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  1. lonely_moon

    Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

    That was kinda harsh, your brother not helping you. You probably didn't know about GameFAQs back then, either. Your story reminded me of the way I played Zelda when I was that age. I was scared of every enemy. Not just ReDeads, Gibdos or even the dreaded Dead Hand -- everything. When the...
  2. lonely_moon

    Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

    Are the Redeads the living dead? I don't think they are. I think they're always like that, because in OoT, all the residents of Hyrule Castle Town escaped to Kakariko Village - they weren't turned into Redeads. And speaking of Redeads...*squeals and hides* I have ALWAYS been freaked out by...
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