain anime studies very soon, hopefully to help them in their English department because MAN they could use it.
  16. Bob Majinki


    I never use lol, I simply use hahaha. I'm trying to reduce my emoticon usage. Even before that though, I have never used lol. Whenever I do use it, people freak out.
  17. Bob Majinki

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    The mood is set immediately that he is instantly an evil man; which is not true. He has not committed genocide, he is simply anti-American. If I start an article on Obama with "He has been criticized of being a Kenyan national," which may be fact, and then followed on for the rest of the article...
  18. Bob Majinki

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    The information on major subjects usually has a limited viewpoint, and often times are poorly written. Never trust historical documentation that is poorly written. Let me bring up some major examples: Why are those words italicized? This is a small nitpick here, obviously. After this post I...
  19. Bob Majinki

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    Even with the links, the information is usually false.
  20. Bob Majinki


    Finished Code Geass and Code Geass R2. Not as good as the hype said it was, sadly.
  21. Bob Majinki

    Do You Have Fans?

    I have over 100 YouTube subscribers to my original content (no AMVs, no gameplay videos, no LPs, no anime, no shows; all footage is from me). Some of you guys are part of that group, and I thank you greatly for your support! :)
  22. Bob Majinki

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    This is my schedule for this year, ranked from most favorite to least favorite. * Calculus * Physics * Acting * Biology * English
  23. Bob Majinki

    Dragonball : Evolution.

    I saw this on the plane to Jordan. I view the original Dragon Ball in a very high light because of how it influenced the future of anime. If you look at the opening animation (Makafushigi Adventure), the artwork is absolutely incredible, with the backgrounds painted in beautiful watercolor. The...
  24. Bob Majinki

    Favourite Disney Movie

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the single greatest animation that has ever existed, and that ever will exist. Nothing can top it in that field. Nothing.
  25. Bob Majinki

    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    Some of the best movies of all time were made over 40 years ago. * Majority of Charlie Chaplin's works, almost all of them are perfect * The original German Metropolis * Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the single greatest animation * Multiple classics (Citizen Kane, Casablanca, etc.)...
  26. Bob Majinki

    What is Your Job?

    At the moment, after school child care. Children seem to love to swarm me, like zombies.
  27. Bob Majinki

    [video] Link's Awakening - Still in Progress

    This week's update: I don't want to spoil you on this one, but I will say this. Filming is going nicely, and we're getting close to wrapping this project up and being done with it. I'm still looking for those interested in DVDs. Reply here or PM me if you hold some form of interest, that way...
  28. Bob Majinki

    Hayzer's Aweshome Gallery

    Were the first ones made in MS Paint? If so, how long did that take you to do?
  29. Bob Majinki

    Pop Art from the Majinksi

    Hey, folks! I do pop art with Photoshop, and here's some of what I did. Did this one a long while ago. Made this one two or three weeks ago after a filming. Made this one today during lunch. If you guys want, I can make you pop art images in the style of the last two. Please...
  30. Bob Majinki

    The Good Ol' Times

    I miss the pre-9/11 days. Obvious reasons why. As for something less depressing, I miss old children's playgrounds. Every playground of my childhood was deemed "unsafe" and demolished. The new playgrounds have nothing that can inspire joy and creativity in the hearts and minds of the children.
  31. Bob Majinki

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    Before Wikipedia implemented its policy of having important documents only edited by senior members, the site was downright terrible. And still, much information that the site gives is COMPLETELY inaccurate, incorrect, misleading, etc. For example, let's look at the page for World War II. The...
  32. Bob Majinki

    [video] Link's Awakening - Still in Progress

    This week's update: I may need to delay the video's release. Not because I think we won't make the deadline, but because one man who has been overlooked in the production of this project, who lives far away from us, is possibly returning to visit us on that week. That man is the musical...
  33. Bob Majinki

    Hacking Zelda 1

    I got some ideas last night and the game is progressing nicely. I have a good chunk of the overworld done, and I finished a dungeon. There will be two quests in this, like the original. And I intend for the first one to be difficult, and the second one to make you want to cry. I guess this...
  34. Bob Majinki

    Hacking Zelda 1

    Well, my game making career has led me to this point; hacking the original Zelda. And well, here is what I have: As you can read, just because I can do it doesn't mean I know what to do. As a note for how comprehensive these tools are, this is what IS possible: * Changing all text *...
  35. Bob Majinki

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    There is NO better way to start the new school year off then by blasting Free Bird out of your headphones. Seriously, there isn't.
  36. Bob Majinki

    What Part of the Triforce Do You Correspond To?

    I think my most distinct quality of those three would have to be wisdom. I have little to no physical strength whatsoever unless I'm in dire situations, in which you usually find out that your "fight or flight" instincts work incredibly well. As for courage, I have courage to stand up to no-good...
  37. Bob Majinki

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    I've gone almost 48 hours without sleep. Usually I only get a few hours of sleep anyway, but oddly enough, the less sleep I get, the more awake I feel. For example, I slept at 3am last night and woke at 8am. I have never felt more awake. Wait until you become a teenager, then it will seem...
  38. Bob Majinki


    I just finished Excel Saga last night after starting it two days ago, meaning I watched 26 episodes in two days. That's 10 on the first day and 16 on the second, in other words, 5 hours on day one and 8 hours on day two. You can tell these days before school starts (tomorrow) I have nothing...
  39. Bob Majinki

    Where Are Your Ancestors From?

    I've decided to be more accurate. The darker the shade, the more ethnic relation I have to the nation:
  40. Bob Majinki

    Your Favorite Drinks

    Water and Pepsi is all I drink, unless I'm sick in which case I will have orange juice.
  41. Bob Majinki

    [video] Link's Awakening - Still in Progress

    I did vanish unexpectedly, but we're back, and I got things to share with you! First off, school is returning, but that is not stopping us (I hope)! I am predicting the release to happen on Wednesday, November 11, 2009, also known as Veteran's Day for Americans. I really do hope I can get...
  42. Bob Majinki

    Where Are Your Ancestors From?

    *points to avatar* Aside from that, Greece and Turkey, and very very very distant East Asian ancestry.
  43. Bob Majinki

    Did the Style Remove Some of the Mood?

    In my opinion, no. I credit Wind Waker with having the most emotional scenes of any Zelda game, personally. While it's true that it didn't arouse fear, the game did succeed with many other emotions, notably sadness and depression, especially with your grandmother. If you are looking for fear...
  44. Bob Majinki

    Saddest Zelda Scene

    Without a doubt, Wind Waker had the best sad scenes, ones that actually aroused emotions. Seeing your grandmother in a depressed trance, and the end of the game.
  45. Bob Majinki

    PRINCESS Ralis?

    Ralis is male in the Japanese version. Top screen. It says "この男の子は… 助かりますか?" It reads "Kono otokonoko wa... tasukarimasu ka?" Translation "Can we save... this boy?" Otokonoko (男の子) means boy while Otoko (男) means man. 100% male.
  46. Bob Majinki

    Ocarina of Time OoT Hidden Gossip Stone

    If it overheard Kokiri talking about Link leaving, why didn't it overhear the Deku Tree saying Link is not actually Kokiri? I mean, it's right behind the tree and all.
  47. Bob Majinki

    The Rubik's Cube

    I remember I was watching Iron Chef with my family while fiddling with one. That was the first time (of three) I completed it. :D
  48. Bob Majinki

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    Nintendo has money to afford good voice actors. I gained that confidence after playing Punch Out Wii, in which all the voice actors were excellent, and they actually spoke their foreign languages properly! They'd have to go through more effort for Zelda of course. The easiest solution to avoid...
  49. Bob Majinki

    The Beatles

    While I think many of their songs aren't good, I overall like them and hold respect for what they did to the music industry. Sgt. Pepper is my favorite album by them. Let It Be is my favorite song by them.
  50. Bob Majinki


    I recently finished Ga Rei Zero. I recommend seeing it, but only if you are mature enough, since there is a LOT of blood (so much that it got censored... in Japan!) and the occasional nudity (some of it got censored, not all). It also is a very nice break from the terrible second season of...
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