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  1. Shadow Blade

    A Link Between Worlds This Game Isn't Good: Here's Why

    Good game or not its a matter of opinion Octo isn't going to change his even though the majority disagrees with him, ALBW was well recieved by fans, this argument/discussion is pointless if one individual is unwilling to even consider the points of another you guys might as well be in trenches...
  2. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda New to Zelda... Tell Me What to Do Next.

    You can always go back and get things and complete side quests you missed in OoT but because of how the story ends it would be impossible to see what happens to Hyrule after Ganon's defeat do to link being sent back to his time and stoping Ganondorf before he could complete his plans meaning...
  3. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda New to Zelda... Tell Me What to Do Next.

    No you have to restart the fight with Ganondorf/Ganon no matter what you do.
  4. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda New to Zelda... Tell Me What to Do Next.

    Links awakening and the Oracle games are good solid fun, Twilight Princess is one of my top favorites (I almost love it as much as OoT) it shouldn't be too difficult or too easy for someone relatively new to the series but some parts can be pretty hard if your memory isn't great and you stop...
  5. Shadow Blade

    Favorite Metroid Game

    Hunters was pretty good but the control scheme sucked I mean a first person Metroid title without lock on targeting and a bad control scheme that's just sad, aiming with the touch screen would have been so much better with lock on targeting but otherwise its a pretty good game.
  6. Shadow Blade

    Favorite Metroid Game

    I love the prime games and the 2D games the Metroid Prime Trilogy is probably one of my all time favorite games having all three games on one disc with Corruptions control scheme is simply awesome.
  7. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda The Hylian Shield?

    Yeah it's basically there because Nintendo put it there, don't read into it.
  8. Shadow Blade

    Railguns As a Potential Weapon

    A rail gun is essentially a linear electromagnetic accelerator that generally consists of two rails and a conductive projectile often carried by a sabot current passes through one rail into the projectile and then into the second rail completing the sercuit, the flow of current produces magnetic...
  9. Shadow Blade

    Majora's Mask Did Link Die?

    Something that should be mentioned more often is that the Hyrule Historia says that MM is a parallel world/alternate reality and nothing whatsoever about link being dead, if link was dead the book would say so, there would be no logical reason for such critical information to be withheld from...
  10. Shadow Blade

    I Guess a New Star Fox Was Leaked...

    I know a lot of Star Fox fans didn't like Adventures but I love it, it's my second favorite Star Fox game, Star Fox 64 being the first, Assault was ok but its the voice acting and dialog were just terrible it also lacked qualities that Nintendo would have given it had it been developed by them...
  11. Shadow Blade

    Story Vs. Gameplay

    You need both to make a good game but I've always valued story over gameplay, games that focus primarily on gameplay and lack story elements often compensate with other mechanics such as online gameplay not all games do this but some yes, personally I avoid games that have too strong of a focus...
  12. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda How Much Technology Can Zelda Have and Still Be Zelda?

    I wouldn't mind seeing a sci-fi fantasy leap in the Zelda franchise, I think if it were done right it would be awesome, that said it would be risky as the Zelda fan base can be sensitive to changes in the Zelda formula and a big change such as going from medieval to sci-fi would potentially...
  13. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda Is Zelda Thought-provoking?

    There are moments, events and characters that are thought provoking but as a whole the series is for the most part is not very thought provoking, that said I have pictured my self in some of the situations link has been in, and after thinking about it, there's a lot that I would do differently...
  14. Shadow Blade

    Majora's Mask Worried About MM3D Now

    MM3D is very likely going to happen, and although remaking it would be cost efficient its hard to say how well it would sell so its understandable that Nintendo would be hesitant in remaking it, OoT3D did great and I think if they were to market MM3D as the sequel it is rather than as just...
  15. Shadow Blade

    If Zelda MM is Remade, Should It Be Realistic or Cel-shaded?

    If or when MM is remade it will likely be for the 3DS in which case they would very likely improve the detail and polish it up like they did for OoT3D, it makes more sense and would be cost efficient as the tools to do it with already exist and frankly I'm tired of cell shading.
  16. Shadow Blade

    Spoiler Conflict Between Enjoyable Games and Offensive Messages in Them

    I'm not what one would call religious so religion or things of a religious nature being twisted in games doesn't bother me, and although racism in reality offends me, it doesn't for the most part when in video games because it isn't real, basically things of an offensive nature when placed in...
  17. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda How Would Werewolves Fit into the World of Hyrule?

    There are a lot of ways werewolves could be brought into the Zelda franchise ( wolf link doesn't count as he's not a werewolf) but there really isn't much reason to add them as we already have Wolfos, werewolves could be introduced as a rare enemy that can be defeated with specialized weapons...
  18. Shadow Blade

    Ocarina of Time Sheik: He or She?

    Ah but there's a flaw in your idea Snake, a dress couldn't fit under Sheiks garb as it is far too tight on her form, also a dress of the kind which she usually wears, likely contains more material than it appears to have, making it even less possible to fit under such a tight fitting garb, you...
  19. Shadow Blade

    Ocarina of Time Sheik: He or She?

    Well yes it can be debated but considering (no offense meant to Snake) the lack of sufficient evidence to counter my points at this time, its questionable as to whether it should be. If your referring to the subject as a whole then yes there's plenty to debate.
  20. Shadow Blade

    The Spotlight: Official Game Attention Thread

    James Bond everything or nothing was a really fun game, its one of my favorite bond games. I'll mention Starfox adventures. The reason I picked this game is because its was givin a lot of hate by the hardcore Starfox fans and critics for the reason that it was basically too different from the...
  21. Shadow Blade

    Ocarina of Time Sheik: He or She?

    Sorry Snake but her eye color changing from blue to red or red to blue is far too much of a change in color for your explanation to work especially considering the color scheme of her disguise while your point has validity in other scenarios I can't see it having any in this one, also as I said...
  22. Shadow Blade

    Ocarina of Time Sheik: He or She?

    Snake magic has to be involved, explane how her eye color changed or the scene in the temple of time where she reveals her true identity and her disguise just disappears, the appearance of the triforce on her hand just before the reveal as well as her eye color changing back to blue after...
  23. Shadow Blade

    The Oversexualized Samus

    For fans of Metroid more like my self the problem isn't as much that her appearance has changed or is overly sexual in design but that her character its self has been changed, Other M depicted her as submissive, week and emotionally broken, these are things a bounty hunter in the metroid...
  24. Shadow Blade

    Should Zelda stay Medieval or more Steampunk?

    There are elements of steam punk design elements in a number of Zelda games but I would never want it to be a theme in a Zelda game even though I like steam punk themes and elements in games and movies, I hate it in reall life as it often involves the distruction of antiques to make useless...
  25. Shadow Blade

    Ocarina of Time Sheik: He or She?

    Sheik is very likely a magically generated guise intended to conceal Zelda's identity and gender with miner physical and or physiological changes if you look at sheiks body a female form is distinguishable from her guise, this would not be easily discerned by other characters as her actions...
  26. Shadow Blade

    Game Help Zelda Four Swords

    If you don't have the anniversary edition now you won't be able to acquire it as it was only available for a limited time, it was made available a second time for four days a while back and may not be made available again so if you missed your chance you might be out of luck. To my knowledge...
  27. Shadow Blade

    A Link Between Worlds *SPOILERS* Ravio *SPOILERS*

    Interesting comparison but except for a few points you made I don't see then as all that similar, that said still an interesting comparison, Midna is one of my absolute favorite characters in the series.
  28. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda Gaps in the Timeline That Should Be Filled in Next?

    The CDi games are technically non canon, their also not made by Nintendo.
  29. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda Gaps in the Timeline That Should Be Filled in Next?

    I would like it if it took place on the main timeline after Twilight Princess.
  30. Shadow Blade

    Random Zelda Triva Thread!!

    Im going with number 8 as I find its answer the most interesting, the answer to number 8 is the thief in clock town, you can shoot the bag when he steels it from the old women and it will explode killing him.
  31. Shadow Blade

    The Wind Waker Wind Waker Hacks?

    It's believed by many that there are exceptions or loop holes that make ROM's legal under specific circumstances these beliefs are wrong, if you download a ROM your essentially stealing and or taking/receiving stolen property, owning a copy of the game then downloading a ROM of it would be...
  32. Shadow Blade

    The Wind Waker Wind Waker Hacks?

    I've said this before, discussing were ROMs and emulators can be acquired as well as hacks for them is advertising which is against ZD site rules, ROMs and emulators are illegal.
  33. Shadow Blade

    The Universe Project / Voidspace

    It's a really cool concept but I'm not interested I MMO's so if and when this project is completed I probably won't play it.
  34. Shadow Blade

    Retro Studios and a Third Donkey Kong Game

    I wasn't going to pursue you or anything JJ I was just throwing in my opinion, I respect your opinion and I have no intention of trying to change it.
  35. Shadow Blade

    Retro Studios and a Third Donkey Kong Game

    Are you kidding me JJ, MP3C doesn't have all the same mistakes as Other M, I mean MP3C isn't as good as MP or MP2E but it isn't nearly as bad as Other M, the main complaints I see about Other M are, the week story, bad voice acting, significantly more linear, turns Samus into an emotionally...
  36. Shadow Blade

    TOP 10 Metroid Prime Trilogy...

    Hmm not sure I could pick only ten top locations from the Prime Trilogy as I really liked most of them.
  37. Shadow Blade

    A Link Between Worlds Most Annoying Thing?

    I have practically nothing to complain about in ALBW.
  38. Shadow Blade

    The Minish Cap Any Hacks or Way to Get It on 3ds

    I don't mean to be a stick in the mud but I'm pretty sure that its against site rules to discuss ROMs and list sites were emulators and ROMs can be obtained as that is advertising which is against site rules, also ROM's are illegal.
  39. Shadow Blade

    A Link Between Worlds What is Your Least Favorite Dungeon?

    I don't really have a least favorite dungeon I loved the ice palace for its more challenging design, the other dungeons were relatively easy.
  40. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda Is the Pedastal of Time Made from a Time Shift Stone?

    I don't think so, but the Ocarina is made of time shift stone, and I'm pretty sure it's been said that the master sword has the power and or ability to transcend time its self.
  41. Shadow Blade

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U Rumors

    You would all be wise to disregard most if not all rumors until Nintendo starts revealing information about the game, that's all I have to say on this subject.
  42. Shadow Blade

    What Other Games Do You Play Besides Zelda?

    For me its mostly the main Nintendo games and franchises but I love a number of non Nintendo original ones as well. Metroid Star Fox Mario Resident Evil Metal gear solid Smash bros Dead Space Kid Ikarus Golden Eye Hit Man There's a few more, I've never played Halo or Cod and...
  43. Shadow Blade

    Why is Ridley Samus's Archenemy?

    Dark Samus was created by Samus's DNA and Phazon suit being combined with the remains of Metroid Prime. In my opinion Ridley deffinetly qualifies for the title archenemy, he's certainly earned it. We should be careful when comparing the Metroid Prime Telrilogy to the rest of the series as it...
  44. Shadow Blade

    Should Companies Offer 'refunds' After Price-cuts?

    No if those people wanted their consoles for a lower price they should have waited for the price to go down, but they didn't that was their choice and no refund is owed to them and they shouldn't get one.
  45. Shadow Blade

    A Link Between Worlds So Who Exactly Is/was Yuga?

    Yuga may not even have a Hyrule counterpart as parallel worlds don't have to reflect each other, they can be the same or completely different.
  46. Shadow Blade

    Link's Awakening Link's Awakening Needs to Be Redone in 3D: Agree or Disagree?

    Links Awakening is one of my favorite games in the series, I think it would be awesome if it were remade in 3D, it has one of my favorite stories in series and Koholint would be an awesome location to see beautifully rendered in 3D, so yeah I'd love a remake of Links Awakening.
  47. Shadow Blade

    General Classic Do You Think MM Took OoT's Spot of Being the Most Popular & Acclaimed Zelda Game?

    MM is to OoT what Luigi is to Mario, that's pretty much my take on this, MM is still very much in OoT's shadow.
  48. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda ZeldaVR: Zelda in First-Person (Oculus Rift)

    I doubt Nintendo will make any games with this system in mind, they never put any of their main franchises on anything but Nintendo made systems and its been that way for a very long time with maybe only one or two exceptions in the past.
  49. Shadow Blade

    General Zelda ZeldaVR: Zelda in First-Person (Oculus Rift)

    I Watched the video and I think there are some games that should be left alone unless their being remade from the ground up not just pasted over a 3D environment. It's a cool concept but I'm going to stick to playing TLoZ on my 3ds.
  50. Shadow Blade

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    I was really disappointed, the Direct didn't touch on anything that interested me other than smash bros, but I can't honestly say that I was surprised by how boring and lacking in anything new and interesting the Nintendo Direct was, they need to take it up a notch.
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